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Nocturne Build Guide by Crazytiger123

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazytiger123

-Fear the Darkness-In Depth Jungle Nocturne Guide

Crazytiger123 Last updated on June 18, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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Hey its Thegoodguy1234 here to talk about my Main Jungle Champion Nocturne! Nocturne can fit various roles, but i play him as a Tanky Damage Dealer.He is an outstanding jungler and if played right, he can win the game. His ganks are extremely powerful and are hard to get out.This guide focuses on bursting a single target down, and allows you to 1 v 1 at ease. In this guide i will be talking about his abilities,tips,his jungle route, and what items i feel he works best with.

-Just wanna thank* Jhoijhoi for these awesome borders! I also want to give credit to Andeh for the amazing nocturne photo!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

The Flat Attack Damage runes help with your Q, with this setup, you should have over 100 attack damage with the 2nd point in your q. The Seals and Glyphs will also work well with you Shroud of Darkness Passive. The Runes, Shroud of Darkness passive , and Berserker's Greaves,will give you 1.5 attack speed right there.

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-Very good jungler
-Amazing ganking ability
-Skills all closely relate to one another, can be used as a deadly combo
-When he has warmogs and frozen mallet, the turret is nothing
-Very Cunnning
-Hard to 1 v 1 if built right
-Fun to play as


-Squishy early game
-Can be CC'd
-Can be targeted in team fights
-Your Duskbringer can be seen from a mile away[ See Section Jungling for more Information]
-Riot has never given him a buff and has constantly nerfed him. But he's still very good.
-People get angry at you for kill-stealing sometimes ._.

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Skills and Explanation


This skill allows him to jungle well and lets him do more damage. This ability basically makes nocturnes next basic hit splash to deal 120% physical damage and it also heals him by a small amount for every enemy you hit. It provides great sustain in the jungle.


This is your main ability, it fires out a skill shot that damages an enemy when hit. This ability scales of your attack damage, the more you have, the more damage it does. When this hits an enemy, it tags onto them and leaves a trail. Moving on the trail gives you bonus movement speed and bonus attack damage. At Lvl 5, this skill grants a bonus of 55 attack damage.


This is a very unique ability. It passively gives you increased attack speed. At Rank 5, this skill gives 40% extra attack speed passively. It also serves as a spell shield that blocks the next incoming ability, and if it takes the ability, your passive attack speed is doubled for a total of 80% increased attack speed!


This is your main crowd-control ability. It deals little magic damage over time, and at the end of the duration the enemy is feared. Here's the catch, this ability requires you to stay within range of your enemy for the fear to go off, if the opponent flashes away, or gets out of the abilities range, the ability is automatically negated.


This is what makes nocturne a boss! His signature move. It has two affects, when activated, the entire screen of the enemy team goes dark and the enemy champions can only see whats directly in front of them for a short while, nocturne can also fling himself towards a champion that is within range of his ultimate. This makes nocturne an excellent jungle ganker. Even if you don't get someone, this fills paranoia to the enemy champions that they are going to get hit by you,so they often back off for a while when this spell is cast. This could possibly help you save a tower that's getting hit.

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The standard jungle starter.I prefer Cloth Armor and Health Potions so i can get double buff and it allows me to jungle longer. You can go vampiric scepter but then you would have to go back more, and you would be low from the jungle camps. Boots of speed and Health potions also work but again it wont keep me in the jungle as long as cloth and health potions

Early Game Items

The wriggles lantern is useful for jungling as it deals significant magic damage to minions allowing you to clear camps faster. It also gives you bonus attack damage, armor and lifesteal. The berserker's greaves give you tier 2 movement speed and an extra 25% attackspeed. This and your Shroud of Darkness should give you more than 1.0 attackspeed. This can be reached within the first 5-7 minutes of the game if played right. The Brutalizer is a good all around weapon for nocturne as it gives him bonus armor pen, attackdamage, and cooldown reduction.

Core Items

The Frozen Mallet is a wise investment for nocturne as it gives him more health, a slowing affect that is appplied on every basic attack, and a bonus 20 attack damage. This is mainly used for the slowing affect. The Bloodthirster gives you more damage and life steal which helps your sustain. I then upgrade my Brutalizer to Youmuu's Ghost blade. This gives you bonus attackdamage and armor pen, and crit chance, but what i like most about it is the active, it gives you bonus movement speed and attackspeed. The movement speed is great for chasing down opponents or running away. The attackspeed is also great because with that, your berserker's greaves, and your passive from Shroud of Darkness, you should have almost or even more than 2.0 attackspeed.

Last Item

for your last item i suggest getting something defensive. I usually go warmogs, but sometimes you gotta build according to the situation. ( For options refer to Situational/Optional Items section)

Selling Wriggles Late Game

If the game drags on long enough, i sell my Wriggle's Lantern for an Atma's Impaler

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My Exact Order of Items Bought

Item Sequence

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Madred's Razors

Boots of Speed

Wriggle's Lantern

Berserker's Greaves

The Brutalizer


Frozen Mallet

B. F. Sword

The Bloodthirster

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Giant's Belt

Warmog's Armor

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Situational Items

Honestly, after you get your Ghost Blade and you have that one spot left, you can build almost anything, preferably something defensive. Most times i go in with Warmogs, here are some other items you can get, and here are some Situational items.

Defensive Items

If the other team has heavy Crowd Control, this should be taken instead of boots. It reduces the effects of all slows, stuns, snares, fears, etc...

Fed AD Carry? Go ahead and get this for a large amount of armor.

Fed AP Carry? Go ahead and get this for a large amount of magic resistance,movement speed, and health regeneration.

A good tanky/magic resist item. With this, you will have 2 spell shields, a bit trollz if you ask me ;)

A good defensive item for that AD carry, not to mention its CD reduction and the 20% attack-speed slow.

This item provides a good balance of armour and health, not to mention the DoT[Damage over Time] affect.

Offensive Items

Good armor pen and attack damage increase.Good for people with large amounts of armour

Decent Lifesteal and Crit Chance for early game, also has an anti-healing active that reduces any health regen or lifesteal. Prime targets include Warwick Vladimir or any champ with lifesteal or health regen. This ability also has a DoT(Damage over Time)

This item is relatively useful for killing targets with medium to very little armor. Gives a sufficient attack speed and attack damage boost.

A good item to go with anything tanky based on the AD per health, also has bonus armor and crit chance which helps. Goes great with Warmog's Armor

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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells for the Jungle

A very crucial spell for most junglers. Jungling without smite will prove to be difficult for Nocturne. Allows you to clear Monster Camps faster. THIS SPELL CAN'T BE USED ON CHAMPIONS, ONLY MINIONS AND NEUTRAL MONSTERS.

Flash is a viable escape option, allows you to "Flash" to a area on your screen. You can also flash over walls, dragon pit, and baron pit.

This ability is amazing! While Jungling, this gives you extra Crowd Control. This spell slows down the target's movement speed, and causes them to do less damage. With the extra mastery point for Exhaust, it also lowers their magic resist and armor.

Ghost grants you significantly increased movement speed. Ghost is also a viable escape mechanism. It can be used to run away, or chase down an opponent.

Viable Spells for Laning and Okay for Jungling

Heal is very simple, it heals you for a certain amount. This spell can be used to save teammates/yourself, sustain yourself in lane, or the more commonly used reason, baiting people into thinking your low on health.

Ignite places a DoT on the opponent, it's good for finishing them of when their low. Ignite also reduces lifesteal/health regeneration effects. It's good for targets like Warwick Vladimir and Dr. Mundo

Only if the other team has heavy Crowd Control

Nonviable Spells For Nocturne

If your having mana problems either,stop spamming your abilities, or get blue buff.

You are not the support.

Mostly used in dominion.

Not really needed when jungling.

The ability power bonus doesn't help you as you are AD

Long Cooldown for this spell, not worth it in my opinion.

Not needed.


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Tips with Your Abilities

Your Duskbringer can also be used as an escape mechanism due to that bonus movement speed.

When you go in for a gank and your ultimates up, use it, once you dash to the enemy, immediately use your Unspeakable Horror so they cant escape your fear unless they have distanced themselves from you. Then use your Shroud of Darkness so you can block any stuns, slows, they try to throw at you when they escape. After that, land your Duskbringer on them and finish them.Note that this has to be done in rapid succession.

Keep in mind your Shroud of Darkness ability also blocks (if timed correctly) ultimates from Karthus Lux Ziggs Ashe Ezreal Pantheon and Draven that can hit you either globally or from a very far range.

When using your ultimate Paranoia be patient. Sometimes you might need to use it to get back in range of someone who got away from you by burning their Flash. Just go in normally and get the to burn their escape mechanism, then you can either back off or go in with Paranoia based on the situation. If their low enough, you can also turret dive them with Paranoia.The problem with ganking first is yeah it catches them off guard, but if they use Flash or Ghost to get away, there's no way you can catch up with them.

Your Duskbringer grants you bonus attack damage while your on the trail, so that means you can use it to take down towers, and inhibitors faster.

If you apply your Exhaust on someone who can go invisible such as Twitch Evelynn Wukong Shaco, then they can't become invisible until exhaust wears off.

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Jungling Route/Ganking

1.)Start at Blue
2.)Then go wraiths
3.)Then go wolves
4.)Then go Red [Double Buff]
5.)Then go golems
6.)Then gank [Easy Lanes based on Position showed above]

Another thing to keep in mind is your Duskbringer. If you don't use it right, people can see the trail it leaves behind when you use it in the Jungle Camps. When the enemy enters your jungle, be cautious when using it, the dark trail can be seen outside the camp and it reveals that you are there. Keep this in mind while jungling. Some champions such as Twitch Shaco Evelynn and Wukong who have a brief period of invisibility might use this to their advantage to find you in the jungle when your least expecting it.

When you use your main crowd control ability Unspeakable Horror, keep in mind who your using it on. Champions such as Tryndamere Kassadin Nidalee Ezreal Shaco Caitlyn all have abilties that are very similar to flash, meaning, when you get Unspeakable Horror on them, they could use their ability and get out of range. Thats why i make sure to only use it on them when i know its on cooldown.

Current Champions who have Flash like abilities


Tryndamere and his Spinning Slash
. Nidalee Cougar form and her Takedown
. Shaco and his Deceive
. Ezreal and his Arcane Shift
. Kassadin and his Riftwalk
. Shyvana and her Dragon's Descent
. Katarina and her Shunpo
. Caitlyn and her 90 Caliber Net
. Shen and his Shadow Dash
. Tristana and her Rocket Jump
. Sejuani and her Arctic Assault
. Fizz and his Playful / Trickster
. Graves and his Quickdraw

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I'm Speaking the Truth!

-More Photos and Hopefully videos to be uploaded,just a bit lazy haha.

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How to Counter Other Champions/What Abilities to Spell Shield(Under Constru

Your Shroud of Darkness(spell shield) can win you fights. If you spell shield the right ability, you have a chance of easily killing them.Also, try to save Paranoia on certain targets who have flash like abilities.(See Section Tips)

A very annoying champion, if you can spell shield one of her abilities, more specifically her taunt Charm, you should be fine early game.

Be very careful with her. Don't underestimate her. She can hide in her Twilight Shroud and slowly wear you down, then finish you off. I suggest having a teammate when ganking a good Akali player.

Be cautious, he can put you in a unfavorable position with 2 abilities. Not to mention he can take quite a bit of damage.He's most likely supporting so eliminate the carry first, then focus him. I usually spellshield his Headbutt

If he's solo top, you shouldn't have too much trouble ganking him, but if he has a partner, i would be allitle more cautious, especially if he's level six and has his Curse of the Sad Mummy If you had to spell shield one of his abilities, it would have to be Bandage Toss. Watch out as Amumu rapes late game.

When ganking her, know how much damage she can do, as Anivia can burst you down hard. But if you can dodge her Flash Frost and spell shield her Frostbite then you should be in the clear. Also keep a tab on her passive.

Relatively squishy and easy to kill, only if you somehow manage to escape her burst, stun and spell shield her Summon: Tibbers.

Easy to gank, very squishy, goes down fast, spell shield her Enchanted Crystal Arrow and she's cake.

Pretty easy to gank as he's fairly squishy early game. If he's supporting a carry, it isn't advised that you focus him.(Unless he is low). Be careful as he most likely has wards all over the place for his Rocket Grab. A good blitzcrank makes it seem like he doesn't see you in the bush, then all of a sudden, BAM. His AoE Silence Ultimate Static Field can be annoying when ganking aswell.

He relies mostly on skill shots, so if you dodge those, and spell shield his ultimate Pyroclasm he's finished.

Spell shield her Piltover Peacemaker and she's done. As long as you have the element of suprise on her, she's no big problem. Also, when she uses her ultimate Ace in the Hole make sure you have your spell shield ready to take it.

Her DoT is ridiculous, and she can slowly take chunks of your health away. Try your best to spell shield her ultimate, Petrifying Gaze.

Once he gets his Feast Stacks up, ganking him is more difficult. Take advantage of his squishiness early game. Try your best to spell shield his Feast. If he was a smart Cho'Gath player, he would silence you with Feral Scream first then go after you with the Feast. Be cautious of that.

Corki is annoying when you gank him. Unless his Valkyrie is down, he always breaks the tether on your Unspeakable Horror. If Valkyrie is on cooldown, he has no chance against you. If you want to kill him faster, spell shield his Missile Barrage.

A good Darius is very hard to counter. I would say put heavy pressure on him Early. Spell shield his Decimate and try your best to time your spell shield on his Noxian Guillotine.

Mundo is very annoying to gank, and even harded to 1 v 1 late game with his Trollzies Ultimate Sadism which brings him from the brink of death, to almost full health.Spell shield his Infected Cleaver and take him down as a group.

Just like Ashe, spell shield his Spinning Axe or his Ultimate Whirling Death and your fine.

Pretty easy to kill, the only problem is her invisibility spell Shadow Walk, but if you have an Oracle's Elixir or if you use you Exhaust on her, she can't go invisible.

Again, very skill shot reliant, the only problem when ganking him is his Arcane Shift. If he gets out of your range, i suggest using Paranoia to get back in range.

The only thing about him is his Fear and Drain combo. Just spell shield that Terrify. Then get out of range for his Drain then go back in and finish him. But if you'r really fed, you can tank that Drain and still kill Fiddlesticks.

She will tear you apart late game so i recommend putting pressure on her when she doesn't do that much damage early game. Spell shielding her abilities is hard, you can spell shield her ultimate Blade Waltz but it only spell shields the first blow, the other blows that she lands on you will still do damage. I also like to spell shield her Lunge.

so annoying to gank, his Playful / Trickster makes ganking him a pain in the arse. If you had to spell shield one of his abilities, it would have to be his Chum the Waters, his ultimate that deals ALOT of damage if he has alot of AP. You can also spell shield his Urchin Strike.

A hard tank and hard to kill. Kill him in a group. Spell shield his Resolute of Smite. If he has a buddy, be very careful of his Idol of Durand which can completely destroy you unless you are amazing and you spell shield before he uses Idol of Durand which cancels the effect on you.

When ganking Gangplank, get the element of surprise on him. I like to gank him with either an exhaust or a slowing effect due to the fact his Remove Scurvy can cleanse your Unspeakable Horror. If you were spell shielding one of his abilities, it would definitely be Parrrley.

Hard to gank when Garen is going tanky bruiser or the dreaded tank Garen, he has alot of armor and magic resist. If he's building Attack Damage Garen then ganking him shouldn't be too much of a problem. Spell Shield his Decisive Strike and definitely spell shield his Demacian Justice which can take a HUGE chunk of your health away. When ganking him, you might need to use Paranoia to get back in range of him if you don't have a slowing affect and he uses Decisive Strike movement speed bonus to run away.

He is very squishy early and if you can shut him down early game and prevent him from becoming tanky, then he shouldn't be a problem. Be sure to spell shield his Barrel Roll.

Another ranged AD, make sure you have the element of suprise on him. Spell shield his Buckshot. His Smoke Screen and Quickdraw which is like a built in flash can be annoying when ganking aswell. Might need to use Paranoia to get back into range.

Half thing, Half horse is alright when ganking. It gets harder when he becomes tankier late game. You can spell shield most of his abilities, his Rampage, Devastating Charge, and his ultimate Onslaught of Shadows.

If he is by his turrets, be careful, those things hurt if he has a significant amount of AP. If you do manage to get to him, he's extremely squishy and goes down fast. Just be sure to spell shield his Hextech Micro-Rockets and his CH-1 Concussion Grenade.

When she gets tanky, she gets hard to gank. Again, take advantage of her early game. All of her ailities except Hiten Style can be spell shielded. Taking her down in groups is more efficient.

Very easy to kill, Janna is one of the squishiest champ even late game (unless built tank). Her Howling Gale can be spell shielded. When ganking, she can use her Monsoon to distance herself from you, so you might need to use Paranoia to get back in range.

A very tanky jarvan is hard to fight. Be extremely careful when fighting him. He can single you out with his ultimate Cataclysm. The good thing is you can spell shield his Dragon Strike or Demacian Standard. His Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike Combo is like a built in flash. If you can fear him before he can Dragon Strike to his Demacian Standard, you should be able to get him. If all goes wrong, you can paranoia to him. Most Jarvan IV players will either build Tanky DPS, or Tank so focusing him first isn't the best idea.

1 v 1'ng him late game is almost impossible. Take advantage of him early game. You can spell shield all of his abilities except his ultimate, you can even spell shield his Counter Strike if you read the animation perfectly.

Karma...the trollziest of all the supports. She has so much utility that ganking her is almost impossible without heavy cc and help from teammates. When facing her, be sure to spell shield Heavenly Wave.

One of the more easier champions to counter. He almost always goes mid and is VERY squishy. Dodging his Lay Waste is very easy, and if you can spell shield his Requiem, the whole point of playing Karthus is over.

Kassadin is a ***** (excuse my language) when it comes to ganking! He can easily escape with Riftwalk. In teamfights, he needs to be taken care of. If he's stupid and decides to 1 v 1 you, then spell shield his Null Sphere and he's finished.Nobody likes a bad Kassadin.

Katarina is fairly easy to gank. Just stay on her when she uses her Shunpo and be sure to spell shield her Death Lotus!

Easy to gank and kill with the element of suprise, the only thing that holds you back from killing her is her ultimate Intervention. Be sure to spell shield her Reckoning.

If Kennen's voice wasn't annoying enough, then his Lightning Rush surely is. He can use this to escape your ganks. But if you can spell shield his Thundering Shuriken when your fighting him, then he should fall relatively quickly.

Really easy to kill Kog'Maw just don't let him damage you too much and then let him take you out with his passive Icathian Surprise. You can spell shield either his Caustic Spittle or his Living Artillery.

Dear mother of god....She can literally 2 shot you and walk away unharmed if your unprepared. If you can spell shield her sigil of silence, then you actually have a chance of killing her.

Woahhhh easy there. This guy is no joke, he can tear you to shreads. Be extremely careful when 1 v 1'ng him. His passive Flurry makes him a heavy hitter. I usually don't fight him unless he's under fed or if i have a group with me. Spell shield his Sonic Wave so he doesn't demolish you with his combos.

I haven't seen many people play Leona so i don't have much to say. You want to be careful of spells as she has multiple stuns. Most of her spells can be spell shielded. Like all tanks, take advantage of her early game when she is nice and squishy.

Lulu has many Crowd Control Abilities, but on the plus side, she is easy to gank and very squishy. You can spell shield all of her abilties, even her Whimsy if you can get your spell shield off before she says "Transbobulate".

The only thing that prevents you from killing Lux is her Light Binding and Finales Funkeln combo. When your going in for the gank, you should spell shield the snare Light Binding so she cant stop you, and with no ways of stopping you, you can slice her to peaces with your Umbra Blades. If she slows you down too much with her Lucent Singularity then just Paranoia back into range.

Hard to kill, shouldn't be focused untill last. Very powerful initiator with his ultimate Unstoppable Force(Knockup) so keep that in mind when around, or ganking him. All his abilities except Brutal Strikes can be spell shielded by your Shroud of Darkness.

Malzahar is very easy to gank due to the fact that he is squishy IF you can spell shield his ultimate Nether Grasp (suppression). If you can't, have fun being taken down by his AP burst.

Be very careful when ganking or fighting him. He has good CC, and good damage. His ultimate Vengeful Maelstorm can take out a large chunk of your health so either stay out of the circle, or time your spell shield perfectly. If he's going full AP, take him out early in team fights, if he's going tank, save him for the end. All of his abilities including his Sapling Toss can be spell shielded.

The biggest glass cannon in the game. Be careful when 1 v 1'ng him as it is extremely hard if he has a good build going. Your exhaust has no affect on his ultimate Highlander, but your Unspeakable Horror can fear him while he has is Highlander activated.Your spell shield can take his Alpha Strike, use it when you see Master Yi performing the animation for Alpha Strike.

Ganking her shouldn't be a problem with the element of suprise. All her abilities can be spell shielded. With the sufficient life steal you can take her down even when she's fed.

A very annoying champ late game, but his early game is hi weakest. Keep in mind his passive Iron Man allows him to take extra damage, but your Duskbringer should take his shield down. When going in to fight him, keep in mind that he will most likely use his Siphon of Destruction so be sure to spell shield that.. Also when fighting him, be wary of his ultimate Children of the Grave, try to estimate about when he'll use it and spell shield. Also follow this same rule and time his Mace of Spades and spell shield it.

Killing her is cake if you can spell shield her Dark Binding. She's fairly easy to kill if she doesn't have a Zhonya's Hourglass

If built as a tank, he can ruin your team's day if he gets Siphoning Strike farmed at solo top. Lucky for you, your spell shield can block his Siphoning Strike. When ganking him, if he uses Wither wait for it to wear off before using Paranoia to jump back in.

Nautilus is a tank with a ton of CC. When ganking him, make sure your teamates are ready, because if you guys are out of sync, him and his partner can easily kill you and the rest of your team at bot lane. Try to use your spell shield when he uses his ulti Depth Charge. (Knockup)

The best thing to do to fight Nidalee is spell shield her Javelin Toss which does massive damage. You can also spell shield her Bushwhack traps and take no damage.

Hmmmm....i wonder....

When fighting nunu, like most tanks, he's squishy early, so once again, take advantage of that factor. Harass him, and prevent him from getting tanky, or getting his ability power up. Your spell shield can block his Ice Blast and his ultimate Absolute Zero

Very scary when fighting. Don't underestimate him, because he has a twist. Due to his passive Berserker Rage, his attack speed increases with every % of health missing. You can spell shield his Undertow and Reckless Swing. I like to take him out in a group.

Pantheon can be a bit scary early game. But if you have good communication, shutting him down will be no problem. Early game he is very squishy, so killing him isn't a problem. All of his abilties can be blocked by the spell shield, including his ultimate Grand Skyfall. More like Grand Skyfail >.>.

She (atleast i think its a she) can put you in a unfavorable position with her Heroic Charge. Luckily this spell can be spell shielded! When she has a glowing circle around her (again, not sure if its a her), then she's using her ultimate Diplomatic Immunity, she also applies that same circle on one of her enemies, and her ult makes it so that she only receives damage from the opponent that she placed it on. So if she didn't place it on you, she's not taking any damage from you! Keep that in mind when facing her.

1 v 1'ng Rammus is a good1. HE WILL DESTROY YOU WITH ALL HIS ARMOR. In this case, Armor pen is a good idea, and i know i keep saying this but, take advantage of his relatively low health early game. If your going to spell shield one of his abilities, it has to be either his Powerball or Puncturing Taunt.All and all, don't engage Rammus without your team.

He is an offtank bruiser. Put pressure on him early where he falls behind. If he gets fed, or has great farm, he's a major threat. It's also not a good idea to turret dive Renekton because he could easily fool you with his ultimate Dominus. Be sure to spell shield his stun Ruthless Predator.

Riven is a CC machine. She has all kinds of CC with her abilities, and not to mention its really hard to proc your spell shield on her abilities. In this case, your going to have to rely more on your Duskbringer and Unspeakable Horror

Rumble has the capability to do tremendous amounts of damage early game if you can't dodge his abilities. Try avoiding his Flamespitter which can do quite some damage when your squishy early game. Shut him and dont let him reach his full potential which can be scary at times as a off tank that does a **** ton of damage. Spell shield his Electro-Harpoon and The Equalizer

Ryze is my favorite champion to gank! In my opinion, they are really reliant on their Rune Prison(Snare) to pick up a kill. Note that they always use their Rune Prison first when engaging, so if you spell shield that, there's no way he can stop you from slicing him to pieces.

Yet again another CC machine. All her abilities have a slowing affect. Be extremely careful if she has a partner, if you fail to spell shield her ultimate Glacial Prison(stun and does quite some damage), your gank just failed and they could easily kill you. Her Arctic Assault can make it hard to gank and you might need to Paranoia back into range of her if she gets away.

I hate playing against Shaco, especially jungle Shaco. Shaco can easily counter jungle you with his Deceive. If you try to get him with Exhaust or an Oracle's Elixir, he cant get away with his inbuilt flash ability, Deceive. Although he is fairly squishy, and even if he gets the jump on you, he's still fairly easy to take down. Make sure you spell shield his Two-Shiv Poison.

Not only do i hate playing against a Shaco, but i literally **** my pants when i play against a good Shen. He has no trouble escaping your ganks with his Shadow Dash(taunt). If your aiming to spell shield one of his abilities, Shadow Dash is the ability to spell shield. Be very careful if he's with a lane partner, as his Shadow Dash might lead to your demise. You can also spell shield his Vorpal Blade but it doesn't have that great of an affect as spell shielding his Shadow Dash.

Shyvana can get a bit tanky late game. Once again, it's best to harass her early if she's laning. Be careful when ganking her, she can use Burnout to easily flee from you. I suggest you don't try to fight her late game unless you know you can take her. Her damge output is very strong late game, and her Dragon's Descent(knockup) makes her take less damage. All her abilities but Burnout can be spell shielded.

He might not be that much of a threat as he is late game. Avoid focusing him if he's with a buddy. Remember to NOT chase him with his Poison Trail on. You can spell shield either his Fling or his Mega Adhesive(slow).

Truly a monster to deal with if he gets fed or farmed. He can go full ad/ap, and still get tanky.If he doesn't get farm, then he should be pretty easy to kill. If you were to spell shield his ability, it would have to be his stun Cryptic Gaze. Beware of his Enrage as it is just like your passive on your Duskbringer although it gives him way more attackdamage.

Like every AD carry, just get the jump on her, and she's dead. Spell shield her Boomerang Blade. She has a Spell Shield of her own, but its not as Kick But as yours!

Widely known for his ultimate Impale that drags you to where he pleases. My only tip for him is don't be out of position, or he will punish you. Stick close to your team when you see him, and even if your low at your turret, and you see the enemy minions pushing up with Skarner, it's best to go back as he can turret dive with his Crystalline Exoskeleton and Impale. He also does pretty decent damage. He's most easy to counter jungle against before lvl 6. You can spell shield his Crystal Slash Fracture and Impale.

Very easy to kill. Extremely squishy, and goes down relatively fast. The only problem is that her Crescendo(makes you stop and dance) can stop your gank in mid progress. Although, if she's used it, she will fall to you. Spell shield her Crescendo.

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