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Leona Build Guide by Ace of Harmony

Tank The Sun Powered Tank/Bruiser

By Ace of Harmony | Updated on February 3, 2015

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  • LoL Champion: Leona
    Full Tank Leona
  • LoL Champion: Leona
    Bruiser Leona


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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So to start things off, Leona is a natural Tank as her W gives bonus Armor and MR. Next, up is that her Zenith Blade and Solar Flare lets her engage and is perfect for team-fights or assisting the jungler in their gank. Playing Top lane Leona is great as she can hold her own against many other top lane tanks. You can build Full Tank or Bruiser, either way you'll be of use to your team.
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Ghost is good for chasing but it isn't really needed if you can
land a good [Solar Flare].

Flash is great for engages, disengages, escapes, dragon steals,
gurl steals...wut.

Great for getting back into lane or getting in front of the
enemy or going in for the xPeke-style nexus kill.

Perfect for securing kills or cutting of someones heals from an
enemy Soraka.

Spot enemies for the perfect ult but then again. Who do you
think you are? Siv HD?
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Sunlight: P : Her passive is a support type so it requires another champion to activate.
Great for the engages and big plays.

Shield of Daybreak: Q : Leona's Q is a on hit stun that deals magic damage. When
combined with [Zenith Blade], it becomes a great engage.

Eclipse: W : Bonus Armor and Magic Resist and then damage. Great for wave clear.

Zenith Blade: E : Your engage. Follow up with [shield of daybreak] and make sure you use
[Eclipse] before engaging.

Solar Flare: R : Helps with your chase. "Think you can run? YOU CAN'T RUN FROM THE SUN!"
*SOLAR FLARE* and then engage and get kills.
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Scaling MR pays of in the mid-end game however they can be replaced with Glyph of Magic Resist if you don't have the IP to purchase them.

Percent Health is great when you have 4.5% from your seals and then 4.5% more from your Quints so that buying a Warmog's Armor gives more health.

Scaling Health is really good because it helps you tank as you level up.

More armor. What else needs to be said.

Again, percent health is great for when you buy your Sunfire Cape or Randuin's Omen.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Good for bruisers especially since Leona is a natural tank

Magic Resist is always a must. The scaling helps with the amount of resist you have late game.

Armor is just as necessary as Magic Resist.

Needed for the early game damage.
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Tanking Items

Having any spellblade item is really useful on Leona. The IG gives armor and a spellblade making it great for a tank.

As said spellblade is awesome on Leona. Trinity gives her a ton of damage but is better suited for a bruiser or just a raw damage build.

If you desperately in need of armor now, get [thornmail].

Now this is a better armor item. It's unique helps when engaging.

Magic Resist and Health AND an increase to Life Steal

Is there a super burst on there team? Take [Banshee's Veil]!

Get if no one else bought MR. The shield helps, too.

Health fo' dayz!

Engage with a BLAST. EH. eh. no. okay.

Always viable tanking item.
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Damage Items

So pretend you're [Garen] and just build BC for damage

Great for wave clear and damage.

Life Steal, Damage, Overshield (Halo much)

Life Steal but speedy life steal. Like a Vampire on crack.

Damage and MR, just in case you need more MR

I don't know why you need crits but go for it.

More speed and crits.

AP for maximum power and armor.
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In conclusion, Leona can tank as well and sometimes better than most other tanks. Her skills allow for a great engage and good teamfights. She can also hold her own against many of the top lane bullies like [Garen] [Singed] [Jax] and the others. So bring down the sun and crush your opponents. GO FOR GOOOOOLD!!! or Plat... i don't know.
Okay, if you watched G GUNDAM, you should totally type in to the chat "SHINING FINGER SWORD" as you hit them with your Q and ULT at the same time. Just a thought.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Ace of Harmony
Ace of Harmony Leona Guide

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The Sun Powered Tank/Bruiser