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Hecarim Build Guide by xygroan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xygroan

The shadow of the jungle

xygroan Last updated on September 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello there,

First of all this is my first real '' guide '' and i will update it each day
( pictures etc will follow )any advice? give me a comment and i'll fix it. thanks!!

I am Mr Gankerspanker a jungler in the EUW server.
When i became lvl 20 i decided that i wanted to play jungle, why? because jungle is the lane wich can carry quite hard because you can be anywhere in the map without people blaming you for losing your own lane.

i am still low elo but with my recent hecarim changes i'll climb up quite fast.
and i want you guys to be able to do the same.

( keep in mind that this is the way how i like to play hecarim and this is just to give you some ideas )

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The runes :

Quins : movementspeed, it gives you extra AD because of your passive and it gives you stronger ganks with your E because of the speed bonus it gives to make sure that you are fast enough to land the knockback before they can react in time.

Reds : armor pen., in my eyes the basic damage of your Q spell is quite high if you take the armor pen you will do more dmg in the jungle and in your ganks early and late.

Yellows : armor, just armor. it gives you more sustain in the jungle and you wont die that easy in early ganks.

blue's : magic resist per lvl, i think that ap casters have a quite low amount of dmg early on. thats why we take the magic resist per lvl to make sure you have the extra mage resist in your lategame.

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Masteries :

offensive tree :
1 point in summoners wrath because you want the extra movement speed on your ghost.
3 points in the cooldown reduce because you want to spam your Q
4 points in deadliness for the extra ad
1 point in weapon expertise for the extra armor pen.

Utility tree :
3 points in wanderer because we want to be a fast jungler wich can be from bot to top in about 20 seconds
3 points in mastermind for the cooldown reduce on your ghost and your smite
1 point in expanded mind.
1 point in runic affinity because the early blue really helps you with spamming your Q
2 points in vampirism for the extra sustain
1 point in buiscuiteer this helps you to stay in the jungle to lvl 6+ without any problems even after a heavy gank
1 point in explorer THIS is quite important. the most junglers really want to steal your red because your early game is much weaker than the early game of a leesin,nocturne etc.. you can put this ward behind your red in the bush to make sure you see them coming to ask for assistance from your top/mid.
4 points in awareness because junglers get behind quite often this really helps to stay the same lvl as your midlaner
3 points in intelligence for the cooldown reduction
1 point in nimble because you want the extra movementspeed for your passive wich means extra AD and extra speed for your ganks.

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when to go dps ? when you have a tanky support ( leona,alistar) and a tanky toplaner like garen renekton.. etc

what do you prefer ? the tanky jungle is my personal favorite. why? because i think that a jungler has to be a bit more of a tank than a dps. ofcourse i play him dps sometimes but when i do that i had a really good start.

spirit of the elder lizzard / ancient golem.:
the spirit of the elder lizzard has a passive with TRUE DMG. this really helps you with clearing the jungle and ofcourse a lane when you have to takeover. also it helps on ganking to do that bit extra dmg.
the ancient golem is a jungle item mostlikely for a tank. it gives tenacity as passive wich is quite important for hecarim in my eyes. the weakness of hecarim is getting slowed.. you reduce the duration of the slow with 35% with this item so there is less risk.

you keep the mobility boots?
mostlikely yes. but when i am full build and they have champs like vayne/ fiora/ trynda/ yi i often change to ninja tabi or i just go for the boots of swiftness for perm movementspeed.

spirit visage ? why ?
the spirit visages passive really boosts your W. and your W is the skill wich makes hecarim to what he is. when you engage and you drop below 50-60% health you use your W and when it ends you wil be back at 70-80% hp and the passive of the spirit visage really boosts this.

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Summoner spells.

Smite :

You take smite because i think that any jungler should take this for his team. to secure baron/ dragons and to help you with your early jungle. also because hecarim is a great baron stealer. you just run in with your E and your ghost and you ult out over the wall. ( or how i do it i ult in to fear thier jungler to make sure i smite first :)

Ghost :

We take ghost to make the passive of hecarim stronger. hecarim doesnt need a flash becuase of his incredible speed. ghost adds allot of ad on hecarim and when you gank you can easily stay with the oppent to Q and slow him with your iceborn.

what about flash?

Flash is a second opinion but i dont think its a must have for hecarim. you are really fast and there is no champ in this game wich can keep up with you except rammus. so there is Always an escape. also your ult is like a big flash. it can take you over 2 walls when you are in the right position. but ifcourse flash is a option and can become really handy

why not teleport ?

why not teleport ? well i think that the jungler needs his escape / chase spells to complete some ganks or to get out of nasty situations ( counterjungling )
id say teleport on hecarim isnt the best way to go because it will only take about 20 sec to go from top to bot by running.

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Pros / Cons

Pro's :

    Really fast
    great sustain
    amazing tank
    amazing engage
    high dmg output
    allot of fun
    hes a cute pony
    can move through walls

Con's :
    Weak when slowed
    often gets the focus ( huge body )
    early on team depended
    There is no my little pony skin

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Creeping / Jungling

Start with a smiteless blue
then move to your red ( use your explorer ward in the bush behind your red )
early gank top or bot.
clear golems ( when smite is up )
clear wraiths
clear wolves
gank top or bot

now start ganking mid because mid is your buddy when it comes to facechecking the other jungler.

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Team Work

make sure you team knows when you want to engage. talk to them ping it and make sure that they know that you are going in.

you ult over the whole team and you make sure your E is charged to knock thier adc / apc back into your team.