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Nocturne Build Guide by Crazytiger123

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazytiger123

They see me gankin, they be Hatin[Revamped!]

Crazytiger123 Last updated on March 19, 2012
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Stuff about me....Skip if you want.

Summoner Name: Thegoodguy1234


Ranked Team: Imperial Gaming 2012

Play with my IG Homies
Acekid2: Lvl 30, Main=Veigar
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So you chose Nocturne huh? Well this guide can help you wreck the game your in. They see your Darkness, and they be Hatin. This is a in-depth guide on the eternal nightmare, but it's also simple to understand. This is my opinion on how to dominate with nocturne!
*Note* You don't have to follow this build exactly, there are some situations where you gotta build differently. But here are some of his key abilities

This skill allows him to jungle well and lets him do more damage. This ability basically makes nocturnes next basic hit splash to deal 120% physical damage and it also heals him by a small amount for every enemy you hit.

This is your main ability, it fires out a skill shot that damages an enemy when hit. This ability scales of your attack damage, the more you have, the more damage it does. When this hits an enemy, it tags onto them. This ability leaves a trail and if you move on it you get bonus movement speed. If it hits an enemy, the opponent leaves a trail for a while. This ability also gives you bonus attack damage for a bit.

This is a very unique ability, it serves as a spell shield that blocks the next incoming ability, and if it takes the ability, your attackspeed is temporarily doubled! Tell Karthus to get on your level.

This is your main crowd-control ability. It deals little magic damage over time, and at the end of the duration the enemy is feared. Here's the catch, this ability requires you to stay within range of your enemy for the fear to go off, if the opponent flashes away, or gets out of the abilities range, the ability is automatically negated.

This is what makes nocturne a boss! His signature move. It has two affects, when activated, the entire screen of the enemy team goes dark and the enemy champions can only see whats directly in front of them for a short while, nocturne can also fling himself towards a champion that is within range of his ultimate. This makes nocturne an excellent jungle ganker. Even if you don't get someone, this fills paranoia to the enemy champions that they are going to get hit by you,so they often back off for a while when this spell is cast. This could possibly help you save a tower that's getting hit.

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What role does Nocturne Play?

Nocturne is a tanky damage dealer in my opinion. But keep in mind he's an assasin aswell, so he shouldn't be initiating fights *unless ganking*. The way i build him is having high health and having high damage output. If built correctly you should deal tons of damage but still have that sustainabilty.1 v 1'ng him will prove to be a challenge.

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Pros / Cons


-Very good jungler
-Amazing ganking ability
-Skills all closely relate to one another, can be used as a deadly combo
-When he has warmogs and frozen mallet, the turret is nothing
-Very Cunnning
-Hard to 1 v 1 if built right
-Fun to play as


-Squishy early game
-Can be CC'd
-Can be targeted in team fights
-Your Duskbringer can be seen from a mile away[ See Section Jungling for more Information]
-People get angry at you for kill-stealing sometimes ._.

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Aight, so for the runes, you want AD marks, Armour per level seals, Crit Glyphs, and either Armour penetration Quints or AD Quints. The advantage with this is that not only do you deal heavy damage, but you have sufficient armor to take those hits! :)

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Alright, now here's the core of your build. First you want to start with the regular build, Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. Then you want to move onto Boots of Speed and a Vampiric Scepter. Lets get fast, so now you want to get a Mercury Treads for those heavy cc's. If the team barely has any cc, i suggest Berserker Greaves. After that you want a Wriggle's Lantern.This allows you to fasten your jungle speed, and not to mention the extra armor, life-steal, and attack damage it provides. Now its time to hurt, go for a B. F. Sword then get gold to build your Blood Thirster. They better think twice before trying to 1 v 1 you! After this, i suggest you start getting tanky so they can't just focus you, go for a Giants Belt, then upgrade to a Frozen Mallet. This allows your ganks to be even more affective as you have a slowing affect. Are we done yet? Nahhhh, lets hurt them some more, after this start building your Infinity Edge. Alright so now, your probably tearing them to shreds. What else could be better than more health! Go ahead and for your final item, build a Warmog's Armor. With all your health and damage, you could probably solo someone under their turret, and get out without dyeing. Who knows? Maybe you can even solo their tank! Now go get a penta!

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Situational Items

Honestly, after you get your infinity edge and you have that one spot left, you can build almost anything, preferably something defensive. Most times i go in with Warmogs, here are some other items you can get, and here are some Situational items.

Fed AD Carry? Go ahead and get this for bonus armour.

Fed AP Carry? Go ahead and get this for bonus magic resistance and other goodies.

I have seen some nocturnes grab this, if your absolutely downright flat out ballin fed, then you can get this and completely destroy the other team.

A good item to go with anything tanky based on the AD per health, also has bonus armor and crit chance which helps. Goes great with Warmog's Armor or anything tanky

A good tanky/magic resist item.

A good defensive item for that AD carry, not to mention its CD reduction and the 20% attack-speed slow.

Good armor pen and attack damage increase.

Decent Lifesteal and Crit Chance for early game, also has a rock on anti-healing active that reduces any health regen or lifesteal. Prime targets include Warwick Vladimir or any champ with lifesteal or health regen.

Yomumu's Ghost Blade A great burst damage item worth picking up.

This item is relatively useful for killing tanky targets or regular targets with medium to very little armor.

This item provides a good balance of armour and health, not to mention the DoT[Damage over Time] affect.

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Summoner Spells

Other Possible Summoner Spells

Yeah Flash is a nice ability, i just don't feel its enough, they can CC you and your dead

This abilities okay if you want to finish of that low enemy, this spell is good early game, but it isn't as good late game as it was early game, although this spell does increase per level. It also provides the life steal increase.

This ability is amazing! If you aren't jungling, replace smite with this.

Meh....heal....what else can i say about it? It's not the best option for jungling. *After Buff in Patch* Heal is now a viable option for jungling, also has the ability to Rofl Stomp and make people QQ.

Maybe only if they have heavy CC? Idk

If your having mana problems either,stop spamming your abilities, or get blue buff.

You are not the support my friend....

Who still uses this other than dominion?

Not really needed.

You could possibly use it when laning, but i don't prefer using this ability for him.

No...just no... STOP

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Tips with your abilities

Aight, so here are some tips with your abilities. Your can also be used as an escape mechanism due to that bonus movement speed. When you go in for a gank and your ultimates up, use it, once you fling yourself, immediately use your so they cant escape your fear unless they have distance themselves from you. After that, land your on them and finish them. Sometimes when you go 1 v 1 a enemy, they use one of their strongest abilities first, that's why i always pop my before i charge in. That way if they do use an ability, i block it and i get double attack speed! Keep in mind this ability blocks ultimates from Karthus Lux Ziggsthat can hit you either globally or from a very far range.

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When farming, just go in the middle of a minion wave, and use

You can also use your dusk bringer to clear minion waves when you have sufficient attack damage.

Jungling Route: I usually start with Blue Golem and get my Duskbringer, get a teammate to leash the golem. [Leashing is when a teammate hits it and runs allowing you to get a couple free hits while the golem focuses them temporarily] After you finish off the golemns, you should be lvl 2, pick up the next skill point in Unspeakable Horror, then go to wolves and clear that camp out. After that go for wraiths, *might have to smite the purple golemn* and clear that camp then go down and clear the golem camp, by then you should be level 3, pick up a point in your Shroud of Darkness. Now in this point, if you did this fast enough, all the camps should be down, and wolf camp should be up soon, but untill its up, try to look for a lane that can use a gank. In my opinion Early Ganks are amazing, they set that paranoia feeling to your enemies. Usually if you ended at the golemn camp, the easiest lanes to gank for are bottom and middle. If the enemy champions are at their turrets, or if your teamates in the lane are low DO NOT GANK, your just going to die. So after you ganked or even if you didn't, the wolf camp should be up. Go kill the wolf camp, now this is where i go back to base. I then pick up a Vampiric Scepter and Boots of Speed, *if i don't have enough for both i just pick up vampiric scepter* Then go around and do wraiths and golemns, at this point it doesn't really matter which camp you go to, aslong as your keeping your experience flow coming. Now here's a key detail, don't take red buff unless you are already lvl 6, or if your gonna get lvl 6 by killing the elder lizard. Once you get lvl 6 and red buff, your all set for ganks. But if you have any gold to upgrade to a wriggles lantern, or even buy your boots that you couldn't buy earlier, get them. *Note* If you can only either get wriggles or boots, get boots, it helps you in ganks. So you now have red buff and your amazing ultimate, try to look for a lane that has the people overextending. Now here's a tip, you don't want to stay the maximum range away from the enemy when using Paranoia.[your ultimate] If you use your ultimate from the max distance, then once you fling yourself, it takes longer to hit them. Once your ultimate has been cast, most people will run to their turret, and if it takes you a long time to actually hit them, they have a better chance of getting to their turret. That's why i suggest you go up close as you can without being seen, then cast your ultimate. Be careful of possible well placed wards.

That pretty much wraps things up, make sure you continue jungling and ganking, and be a sweet heart and give that special ap or support champ a blue buff from time to time ;)

Another thing to keep in mind is your Duskbringer. If you don't use it right, people can see the trail it leaves behind when you use it in the camps. When the enemy enters your jungle, be cautious when using it, the dark trail can be seen outside the camp and it reveals to the enemies that you are there. Keep this in mind while jungling. Some champions such as Twitch Shaco Evelynn and Wukong who have a brief period of invisibility might use this to their advantage to find you in the jungle when your least expecting it.

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When jungling you have two options, gank early, and get a chance of getting a kill, or wait a bit later for your more heavy items. If i choose the early gank, i gank at lvl 3. At lvl 3 i have all my abilities. When i go in for the gank, i go in with my Shroud of Darkness. Most champs get scared and use their stuns or cc's, with the passive spell shield, the cc is blocked this leaves their only other escape mechanism a ghost or flash, but if their both down, use your combo and a couple basic attacks to pick up the kill. When you use your main crowd control ability Unspeakable Horror, keep in mind who your using it on. Champions such as Tryndamere Kassadin Nidalee Ezreal Shaco Caitlyn all have abilties that are very similar to flash, meaning, when you get Unspeakable Horror on them, they could use their ability and get out of range. Thats why i make sure to only use it on them when i know its on cooldown.

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My Good Games with Nocturne :P