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Tryndamere Build Guide by Nephistalia

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nephistalia

The Jungler Nightmar

Nephistalia Last updated on August 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi everyone, here is my new Tryndamere build, as you may notice there is a lot of change on trynda. I have seen on the forum he will have some love soon. (Phreak source) So i decided to share my idea.

I hope this unconventional build gonna satisfy you as much as it satisfy me. Cheers.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

- Real strong Late Game (Almost 2shot everybody)
- Pretty decent Jungle (clear fast / counter jungle not bad)
- Pretty fun Jungle
- Strong against other CaC team.
- Tank destroyer
- Invincible (for a short time ok....)
- Good gank when mastered
- Nice Dragon Control
- Not Wriggle Dependant (which is cool i m sick of using it on all my jungle)

Cons :

- Can not Initiate (well he can but he has to Ult when the burst come...)
- Fear Crown Control
- Q heal like ****...
- Easily Kite (Orianna, Ashe, ...)
- When u asleep it sucks to ult in time....
- Need a few item to shine.

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Ok so with the current change, i dropped my Critical Damage page. Here is the change :

Marks :

Greater Mark of Desolationx1

Seals :


Glyphs :


Quints :

Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3

Explanation :

-12 Armor pen is enough to jungle properly.
-Armor in Yellow because it help you to be more consistent in the Jungle.
-Attack speed is very important for tryndamere, it allow him to stack faster his rage. You go way faster in the jungle. And finally the most important, IE is way more effective (you don't need to rush Zeal or FD).

When you have : You mastery, your Runes, your boots lvl2, and the Ghost blade active you will attack very fast. It allow you to Rush IE right after Ghost blade to be a monster Early-mid game.

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OK nothing really new for those Mastery 21/0/9

Offensive : Smite and Exhaust buff. I like exhaust because you won't be counter jungle that easy (Trynda is scary...Trynda with exhaust is scary²). Attack speed, Damage, Critical Damage, 21th point

Utility : Regen hp, Ex, buff+15%

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Skill Sequence

You max Q first because you want damage + heal

Level 2 you take E because you want to have an escape in the jungle. (no flash remember)
NB : i usually take rank 2 on this ability pretty fast for the CD. And the Damage help me to clear jungle faster (no cost = free damage :p always good).

I max W second because it's INSANE - 20 AD rank 1 (-100 rank 5) + the slow (-60% rank 5). It's pretty AWESOME for gank!! With red you pretty much stick the ennemi on the ground.

I last E because even if it's a very interesting spell it's really useful later in the game (when u have 100% you can E 75% time...)

And i obviously take R as much as i can.... Real? xD

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Summoner Spells

Not much to say.

Smite for objective control... (i don't like being stole...)

And for the second you have a few viable choice my top 3 :
1 Exhaust (Real good for gank early or counter jungle)
2 Cleanse (Useful when you know you ll fight against a lot of CC...)
3 Flash (Because it's a strong summoner you can't be wrong taking it)

4 Rally if u wanna troll hard xD haha

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Creeping / Jungling

Here is the Jungle part, I have a few route with tryndamere. All depend on the jungler you ll have to face against. I will play less aggressive if it is a strong jungler like Lee-sin, Nunu.

1st Route :

The passive route.
1. Wraith (Smite)
2. Wolf
3. Mini-golem (Smite)
Back (Buy your boots + 2 pots) and look for a gank mid (if possible tell the guy to not push).
4. Wraith
5. Wolf
6. Blue buff (Smite)
If Top is overextended go gank you should have your slow (and your Exhaust) => Freekill
7. Mini-golem
8. Red buff (Smite)
Gank bot is you are not too low life
If the gank bot is successful => Go early dragon you can tank it if you are not alone

2nd Route

The Aggressive one (if your mates support you)

1. Steal the enemy Wraith (Smite)
Remember you have exhaust if there is only one ****** who try to cover those wraith kill him with your 5 mates
2. Take his mini-golem (if he start blue u ll finish them before he arrive => try to be fast)
3. Then start the passive route

3rd Route

Only if your mini-golem are on the top side.

1. Start Mini-golem (Smite)
LVL up W instead of E
2. Gank Top lane
3. Start your passive route

There is a lot of alternative route like that
You can ask an help for an early Red to gank a lot for example.

The only advice i have is don't start blue (obvious)
If you think your AP carry is Good give him an early blue for lane dominance.
Else take the 2 first blue (for CD reduction) and give him the 3th.

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Well as an AD carry you have to farm well, but as a jungler you can't steal your lane partner. So you have to know when u can take Creep and when u can not. Early game u will mostly let the laner take it (or hold lane when they have to back)...

Once in mid game PUSH, , and push it like crazy try to last hit as much as u can (u ll mostly OS every creep so should be ez mode)you need money.

As a Jungler, you should control dragon (keep the timer in mind) it's the only reason why u should be with your team...

When a lane is push, go gank another lane you can dive (thanks Ultimate) so don't fear you are a barbarian.... if you want to go to Valhalla you have to work for it.

said enough about farming.

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Ranked Play

Tryndamere is a champions easy countered in ranked (Exhaust + CC => Trynda nightmare)
I think he is a great champs, and the rework was not that bad (especially if they buff him now) he could be competitive in a certain team comp. (try to have lot of AP, because they will build Tornmail to counter you... If they do you ll be screwed, but your mates will have free damage...)

Enjoy and good luck :)

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I m sure everybody skipped previous chapter and rushed here lmao.

Well You want to start with a

When you back first you pick your

The next back should be to take your and your or 2 if you poor.

Now it's time to rush the B.F Sword for more Early Damage. Your goal is to finish Ghostblade and IE at the same time. So you can stomp them hard.
TIPS : Try to hide in the jungle and to gank somewhere as soon as possible after your back nobody gonna expect your damage increase that much.

Now you have GhostBlade and IE you can buy and Oracle. or keep farming for your (This order > > )

Once you have your . Try to get some Elexir.

At this point you have :

The game should be over. You deal so much damage with 92% critical strike, you can almost spam your E enaugh to proc every time (as much as it's possible xD).

The last item is Team dependent i like to go because with 2k5 hp it's totally worth it. Armor/Crit/~45-50 damage. No need to have a or else...

But you can go if you face a lot of tanky people.
because the team-fight are win if u stay alive... and u know the Guardian secret effect, people don't want to attack someone with GA cuz they think they waste their time...

Or if you need only Magical resist i suggest you a

No no it's not a mistake i didn't forget you need some more life steal and you should be over farm right now. So i looked something...
tryndamere has a 1.5:1 AP ratio on his Q and a 1:1 on his E.. One of his Cons is how much his heal sucks... i decided to change that and i gave him the 20% life steal + 60 dmg + 70 ap (+105 Heal each Q +70 dmg on E) It's all good :D

I know there is other way to build him effectively... but there is my way. Peace

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BT vs Gunblade

Many people were asking why i take over . I don't say BT is a bad item not at all... 100 AD 25% lifesteal is great for tryndamere.
But Tryndamere is a high risk champion and in team fight u gonna be the first target. It's why i don't use BT a lot because it's very easy to lose stacks...

My point is :
I prefer an item that give me 60AD + 75 damage on E + 112 Hp with Q + 20% lifesteal
Than an item which give me 60AD + 15% lifesteal + maybe 40 AD and 10% lifesteal

It's more consistent and the Gunblade proc is very interesting in team fight. Your E hurt a lot more which is good too. (Now u can use it offensively because it deal like 750 damage in AOE.

If people down vote because of this item well do it...

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If i have time i ll try to update a video.