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Shaco Build Guide by luckydodge

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League of Legends Build Guide Author luckydodge

The Shaco Guide. (Hybrid and Trinity Force)

luckydodge Last updated on June 22, 2011
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This is my first guide so feedback is greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy my versions of Shaco and I made a guide for Brand. I will be updating as much as possible to make sure that you all are happy and can pwn with Shaco.
Also please try the build before you vote and comment.

Here are some songs to listen to while reading the build if you want to.

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Updates and Achievements

Here is where I will log the updates for this build and any updates on Shaco also any Achievements.

"Cheap Items" list made.

Took out Manamune added Deathfire Grasp.

Added "Trinity Force build" to this guide.

Took "Other Items" from "Items" section and made it into a section.

Took "Gold" from "Items" section and made it into a section.

Reached 1k views.

Hallucinate clone now correctly benefits from critical strike
Fixed the dance animation to loop properly

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Okay I have some runes now but they aren't the best I don't like buying runes, so I put some in that I thought might help but really its up to you and it depends on how you like to play this hybrid build aka AD auto attacker and burst AP damage. Plus Trinity Force build which works well also.

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Masteries I go for 21-0-9 taking ap and magic pen., attack speed and armor pen., exhaust, ignite for that small ap and the finishing damage for those who run back to their turret attack damage and havoc for that increase in damage. I also get regen, exp boost and mana. because I need mana early game and your going to be jumping around a lot going for those kills so exp boost is needed to help balance out the 3-4 minion kills you wont get.

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The items are the most important thing for this build besides game play.

I go for Doran's ring first because it gives me that little boost of health which improves early game survivability also ap and mana regen both are very important especially since your going to be using mana a lot.(optional another way to go is Boots of Speed and a Vision Ward if going against invisible people.)

Then Kage's pick Kage's Lucky Pick for the gold and ability power like I said the items are very important so money is greatly needed thats the main reason behind Kage's pick you could get Avarice Blade but I don't recommend it because it doesn't really help unless you want to be a melee dps or need the extra gold.

After Kage's pick I pick up Berserker's Greaves for movement and the only attack speed you'll get for a while. Also remember to buy these I often forget and it hinders your game play greatly.

Next is Sheen the extra boost of damage after you use an ability is amazing you go invis then auto attack and deal the crit damage and the sheen bonus. Also the mana boost is greatly needed as is the ap boost.

Now from here on out its up to you I normally finish Deathfire Grasp I use to get Manamune but it yielded to much mana and this frees up a slot of course you can still buy Manamune if you want I'm not stopping you. So why Deathfire well it is great for starting when they first walk into the bush you activate and BOOM!!! 30% health gone plus 3.5 per every 100 ap but you will most likely only get 100 ap maybe 200 ap at the end. Plus mana regen, 60 ap and 15% cooldown reduction.

Then finish Lich Bane just for the extra 20% ability power in your attack after you deceive and the movement speed which he needs to chase down and run from enemies. The extra ap and mana help by now you don't really need mana but it does help if your pro and stay out of base long. Plus the magic resistance helps with survivability who doesn't want that.

After that I get Madred's Bloodrazor for those nasty tanks and it gives you armor which will help with those melee guys and attack speed which will be the second item with it on this list so it will help take them down faster of course by now they should be dead (in a good shaco gank) in less than 3 seconds.

Last I get Guinsoo's Rageblade for the attack damage and the attack speed that it gives for those longer battles.Yes they happen. The cool thing is you get for EVERY ability cast or attack you get extra attack speed and ap which is just awesomeness in a... blade.

To finish this build or for situational items go to the Other Items section below.

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Other Items

By the time you have Madred's the game should be over or close to over if its not and your pwning get Rageblade for that extra pwnage.

You should get Banshee's Veil if there is a lot of cc or a burst damage caster on the other team like ryze, annie, ect.

Blood Thirster if you like to auto attack and you take a lot of damage.

Black Cleaver if you like to auto attack and your pwning or there's a tank.

Wit's End to go with your Banshee's Veil for those casters.

Mercury's Treads if there is a lot of CC (crowd control AKA stuns and slows).

Hextech Gunblade is a good item all around I get this instead of Madred's sometimes because of the life steal and ability power plus its active is like a free Two-Shiv Poison.

Oracle's Elixir get this if they have Sight Wards so that you can kill them they will buy Oracle's Elixir if you kill them so have your team focus them down so that they waste 400 gold. Oracle's Elixir if there is an enemy that can go invisible like Teemo, Evelyn, Twitch, ect.

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Okay this is the part were your good judgement and a little advice plays the biggest role.

I normally go for the Jack in The Box if the other team has a couple of tanks or just a lot of survive ability. Jack in the box is the best ability its a free ward, it's great for harassing,it's great for setting up ganks and traps and great for popping stupid little teemos shrooms. I cant stress how important those Jacks are they can be used to run, scout, fear, harass and pwn noobs who walk into the brush.

I get the dagger if the enemy team is squishy or my team can take the damage. The dagger is a great chase and run tool because of its slow the reason hybrid shaco is so good is because ap and ad add together for ultimate pwnage.

I never take deceive first because i just don't it doesn't help at lvl one unless you plan on being owned. Second because Jack and Dagger work just as well for escaping and chasing. Third just quit trying to use it okay it doesn't help till later. yes you can scout things but you can do that with the jack in the box and they can easily just buy a sight ward and boom your dead that's why there's brush don't rely on your deceive it will give you the upper hand if you just don't rely on it but defiantly don't forget about it it has great mobility and allows you to harass with your dagger.

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Play Time

Okay so now you have the items, the runes and the masteries. Its time to use those in battle. First don't be a ***** and don't get to cocky your not invincible although you will feel like it when your score is 20-0.
Use your jack in the boxes all the time so you don't get ganked or so you can do a one man gank which shaco is pro at btw.
Dagger, throw it at them when they get to close or to draw them into a gank.
Deceive I know I made this ability sound like it should be avoided like the plague but it is good its an in game flash I hardly use it to initiate I normally use it to escape or chase down enemies or when going traveling across map.
Your double use this to overwhelm an enemy in a 1v1 or even it out in a 2v2. also when you first get to lvl 6 if your being harassed a lot then use him as a suicide bomber and the way to do this is hold ALT and click to move once he explodes in there face then throw a dagger just to say it's your turn to do the harassing and you just got the **** beat out of you and if its a tank the slap yourself the only time you go against a tank is when you have Madred's or if he walks into one of your one man ganks. Here is a video made by someone else to show you what a one man shaco gank looks like. this video was done by ElatedBlowfish it shows pretty much how to gank by yourself.

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Okay so 5v5 I normally go top or mid mostly top though because of all the brush.

I started out with Jack and go to the top first put one in the brush in the river (if you have a jungler then put it on the ramp up to the blue buff) after that put one in the brush next to the enemies first turret. After that set up one in ether the bush in front of the enemies turret or in the middle of the path to farm minions.

MID Game- you should have at least 2 kills if you don't then try setting up more Jacks and harass more. Unless your feeding aka negative KDR (kill death ratio) then tower hug and wait for your team to initiate then make your double run in and explode then you go in, unless they will kill you but having your double go in normally gets rid of CC.

LATE Game- So by now you should have won or are working towards it you have Madred's Bloodrazor or Hextech Gunblade. If your losing then get Banshees Veil and or Wits End. If its a melee then Thornmail and or Zhonya's Hourglass.
All Game- Ward Baron(all the time when he first spawns, Ward Dragon(when you can) and Ward your Blue Buff and Red Buff when you can don't go out of your way though. You can ward with your Jacks or buy some up to you I recommend using your Jacks.

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On a 3v3 you play similar to a 5V5 but obviously your Jacks go in different places and I always go top, more brush and exp which you need. place your Jacks by their turret brush so when they run they get attacked by your Jacks. Ward Dragon and Red buff again don't put it to close or it will attack them. Other than that just play the same.

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Pros / Cons

Awesome 1v1
Great turret killer
Great at escaping
Great at killing everything
Rapes all game
Can gank up to 3 people easy by himself
In game flash
CC is bad for your health
Needs mana early game

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Now for your gold. Minion Kills, Champion Kills, Neutral Monster Camps, Champion Assist and Turret Kills give you gold. Baron, Dragon and Turrets give Global Gold meaning that once killed everyone on your team gets gold.

Early game with the Doran's ring it leaves you with 0 gold which is okay but if it hurts your mid game try rushing Kage's Lucky Pick by getting Amplifying Tome you won't get the health or mana regen but you do have a little gold and you will have started Kage's Pick.

Mid game I would say this tells you how your doing if you don't have kills then your behind buy one more Kage's pick to make up for the gold loss. If you die a lot hug the turret also don't be afraid to sell the Doran's ring after you get sheen to get those heavy cost items. Also if you have time and there are not any team fights going on then go jungle this provides a good amount of gold if your behind.

Late game turret kills and champion kills should be flying in, if not hug the turrets till you finish the build.

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Okay money seems to be the biggest problem with this build so here are a few tips on farming if the enemy is very aggressive and you can't get minion kills go jungle with your Jack in the boxes.
If your pwning the enemy or they went back to base then try to throw down two or three Jack in the boxes in the middle of the lane before minions and the enemy champs get there that way you can take out a few minions and get the gold of course if your owning the other champs you don't really need to farm that much.

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Cheap Items

This is a revised list for those who can't afford the main list or just Don't have the time to afford the list. I have tested this list it works well.

Start with Amplifying Tome go down pwn some people and minons and get Kage's Pick Kage's Lucky Pick once you have that you will earn increased gold.

After you have enough gold head back and buy Berserker's Greaves for the movement and attack speed.

Next up is Sheen again for the mana which is needed especially now since this is the only mana item so far.

After Sheen get Wriggle's Lantern this will be the replacement for Madred's Bloodrazor and Hextech Gunblade because of its life steal, damage and armor.

Next is Hextech Revolver which will give you the ap that Wriggle's Lantern didn't give you.

Next finish Lich Bane just for the extra 20% ability power in your attack after you deceive and the movement speed which he needs to chase down and run from enemies. The extra ap and mana help by now you don't really need mana but it does help if your pro and stay out of base long. Plus the magic resistance helps with survivability who doesn't want that.

Next Deathfire Grasp for the Initiate ability and cooldown.

Next Hextech Gunblade if you want for the free Two-Poison Shiv.

Last get an Item from the normal item list on the Other Items part.

Hope this build is a lot cheaper at least cheap enough I tried to make it so that you get the same effect but it was hard to find replacements.

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Trinity Force Build

Okay I was looking at a different guide and I saw a Trinity Force on there the guide its self was based of a shaco built on Trinity Force. I read the guide and decided to add it to mine and here's why.

Trinity Force is build from Phage , Sheen , and Zeal . Phage gives you a chance to slow your enemy down when you attack them. Sheen gives you an increase in attack for one attack after you use an ability. Zeal gives you increased attack speed, movement speed and critical chance. So when you combined them all together you get the ultimate chasing machine/killing Item now your like why not just get Frozen Mallet, Lich Bane and Phantom Dancer? well because this is cheaper but if you can afford all of those other ones then by all means get them.

is an amazing item although expensive its worth the money. If going for Trinity Force I suggest that you start out this build different than the Item build above.

First get Amplifying Tome this will start your sheen (you can get a potion if you want but you don't have to).

After you get enough money go back and finish Sheen and grab a pair of boots I normally get Berserker's Greaves Berserker's but if you want you can get Mercury's Treads if there is a lot of CC (crowd control AKA stuns and slows)

Next you'll get Zeal {icon=Zeal size=35] so that you can chase and move across the map better. Now if your getting killed or don't move around the map a lot then Phage it will help you survive while allowing you to keep your target close to you. Also Pick up a Kage's Lucky Pick Kage's Lucky Pick this will help gain money faster and builds into Deathfire Grasp.

After that if you can finish TF if you can't get the next item ether Phage if you got Zeal or Zeal if you got Phage. once you have all of them finish TF.

After you have TF you have boots and TF so you have tons of item slots left the next item you'll want to get is Deathfire Grasp So why Deathfire well it is great for starting when they first walk into the bush you activate and BOOM!!! 30% health gone plus 3.5 per every 100 ap but you will most likely only get 100 ap maybe 200 ap at the end. Plus mana regen, 60 ap and 15% cooldown reduction.

Next you should get Banshee's Veil if there is a lot of cc or a burst damage caster on the other team like ryze, annie, Brand, ect.

After BV go to my Other Items list and pick some from there based on whats going on.