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Ashe General Guide by Wietlol

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wietlol

The Icy way to ashes

Wietlol Last updated on July 25, 2013
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Playing as a Single Hit Ashe

The build "Single Hit Ashe" is a build that I designed myself during a game against a Kog'Maw.
She told me "Never lose focus" and i thought "Why not?" my first hit already is a critical strike, but what if i make that one stronger?
At the end of the game I almost instakilled their Kog'Maw with 1600 true damage.


Playing as a Single Hit Ashe is not killing the enemy as eating cookies. On the contrary, it is even harder than the regular ADC style but sometimes it is necessary.

How to play

You just play like you are an ADC, but once you bought Sheen you can burst the enemy down if you combine it with your Focus. You must find a way to engage, kill and escape from the others.

Once you have Focus, you may not AA anyone. Spamming "S" or continously giving orders is very important.
To still be able to do damage without losing the buff you can also max your CDR and continously release a Volley.
You can also engage on the enemy team with the focus on 94%. This will allow you to AA the enemy and gain Focus in a few seconds.

Once you are able to hit one of the damage dealers of their team you use an ability and wait for the Focus buff. (My average true damage is between 1200 and 1400.)

The Enchanted Crystal Arrow can help you to avoid other champions or to get in range of the enemy.


- You can kill the enemy ADC within 1 second.
- You can also have full cdr to keep doing some damage without losing your Focus.
- Every 1 vs 1 is a win with ease.
- CC doesn't stop your damage.
- Your enenmies must be aware of you before thay can start a teamfight.
- Fighting under an enemy tower is no problem.

- You must be cautious with your AA for you will lose your Focus.
- You require to practise playing this a lot.
- You cna only hit 1 enemy, so in teamfights you should be focussing their damage dealers or you lose.

Items Choices

Doran's Blade is my favorite choice as a starting item for you deal some more damage and you can remain on your lane until 12-15 mins. Starting with Boots of Speed and 4 Health Potions is a better choice against skillshot opponents and early game champions.
Berserker's Greaves are in my eyes the best ADC boots. But you also might be required to buy Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads. That depends on the enemy team. When I recall for the first time I ussually have enough money to buy a B. F. Sword, but if I can't I buy a Vampiric Scepter.
The The Bloodthirster is one of the items with the most AD and with the most Life Steal and will certainly help you in lane. The Infinity Edge is getting stonger by your level because it combines with your Focus. But buying it later in game is also no use because you have no other item you want to buy early game.
Buy the Last Whisper once you see that your opponent's armor reaches 90-110. then you don't waste your money and you don't waste time by seeing you don't do any damage. Ashe is one of the few ADC's who can use a Sheen at all. Your first basic attack deals 100% of your basic attack more when you buy this item and begins your way to burst a champion in one hit.
The Iceborn Gauntlet adds a slowing effect on the surrounding ground that might be necessary to escape from the other champions. If you combine it with the Frozen Heart you have enough CDR to be a CDR Ashe too. Unlike the Iceborn Gauntlet, the Trinity Force can't slow the enemies near your target to ensure your escape and it also doesn't grant any CDR. But that doesn't say that this item is not strong. On the contrary, Trinity Force deals 150% instead of 125%. and grants AD, HP and MS. It is a better choice if you need a few more damage that ensures the kill.
The Sword of the Divine allows you to release 4 critical strikes in a row. This is very strong if the enemy team continously sticks together. But you will be more vulnerable.

But like i said:"This play style is very hard to use and it requires a lot of training."

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Being uncounterable feels good

If I have to first-pick an ADC I choose Ashe.

Playing with Ashe is like playing against newbies. Ashes playstyle is to get in range and let them not escape. But what if they want to be in your range? What if they are stronger? I believe that Draven is the most chosen counter to Ashe and even though I can't remember that I ever lost against any Draven. For I don't play Ashe like he thinks I would.

Draven wants to get in your range so you make sure he can't while you hit him: CDR Ashe is the solution. Launching a Volley every 2 seconds with its range enables you to be out of the range of enemies chasing you and remaining in range of enemies that flee from you. Next to that you also deal some nice damage. So if they counter you by choosing a champion like Draven, Graves or Varus.

Champions like Kog'Maw who have more range than the Volley will be a bit harder to get to if their team protects them a lot.
My last game against a Kog'Maw was like farming on champions. Kog'Maw might be able to kill you in a few seconds so you must be faster to kill him. What about ONE HIT!?
- Focus grants 100% crit rate.
- Infinity Edge enlarges it with 50%
- Trinity Force also gives a 150% AD bonus
- the Crit Damage Runes also give 45% crit damage
Together that is 445% of your Basic Attack Damage on first hit. With 350 Attack Damage you deal a nice 1500 damage in one hit. That means an instakill on every champion that goes full AP/AD like Kog'Maw.

The only counters that are left are the ones that can flee from you no matter what.
for that it is time to bring a nice build that most of you know: THE BLUE BUILD. The Blue Build from our TPA BEBE for ezreal is a nice choice to keep people in range and is better for Ashe than the regular ADC Build if you play against Ezreal, Quinn or Sivir.

As I told you:"Being uncounterable feels good."

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Expansion: CDR Ashe

Ashes Volley's cooldown at level 5 is 4 seconds and with 40% CDR it's 2.4 seconds. So few that you can release umlimited Volleys after each other. With its long range and slow you become very annoying to every champion that can't engage with abilities. It is also nice if you are countered and it also fits in the "Blue Build" and "Single Hit".
If you use it in "Single Hit Ashe" you are required to have the Iceborn Gauntlet, the Crest of the Ancient Golem and an Elixir of Brilliance

Hint - Hold "shift" while pressing "W". You will instacast the ability.


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