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Thresh Build Guide by CFCryo

Top The Most In-Depth AD Thresh Guide (ALL Roles, Primarily Top)

By CFCryo | Updated on September 10, 2020
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Runes: Top - Grasp of the Undying

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Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Ravenous Hunter
Cheap Shot

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Ignite - Aggression (Top/Mid)
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

The Most In-Depth AD Thresh Guide (ALL Roles, Primarily Top)

By CFCryo
A list of changes and dates changed since release.

[*] Added Manamune and Muramana to Build guide and to 'Items and Runes' section.
[*] Added Manamune mini guide and replay video to both 'Items and Runes' and 'Video Guides'.
[*] Added a number of AD Muramana Thresh gameplays from streams to 'AD Thresh in Gameplay' section.
[*] Added 'Predator Thresh.EXE', and 'Souls.exe', to the memetages section of 'AD Thresh in Gameplay'.
[*] Also wishing you a good day.

[*] Added section: "Runes - Which and When?"
[*] New Rune recommendation - Grasp of the Undying, this and more discussed in detail in the section mentioned above.
[*] Edited the introduction in "What is AD Thresh", on reading it looked very... unedited and unprofessional.
[*] Removed Runes part of "Items and Runes" as it was outdated and the new section mentioned above does a better job.
[*] Added Manamune Rune pages to guide, including Presence of Mind to Fleet Footwork and Hail of Blades, you can make it work with Grasp and many other runes too!
[*] Wishing you a good day.


[*] Added Hail of Blades runepage, listed as 'Experimental'.
[*] Added Lethality items at the top of the guide, listed as 'Experimental'.
[*] I will update the item chapter with more details when I've tested it some more.

[*] Added sections: 'Lanes - Top vs Mid?', 'Ability Combos', 'Jungle Thresh'.'
[*] Added runes for Jungle Thresh.
[*] Added runes for Fleet Footwork.
[*] Changed chapter title images to look better.
[*] Updated primary rune set. Changed it to Fleet Footwork as from my recent studying of my own matches/winrates, Fleet Footwork has the highest winrate... aside from... Jungle?! More details in the Items and Runes section.
[*] Edited and changed a lot of formatting and presentation in various sections.
[*] Added videos to AD Thresh in Action: 'AD Thresh.EXE' and 'ATTACK SPEED THRESH.EXE'.
What is AD Thresh? Back to Top
AD Thresh can be played in a multitude of ways, not just the Full AD "One-shot" build many of us are aware of.
I, and likely many of you, have seen or even piloted a casual AD Thresh. It can work if you get fed, but a lot of people build inefficiently and too many times have I noticed what I would consider questionable first items, second items, and full builds. I have strived for an AD Thresh that is consistent, and to be nearly as effective, or even more effective, than other builds in the current meta.

This means that I construct builds like this for use in Ranked. I am not implying that this is an effective way to scale Ranked Ladder. There is a learning curve to this play style and the rewards to learning AD Thresh Top aren't even anywhere near as rewarding as putting hours into Yasuo or Lee Sin instead. It's hard to justify playing, learning, or putting any amount of time with the intention of taking it into Ranked.

But if despite all that you still want to do it, go right ahead. Read on, my friend.

I recommend playing in normals. You're less likely to be flamed, and don't have to feel too much pressure to perform decently as an off-meta. Also, you probably won't be doing so hot, particularly if you're new to the idea. In fact, just don't use this in Ranked.

Let's talk about what makes it work before I digress any further.

Full AD

Thresh has a 80% (Level 1) Total AD Ratio on his E passive, up to a maximum of 200% (Level 5 E) Total AD Ratio. This will be turned into magic damage on-hit in addition to the base AD physical damage you're already hitting. Assuming no crits or special things like that, your charged up attack will do 100% Physical damage, and 200% bonus magic damage.

That doesn't mean you have to wait 10 seconds for a full-charge all the time, however. Any seconds you wait will increase your damage by a % ratio proportional to the time you wait. So a half-charge on your Flay (Visible on the buff you can see that changes colour), will do 100% Total AD magical damage, which is still double the damage of a normal auto attack pre-mitigation.

With this passive alone, Thresh has very good poke in just auto-attacks, especially when timed around this passive. This potential is why his auto-attack range, for a ranged champion, is abysmal at only 450 units of range.
The waiting, hit-and-run style poking of Thresh's auto attacks with this mechanic has great synergy with Energise items, especially with their buff in Season 10. You can play around not only your E passive charge-up, but around the on-hit damage of Energise items like Kircheis Shard and Stormrazor to deal massive poke damage to your lane opponent.

The most important energise item for Thresh, considering his abysmal range, is Rapid Firecannon, increasing the energised attack's range to 600. Now, you can poke laners more easily and harass them hard, and have a much safer method of using your crazy E passive damage from a much fairer distance.

Every Energise item deals 120 magic damage on-hit. With Stormrazor as well, that's 240 magic damage, plus 55 AD which gives an additional 110 magic damage with Level 5 Flay.

Once you achieve 100% Crit by adding on Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver, you get even more AD, and the physical portion of your damage becomes 225% Total AD, with the 200% Total AD magical damage passive on E, plus tons of Energise on-hits, you'll hit and crit incredibly hard for that first auto attack.
It takes a while to get a feel for how much damage your auto attack is going to do depending on how far it is charged. There is much more to it than just going for assassination's on low or squishy targets, and that can only be realised through practice and experience, but I will try to put into words the 7 years of AD Thresh I have experienced.
Who am I, Cryobeat? Back to Top
I have mained Thresh in non-support roles since his release in Season 3. First as a jungler (Season 3 and 4 had MUCH easier jungles back then), then as a Top laner. I had experimented with many builds, deciding that an on-hit build was best, before the release of Rapid Firecannon which had me trying for AD burst builds.

Though I detested ADC Thresh, with the new Energise line of items and Stormrazor providing crit chance, I see it as maybe not "perfectly viable", but certainly not trash, and playable if only with some weaknesses.

With the AD Support items, you can also throw some damage onto him even in his main role. It compromises on durability and the ability to dive into enemy teams, but it's payoff is, if nothing else, extremely fun.

I also play other off-meta such as Tank Kassadin, Draintank Warwick, Tank Lissandra (Support but sometimes Jungle), and AD or AP Skarner.

I have a YouTube channel based around off-meta and my main champion, Thresh. The content ranges from guides to off-meta, to commentaries, to live games (More soon). There's also some good meme content on there, check them out on the Channel here!
Items and Runes Back to Top

Starting Items

Doran's blade is the standard start for AD champs, and helps with poking your opponents down in lane, and of course with 3% lifesteal and 80 HP as well helping you survive.

If you don't need immediate HP in a safe lane, Cull is a nice choice for a slight economical advantage. The on-hit lifegain it has synergies with attack speed as well so it's great for going into On-Hit builds in particular.

is nerfed for Ranged champions but can still provide decent regeneration through laning phase, but if you're up against someone particularly oppressive like Gnar, Jayce, Kennen or Teemo, Corrupting Potion can give you more "bursty" healing to keep up.

Support Starting Items

Spectral Sickle and its upgrades give more AD than Shoulderguards, and can be farmed well against certain matchups. The AD payoff may seem small, but remember your ratio is literally tripling your attack damage.

Steel Shoulderguards have more HP and hp regen however, which is overall more useful and that's why it's the Meta. Safer, easier, but less AD. Practice Thresh support with this if you're inexperienced, and definitely take against strong poke lanes, as Spectral Sickle isn't outpoking any real mage or support.

A note on Steel Shoulderguards and Relic Shield, don't ever use it on Caster Minions. Always save one for the Cannon minion every third wave, and otherwise, take Melee minions. Your gold income and therefore your quest progress depend upon the gold you get, so make sure you're using these slow-charging... charges... on worthwhile minions. Casters give pathetic amounts of gold, so can really put you behind compared to someone ignoring them and taking melees and cannons instead.

Full Crit Build

The four items of Full Crit:

The first two items are absolutely core. Usually, you'll start with Stormrazor as it is the best damage you can get for your "one-shot" in one item, then follow with Rapid Firecannon that so you have the range to use it in teamfights without high risk. The next two items give you 100% Crit Chance. You can rush the Crit Chance by taking 2x Cloak of Agility then upgrading them into whatever you need. The 100% Crit Chance is quite a powerspike and so it can be worth rushing it like this.

With Infinity Edge, you increase your physical damage portion of your auto attack far further, and Essence Reaver keeps your Flay, Lantern and Box on a shorter cooldown for self-peel and assistance.

However, you can opt for Phantom Dancer and Statikk Shiv as alternative 3rd/4th items for their defensive and waveclear properties respectively, without giving up 100% crit chance. Statikk Shiv will provide another 120 magic damage, but Infinity Edge AD alone gives 160 magic damage on the first hit, not even counting the critical strike damage. Phantom Dancer will provide no on-hit damage at all, but has the defensive benefit of its shield, and attack speed helps you shred down tankier targets that don't just go down in one or two hits.

After your 4 crit items, your boot choice can either be Sorcerer's Shoes for scaling your magic damage against squishies, or Berserker's Greaves to have more attack speed to shred tankier foes. If you're up against squishies that you wanna one-shot, go for Sorcerer's Shoes.

Defensive items include Guardian Angel, Dead Man's Plate, and Maw of Malmortius. Though the other two are self-explanatory, Dead Man's Plate gives great defensive stats and movement speed. The latter helps you get in range for auto attacks on fleeing targets, and also gives 100 bonus damage on-hit when you've charged up Momentum. It's a defensive item that provides more damage and utility that works incredibly with Thresh kit, and so I almost always buy DMP on AD Support Thresh when I can get it.

On-Hit DPS Build

There are a LOT of item choices you can make for On-Hit Thresh. He's a bit like a blank-slate that you can build almost anything on, though of course there exist sub-optimal choices like Nashor's Tooth. It may provide on-hit damage and make use of AP from souls, but believe it or not, that AP passive doesn't even outdamage Wit's End at level 9 in the vast majority of situations.

is a solid item for any on-hit build, scaling with enemy HP rather than your own stats, and providing attack damage to scale Thresh E passive, attack speed to scale soul passive, and lifesteal that works with it's own on-hit to give the sustain a Top laner needs.

doubles all other on-hit effects with it's passive, and most importantly provides a ton of attack speed and hybrid penetration to scale Thresh' on-hit damage. With the amount of attack speed you're stacking, it really isn't hard to get it to 6 stacks, but it can be a bit weak on it's own before you've collected a decent amount of souls. It's never usually a good first item, so build it after another on-hit item.

may have reduced healing for Ranged Champions, but the attack speed, damage, and magic resistance are certainly no joke. Extremely good to build against AP top laners like Teemo, Kayle, Ryze, etc. Just be sure to mix in some health like Bami's Cinder if magic resist alone won't cut it.

, a Hurricane of Souls, triples your on-hits for an AoE attack. This means all on-hit items you build like Blade of the Ruined King and Wit's End, plus the damage equal to your number of souls. This is great in teamfights as a Diver or a Peeler for shredding the enemy team while almost drain-tanking off of Wit's End and Blade of the Ruined King's healing on-hits. The AoE makes for excellent waveclear as well, allowing for speedier, safer farming of minions and monsters, thus faster and more-reliable soul harvesting.

I'd say pick a maximum of three on-hit items, then take the rest as defensive. Sunfire Cape, Thornmail, and Frozen Heart are great armour options, and Spirit Visage, Adaptive Helm, and Abyssal Mask are great magic resistance items, just bear in mind you'll already have resistance from Wit's End if you've built it, so don't overcommit to the stat when the enemy has barely any AP. You'll have to choose according to what your team needs and what the enemy team has, and in my opinion, that is the beauty of this clean-slate On-Hit Thresh, as he is a true Jack of All Trades.

AD Support

Your first non-support item should be Rapid Firecannon. You will gain AD once your Black Mist Scythe or Pauldrons of Whiterock evolves, and you need to make sure that the gold the item has granted you goes into something useful first and foremost. As mentioned before, without the range from Rapid Firecannon, it's very hard to be useful in teamfights. Taking it early not only gives good burst damage, but guarantees you'll be able to poke and be useful when the time comes.

Naturally, some of these items are pretty expensive, like Stormrazor and Essence Reaver. They're crit items that provide utility either in SR's slow, or ER's CDR. Their build paths are fairly forgiving but B.F. Sword can be sometimes hard to come by. If they're out of reach, you can instead opt for Dead Man's Plate.

can make up for the lack of Relentless Hunter if you haven't got that, and gives bonus damage as well to channel through your Rapid Firecannon range. The Health and Armour build paths are greatly beneficial against the botlane ADC, and of course for the rest of the game as well.

Boot choice can vary depending what you need, but Boots of Mobility are often a good choice for the active Thresh, Ionian Boots of Lucidity can make up for the otherwise huge-lack of CDR in the rest of the items, and defensive boots are always welcome when their passives are useful.

The usual array of support items are also available should you need their active abilities, and should not be ignored, particularly Mikael's Crucible. Extra damage won't help when your ADC, or yourself, are locked down by an enemy's crowd control.

Manamune/Muramana Thresh

Manamune and Muramana are surprisingly effective on Thresh. Since Thresh does have an amazing scaling on AD, you do want to boost it quite a bit but overcommitting to it can leave you lacking in important areas like CDR, tankiness, and attack speed if you use too many of your six item slots. Manamune gives you so much AD, more than any other AD item currently, after it gets enough mana stacked. It can become not only cost efficient, but outshine all other AD options on its own, but this can be accelerated through the use of mana runes like Presence of Mind and Biscuit Delivery, and items such as Frozen Heart. Extra mana items are not necessary to achieve high AD.

Do not build Tear of the Goddess, though. Thresh high CDs and lack of need for much additional mana make it a 850 gold sink with extremely low return, putting yourself behind in the very competitive Top lane.

Instead, if you can't buy the Manamune outright, start instead with a Pickaxe, as maintaining your position in top lane or keeping your dominance over the enemy early on is more important. Ideally you go straight from Pickaxe to Manamune, but if in the case you cannot and start to lose hard, you can always pivot, forget the Manamune, and turn the Pickaxe into a Guinsoo's Rageblade instead after you've built some tankiness, or other more appropriate items.

If you do go ahead with the Manamune, however, you can proceed as normal in lane, but remember not to go slugging it out with Darius and other similar laners who will absolutely love you for puttig yourself at a potential stat disadvantage, even if you started with a lead.

Not having tier 2 boots, appropriate HP/resistance can all make you vulnerable, annd though Manamune is cheap at 2400 Gold, especially compared to the 3300 Blade of the Ruined King and 3200 Stormrazor that I also like as starting items, the need to finish Manamune as soon as possible makes you less likely to build things like Bami's Cinder, Chain Vest, and other items to suit your matchup. Whereas with Blade of the Ruined King, you can always pause at Bilgewater Cutlass, for example. That is why, when needed, I suggest you forget Manamune and pivot to other items instead, rather than finish it late.

As well as the high AD from Manamune's Awe passive, the complete Muramana will give a hefty On-Hit effect that scales with mana. This gives more value to your attack speed purchases, synergying with your Damnation On-Hit damage, and Ravenous Hunter, which in turn is also great with mana tank items like Frozen Heart. The increased armour, including that from your passive, will increase the effective HP your lifesteal and Ravenous Hunter grant you.

Essentially, Muramana blends togethher AD and On-Hit Builds to allow for ultimate versatility in build choice, as everything you can build will synergy with the Muramana in some way, and therefore with each other.

Without Muramana, I'd be hesitant to combine the crit from Stormrazor and Rapid Firecannon with an independent on-hit from Wit's End. With Muramana's on-hit, there is more synergy to simply attack speed and on-hits in general for me to consider it a good idea. Had I not been buildinng Muramana, I'd perhaps want more Crit like Phantom Dancer (Which is also great with Muramana) or Infinity Edge.

Overall, though this does apply to most ADCs as well, AD Thresh not only gets great value from Muramana, but it fits so well with his variety of playstyles all at once .

It can be easy to analyse and be skeptical of an item like it, but like Sneaky said in his videos about Manamune on all ADCs, you really have to try it and feel it to understand.

I recommend you give it a go, but do not be afraid to pivot off into Guinsoo's Rageblade if things don't pan out well.

Here is a link to a mini-guide and a replay of the build in action from my YouTube Channel:
Runes - Which and When? Back to Top
It's not just a case of "What rune is best?" with Thresh. There are so many ways to play him, diverging choices on it's own, but then there are so many ways that each playstyle choice can be built and approached, leading to even more. As such, there are many runes that support each playstyle well, and even multiple different approaches to the same one.

I'd regard some more "trollish" than others, but we will review each Keystone individually, along with some basic ideas for the non-keystone runes.

I've grouped these in a few different categories.

Versatile Keystones

Fleet Footwork is one of the most versatile and safest runes to take. It uses an Energize passive so it somewhat helps your Stormrazor. Thresh is immobile and lacks sustain, so Fleet Footwork can help overcome these two weaknesses a little. The sustain goes a long way in ensuring you can stay in lane for a long time.
A lack of lifesteal items in the Crit builds also is covered slightly by both Fleet Footwork and Legend: Bloodline. Along with Overheal, your sustain from autos becomes really quite good. Though it has obvious synergy with Energize and heavy AD builds, it works just fine going into On-Hit builds with Blade of the Ruined King and such.

Hail of Blades is another versatile rune, but much more offensive-oriented. Giving 110% attack speed from the start of the game is pretty damn good, but with low base AD it actually is kinda weak right from the start if you don't buy Doran's Blade. At Level 1 laning, it's power comes from it's accessibility when used in a ranged vs melee matchup. It comes out much quicker than a Press the Attack trade, and is less prone to counter-attacks or being avoided.

As you build more AD, whether it be Long Sword working towards Blade of the Ruined King or Sanguine Blade, or B. F. Sword going into Stormrazor, that attack speed's value massively increases. Both high AD and on-hit effects are great with Hail of Blades. On Thresh, that includes the on-hit from gathering souls.

Naturally, high attack speed means little if you're going for "One Shot" builds, but is very suited for bruiser/off tank builds. Lethality with Sanguine Blade, On-Hit with Blade of the Ruined King, or crit with Stormrazor are all very good. Full Crit, even though you might end some opponents in one strike, has a lot of synergy with Hail of Blades for fast follow up. Attack speed has a lot of synergy with both Attack Damage, and Critical Strike. That said, 100% crit is dangerous territory with Thresh's range, so be sure to have a Guardian Angel or other defense items.

Hail of Blades is an early-mid game rune mostly.

Aftershock is the third 'versatile' rune, useful in all kinds of builds, though has the least synergy with Full Crit. It can be taken in reaction to bad matchups as a means of defense, or with full intent to go tanky and dive into fights.

With Damnation armor from souls, the armor scaling on Aftershock, as well as on Conditioning, work very well together. Since Thresh has so much crowd control, it isn't a hard rune to activate either. The damage scales with health, so worth building tankier with this rune. Sunfire Cape works quite well.

You can take it on On-Hit optimally, but can work with AD Tank builds such as Stormrazor with Dead Man's Plate or Sanguine Blade with Frozen Mallet, and you can even use it to get through laning phase against strong combo champions while you build Full Crit, but maybe Fleet Footwork will serve you better there.

Aftershock is useful all game.

On-Hit Keystones

Press the Attack is a powerful early game rune, but scales throughout the game on attack speed builds. It's not particularly useful on Crit builds, but on Sanguine Blade off tank builds, it's totally fine. Optimally, you'll build Blade of the Ruined King though.

The rune is helped by attack speed, but with the slow on Flay it shouldn't be hard to land 3 auto attacks for the bonus damage. In laning phase, you'll mostly be trading my activating that 3rd auto attack's damage. Anything afterwards is bonus, and works well later to amplify your on-hit damage. Though Bilgewater Cutlass is a great item, Recurve Bow works especially well with Press the Attack, and is worth considering getting a little earlier if you don't need the slow from Cutlass.

Press the Attack is primarily an early-game rune, but scales fine throughout.

Grasp of the Undying can be used for AD builds, such as Sanguine Blade, though that item is basically both AD and AS builds combined while it's passive is active. That aside, Grasp of the Undying will primarily benefit from tanky builds, which inherently benefit from DPS attack speed builds. It's a great early game rune for sustain and harass, particularly to bully melee champions, and though the effects and stacking health are reduced, you'll get it off so often that it's bound to get value.

Later, it's scaling with health will help deal damage and sustain in long teamfights. With innate tankiness and a tanky build, you can keep it up for quite a while. It lacks immediate punch like other runes and Press the Attack, but provides sustain and damage in one.

Grasp of the Undying is primarily an early-game rune.

AD Burst Keystones

Fleet Footwork deserves a second mention to remind you that it is a VERY sensible choice for this kind of thing, and should be considered into tough ADC matchups like Caitlyn, as well as tough matchups in solo lanes. Even in non-tough matchups, it's movement speed and sustain can help you in Top Lane to take huge advantages and approach your opponent with the speed.

Predator, after the changes, has a lower AD ratio than before but greater usability due to no charge time. Straight up, it's an extra damage active for your first big-hit auto attack, and one of the best ways to reach the "One Shot" Dream, simply because everything else needs at least 2 hits to get value.

Used in Mid Lane, it's great for roaming to sidelanes after pushing. Consider Minion Dematerializer to help push lane if need be.

Dark Harvest is the dank rune that you imagine an AD Thresh should take. And get's the "One-shot" Dream done if you don't mind them being on 50% health or lower to begin with. Two shots, and of course three shots, become much easier to make happen with this rune as well.

It has AD and AP scaling that makes great use of your Souls AP value, and with Rapid Firecannon, squishy enemies will be very scared to get too close to you, and will often underestimate that danger range the first couple times around. It's also just really satisfying and easily one of the best-feeling runes to use on full AD Thresh.

It is, however, impractical. Most top laners will have enough sustain ( Garen Sett Doran's Shield) to never be hit by Dark Harvest and allow you to stack, and Mid Lane you'll eat Electrocute and Arcane Comet trades before you get them low enough for your rune to trade back.
However, Dark Harvest DOES get to shine in the ADC role. With an ally to help you deal damage, you'll be activating Dark Harvest significantly more often than other lanes, and the combo potential between a good support with damage like Leona, Vel'Koz, and Pyke and Thresh's crowd control and damage can really get you snowballing and a scary lane to fight.
In losing matchups or when things go wrong, Dark Harvest does still become a liability, and will make you wish you took Fleet Footwork to survive lane phase better and farm for longer. That said, I usually do take Dark Harvest for the ADC role.

Bad Runes Worthy of Note

Though some runes are obvious (not listed here), there are a few runes that just don't do well. You may be tempted by a couple of these though.

Arcane Comet is straight-up a bad idea, you could pull or knock people out of it, your cooldowns are too long to reduce comet's cooldown, other things do more damage for less effort, etc.

Lethal Tempo IS technically really good... Lategame. In Top Lane, early game is crucial. The lower attack speed value you gain in the early game isn't nearly as good as some other runes for Thresh, and with his abysmal base AD and the fact that you start with 0 Souls for your on-hit, Lethal Tempo is very bad for the early game in Top Lane. It does eventually get value later when you've amassed Souls, On-Hits and tankiness, but honestly Press the Attack can achieve similar value, AND have early game presence, and other runes like Grasp of the Undying have more useful applications all throughout the game.

Conqueror was far too hard to stack BEFORE the nerfs, so after them it's simply impossible. Not only that, but the payoff isn't good either, since AD buffs are much better when you've charged your auto attack for up to 10 seconds, with Conqueror, you can only get about half a charge (100% total AD bonus damage) if you time it perfectly, and that isn't bad, but kinda dumb to be honest, Grasp of the Undying does something similar but way better on all fronts.
Also, if your Souls grant enough AP to overshadow your AD, and your Conqueror starts giving you AP on stacks, the value of it drops dramatically, even if you build Nashor's Tooth. Never take Conqueror. Maybe in URF, but not anywhere else.

I've made a full video detailing literally every rune for Thresh in great detail, check it out here:

Summoner Spells Back to Top
Top/Mid Lane

Flash is mandatory in all lanes for playmaking, catching up, escaping (especially since you have no dash outside of Q'ing a minion or monster).

Ignite is used when you bully your opponent and can secure a kill with it. As a ranged top laner, Thresh has decent dominance over many melee top laners.

Teleport helps get back to lane to keep up CS and soul farming, but more importantly it allows you to teleport to bot or Dragon fights to support with your massive utility and formiddable mid-game damage.

That said, if you find yourself only using TP to get back to lane every 6 minutes, maybe you should consider another spell. Sometimes and in some Elos, TP just won't be as good as it is in Pro play.


Standard ADC spells with Heal for movespeed and keeping you and your support alive. The movespeed can get you in range for a final auto-attack burst or for a Flay if need be.

AD Support

You could also go Exhaust which is fairly standard, and Ignite can work, but since you aren't building tank outside of Steel Shoulderguards, you're a very easy target similar to squishy supports like Senna and Soraka. Therefore, Barrier can help you keep your damage up and deny some focus. Exhaust can do the same but only "protects" you from one source, but may have overall better utility. I usually prefer Barrier.
Of course, you can take Ignite but you may find the lack of extra defense with this squishy start may be your downfall.
Lanes - Top vs Mid? Back to Top
I've now written that the guide is ALL roles in the title, and in the next few sections I will validate that change.

First of all, what lane is best for AD Thresh?

In general, I would say Top is best. You get to bully enemies in lane, transition into any combination of On-hit, Tank, and Burst you like, farm souls without much worry (boosting on-hit and tank potential), and scale well. However, Burst builds with Dark Harvest may struggle to proc at all against tough or sustaining matchups, and you're better off with Fleet Footwork or Electrocute most of the time against competent laners.

Mid is more limited, but has different potential. Taking Predator can only really effectively be used in mid to support roams to either top or bot, allowing for some interesting Burst and literaly one-shots towards lategame. Dark Harvest can also be taken, as both of them can struggle to help you in lane, but have great potential when you roam, Predator is a little better for that though.

ADC is the home of the one-shotting Thresh. Dark Harvest belongs in bot lane truly, and with the protection of a support, plus the combo damage you and an ally can inflict with your CC, it's not too unreasonable to proc Dark Harvest during laning. Of course, Fleet Footwork can be used more defensively as well. In ADC, you should only build 100% Crit Thresh, as on-hit just doesn't do the damage and has low range, it just will not come close to other ADCs in viability. Crit Thresh though has potential other ADCs do not have, and you must capitalise on that.

Support is the home of standard Thresh, but also AD Thresh. Here you will almost always be slightly tanky, for example, Dead Man's Plate after your Black Mist Scythe and Rapid Firecannon. It is 100% a SITUATIONAL build if you're playing to win though. You can't always get away with it, and should consider whether AD is viable at all, or if you should just go with the standard Thresh builds.

Jungle is just special. Easily one of the riskiest things to do, but can be a ton of fun. You probably aren't playing to win, but who knows what tilt and autofill might bring out of you.

I think we've covered top vs mid quite well, and all of them have been covered in the video guide in the video guides section... Except Jungle.
Ability Combos Back to Top
UPDATE: 05/07/2020 - I explain everything in this video with more visuals to demonstrate my points than in this text, but looking at both could help with a greater understanding of the combos, and the reasons to optimise. I also talk about MORE things in this video than simply just "Thresh Combos". Please give it a look!

Old Text below, still useful

Since we're playing top lane (or other fighty lanes), we want to deal our damage as quickly and effectively as possible, guaranteeing damage and skillshots where we can.

The first thing we're going to talk about is this:

Combo 1

Flay [E] > Death Sentence [Q

All too often you'll see Thresh players throw out hopeful Qs that miss, but 20% of the time they land that hook. This is fine if you've maxed Q with 40% CDR like a support, but we aren't doing that. We're maxing E, then W, with Q maxed last.

As a result, your Q cooldown is precious. Sometimes you have no choice but to bet on it, but when you can use Flay instead, USE IT. The slow from Flay will guarantee your enemy cannot dodge the Q stun without a dash or Flash.

Additionally, here's another important note:

Combo - Quick Q

Recast Q immediately once it lands at close range.

I say 'at close range', because the closer you are, the more effective this is. Let me explain how this works.

When Q lands on an enemy, that enemy is stunned for 1.5s. Thresh is locked out of auto attacks for as long as he's got a hook on that enemy. You can recast Q at any time to jump towards them, ending the Q once you reach them.
HOWEVER, the enemy is STILL stunned for 1.5s. This means that you unlock your own auto-attacks while the enemy is still stunned. You can see this as a 'free-auto' or even 'burst' damage by double-casting Q quickly at close range, meaning that while you can't auto-attack for maybe 0.25-0.5s depending on distance, the enemy can't retaliate for a full second of you being able to attack. This usually means enough for one auto-attack on AD builds (which will have charge up, and the movement will add Energy to your Energize passives), or two on attack speed builds.

This might SOUND minor, but it's those minor differences in damage that spell victory and defeat.

This might also be unclear, so here's a clip from an OLD video of mine that explains it visually (Timestamped link):

Very old video, wow. Sorry about mic quality. I've improved since then I promise.

Now let's talk about some other combos.

Combo 2

Stormrazor Auto Attack > Death Sentence [Q] OR Flay [E] > Other ability
Bilgewater Cutlass / Blade of the Ruined King Active Ability > Death Sentence [Q] OR Flay [E] > Other ability

By using the slow from Stormrazor's auto attack, or Bilgewater/BOTRK's active, you can easily walk up and land a Flay, causing another slow to guarantee Death Sentence. Alternatively, particularly with both Stormrazor and Rapid Firecannon, you can hit someone for the slow, then immediately follow up with Death Sentence for a higher chance to land from quite a distance.

Combo 3

Death Sentence [Q] > The Box [R] > Flay [E]

Hook first is risky business as we've mentioned, but sometimes it's the only option and best option available. OR you can combo from Stormrazor like mentioned in Combo 2.

You can see we do The Box straight after Hook, not after Flay. When Death sentence is in the air, before and after landing, you can use Ult. Once you've confirmed the hit on your hook, cast R. This way, you will pull them towards you, and as soon as the 1.5s stun is up, use Flay to pull them further into your Box walls for damage and insane slow, guaranteeing the Box to land. This can be an insane burst of damage that, although I hate this argument, can really surprise opponents.

Landing The Box is actually a huge deal, not just for its damage, but the 99% slow. Even if they flash immediately, the slow still keeps them essentially locked down, easy to hit with a few more auto attacks. If you have AD instead of attack speed, you can even catch up while charging your attack first, then continue attacking once you've caught up.
How viable is AD Thresh Back to Top
I may think he's viable, but my opinion really does not matter for this argument. I might have plenty of experience, but literally none of it is high elo.

When I play ranked, which I rarely do, I peak at Gold most seasons just to get the Victorious Skin reward, and never really have time nor motivation to rank up further, though I plan to do just that in 2020!

So what I'm trying to say with this guide and my channel's guides, I suppose, is that though I cannot say for sure if he is viable, but if someone more capable comes along to learn AD Thresh, maybe THEY can shine at a higher elo. I've had comments before saying they've played my builds (Thresh and AD Kassadin/Tank Kassadin) at Higher Elos than I'm at, and had fun with and performed decently well.

To reiterate, I literally cannot say for sure if they're competitively viable, I would be more comfortable declaring that they just aren't, but until I rank up and find out for myself, it's impossible for me to give a satisfactory answer for you.

What I will say is this:
- If you want to climb easily, this is not the answer you're looking for.
- If you're already determined to climb with off-meta like this, then maybe you can try it if losses and learning won't deter you.
- But no matter what, no build will ever guarantee rank, and no off-meta build is guaranteed to be superior to the rest, more often the opposite.

There are disadvantages to taking it, especially if you underperform. Squishy AD Thresh can't freely peel and dive as much as a tankier support Thresh. But with some control, macro and game knowledge, On-Hit Tanky DPS Thresh could, but will no longer be in the bot lane to help the ADC early.

There are champions that can fill the role of ranged top like Jayce, and champions who can be a strong bruiser lategame.
What is unique to Thresh is that he is both at once and more. He has an absolute ton of potential due to his pockets of power and his versatility depending on how he is played and built, as a result:
I cannot claim he is totally "viable", but I will not listen to neighsayers who do not have years of AD Thresh data and exploration to back their negative claims.

That is the issue with off-meta. You can only prove and disprove them on paper and in theory because there is never a big enough sample size. When that sample size appears, it's already meta (Blue Ezreal).

Well I hope I haven't sounded either too proud or too casual about this. I personally want to believe in the build as much as I can, but I cannot use my personal opinions to sway people towards the wrong thing. That's why, first and foremost, I present this as a fun alternative to the usual Thresh, and I recommend you give it a try, but not to be too quick to dismiss it if it doesn't work immediately. There is a learning curve, like any other champion.
Jungle Thresh Back to Top
Welcome to crazy zone. It's Jungle Thresh.

Thresh jungle sounds either like the most ambitious ganker ever or the worst idea you've ever heard. To be honest with you, it's a bit of both. There are better junglers who can achieve similar ganks, similar scaling, similar damage, and plenty who can do better. So if you're doing Jungle Thresh, you're not doing it because it's the META. You're doing it because it's Jungle Thresh.

Let's have a pros and cons section for our Jungle Thresh boi:

[*] Powerful CC leads to powerful lockdown for ganks.
[*] Able to farm a LOT of souls from jungle camps like Krugs and Razorbeaks.
[*] Can scale well with certain builds. Lot's of builds to choose from.
[*] Did I mention he ganks hard?
[*] Surprisingly healthy clears done right.

[*] SLOW clears early.
[*] Squishy, vulnerable to invades.
[*] Slow clears means slow counter-jungling.
[*] Weak damage means slow objective-taking.
[*] Long cooldowns and skillshots mean missing abilities ruins the whole gank.
[*] Stealing Thresh from perfectly functioning support lanes.
[*] Though he is very versatile, other champions specialise in any of these areas at like 500% efficiency compared to Thresh.

He's definitely risky, but at this point, you don't care. You just want to play Jungle Thresh. I get that.

So let's talk build.

As mentioned in the [updated] items section, there is a certain core item for clearing jungle camps quickly.

Bami's Cinder gives not only a powerful AoE DoT (Area of Effect Damage Over Time] that is especially good at dealing with jungle monsters, but also has been buffed to deal a burst of damage on your next crowd-controlling ability. It is used well on Thresh's Flay to clear the swarmy camps like krugs and raptors. The health of course also alleviates some of Thresh's squishiness, and combos well with the armor you receive from souls, AND from the double armor runes you'll take for jungling. Yes, if you missed the rune section, you take Attack Speed, Armor, Armor in your runes.

But do you take Enchantment: Cinderhulk? Well, you don't have to. Bami's Cinder fixes the problem already. You could go for Sunfire Cape instead. Cinderhulk scales well with lots of HP, so if you plan on building Frozen Mallet for example, it could be a great idea to go Cinderhulk. However, what if you wanted other options?

Bloodrazor is an item that is very unique to junglers. Blade of the Ruined King may be similar, but Bloodrazor has so much attack speed and a better shredding passive, dealing max HP percentage damage rather than current. The attack speed synergies incredibly with the huge amounts of souls you'll be focusing on farming in the jungle.

Yes, there is a bit of stupidity in this, as we're playing a slow-clearing jungler as a permafarming jungler with no innate sustain. It's stupid. Yes, but what else are you going to capitalise on?

Before we move on to that, let's look at the other option.

Warrior provides CDR and a huge chunk of AD. You can follow it up with Rapid Firecannon to get strong oneshots, but this is a powerspike delayed by jungle budget, and the necessary purchase of Bami's Cinder. Can be really fun if you just get a frick ton of kills from ganks though. I'd say Cinderhulk and even Bloodrazor might be more consistent.

Jungle Clear Route

I'll keep this short and sweet. Here's the optimal route:

Red > Wolves > Gromp > Blue > Gank/Crab > Gank > Gank > Recall

The ganks at the end are optional, you don't ahve to do three, but camping the same lane can work, especially with Red Buff, and going from top to bot can be really effective. You want to make use of that ranged red buff while you have it.

And some alternatives in case of invades or you wanna gank bot, etc:

Red > Gank
Blue > Gank > Gromp/Krugs
Blue > Gromp > Wolves > Red > Gank/Crab > Gank/Krugs

How to Jungle Clear

Naturally, jungle clearing with Thresh can be messy if you don't know what you're doing. I'm going to explain the key things you need to do for a healthy clear:

Lantern Pathing Block

Against monsters particularly, the Lantern can block their movement, giving many extra seconds of free attacks (i.e. the camp isn't attacking you cos they're walking around the lantern). This is easiest to do on Krugs and Blue Buff, weakest on Gromp.

Lantern Shield

In jungle we take W second for the shield and pathing block. The shield will help you absorb some extra damage, since you can't kite forever. You'll either be leaving leash range or they'll catch up with you. If they catch up after the lantern pathing block, this is where the shield comes in.

The shield should also be used when they're GOING to attack you, such as when you leave Blue Buff's leash range, and you have to cross past him again.

Proper kiting

Against almost all jungle monsters, and as all jungle champions, you should aim to kite every three auto attacks. So you go three auto attacks, walk back, and repeat. This way, the jungle monster's attacks are so slow that they do two attacks, and you do three.

Against Gromp, you want to kite between every attack that so when Gromp has its increased attack speed buff for the first few attacks, Gromp only does one attack for every one of yours. When you kite Gromp, you lower its attack speed by doing this (this also works against attack speed melee champions, but they (sometimes) are smarter than Gromp).

However, as a ranged jungler, things are a little different. You want to have the above concepts in your head still, but you SHOULD kite after every attack since there's many attacks you can get for free by using your range. However, when you leave leash range and have to walk past them, you should REVERT to the melee kiting method of 3:2 of your attacks:monster attacks for optimal clearing and healthiness.

I have an example video of Thresh jungle clears which I will link here:


Make sure you read the new section on souls.

In order to scale, we want to farm the jungle a lot in order to gain a TON of souls. Since Thresh is a slow-clearing jungler, we want to make sure we get Hunter's Talisman first, then quickly get Bami's Cinder to increase clear speed dramatically. This way, Krugs and Razorbeaks are actually viable to take.
Next you need to finish skirmisher's saber, it will give you some damage reduction and true damage against a chosen target, helping you tank and deal damage at the same time whenever you smite an enemy. You have tons of CC already and will be taking Boots of Mobility in all likelyhood, so you do not need Blue smite.

Either jungle item will give you a bit more sustain, allowing you to farm for much longer. Be sure to carefully take crabs as well, as they will give even more sustain, and of course, a guaranteed soul. Using Death Sentence to stun the crab, then full combo it during that time with a 100% charged autoattack will bring it's hp down quickly, just careful to not get it stolen. You burst it at first, then devolve to weak auto-attacks to finish it off. Best to save Smite for Crabs.

At this point, you can either buy Enchantment: Cinderhulk which will increase clear speeds a little more and make you tanky, or Enchantment: Bloodrazor which will, in my experience, clear faster still than Cinderhulk. With Bloodrazor and Bami's Cinder you can wipe your jungle at decent speed, nothing too fast, but decently. Make sure you use your Dark Passage shield, blocking, and kiting to stay healthy.

Given enough time, you'll have the armor and on-hit damage to take on anyone, especially squishy AD champions. I suggest building tanky quickly if you've build Bloodrazor. Guinsoo's Rageblade can be fun, but high DPS doesn't mean anything if you only live for one second.


This is the real strength of Jungle Thresh, but on it's own it's nothing special. That's why we have that whole section on souls and building damage and scaling. Master farming that so you have something to fall back on if ganks don't work out or aren't available for whatever reason.

I've been ganking from the jungle with Thresh since his release. Jungle Thresh was the first thing I did with him. So I've got some experience as how to go about ganking. Where and when to gank is a whole other world.

General ganking combo

Approach from river > Flay[E] > Death Sentence [Q] > The Box [R] (If available)

You might be thinking, why not hook first?. Hooking first invites enemies to Flash out unscathed, or just juke you without it. Starting with E will slow your enemy down, making your Q almost impossible to juke without a dash, and even then, the slow is enough for your laner to catch up and help with the beatdown. If they Flash before you hook... Well then. You can of course predict their Flash as well to try and look cool.

Combo 2

Approach from behind enemy (Tribush) > Auto attack > Flay [E] > Death Sentence [Q] > The Box (If available)

Why auto attack? Because that may apply Red Buff if available. Also, when approaching from behind, enemies have to move through you. Even if they Flash over you, you'll likely still catch them easily with Flay, and that leads to an easy catch with Q while they're slowed.

Combo 3

Approach from river > Death Sentence [Q] > The Box [R] > Flay [E]

Starting with Death Sentence is more common before you get Boots of Mobility to get in range for just straight up Flaying them. Sometimes enemies burn flash first so you'll be forced to hook anyway. That's what starting hook is good for.

Additionally, you can see we do The Box straight after Hook, not after Flay. When Death sentence is in the air, before and after landing, you can use Ult. Once you've confirmed the hit on your hook, cast R. This way, you will pull them towards you, and as soon as the 1.5s stun is up, use Flay to pull them further into your Box walls for damage and insane slow, guaranteeing the Box to land. This is a general combo and I'm gonna copy paste this description to the ability combo section I need to do.

One more example:

Combo 4

Approach from behind tower > Enter lane brushes undetected >

From here you can either:

Exit brush > Flay immediately > Death Sentence > The Box


Death Sentence FROM brush > The Box > Flay

The latter combo is the same as Combo 3, but from a brush, undetected, which means the enemy cannot aim to juke you, and it's your own aim and prediction that will decide if it hits.
The first of these two is more guaranteed, but less likely to hit from within the brush. Usually, you'll have to step out at the right time.

Anyway, that's enough examples, the rest you can work out yourself from experience.

When and where to gank?

First gank strategy can be used to think of what jungle pathing you're going to take. However, you usually start on bot side and make your way towards top as you clear, so typically, you'll be ganking top or mid lane first.

After that, you can just walk down river, with or without taking crab, and gank mid, then again to bot. You can also camp enemies effectively if you deny vision with an early sweeper trinket and control wards. Aim to gank from behind lanes (Tribush in top/bot, side entrances behind the river in mid) when you can to easily burn Flash and land easy Flays.

When Dragons and Heralds are spawning, you can use them to decide where to gank, if viable. When Dragon is about to spawn, enlisting the help of your bot lane by ganking them can be a good idea. You could also gank mid lane, then ask them to help you 4 man gank bot lane, then take dragon. Additionally, with careful planning, aim to countergank the enemy jungler, then use their death to spell out a Dragon or Herald. Typically, ganking top lane can lead to getting a Herald.

Sometimes, you might just want to go for Turret platings, and the Demolish rune helps a lot if you had space for it. Camping a single lane and just shredding platings can be extremely effective if they're a snowbally champion, and can actually outvalue early dragons sometimes if that laner proceeds to carry. If they proceed to give up shutdown bonus and feed, then your team will blame you for losing dragons and being terrible, not blame the feeding teammate. Ah well.

Point is, be careful with your planning. This goes beyond Jungle Thresh now, jungling is just a big brain task.
Video Guides Back to Top
As mentioned earlier, I'm a YouTuber. I have a ton of videos on Thresh and some of them are guides. I will embed them all here with a note on what year they were released. So, some data will be outdated (Base Stats were changed around Season 8), runes were changed, items changed and removed, but here are some of my best guides for Thresh:
(Season 10, December 2019
(Season 10, May 2020)
(Season 10, September 2020)
(Season 10, June 2020)
(April 2017, Most Detailed AD Thresh Guide)
(June 2019)

Hope you enjoy, and hope it helps learn this complicated AD boi.
AD Thresh in Gameplay Back to Top
I'll try to stick to current-season Thresh videos, so from the top will be the most recent, going downwards will be less-recent possibly seeping into previous seasons.

Most of these will have commentary, and hopefully I add to this section with more live games, as most of them are replays for now. Others are just memetages.



The rest will be Season 9:

Hope they're insightful, or at least, entertaining!
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