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Ezreal Build Guide by Ezreal5Lyf

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezreal5Lyf

The Only way to Ezreal

Ezreal5Lyf Last updated on September 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Ezreal with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vayne With ghost and exhaust, Vayne will be unable to chase you down even with ult on, and your kiting potential will stop him from getting anywhere close to you.
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[Update] fixed some errors (23/09/14)

The title says it all, this is the ultimate kiting Ezreal guide. A guide which breaks the meta barrier for Ezreals and shows the true potential of an AD caster such as Ezreal. It stops us from saying stuff like " Ezreal gets countered by everyone". "he's useless". "Only pros who have the ability to use all the hard to play champs well can use Ezreal." Theres many people out there who use Ezreal because they enjoy using the champ, but when they get faced with other AD carry champions such as Vayne, Kog'Maw, Caitlyn, Jinx, and Draven who does not use skills to make themselves strong but rely on their attack speed and damage output of their auto attacks, Ezreal is suddenly not a good pick. But this guide will Teach you that Ezreal is a better pick than all AD carries who rely on their auto attack.

Ezreal is known for his early game burst with his Mystic Shot doing more than 100damage at level 1, also mainly Ezreal is known to be almost useless late game as his burst potential from his E+Q+W combo wont be able to inflict enough damage to put any champion at a dangerous position, therefore Ezreal is only useful for kiting/poking down champions late game unless he is really fed or the enemy is really underfed. This indicates that Ezreal is either a champion who is completely useless unless fed or that he should be considered a support like Karma, then again he could always go AP which gives him an extreme amount of kill potential with a total of 4,000 damage in a full build. This guide will show how to make use of Ezreal's kiting potential and bring out his inner beast against both other AD carries and assasins.

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These are considered "****ty" runes in the LoL world but, the idea of kiting Ezreal is the ability to not get hit tremendously and be able to kill the enemy in the time of your Ghost+ Exhaust, which is about 12seconds. The AD runes is equal the AD in a normal AD rune page which won't make sense to choose this AD rune page instead of your own current AD rune page BUT the 4.5% lifesteal is a whole different thing, with using this build you will get a total of 7.5% lifesteal (if you start off with Doran's Blade) and a total AD of 77 (if you follow this rune page) that is a total of 5hp per hit, and with the aid of your Mystic Shot you will get a total of 10-20health per shot, which makes sustain in lane a lot higher and trades less painful. The standard rune page could be still used because of the and the giving you a small armor and magic resist early game but it would be only good if you are getting zoned really easily and unable to attack minions which renders lifesteal useless.

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Abilities+Masteries+summoner spells

Pretty standard abilities and Masteries, maxing your Mystic Shot first to have some early game burst and poke down enemies (if you're good at landing them behind minions) getting Essence Flux at level 4 to have that 1 extra auto attack that could decide a life or death situation and also help the team in a team fight or in an objective completion such as killing dragon or baron. Maxing Arcane Shift second to get that blink damage on them and reposition yourself a lot quicker as the cooldown reduces per level. Getting your Trueshot Barrage as soon as possible like any other champion who is able to get it at their appropriate time(excludes champs such as Nidalee and Karma).

Your average 21offense for any champion. But the special 3 into Fleet of Foot to have that extra 1.5% movement speed kiting potential from Ezreal. Since you're a range AD caster Frenzy is not that much of use to you and your best friend is Blade Weaving but you're unable to get it without Spell Weaving so might as well get that too. Double-Edged Sword because you're going to be kiting the **** outta them so you don't have to be worried about getting hit. Fury for those close ranged champions who try to reach you, since your Mystic Shot is about 4seconds in cooldown you can only cast it a total of 3x with the combination of Ghost+ Exhaust, and the purpose of this guide is to be able to kite the living **** outta them and still come out victorious without having to use your Ghost+ Exhaust for every 1 on 1, and be a support to the team.

Your summoner spells is one of the key factors in this guide, for the build to be effective Ezreal must use Ghost but Exhaust is not a must, it can be replaced by any other summoner spell, such as Heal, Barrier or Ignite which would most likely be the choice in most games since your support would always carry Exhaust and most likely would not let go of it since thats what supports do. Of course theres always the people who can last hit or engage a dying Ezreal who can't blink instantly since Arcane Shift has a delay, a Flash+ Tumble from Vayne or a Relentless Pursuit+ Lightslinger from Lucian can be very troublesome for a Ezreal with low hp especially if it is by surprise. Then again most people don't end up surviving a circumstance like that even with flash because of reaction times. Still Ghost is your best friend

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Item Choosing

It really depends how you play, if you're duoing with a support you know who can play really well then zoning will be really easy for you, if that happens starting with a Sapphire Crystal is not a bad idea, with the ability to continuously reposition yourself with Arcane Shift and continuous poking with Mystic Shot and also having Sheen 400g closer in your reach can be really helpful early game, also mana isn't a huge problem now. The standard playstyle is still Doran's Blade as no one ever knows how "pro" the enemy AD carry and support really are, therefore playing safe is always a good idea. Also a viable choice is also Long Sword as you have that 4.5% life steal in your runes which is 1.5% more lifesteal than Doran's Blade, of course you wont lifesteal that much and your AD only increases by 2 but it means you can get more Health Potion early game and you are also 360g closer to Phage which is a key component of Trinity Force. Well these are your 3 items you can most probably start with.

Trinity Force
An Ezreal's best item is their Trinity Force as Trinity Force doubles the damage of all auto attacks after casting a spell every 2seconds and since Ezreal's Mystic Shot is considered a spell and auto attack at the same time it procs off trinity force at the same time making immense damage. Even tho its not a must to kiting it surely gives Ezreal double the kill potential when timed right, Ezreal has a combo of Mystic Shot+2x auto attack+ Essence Flux+2x auto attack+ Mystic Shot+2x auto attack+ Arcane Shift+2x auto attack+ Mystic Shot which is a combo over 12seconds which will pretty much be enough to kill any champion(excluding tanky champions; e.g: Cho'Gath, Udyr, Shen).

You might be asking, this isn't a blue build Ezreal why use Muramana? It isn't even effective since this build is about kiting which is mainly auto attacks and less Mystic Shot, which will deplete Ezreal's mana before the battle even starts. Muramana is Ezreal's second kill potential which increases his kill potential further. A level 18 Ezreal with a Muramana would only have an increase of about 120-130 extra damage with each auto attack from the Muramana active but also it further increases AD from its passive by about 40-60 damage which is nearly 200more AD for Ezreal. when combined with Trinity Force that is more than 300 AD per auto attack/ Mystic Shot which will melt any non tanky champion rapidly. Also this is essential because you have only 12seconds to destroy any champion in a 1 vs 1 or else either the enemy champion will run away or catch up to you and delete you if you're facing a counter such as vayne.

Berserker Greaves /w furor
Why Enchantment: Furor? Why not Enchantment: Homeguard? it can reach lane more quicker and you heal much faster. Furor will give Ezreal more kiting potential because it gives Ezreal 12% more movement speed. Now imagine, An Ezreal with Berserker's Greaves and Trinity Force has a total of 400movement speed exactly. With every Mystic Shot or auto attack Ezreal will gain 48movement speed for 2seconds. Ghost gives a total of 27% movement speed. 400 * 1.27 * 1.12=568.96 or 569movement speed. When compared with a full built Master Yi /w Enchantment: Furor and highlander activated it is about 560-580 movement speed. Now also consider Ezreal's ability to reposition himself. If a Master Yi uses Alpha Strike on Ezreal first, Ezreal can reposition himself with Arcane Shift a total of 475 range distance in between Master Yi and Ezreal, it will take a total of 40seconds for Master Yi to reach Ezreal by chasing. Of course his Alpha Strike will be up again but in this time Ezreal's kiting potential comes in. Mystic Shoting Master Yi continuously and by the end Arcane Shift will be ready to use again, but by that time his highlander would have disappeared from chasing and this is when Ezreal's exhaust will really delete Master Yi as he is now unable to attack fast enough to use Alpha Strike continuously. A small story of how Enchantment: Furor is actually the strongest potential to AD carries in LoL.

Blade of the ruined king
Blade of the ruin king is an under rated item, people thinks, "attack speed, low AD, must be for champs that requires attack speed to continuously use spells such as Lucian or Kog'Maw. Blade of the Ruined King is actually an overpowered item in the hands of a kiter like Ezreal with its active to steal 8% of HP and 25% movement speed for 2seconds. With someone like Ezreal it makes both kiting and skill shotting much easier also it helps prevent enemy champions from escaping. Champions such as Udyr who has the ability to increase their movement speed temporarily can be quite troublesome since if you're too close you'll get caught but if you're too far then running away for them is simple. Blade of the Ruined King makes kiting at close range easier against these kind of targets. As Blade of the Ruined King will increase both your movement speed and decrease their making it a total difference in movement speed of 50%.

Infinity Edge
People would call me crazy. I've watched many videos of both old and new Ezreals and they all say, "build infinity edge after you build Trinity Force you'll have much more kill potential with the crits." By doing this the only thing you'll be doing in every team fight is Mystic Shoting from the back looking totally useless doing about 200-300 damage in a group of 3 to 4 champions. I know what you're thinking, 100-200 damage is still something since you're helping the team and it could possibly change the outcome of team fights. Think about this also, how many times can you possibly Mystic Shot before a team fight ends? 4?6? thats 800 to 1800 damage right? Now think, when do the first team fights usually occur? around lvl 7-9 right? what is the total health of the whole team, (because you obviously wont be targetting the same champion continuously unless you want to die) i'd say the total health is about 1300-1700HP per champion, which totals to about 6500 to 8500HP in a 5v5 team. 1800 damage should be major right thats 27% of the health of the enemy force. split it evenly and it is about 5% of the health of each of the enemy only. Your kill potential and usefulness in a team fight is less than 10% if you're gonna inflict 5% of each of the enemy's hp while your team inflicts 95% of the damage which is roughly 40% to 45% of the damage , and a total of 2600 damage per champion, if you consider the tank and support to be useless and do less than 5% damage each. This means the AD carry Ezreal has less kill potential than a jungler or mid lane assasin. That is why Infinity Edge should only be obtained when your Ezreal kiting build is almost complete to have that 1 extra AD item and also crit chance item which will increase your kill potential by about 22% chance.

Last item
What should you pick for your last item? Guardian Angel for that extra life and slightly more survivability? Last Whisper for those annoying tanks who cant die? The Bloodthirster for more lifesteal and sustain if you're suddenly caught out? The Black Cleaver since this is a kiting build and a lot of auto attacks are involved? These are all viable choices depending on how well you're doing as an Ezreal. But my personal choice is Frozen Mallet. why Frozen Mallet? its a health item, ezreal don't need health since this is a kiting guide. Frozen Mallet actually makes kiting so much easier with its 30% continuous slow effect with each auto attack, its almost like having a continuous Blade of the Ruined King on against any opponent. It's health also makes it that much easier to survive if you make a mistake. Now you might not believe me, but lets consider what slows we have so far, Frozen Mallet 30% slow (since Ezreal is ranged), Exhaust 30% slow, Blade of the Ruined King 25% slow, 85% slow, DAMN he might as well not be moving. now lets consider the movement speed boosts. Blade of the Ruined King 25%, Enchantment: Furor 12%, Ghost 27%. Meh not as much only 64% but creates a distance of 149% of movement speed between your opponent and you. No matter how you think about it that is a huge number, add that onto even the slowest champion and it will surpass the fastest champion's full built movement speed build( Enchantment: Homeguard is cheating).

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Videos on how to use this guide will come soon!

This is a real and viable guide, not a troll guide, so please no poop comments please.