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Twitch Build Guide by Wietlol

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wietlol

Twitch, Mean, green and unseen!

Wietlol Last updated on August 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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As far as I know, Twitch is a very bad jungler at the moment.
This guide will be updated once I am confident again that he is viable.
You can read this guide for ideas or just to try it yourself but don't put the blame on me if you find out that he is too weak in this meta.

Hi guys, Wietlol here.
This is my first serious guide that I have released.

Twitch was the first ADC that I liked and played over and over again, but when I heard Twitch was a nice jungler too I was just so excited because I loved the jungle. Since then I tried it but failed. Twitch just didn't have enough sustain.
Last week I tried to do it with a new build and I was unstoppable (23/3/20). I couldn't be more excited and I was certain that I would release a guide of jungling Twitch.
So what can I say?

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- Very strong early game ganks, and if done good also mid game.
- Strong counterjungler.
- Way too annoying split pushes.
- Very strong teamfights.
- He is a Rat.
- Easily fed Twitch.
- Very strong in chasing or being chased.
- A secondary AD DPS. (Only for Twitch DPS.)
- One of the best ganks in the League of Jungle.


- A jungler who requires kills.
- Easy to be counterjungled.
- A stinky smell coming from the jungle.
- Very risky pick.
- No proper CC.
- No tanky jungler. (Only for Twitch DPS.)
- Probably too much reports for hacks.
- Very hard to learn.

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Picking Jungle Twitch

First of all the question "WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU WANT TO PICK JUNGLE TWITCH?!?!?!"

Twitch is everything but easy, so you want to have a good reason to play him. Although I always want to pick Twitch, the reason to pick him could be:
- To counter enemy champions.
- To have a huge DPS team.
- To let your enemies pick their adc to counter you, so your adc can counter theirs.(I don't like this one acctually.)
- To have very strong ganks (85% success).
- To get enemy towers down very early.

There is one thing you have to be carefull for: Counters!
The most annoying champions to have against you are the champions that disable your stealth.
This is a list of the champions that are good against twitch.

Champions that can see invisible units:

- Lee Sin Both Sonic Wave and Tempest
- Rengar Thrill of the Hunt
- Corki Phosphorus Bomb
- Twisted Fate Destiny
- Nidalee Bushwhack
- Caitlyn Yordle Snap Trap
- Warwick Blood Scent

Twitch is also not meant to be a tank, the DPS Guide is better for Twitch than the Tank/Bruiser Guide.
If you play DPS, you haven't got a tanky jungler which might be very good in most games. So you better ask your supp and/or top laner to play tanky or choose the Tank/Bruiser Guide.

I think that Twitch is a better jungler than laner.
He has a very low range on basic attacks and if you engages with his Ambush, you just hope you are stronger.
Just like the Jungle Twitch, the ADC Twitch's strength depends on the first couple of minutes.
If you play good in the first minutes, you will play good for the rest of the game, but if you fail the first minutes you will be very bad.

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Summoner Spells

Next to Smite, I've chosen to pick Ignite as my secondary summoner spell, but you also might like to pick Heal or Flash.
Here some explanation of why to take what.
Ignite is my favorite secondary summoner spell because the damage you have to deal in a few seconds time must be as high as possible. Ignite is also very good versus healing champions like Nidalee, Kayle, Soraka, Dr. Mundo or Nunu. Ignite is very weak in teamfights if you don't counter people with it so you might consider to take Heal or Flash if you know that your early game is good enough. Heal might also be a very good choice for both the heal and the movement speed boost. Heal is also better in teamfights than Ignite but weaker for ganks.
Teleport is a very popular pick for Twitch. Twitch can recall or teleport while being stealthed and if you manage to hide the target you are teleporting to, you are a true mean, green and most of all, unseen maniac. Zac's Cell Division do not show the teleport animation equal as a cancelled teleport removes the animation of all the teleports on that target. Somehow I don't like Flash on Twitch. I haven't taken it for months now and I think I never required it.
The only thing I would want it is against large Area of Effect (AoE) abilities like Cannon Barrage.

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Items Twitch DPS

Starting the game as a jungler is almost always the same: Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potions With Twitch you can clear the jungle and be able to get away with full health without using potions. If you are able to do so you should consider taking Long Sword instead of Hunter's Machete. If you do so, you can skip Spirit of the Elder Lizard and go straight towards some better items.
Watch this movie to know that it is not total ********* =)
Having some nice damage is something that everyone should have. With every AD Jungler I play, I rush the Spirit of the Elder Lizard. For Twitch I even buy it before I buy any boots. Choosing the Berserker's Greaves is in my opinion the best to do.
You are not required to have Boots of Mobility for you can engage in stealth and you are primary a DPS so Ninja Tabi is no option. Mercury Threads might be a second option but only if your opponenets have strong CC.
The best Enchantment to have is Enchantment: Furor.
Though I never loved the Blade of the Ruined King, I do use this in every Twitch game I play now. If your opponents are pretty tanky, you have to buy this. If not you should buy the Runaan's Hurricane first.
The Blade of the Ruined King or the The Bloodthirster are a must for their life steal. The BotRK is better versus tanky enemies than the Bloodthirster. However the Bloodthirster is better versus squishy enemies.
The Blade of the Ruined King's strength grows with larger attack speed.
Runaan's Hurricane is a very nice choice. Your Deadly Venom will be stacked more quickly and you can attack more targets at the same time. This is a must in almost every matchup and build.
The Frozen Mallet is one of my favorite items for a DPS who requires a bit more Health. If your opponents have a large burst, you might be wanting this even before the Runaan's Hurricane. Its slow will be lower if you also have the Blessing of the Lizard Elder , but to have them both adds a very good slow together with Venom Cask. It took me a long time to choose between The Black Cleaver and the Last Whisper, but I think the Black Cleaver is the best option. It doesn't only grant Armor Penetration, but it also grants a bit of Health, Attack Damage and Cooldown Reduction. At 100 armor, both of them give 35 armor penetration. Above 100 armor, the Last Whisper has better armor penetration, but the Black Cleaver still has 10 more attack damage, 10% cooldown reduction and 200 bonus health.
After you completed your build, you can sell your boots for better items.
I ussually replace my boots with Zephyr if I play adc, but Twitch doesn't require movement speed that much so you might be wanting one of these items.
If your opponents have a lot of armor, you should have bought the Last Whisper but you might also want the The Black Cleaver with it. Having the Last Whisper and the Black Cleaver together grants you 60% +10 Bonus Armor Penetration... WAY TOO MUCH!!! The Sword of the Divine has been a popular choice for Twitch players for a long time. I don't like it myself because of much little reasons, but you might love it if you see that your opponents lose their positioning.
The second reason why the Sword of the Divine is a good item, is that you have a huge burst when you gank your opponents. For this reason, some people buy it very quickly, but then you will get your more essential items later.
As for riot removed the ability to revive in stealth with the Guardian Angel, I don't think that this will be a nice choice on Jungle Twitch.

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Items Twitch Tank/Bruiser

Though his role is way too different, his rushing items are almost the same.
The Blade of the Ruined King is your greatest damage source as you are going to buy a lot of tanky items. You should start with the Long Sword and skip the Spirit of the Elder Lizard to not waste any money.
Runaan's Hurricane is the second item that grants you the damage you should be doing. This has been proved the best item to get
For Twitch there are only a few good tanky items:

Ok not just a few but most of them are just counteritems.
The Iceborn Gauntlet has a good slow and armor bonus. Contaminate is the only ability that stacks with ability power but it still can make you a big threat. This is one of the most lovely items for me. The Frozen Mallet is not only to have more health, but you also slow your opponent even without the Blessing of the Lizard Elder . A few more hits every gank and there will be a big advantage in the game. Remember that you dont have a proper CC so you should be focussing on a huge slow.
I like the idea that you are killing enemies while being stealthed. Twitch's Ambush is made to engage but if you are able to get close and walk 8 seconds through a whole team while sunfire deals damage, you can get a large advantage in teamfights, but also in ganks this is going to be their terror.
As for all the other items, you just have to choose items that counter your opponents. Lets say that your opponents are all AD-champions. Then there is no use buying items like Maw of Malmortius or the Mercurial Scimitar. But that is a bit obvious.
A tank without health is like a champion without skills. Health is now your next goal. To get the amount of health you require to be a good tank are in items like Warmog's Armor, Randuim's Omen, Sunfire Cape and Spirit Visage. If you get slaughtered by AD-champions then buy the Randuim's Omen. If you have problems with AP-Champions then get the Spirit Visage. If you are not dying so much then buy either Warmogs or Sunfire. This combination will grant you insane life regeneration but less sustain in teamfights, so be carefull.
I prefer to have more Armor and Magic Resist items instead of Warmog's Armor and Spirit Visage.
If you are ussually get hit by basic attacks. Lets say you fight against Twisted Fate, Vayne or Xin Zhao. You should be getting this as soon as possible for it will change the whole game. Equal as the Thornmail, the Frozen Heart will be a nice choice against champions with a lot of basic attacks. In this case Vayne and Twisted Fate won't have a problem at all, but champions like Twitch himself, Xin Zhao or every other full attack speed champion. I don't say that you should be choosing both of these items.
This item is just awesome! Randuin's Omen is not only good to keep the enemy together in teamfights, it is also one of the best tanky items against Physical Damage.
So here are the 3 best Magic Resist items for Twitch.
Even though I think this item is not good enough to be in here, some people say that the damage given from its passive is pretty strong and I suppose they are right. If you need the active of the Mercurial Scimitar to stop the stuns that counter your ultimate or to get in range again of fleeing opponents. This will be the best Magic Resist choice.
If those 2 items won't fit in the game, your best magic resist choice will be Wit's End. The stacks of Magic Resist are not just overpowered but you also deal more damage with on-hit-effects. (I am not sure what Wit's End does with multi-target on-hit-effects.)

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Starting the game with Contaminate is essential, but also nice for your teammates who help you defeat the Ancient Golem. You have a smite and your Contaminate so after 2/3 seconds of helping, your teammates can return to their lanes.

It took me about 2 weeks
to find out what ability is better to choose as second ability.
Because the difference in killing the monsters is very little, (30% Attack Speed or 2 stacks of Deadly Venom,) you might want to have 20% more movement speed between the Creep Camps. That's why you can better have Ambush as second ability.
You might also want to have it if you go for the Elder Lizard of your opponents.

At level 4 there is a second dilemma.
The 5th second of stealth is the one you need to have a very much better gank, but you deal less damage, even thought you have 10% more Attack Speed.

Contaminate is the main damage of Twitch so maxing it at level 9 is essential.

If you have Ambush maxed you can easily split push lanes without threat. (Read Chapter "Special Annoying Twitch: Vanishing." for more information.)

Using Spray and Pray at one target is not wasted if you get the kill. You would rather be using it in teamfights but it saved my live many times when I was 1 vs 1.

Read the other chapters to learn more about the combo's of Twitch's abilities.

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Though I haven't got Greater Quintessence of Life Steal, but Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, I am almost sure that they will be better to have to clear the jungle.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage is just awesome.
Greater Seal of Armor is a nice choice. Though runes of Armor are late game runes. Armor per level is a worse choice because you need to be strongest at the first levels.
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed are my favorite ADC Glyphs, because my opposing ADC will deal Physical Damage and I want to be the best in lane. In the jungle its acctually the same: no use early game, (indeed the Ancient golem doesn't deal Magic Damage,) so I prefer Attack Speed Glyphs

Choosing these Runes is essential. You also need to clear the jungle with the Tank/Bruiser Guide.


There are 3 mastery pages that are quite nice.
They scale each other by Strength and Difficulty. The stronger the mastery page is the harder it is to jungle.

The easiest one is Defensive Mastery Page:This mastery page has a lot of sustain and you also deal extra damage to monsters to clear the jungle.

The second mastery page is an Ofensive Mastery Page:
This page is much like a regular ADC page but also has the jungle masteries like Butcher , Tough Skin and Bladed Armor .

The Third page (, that I use often,) has more utility masteries:This is the loveliest page because of the Runic Affinity , Vampirism , Biscuiteer and Pickpocket .
You might have a hard time clearing the jungle but this is most effective for the game.

If you play as the tank, you should definetly have the defensive masteries.

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First of all: Cearing the Jungle

1. Twitch has almost no sustain so he has to have help defeating the blue. If you don't want the laners to have a disadvantage, you just ask the support or top/mid laner to tank the Golem for 3 seconds. That is enough to stack the Deadly Venom to deal the damage you need. You also use smite on the Golem.
2/3. The Wolves and Wraiths are just the same:
- You arrive in stealth.
- You hit the large monster.
- You hit the small monsters. (1 for each small wraith and 2 for each small wolf.)
- You hit the large monster until the Deadly Venom of the small monsters is almost gone.
- You use Contaminate.
- You kill the large monster.

4. The Elder Lizard is a bit harder:
- You come in stealth again. You wait until Smite's cooldown is about 6/7 seconds.
- You use Venom Cask and focus the Elder Lizard
- You use Barrier just before the Elder Lizard can get a hit on you so you will have the maximum atacks blocked.
- Then you use Contaminate and Smite.
- Then you kill the small lizards.
By the time you get here you've used all the 5 Health Potions you bought. Don't be greedy and use them when you are getting low.


If you want to try something new, you can go counterjungling.
After you defeated the Ancient Golem (smiteless), you choose Ambush as second ability and you head on for the opponent's Elder Lizard. Once arrived there are 2 things you can do:
1. You can defeat the Elder Lizard yourself (, Like I did in the picture). For that, you must be very quick and have a little luck.
First of all you lure all 3 monsters into the bushes marked by the red line. Then you are safe from Line of Sight (LoS) of their jungler when he is standing on position A. Except if he thinks you are there and you will have to run.
2. The second thing you can do is wait until their jungler arrives. You just wait in the same bushes and if their jungler is looking in those bushes to find out if you are there you just go into stealth.
Their jungler starts to fight the Elder Lizard which you are gonna try to steal with your smite. Then you show up and kill their jungler. After that you sneak (in stealth) past the laners who noticed that you killed their jungler.
(I don't guarantee that this will work. Though Twitch (with shaco) is the most awesome counterjungler.)

The jungle Buffs

First of all what are the jungle buffs???
There are 3 so called jungle buffs:
- the Blue Buff Crest of the Ancient Golem
- the Red Buff Blessing of the Lizard Elder
- the Baron Buff Exalted with Baron NAshor (ussually seen in chat as: THEY HAVE BARON!!! or THEY HAVE NASHOR!!!)

The Crest of the Ancient Golem grants raw mana regeneration and a percentage of your maximum mana as regeneration and it grants 20% cooldown reduction.
As the jungler you really want to have it at level 1 or 2, but you should always ask who needs it the most(, ussually the mid laner).

The Blessing of the Lizard Elder is more like a gank-buff for your basic attacks and on-hit-abilities slows the target and applies a damage-over-time(DoT) effect that deals true damage, just like Deadly Venom and the Spirit of the Elder Lizard.
(Now you might be knowing that I like poison damage and soon you too.)

The Exalted with Baron NAshor buff is not only granted to the player who kills the monster but every alive player of that team. But it is also very hard to kill.
It will grant health regeneration, mana regeneration, Attack Damage and Ability Power. (So everyone likes it)
The mastery Runic Affinity doesn't affect this buff.
Also this buff is not transferred to the killer if the holder is killed.

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First of all ask your teammates to watch their opponents items so they know wether they placed wards or not and where, if they placed them and what kind of wards.

Ganking Top

Ganking on top might be the easiest of all because he won't buy a lot of wards and there are 2 or 3 ways to gank him.
#1 is the fastest gank route and will be probably warded, if it isn't warded you can stand in the bushes, go into stealth and engage him while he thinks he is 1 vs 1 against your top laner.
If it is warded, you can go into stealth then run into him and hope your stealth last long enough.
If it is pink-warded (, by a Vision Ward,) you might be wanting to try other routes.
#2 is the alternative route. You have to take the time to get to those bushes without being seen, but for that the same rules of wards count.
#3 is a route that I only use when I am the Blue team. This route does't only allows you to get to the lane on another way but you also are on a better position.

Ganking Mid

Ganking mid would probably be a bit harder for those will buy wards more often. Here are the Ways to gank him.
#1 is my favorite but it is risky. You might be seen by the upcoming minion waves so you go into stealth at the green spot. This doesn't work for the other side for you will get too close to the turret and turrets can see invisible units.
#2 is an easier way to gank the mid laner, but as you will do by yourself, the bushes ( ! ) that cross the river are probably warded. So you go into stealth on the green spot and then run through them.

Ganking Bot

The bot lane will be warded all over the time if the opponent support knows how to play.
The blue spot will probably be a Sight Ward or the pink spot a Vision Ward. That makes #1 a much harder route to gank. But even though they might not even notice you if they are busy:
#2 and #3 are the same as at the top lane but your support and adc must be watching their opponent's items for wards, what they are and where they are.

Killing someone

Now you arrived at the lane and you are in stealth it is time to make an ability combo.
You release a Venom Cask to slow your opponent and give him 2 stacks of Deadly Venom.
Then it is just easy and you loose your Basic Attacks on your target.
If your Spray and Pray is available and you are not about to get in a teamfight the upcoming minutes, you can use that one.
Contaminate is easy to use. You just use it once you cannot land Basic Attacks any more or when you see a Large X above your target.
Now you just hope that you killed him.

Did someone manage to killsteal me???

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Objectives are very important in every game.

First of all. What are objectives?
The Dragon and Baron give boosts to your whole team, equal as turrets and inhibitors. Killing those will give your team an advantage to your enemies and is noticeable in no-time.

The Dragon :
The Dragon will give each player, of the team that kills him, 190 (+25) gold and 400 exp. This is very noticeable in your team (975 gold). Because the dragon is so easy to kill and spawns pretty early, it is the most important objective in the game.
With Twitch you can take an early dragon very easy if your ganks are succesfull. (killing the enemy OR forcing them to recall)

Baron Nashor :
Baron Nashor is very strong and draws a lot of attention if people are killing it. It grants 300 gold and 900 exp per player and also adds a buff on each player alive. This buff is defined in the chapter "Jungling".
Baron Nashor can change the tides of games or ensure a quick win.

Inhibitors and Turrets:
I'm pretty sure that I don't have to tell you that you need to destroy these, do I?
Anyway having early turrets down is a very good start of the game. Early turrets are more worth than late ones... No they don't give more money early game, but 150 bonus gold when you have 600 means 25% more gold while 150 bonus gold over 15.000 is only 1% bonus gold.
Playing as Twitch will give you a nice opportunity to take down 1 or 2 turrets in the first 10 minutes. It is not hard to take a turret with a DPS jungler and with Twitch as jungler it is even more easy.

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Teamfights DPS

Teamfights are the events you must focus on for you have 2 ADC's.
You are the most powerfull in teamfights but only if you do it good.

First of all your strength in teamfights is also known as " Spray and Pray". If you know how to use it you will be most powerfull.
Like every multi-target-cone-ability you must try to get them in a line: "The Black Line of Death".

These unhappy Vayne, Janna and Amumu are dead now.

Before the teamfight starts you go into stealth and show up after they think you aren't there.
If your team DOES wait for you to be near them instead of blindly raging to the enemy, you can be earlier than these pictures show.
Even though, Twitch is just awesome:

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Teamfights Tank/Bruiser

Equal as the DPS Teamfights, you engage in stealth, but you show up at the same time the others do. The point is, you show up in the center of the opponents!
You also use your ability combo and deal a lot of damage while tanking all the damage.

I will be uploading some more of this when I have played it more. This is just too fresh even for me.

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Disappearing Twitch

Another thing I like twitch for is that he can split push lanes without a threat.

If your opponents see you showing up in a lane, pushing it and maybe even destroying a turret, they will come to kill you. If you are trapped you have only one way to escape: recalling.
Twitch is unique with this ability because he can recall in stealth!
Read Ambush carefully. as you can see Twitch doesn't turn stealthed immediately, but he has 1.25 seconds delay. If you are able to activate the recall during that time you won't have an action that stops the recall nor that stops the stealth from coming nor that stops the stealth itself.
This Also works with Teleport. You have to target it fast but it is way more overpowered for you are totally GONE! (Teleport is not stopped when being attacked.)

The only counter you must be carefull of is the Vision Ward or Oracle's Elixir

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Ze Wombo Combo (that you won't see)

I just can't stop my evil laugh when this is done right.

Twitch engages in stealth and Shen uses his (ult) on Twitch. With this, Shen is able to come out of nowhere and taunts the enemy while twitch can burst them down.
This is one of my most used tactics and I ensure that you will also like it.
(uploading image soon)

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Total Destruction Spray

Twitch's Spray and Pray is also an ability with some secrets.

One of them is that you can hit a turret without being in its range.
So if you have a lot of attack damage, you might be able to use this to destroy unguarded turrets without help from minions or a tank. This is also nice when the player you ganked managed to get under his turret.

I found this trick not long ago and because you need a good opportunity, you won't be able to use this technique a lot.
Twitch's Spray and Pray increases Twitch's range to 850 which is enough to attack a turret safely, but it is also enough to attack both Nexus Turrets at the same time.
You can do this when you aced their team, or as a backdoor in attempt to destroy the turrets.
(uploading image soon)

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"All questions desire an answer, but all answers have to be requested first."

I will place all the questions that have been asked here to make everything a bit easier.

Q: Does the spirit of the elder lizard refreshes itself ob attack or does it stack?
A: The Spirit of the Elder Lizard replaces the existing buff by a new one on every on-hit-effect, so it refreshes. it would be too overpowered if you could stack it.
Late game it is not that good and can be replaced. For early and mid game it is a good choice because it deals pretty high damage versus champions and especcially versus creeps.

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Up To Date

Hi huys, here's the next update for this guide.

I removed some things that weren't supposed to be there at all and I added:
- The list of counter-champions.
- Ze Wombo Combo (that you don't see).
- Total Destruction Spray.

I'm about to make some gameplay tutorial video's but can someone tell me good recording system?

Bye guys.

I hope Twitch's new skin (Exterminate Twitch) will be epic for Kingpin Twitch and Wistler Village Twitch aren't available, it will take too much time to get the Medieval Twitch and I don't like Gangster and Vandal.

Hi guys, here is the second version of this guide already.

I promised you that I would try to play Tank Twitch and even though I didn't expect it IT WORKS!!!
I will be playing it a lot soon, so the Tank/Bruiser Guide will be completed soon.

Bye guys.

gl & hf (good laggs & have fails???)
I will be watching the patches as long as I play League of Legends and will update the guides if nessecary.

I will be updating this guide soon with more ranked related stuff.
Feel free to give me pros/cons in the comments (I don't think I'm so good in that one.)
I will also find out what happens if I go tank Twitch.

Bye guys.

Btw you can't say you don't agree with me that it is just an awesome quote for Twitch: "Mean, green and unseen!"
It has been a while since... October the 3rd...
I've waited too long indeed, but after all here is the new update of jungle twitch.
Season 4 updates have changed the jungle a bit and have made some things better/worse than they already were and I think that twitch has improved more than people might know.

Worst update since S4: Rat-ta-tat-tat -_- I hate that name -_-