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Trundle Build Guide by Bobandweave

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bobandweave

The Master of Trollolololol

Bobandweave Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Jungler / Brawler


Tanky DPS

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Oh Trundle, how much we hate you for your annoying play style and creepy face, but how much we love you at the same time.

Trundle is a melee brawler that can jungle like a pro, chase down opponents like a pro, and take lots of hits like a pro. He has a lot to offer and he fits in most teams. His main goal is to find someone and beat the living hell out of them, as well as be the designated jungler.

He can ether be built as a strong, beat-stick that can roll face 1v1, or be a off-tank that also roll faces as he can't be killed and still trolls everyone.
Everyone knows (or I wish everyone knew) never to feed a troll, but lucky for you, YOU ARE THE TROLL. so lets get started.

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Change Log

7-14-2011 : Added more info on Agony and added a more detailed section for Items

7-28-2011 : Added section about vision for Pillar of Filth

11-18-2011 : Changed to new masteries and gave reasons for them. Plus did other changes.

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-Can Jungle really well and fast with survivability to stay.
-Can Gank with a strong slow
-Excels in one vs one fights
-Contaminate is one of the most powerful single buffs in the game.

-Has a weak passive.
-His two attack moves only target one person.

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Passive : Decompose
Whenever an enemy unit near Trundle dies, he heals for a percent of their maximum health

To tell you the truth, though it's good as it can keep you in the jungle, face it, it's ****. The percentage is really weak (2% early and 6% late) and isn't noticeable at all. Only good at the very beginning and it's decent in lane as you don't have to kill anything

Q : Rabid Bite
Trundle bites his opponent instead of attacking for his next standard attack, dealing 30/45/60/75/90 (+) physical damage.

This attack increases Trundle's Attack Damage by 20/25/30/35/40 for 8 seconds, with his opponent losing half of this amount.

Now this is a great move. This allows him to jungle with ease and give him the edge in 1v1 fights. Not only is it a strong move on its own, resets your auto-attack, but it also drains attack from your opponents and gives it to you (can also be used on creeps).

W : Contaminate
Trundle affects target location with his curse for 8 seconds, gaining 20/25/30/35/40% Movement Speed, 20/30/40/50/60% Attack Speed and 20/25/30/35/40% Crowd Control Reduction while on it.

Probably one of the strongest single buffs in the game. It gives you massive Attack speed, movement speed, and CC reduction. This is why Trundle can solo anyone, anytime, anywhere.

E : Pillar of Filth
Trundle creates a plagued beacon at target location, becoming impassable terrain and slowing all nearby enemy units by 25/30/35/40/45%.

This is a awesome ganking tool and a great way to stop enemies who try to run from a troll. You can also use it to block enemies paths and force them to turn a different way.

R : Agony
Trundle immediately drains a target of 100/175/250 (+0.6) Health and 15/20/25% of their Armor and Magic Resist, and then drains them again for the total of these amounts over the next 6 seconds.

Trundle gains these stats for himself while the target is being drained.

Crush your opponents and tell them they can't win against Trundle. This move is a 3 pointer, It drains health, reduces armor, and reduces magic resist. Then continues to drain the same amount for 6 more seconds, allowing you to beat them to a pulp. This can also be used on creeps / minions, giving you a edge by getting you early dragon kills.

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Runes / Masteries / Summoner Spells



x1-9 Greater Mark of Alacrity
I picked these Runes because It allows me finish my jungle faster and allows me to fight faster.

and / or

x1-9 Greater Mark of Strength
More AD = more wailing on jungling creeps. Goes well with the new masteries


x9 Greater Seal of Resilience
This is great for jungling and for later in the match makes you more beefy.


x9 Greater Mark of Alacrity
This goes well with full Armor Pen Red's.


x9 Greater Glyph of Shielding
These runes aren't the best early game but late you can tank spells with 24 extra Magic Resist at lvl 18.


Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Armor Pen is great for Jungling and can be used for ganking / soloing foes. Plus later in the match you can melt you enemies armor even faster with Agony.


The new masteries changed the way I play jungle trundle. I go 15 in offense to grab the 3% lifesteal (It's really good), 14 in defense grabbing armor, Hp, improve smite(REQUIRED!!) and the spike armor for creeps, and improve recall to get back to base faster.

For my tanky Dps I go 9/21/0, Grabbing armor, Magic resist, and the mercenary for gold.

Summoner Spells

I love Exhaust on Trundle. It allows Trundle to close the gap between him and his dinner. I can also be used to gank and stop the enemy carry.

Smite is REQUIRED!!! for jungle, take it plz if you are jungling. Don't if you're laning.

Ignite has many uses like stopping heals from a support and securing kills

**I had people ask me why I don't take Ghost or Flash. The reason is I want Trundle to destroy enemies. Ghost is rather pointless as he already has a buff that can speed him up and flash isn't really good on chasers like Olaf. [Trundle]] can kill quickly if his foe is exhausted.**

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These are my Builds. This is how I build Trundle

If you're going for a jungling / Brawler then go with

This allows you to give a big amount of DPS and crew your foe alive. Rush Wriggle's Lantern first, this can clear the jungle much faster and give you the ability to ward your rivers, plus its cheap. Why Trinity Force? Well it gives you a massive output of damage with the sheen proc and phage, gives you MS and AS, and allows you to sustain mana for more bite action. The Guardian Angel will give you the armor and MR you need and The Black Cleaver + The Bloodthirster will boost your attack.

If you're going for more tanky Dps then grab

People always criticize Warmog's Armor and how its garbage. Yes granted it's weak in most cases but combined with Atma's Impaler it can be deadly. Combine that with Frozen Mallet and Guardian Angel and you got a steam rolling tank that can dish out tons of damage. Then grab The Bloodthirster last for extra damage and Lifesteal.

Other helpful or useful items you can consider getting

This is a nice item if they have magic damage and it also proc's with the life steal you get from auto attacking and Agony.

Always a great item in any situation. Free spell block, mana and health, and MR for mages.

The armor pen and attack speed is good for Trundle, plus the bonus it grants can be devastating for whoever fights Trundle.

Below are General Items for Trundle.

The Core items for Trundle

Or ,

In my opinion these are Trundle's Core items. These are the items that you should get in most of your matches and these are his best items. They synergize really well and gives Trundle his power and his wreaking skills.

Items that are good for Trundle

These are items that not the best for Trundle, are really useful for him. These are items that can swap certain core items if needed and are great backup for Trundle. These can be considered mid game items or items which if one of the core items doesn't work out then swap.

Items that seem cool but don't work for Trundle

These items just don't seem to be great on Trundle. Only on a few a cations do they seem alright. Hextech Gunblade is unnecessary and Madred's Bloodrazor doesn't fit him as he's already got Agony. The other two are just more useless AS items (In Zeke's Harbinger it's a aura that fits Taric or Sivir but not Trundle)

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Skill Sequence

For my Jungling build I go

Q > W > Q > E > Q > R > Q > W > Q > E > R > W > E > W > E > R > W > E

I grab Rabid Bite as fast as I can, picking up a point in Contaminate at level 2 and Pillar of Filth at Level 4. Grab Agony when possible and when you max out your Rabid Bite then alternate your Contaminate and Pillar of Filth

If you go for a tanky DPS build then..

Q > W > E > Q > Q > R > Q > W > Q > W > R > W > W > E > E > R > E > E

I Max out Rabid Bite first and Contaminate after, of course grabing Agony when possible. I don't go for Pillar of Filth (Except for level 3 to have 1 point in it) because I want to have my stats boosted quicker because I have less AS then in my other build and grabing more then 1 point in Pillar of Filth really feels unnecessary.

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Laning with Trundle

Oh course you can do one of two things, Lane and let another jungler go if you feel you aren't ready to jungle yet or take the jungle yourself. His jungle route is one of the faster ones, either starting at blue or starting at mini golems. In this section I will talk about laning with Trundle and what a ideal lane Trundle should be grabbing.

**Note that both of the sections I will be explaining, will use my Brawler Build so item build will be different if you want to build Tanky DPS**


If you have another jungler or you don't have faith in jungling yourself then lane with someone who doesn't need CS like mad (a.k.a AD Carries like Ashe or Caitlyn)

Helpful laners

Examples of good laners

These are helpful for you because if they allow you to last hit and protect you from harm and continue to heal you because they don't need the CS. In Soraka's case she can restore your mana so you can keep spamming Rabid Bite

NOT so helpful laners

Examples of bad laners

The problem with most of these champs is that they require all the CS so you lose out of getting gold and later hurts yor end game build. Also with these champs is they can't really help you if you decide to attack / go for the kill. Your goal is to get lots of CS and these champs don't help at all, it's best if you lane with a support.

Levels 1-5

You should start out with..


Just focus on getting last hits in by using Rabid Bite (by attacking then immediately activating your Rabid Bite). Always do this, it's the key of last hitting with Trundle.

Grab Contaminate at lvl 2 and Pillar of Filth at lvl 3 so just you have a way of trapping the opponents so you can [rabid bite]] them or slow them down so a jungler can gank easily. Continue to last hit using the Rabid Bite trick till you hit lvl 6. (By this time you should have 30+ CS....I hope).

If you do get weak early and fear about the opponent going in for the kill, then port back and grab Boots of Speed and if needed more health potions

Levels 6-11

At this point of the match you should have..

OR , , and

Now it's time to have fun. Agony is perfect for Trundle, as he can use it on creeps (Which includes Dragon and Baron (DON'T SOLO BARON) and can be used on champions (Duh). If you get in a team fight, use Agony immediately on whoever you see and focus him down. Early game Trundle is a beast and is nearly unstoppable when he has the Agony buff, and in most cases, the champ you [agony]'d can't fight back. If the foe you are attacking happens to gets away (Lets say he Flashed out) then target the weakest guy closest to you.

Like Olaf you should in most cases, never run from a fight as trundle is a steam-rolling tank and has no reason to run unless he has 100 hp. During levels 6-11 continue to put points in Rabid Bite and Contaminate or Pillar of Filth (Alternate if you want) and Agony at lvl 11.

Level 12+

By the time you hit Level 12 you should have

OR , , , and building either a or a .

At this point you should have a good assortment of gear and should be grabbing dragons and red when they're up (Unless your AD carry needs red more). In team fights your Agony is your ticket to mowing down most guys (yes even tanks). Don't be afraid to go in first and start the battle, you should be beefy enough to tank the first few blows. If you do go in first, be expected to take a few stuns and CC, afterwards go for the squishiest foe and beat him down.

Trundle is also one of the faster pushers in the game mainly because of Rabid Bite. When pushing use Rabid Bite on a creep near by, Contaminate, and hit that tower till 1 of your creep's remains or enemy champs are coming. To prevent most ganks, if you have a Wriggles Lantern, place a ward in a brush near the tower and run when they approach.

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Jungling with Trundle

Jungling with Trundle is long as you know how to jungle properly. You can start two ways, at Blue buff, or at mini golems. If you got someone to pull, that's great as it can prevent you from getting seriously hurt early in your jungle.

The key to finishing your jungle quickly is timing the Rabid Bite-auto attack trick mentioned in my Laning section, where you attack, then quickly hit your Q for maximum damage.

The standard path I take is
Big wolf(Orange wolf)->Blue Buff->Finish Wolves->Wraiths->Mini Golems->Red Buff->Port back for Boots of speed] and 1-2 [[Health Potions. Trundle is also one of the few junglers who can get dragon at lvl 4 O_O. Easier if your team helped you with dragon though.

Here are the times when creep camps respawn (Creep camps spawn at 1:40)

Wolf camp:
*Respawn in 100 seconds

Mini Golems:
*Respawn in 100 seconds.

Wraith camp
*Respawn in 100 seconds

Red/Blue buff camp:
*Spawn Time: 1:55
*Respawn Time: 5:00

*Spawn Time: 2:30
*Respawn Time: 6:00

Baron Nashor:
*Spawn Time: 15:00
*Respawn Time: 7:00

If you need a video of the Jungle Route watch stonewall008 and see how he does it with Trundle
*****I find stonewall008 to be one the BEST JUNGLERS OUT THERE :D*****

When to Gank?

That's all up to whether you want to or your team mates need it. DO NOT SIT AROUND AND DO NOTHING WAITING FOR A GANK. A big mistake many junglers make and it can hurt you as you are sucking exp from your laners (Sometimes), but more importantly you're losing gold by sitting around waiting.

When you do gank, don't miss your Pillar of Filth. It is your key ganking skill and missing it means the enemy will get away and you missed a opportunity to get a free kill.
You want to stay in the brush till the enemy over-extends then ping your team mate to let him know, then go in for the kill.

Heres a example of when to go in

**Sorry this is my first time using Pics in a guide**

The plan is to cut the enemy off and prevent him from entering / Leaving the brush (You can place the pillar at the end of the brush) If they get a bit away form you, exhaust and continue to attack them.

That's all to it when it comes to jungling with Trundle. Just continue to monitor the lanes and gank according.

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Tips when playing as Trundle

Learning how to use Pillar of Filth Correctly

People fail to use Pillar of Filth the right way. This saddens me as the only way to gank with Trundle is by landing a perfect Pillar of Filth. Pillar of Filth is his most unique move and what makes Trundle in my opinion fun.

I'm going to show you a picture of how Pillar of Filth looks like.

Know this will help you secure kills and sometimes prevent ganks. It allows you to close the gap between you and your lunch. People may know how it works but they don't utilize it.

These 3 pictures will show how you should use Pillar of Filth. The first two are about trapping the enemy and preventing them from fleeing.

The 3rd picture is a example of how you should it if you want to get closer to your opponent.

Of course you won't be using it on the Golem but assume that its a running foe, use IN FRONT of the enemy, so they get pushed back and they are slowed even longer.

As a neat ability Pillar of Filth is not only a good stopper for fleeing champs but It's also a Clairvoyance as well. Knowing this can resort to some pretty neat tricks and some cool kills.

In this picture I have no vision of the tower, so I don't know if the're minions, champions, or other nasty stuff. Here's a look of having no vision.

I have no Vision which if I was a typical player might make the mistake of going in, assuming if the enemy champ was low, only for him to circle around the tower / stunlock me and kill me under the tower. So playing smart I use Pillar of Filth to get a quick look..

This give me a good insight of how weak the enemy is or if there are more champions then I expected, it's good to check before you run in stupid and get yourself killed. Note this doesn't ALWAYS work, it is a example. This trick can also be used for..

-Red/Blue Buff
-Any brush
-Inside base

Why do this? Like I said it's basically a free Clairvoyance and it has a short CD as well.

Agony has other purposes

Trundle's ultimate Agony has other purposes then just fighting someone 1v1. His main goal is to crush is target, but if you are getting weak or are getting chased down, then you can use Agony on CREEPS! Yes that's right, a creep can save your life, because it grants immediate heal, then heals you later on.

You can also use it on neutrals to speed up your jungling as well (Dragon for example). The good thing about Agony is it really short CD. At level 3 it has about 45-50 seconds which is short.

People tend to forget as well to target tanks with Agony. Why would you target the tank instead of the Vayne with low health and no mana? Well you don't attack the tank when he has Agony, instead you use Agony on the tank, then shift your focus on the Vayne.
Remember that Agony has a 25% immediate drain on armor and MR and another 25% over 6 seconds. A good tank should have about 130 armor and 100 MR and a great tank should have 220+ armor and 170+ MR. Lets do the math

*130(armor)/4 (25% Agony drain) = 32.5 armor drain + another 32.5 armor over 6 seconds
*100(magic resist)/4 (25% Agony drain) = 25 MR + another 25 MR over 6 seconds

**220(armor)/4 (25% Agony drain) = 55 armor drain + another 55 armor over 6 seconds
**170(magic resist)/4 (25% Agony drain) = 42.5 MR + another 42.5 MR over 6 seconds

Gaining 55 armor and 42.5 MR is a ton of stats and in battle it can change the battle as your basically invincible in a fight. Allowing yourself to realize this can help you when fighting against someone who can actually kill you.

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Well that concludes my Trundle guide. I hope this was informative and I hope this can boost your skills with Trundle.

Trundle is one of my favorite champions and I thank Riot for making him really interesting. Also all credit goes to "stonewall008" for that Trundle jungle run. It helped me jungle much easier and faster.

Thank you all for reading this guide, I will continue to update this guide if there ever are changes in the future to ether Trundle or jungling in general.