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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Thresh Build Guide by Mightix

Other Thresh - Unchained

Other Thresh - Unchained

Updated on June 27, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mightix Build Guide By Mightix 7,126 Views 1 Comments
7,126 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mightix Thresh Build Guide By Mightix Updated on June 27, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    Thresh Support
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    Thresh AD

Building (<Support-Build>)

At the beginning you need the healthregeneration if you are under attack on the lane.

It is important that you buy the Eleisa's Miracle until level 15 so that you can use its unique
passive that it will be removed by himself from your inventory but the bonus is already there.
You get that bonus when you grow up 3 level with that item in your inventory.
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Boots (<Support-Build>)

I like the Mobility Boots more than the Boots of Swiftness, cause i love the high mobility you can get from it to support your allies as fast as possible.
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Masteries (<Support-Build>)

In the Offense-Tree is the one Point on the "Summoner's Wrath" which increase the effect
of your exhaust that you can pick as supporter.

In the Defense-Tree are 13 Points, and focussed on Armor, (some) Magic Resistance and additional
Health (cause you need to play as a Tanky Support)

In the Utility-Tree you put the other 16 Points, focussed on "Summoner's Insight", Mana Regen, Additional Gold, Additional Gold/10sec. and Supporterstartitems like the "Explorer's Ward" and the
"Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation".
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Runes (<Support-Build>)

With that 9 Greater Seals of Gold you get 2,25 additional Gold/10sec.

With that 9 Greater Marks of Attackspeed you get 15% additional Attackspeed which are perfect
for better heuressement with you Q-Ability Passive.

With that 9 Greater Glyphs of Abilitypower you get 11 additional Abilitypower which scale with all your abilities.

With that 3 Greater Quints of Gold you get 3 additional Gold/10sec.
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About Gold (<Support-Build>)

Something about Gold:
With the 9 + the 3 you get 5,25 addtional Gold/10sec.

(9x0,25) = 2,25
(3x1) = 3
2,25 + 3 = 5,25additional Gold/10sec.


2 additional Gold/10sec. from

= 7,25 additional Gold/10sec.


5 additional Gold/10sec. (ingame) from Philosopher's Stone

= 12,25 additional Gold/10sec. (ingame)


4 additional Gold/10sec. (ingame) from Kage's Lucky Pick

= 16,25 additional Gold/10sec. (ingame)



1,625 Gold/1sec.


60 (sec.)


97,5 Gold/min.


10 (min.)


975 Gold/10min.

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Building (<AD-Build>)

Start with a Long Sword for some more damage on autoattacks and your passive on your Death Sentence.
Go on with the Berserker's Greaves and the Vampiric Scepter for attackspeed and lifesteal.
Then buy the Blade of the Ruined King for more damage on tanky Supporter and Jungler and for more Attackspeed.
Continue with a Bloodthirster for more heavy damage with Autotattacks.
Then buy 2x Zeal so that you can upgrade them fast to Phantom Dancer for much more attackspeed and critical chance.
End it up with an Infinity Edge.


Don't forget the Eleisa's Miracle until level 15!
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Boots (<AD-Build>)

I think the Berserker's Greaves are the best boots for AD-Thresh,
because he need much attackspeed that he can deal as much damage as other AD-Carries.

With that build you've ca. 1,7 Attackspeed
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Masteries (<AD-Build>)

The Masteries in this AD-Thresh-Build are in the 21-0-9 System.
The focus is with 21 Points in the Offense-Tree and 9 Points in the Utility-Tree an aggressive
kind of Thresh.
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Runes (<AD-Build>)

With that 9 Greater Seals of Scale Attackdamage you get 9,72 additional Attackdamage on Level 18.

With that 9 Greater Marks of Attackdamage you get 8,55 additional Attackdamage at the beginning.

With that 9 Greater Glyphs of Attackdamage you get 2,52 additional Attackdamage at the beginning.

With that 3 Greater Quints of Attackdamage you get 6,75 additional Attackdamage at the beginning.
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