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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tr4ce

This Cougar Can Kill Any Guys

Tr4ce Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Everyone, Welcome to my Nid Build :]...This build concentrates on AP :]
If you like it, tell me what you liked about it :]
If you hate it, tell me what i need to fix or improve. :] Plz and TY

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Pros and Cons

Is 2 characters in one
Her Spear has HUGE RANGE
Great Survivability
Fun to play
Pretty good tower diver
Great healer

A bit mana hungry
Defense is weak early game

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Free Skill Explanation

Free Skill Explanation:
I get Ghost and Flash
Ghost= For Chasing or Running
Flash= Mainly for running away

Other Skills I recommend:
Ignite - Awesome For runners who need that last bit of hp gone
Cleanse - When your feeling doubtful
Teleport - For my lazy people :]
Exhaust - to De-buff them

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Mastery Tree

Mastery Tree
I put 9-0-21.. Standard AP mage :]....

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Skill Tree

Skill Tree:
The reason why i put 2 points on primal surge early, is because it heals over 100+ right away.
It's very useful in the beginning of the game.
Then I Max Javelin for heavy damage
Followed by maxing bushwack

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Rune Explanation

Rune Explanation:
I followed Searz Rune Explanation.
Magic penetration so that your hits can hit them harder
More Mana per 5 seconds so that you can spam your skills
And Ap so that your skills do more damage in the beginning

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Item Explanation

Item Explanation
Dorans Ring-Simple, Gives 100hp, 15Ability Power, and 4 mana every 5 seconds so that you can spam your Javelin toss as much as you please.
Sheen- Okay this item, gives mana and ap which you need both. Also when you use your abilities the next hit does twice your regular damage.
Boots[Reg]- So that you don't walk like a turtle
Rabadon's Deathcap- This item is mainly where you get all of your ap. ITS CRAZY GOOD! The sooner you can get it the better. 155AP + 30% makes you a goddess.
Sorc Shoes-Magic penetration for your spear and your cougar moves :].
Guardian Angel- Now people will start seeing how much you hit, which will make you get targeted first or second.[THIS DEPENDS ON WHOSE ON YOUR TEAM]...This great item gives you magic resistance, defense, and it revives you. :]
Scepter- You might have some trouble, but this item is the "Icing on the cake" Slows your opponent's if their hit with any of your, if you throw your javelin and it hits....he should be pretty turn into a cougar...jump on that character and hopefully u killed him.
Now Here are your Options
A) Abyssal-If their starting to stack more Magic Resistance[MR], then i suggest getting a Abyssal scepter. Gives Ap and Magic resistance, also it reduces there magic resistance.
B) Lich Bane- If It's going smoothly, then i suggest upgrading sheen into Lich bane.

Please note that you will end up getting both, But sometimes you may need to lower your opponents magic resistance so that you can do more damage! :]

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Other Item Options

Other Items:
Mejais: The more Kills the more AP... But stuff can happen so if you don't get no kills = No Ap.. Its risky.. I Suggest Using this with a pre-made.
Deathfire Grasp: Gives cool down reduction and a bit of AP.
When active throws a fireball. I suggest this for my cool-down lovers.
then making it a
Hextech Revolver --> Hextech Gunblade
When you use a skill on someone you get some hp back for it, great for people who want to stay outside longer and get hp. Also when you make it a gunblade you can slow people down. Making it easier to chase or runaway.
Guinsoo's Rageblade if you want some ap and ad, also helps your attacks speed... but i go Ap... so its not that helpful...[but helps with cougar]

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What to do

What to do:
Early Game: Goal: Doran's Ring,Boots Of Speed,Sheen
Grab a doran's ring and head for your lane. Don't be afraid to use your mana, especially if you have almost all of it. Don't be scared, your spear has a pretty far range, and if you can hit them it does almost 250%+ damage. so the further you are, the better :].Hopefully your teammate can stun. if he can, then once he stuns you shoot your spear, its a pretty good combo :]
Mid Game:Goal: Rabadon's Deathcap
If you get your rabadon's deathcap, your going to be doing deaddly damage, this is were you become a beast and a supporter. Your heals should do about ~500~ to ~600~. And your spears do about the same damage or more[REMEMBER: it all depends how far or close you are to your opponent] You may want to get golem too. Since mana will be used.] Also: you have your cougar. USE IT :]
Late Game: Goal: Guardian Angel + Rylai's Scepter
If you have your guardian angel you can now breathe. Don't be scared. When initiating throw a spear, if it hits YES! that person is dead. Go to your cougar have q ready to be used. Jump that person, Q will activate, then use e. If you need health get out of cougar heal and then throw that person a spear. Then go back to cougar and do all of your combo again. They should be dead. If you also have rylai's they should have died... if you died.. and did not kill him.. then hopefully when you revived you killed them or ran away. Using A Flash + Jump to run away.
Past-Late Game Goal:Abyssal Scepter + Lich Bane
All i can say now is, I hope your doing well, remember if your doing team fights, don't be greedy, turn back to human form and heal your teamies. Your 500 can help someone get back into the fight. If you have Abyssal Scepter, then you should have more magic resistance and more Ap, and if that wasn't enough their magic resistance is lowered. I hope your doing great! and have won :]

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Tips,Screenshots[With Tips + Tottals]

Okay, Let me explain a bit more....
Lets talk about your spear.....

You can tell by this picture, you could so much stuff...maybe do a first hit? or gang? Just get creative! The length is HUUUGE!

What you should also know is that Q does less damage from Close to far...


So, when initiating a fight, i would throw a spear to do as much damage as possible.


With All the items this is what your skills totals should look like [Without-runes]

This is my triple kill.....Well How i got this one... was... Had all the items till Guardian angel.....2 of them wear on low health.. and i was on full so I killed them...then... I went for a akali who was teleporting and killed her... So i got 3....then... I rushed at another...and killed him.. but no quadra kill... then i died...[Revived] ran back to base.

Some Game Scores:

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Tips and Tricks

Tips + Tricks:
-When you initiate make sure you have FLASH! It makes the BEST! Excape...So how does it make the best escape? when you die, as a cougar.....Their whole team or whoever is on top of your body waiting for you will try to get you...MAKE sure your pointing where your gonna run to....Once you pop up, FLASH + Cougar Jump.. IT leaves a big distance for your enemy to find you. Usually I get away.
-In team fights, don't be scared of going back into your human form to heal either your self or someone else, it only takes 3 seconds to get back into your other state!
-When laning or if your in mid, don't forget to set your traps around!!!! this helps prevent people from ganking u or your partner.
[This is all i got for now...I will update more]

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Last Words...

If I'm missing something PLZ tell me!
Don't be shy, I don't bite! :]
Also comment :]
Please and ty!
I hope you liked this build!
Much Love, Tr4ce