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Ezreal Build Guide by OnePinkPanda

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OnePinkPanda

The In Depth Guide to Epic AD Ezreal

OnePinkPanda Last updated on September 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hellow, This is my first guide :) Its going to be focusing on laning Ezreal But if you prefer Mid then i might just have to make a new guide on that one ^.^ with a little bit of Jungling at the end just to get enough for the finishing items. This is REALLY in depth so please if you're one of those TL;DR people this isn't for you, and always remember Ezreal is a competitive champ, he can be easy or he can be hard. but if you follow this guide you're sure to succeed ;)
Enjoy and remember you always can add me so feel free!

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Item Purchases

NOTE: now reconsidering Manamune is much better than Guinsoo's Rageblade
Starting item is going mainly going to be Doran's Blade , if they have 1 or 2 HEAVY AD. Other wise you're going to take Sapphire Crystal
If you dont have the runes (mana regen)
Then go with - Meki Pendant + 2 health pots.
Doran's Blade helps in all stages of the game, but mainly late game for some extra life gain, but you're most likely just going to sell Doran's Blade for you're core items/late game items. NOTE: in team fights tho you're probably goin to be the center of attention so picking up 1 or 2 health pots might be a good idea. ( Another NOTE (LoL) Doran's Blade is also really really really good for harassing earlygame. and if you get stuck with a Leblanc in mid then you might want to pick up one Null-Magic Mantle +2 health pots for your starter.)
Early Game items/Midgame -
Sheen <--GREAT ITEM Manamune <-- OPTIONAL The Brutalizer Boots of Speed
Now, you might think im crazy for this but, i've found out that picking up Guinsoo's Rageblade is better than Sheen, Early/Mid Game, because it just boosts your dmg output so much you're almost un-stoppable. i mean think about it, you're Passive Rising Spell Force, is going to trigger TWICE (one on hit and one on cast). But now reconsidering Manamune is much better than Guinsoo's
Now Berserker's Greaves is very very good, but if you're having trouble with casters you're going to want to buy Mercury's Treads . BUT THE BEST BOOTS TO GET WITH EZ IS Ionian Boots of Lucidity , Period. It increases dmg output do to the fact that it reduces Cool Downs.
Core Items-
Trinity Force The Brutalizer B.f Sword . Now here you MIGHT just have to jungle for a little while or just farm like hell until you can get the Gold for all this BS ^.^

Late game Options -
Youmuu's Ghostblade Very good effect and very useful via chasing.
The Bloodthirster Infinity Edge and The Black Cleaver What can i say, Great items for AD Ez?
Madred's Bloodrazor
( Madred's Bloodrazor - This item should only be bought vs teams where everyone has tons of HP.
Otherwise it's just meh, but the passive procs on q too, wich is pretty good (4% of life magic damage over long range ^^)

Last Whisper If the enemy team is really stacking tons of armor, this one is probably better then a Black Cleaver.
Defensive Options:
Banshee's Veil
Well this is an overall great defensive option for ranged AD's it prevents you from being bursted down by their mage, wich is important, cause otherwise you can't do damage right?

Quicksilver Sash
This ones pretty good too, also if it's more situational.
you should always buy this when enemy team has a malzahar or Warwick, cause it's the only way to get out of supress. Good vs other stuns too ofc.

If the enemy team has a really hardcore fed AD-Carry this item is basically a must have. But in generally magic resistance is more important for AD-carries.

Guardian Angel
Good all around defense, even though the passive isn't as good as it was long time ago.
If you still get bursted down due to permstun and just to much focus, this item brings you back after all nukes are gone and then you can position yourself with Arcane Shift again, so you can continue fighting.
Banshee is more important though.

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AD Ezreal Play Style

Early Game (lvl 1-5):
Laning Phase starts.
Ezreal fits in many different lanes.
He can solomid, but there he has to care because often the mages will go mid, so he has to take care not to get bursted down.
Solo-top is possible too. Most likely Top will be a tanky-DPS, who can sustain really well on a lane.
Ez can't sustain that good, but the enemy jungler can't gank him well either due to flash+Arcane shift.
Duolane is possible too ofc.
It would be best for him to have a support in his lane. For AD Ezreal janna is probably the best support he can get. she can slow enemies and knock them up, to make them easy target and she has a shield, that protects him from damage, while increasing his own.
In generally Ez should (if on a Duolane) try to have someone with Disables on his lane, cause then he can hit everything much easier.

Once the creeps arrived at your lane, you should focus on lasthitting.
Depending on the oppenents you have to either choose between harrassing with Q (if you think you can kill them); not harrassing them with q (if they have to much regen/ are to tanky); or farming with Q (if enemies have strong harrassers you should farm with Q instead of autohits, as it has longer range)
the 2nd and 3rd option are very defensive, but if you harrass with q don't forget to get all the lasthits you can get.

Harrassing with autohits is possible too, but then the creeps are going to aggro you, and they deal a nice amount of damage early on, so you should be careful when doing this (use brushes to your advantage)
On your first trip back you should most likely have enough money for sheen or brutalizer + tier1 boots already, and if you farmed well you are probably even able to buy both.

Mid Game (lvl 6-12):
so this is the phase were AD Ezreal shines. in mid game he's even stronger then early game, so in this phase you should be more offensive. on your first trip back you should also buy a ward together with your items, to support your offensive gameplay (so you're save while being offensive) even if you're mid 1 ward is often enough, by warding one bush and then trying to be on that side. if he comes from the unwarded bush he won't get you and if he comes from the other you can see him fast enough and you saved 75g.

be aware of enemy nukers, and try to evade their aoe skills with your Arcane shift.
If they get you you're most likely going to be bursted down as you don't have much defense yet.
This style of play can be really risky so a ward is necessary.
As you have your ulti now you should also watch the other lanes as often as possible, so you don't miss out an easy kill for your ulti. otherwise you can use your ulti to defend another lane that's getting pushed.
Don't forget to farm though, you need more items in order to be able to carry your team.

Late Game (lvl 13-18):
Well in the lategame you should have finished your core and already have some defensive.
In the early lategame you most likely have an advantage from your great early/mid game, so you have to abuse it.
Ezreal doesn't scale into lategame as well as other ad carries.
Don't forget to buy wards.
You can use them for nearly everything.
Always have Dragon and Nashor warded (Dragon already mid game). if nashor is warded you can steal him with your ulti when you have good timing.
Also you should probably ward the ways where enemies are most likely coming from if your team is pushing, so you're prepared for initiates.

In Teamfights try to use your ult early, and try to hit all 5 of the enemy team. Don't save it for someone
running away in the end. the more enemies alive the more damage it deals that should be obvious, so like i said:
DON'T save it for the end of a teamfight. use it in the beginning or in the middle.
If someone escapes it's not as important as the risk to loose the fight because your team had 1 ulti missing.
Also you should watch out for there caster. don't get into his range until he used his combo. even with a banshee etc. you're still very vulnerable to burst damage. save your Arcane shift to position yourselve again or evade enemy skillshots that could be dangerous to you.

Ezreal is strongest when he's together with his team.
With his Essence Flux he gets many stacks of his passive instant, while buffing his whole team.
This helps alot when pushing a tower or doing nashor/dragon.
With a tank you can also backdoor turrets really fast when the whole team is there, so tell them that you should focus on pushing together. Ezreal can't splitpush that well, cause he needs to wait for creeps to arrive at the turret, in order to get passive stacks. So stick to your team lategame.

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Pros / Cons

AD Ezreal is really strong midgame, but his lategame power consists mostly in pushing with team and doing nashor/dragon. Lategame other AD-carries outshine him, due to him lacking CC and he doesn't have a strong damage buff. His ult can be strong too in teamfights, but other ults are still stronger (and the ult is stronger in the other builds too)

+good early
+great midgame
+strong pushing power with team
+strong at getting baron with his team.
+nice escaping mechanism

-Lacks CC
-Lacks strong lategame scaling (-> not a really strong lategame)
-vulnerable to bursts (like every ad-carry)

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Marks - Greater Mark of Desolation x6, x3
Seals - x9
Glyph's - [item=Greater Glyph of Alacrity] x6, [item=Greater Glyph of Celerity] x3

This gives Ez the best dmg output due to Greater Mark of Desolation, and [item=Greater Glyph of Alacrity]. His Seal's and Glyphs give him mana regen (which is ALWAYS good) to stay in his lane longer due to [item=Greater Glyph of Celerity] and .
And For the Quints, the health is just good for survivability and + dmg output to other champs.

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With these masteries give Ez the most dmg output, Which is his 21/0/9, it gives him the BEST earlygame you can get with ez. In no time you'll be racking up kills and lasthits :D. An alternative is his 0/9/21 which can be found at . This are more Defensive masteries for ez, it gives him just a litte worse earlygame, but a little better mid/late game but mostly it just gives you more utility.

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Thank you for reading my guide :) If you stuck around until the end then you are awesome because i know it was a lot of info but i guarantee if you follow my guide you will be a pro Ezreal in no time flat. SO remember you can ALWAYS add me on LoL - Name: Alkaria - LvL: 21 - Skill: Pro ;) Peace out, new guides coming out every 1 - 2 weeks :D