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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jayce Build Guide by Plautapuss

AD Offtank Tony Stark - Playin Jayce High Roller!

AD Offtank Tony Stark - Playin Jayce High Roller!

Updated on February 11, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Plautapuss Build Guide By Plautapuss 18,034 Views 12 Comments
18,034 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Plautapuss Jayce Build Guide By Plautapuss Updated on February 11, 2013
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Welcome to my Jungle Jayce build. I know a lot of people don't usually play Jayce like this, but if you try, you'll see he's got all what a jungler needs. Also, try the new mid Jayce. If your going to try play Mid Jayce, play the majority of the game in cannon form.

This guide will help you learn how to play Jayce in a really cool way, you'll be like Tarzan or King of the Jungle with his sweet moves and combos. Jayce is cool

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
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Pros / Cons


+ His ganks are good as
+ His passive helps him clear the jungle alot
+ Percentage damage!
+ He's ranged and melee!
+ Unique type of play!
+ Lot's of roles i've played him as!

- It's not common
- Has a problem with sustain while in cannon form
- Long cooldowns early game
- Since the nerf, he gets mana thristy so don't spam the E and Q cannon form a lot.
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Basic jungling masteries. He'll need some cooldown reductions because of the long cooldowns on early game so that could be a problem. He also needs some armour and magic resist so he is a bit tanky. since cannon form makes him really squishy he needs some life steal.
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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: The basic flat out AD. He'll need it to clear out the jungle faster.

Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage: AD per level to get the most AD output on Jayce so he can do some hectic damage.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: I like to build Jayce off-tanky so you'll need some magic resist to get some good survivability

Greater Seal of Armor: Same thing as my glyphs. He needs some armour to be tanky against any AD enemies.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Smite: Obvious jungle spell. Jayce is mana reliant since the recent nerf and therefore using smite will give you some gold and helps him clear the jungle much more faster.
Flash: Really good for Mid Play Jayce and optional for Jungle Jayce because of the escaping mechanism and the chasing mechanism.
Ghost: Play this on Jungle Jayce and your ganks will be more successful. He's pretty slow but with E he's fast. But what if it's on cooldowns? And your victim warded the bush? I think I'd take Ghost despite it's cooldowns. I dont know about you but I like using Ghost as a ganking mechanism.
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Ability Explanation

Hextech Capacitor: His passive helps him a lot while jungling. Every time he switches his ult, he moves faster and ignores unit collision so that's really good while jungling with Jayce and that could help him clear out the jungle more.

To The Skies!/Shock Blast (Q): These two skills are your options to starting a gank. If your confident enough, you can start with the basic accel blast combo and then switch for the jump and knockback for a gank. If your arent confident yet, start with To The Skies! so that the victim is slowed and anyone around them and then run in front of them as quick as you can and knock them back so that your gank becomes really successful unless they flash. The two abilities are also good to clear out the jungle. I reccommend gaining this ability at level 2 and maxing it first.

Lightning Field/Hyper Charge (W): Lightning field is really good to use for clearing out the jungle. It has the shortest cooldown of all his skills besides his ult and Hyper Charge is a really good skill to clear out the jungle as well because of it's SUPER ATTACK SPEED BUFF. Start the game with this skill and max it out last.

Thundering Blow/Acceleration Gate (E): This is like the greatest ablilties. For offensive or defensive play. Thundering blow can save you and at the same time kill your enemies due to it's percentage damage even though it's been nerfed. This skill helps your ganks SO MUCH, I SWEAR IT'S LIKE THE KEY TO SUCCESS. His acceleration gate is used with shock blast for more damage and some speed to perfect your ganks and the best part is that it gives you a speed boost to chase or run away. That's just beast. But be careful, since the nerf he tends to get a bit mana thirsty so don't spam

Mercury Cannon/Mercury Hammer (R): This is really good for clearing out the jungle as hammer form gives you some sustain and some magic damage on first hit and Cannon Form gives you an armour and magi resist debuff and makes you go ranged. Switch between these skills to clear the jungle much more quicker.
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Item Sequence

Frozen Mallet 3100
Ravenous Hydra 3300
Runaan's Hurricane 2600
Sword of the Divine 2200

: Jayce will need some magic resist and some tenacity as lots of people don;t like him having around and want to kill him. So get some magic resist for sustain and some tenacity to escape death.

: Gives you armour and some AD and some magic damage to creeps buff. Really good to clear the jungle even faster and gives you a free ward! You can counter jungle at this point!

: More successful ganks right here. The active ability is a slow. Gives you some armour to tank enemies. Gives you a bit of health, some cooldown reductions and some hp5.

: This item helps in ganks as it's passive is a slow per auto attack and gives you some AD AND SO MUCH HEALTH. You can use Warmog's for optional use but i recommend this item for offensive play.

: This item is really good. It gives you some magic resist and lots of AD. This item is so good in so much ways, i mean it gives you a shield when your low on health, gives you more AD as you lose health, IT'S LIKE GOODLIKE.

: Really nice item to finish the build with. You should have 3k of health and lots of armour and decent magic resistance. Atma's is great to finish off with as it gives more armour and some AD.
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Situational Items

Situational Items

: If your getting fed as you play Jayce jungle, then feel free to replace Randuin's Omen for the Trinity Force as spamming his abilities to the max helps you do more damage and gives you lot's of stats and the passive helps Jayce so much, I mean, keep using your ult in teamfights and you'll always be putting so much damage and quickly winning teamfights.

: If the enemy team is filled with AP champions, you got to get this. It gives you some magic resistance and it's passive procs enemy champions and also you gain magic resist for auto attacking. This is really good with Frozen Mallet as you just keep auto attacking them with your attack speed and procs.

: If your team doesn't have enough tanks, you'll need to buy this. Gives you a lot of health and lot's of health regen and makes your atma's impaler more stronger if you choose to keep the Frozen Mallet. When i say a lot, i mean , A LOT.

: If you feel that your doing really good in your team and you want to get some more damage output, buy one of these during mid game and you could probably gank more and spam a bit more of your abilities because of the cooldown reductions. If you want, you can make this into Ghostblade for some more damage and more attack speed and movement speed.

: Jayce is usually a problem to enemy teams, from my experience, Jayce's are targeted first during teamfights. Buy this during mid game for a lot of survivability and the passive. The passive is so good, you can survive death.

For Jayce Mid
: If the enemy team is AP heavy, replace Warmog's for this for some MR and so if the enemy team is chasing after you, you can run away because of the speed buff it gives you. Buy a Fore of Nature during the end of the laning phase.
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Jungle Route/ Ganking


Here's the route to take when jungling with Jayce. I recommend taking the blue route because some players would want to spam the Q AND E combo so getting blue is better for ganks. This video isn't mine, i just found it on youtube. Thanks to stonewall008.


When Jayce is ganking, you can either do this

- Hammer Form > Q > E

This is the standard ganking combo.

- Start in Cannon > E > Q > HAMMER > Q > E > GANKED.

Only do this ^ when you feel confident enough to do a successful gank.

PS. Ward their blue once you've got your Wriggle's Lantern so you can steal it.
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I usually counter jungle with Jayce because you just might find your enemy jungler there or if they haven't cleared it fast enough, you can make them underleveled and behing everyone else. When you've finished your blue in early game, you can try for a counter jungle and go to their red. wait and when he comes do your basic q and w and try kill them and play it smart and steal it and if your feeling lucky, take red and kill them. Be careful, you don't have smite for a steal as you just used it on blue. Making enemy junglers go behind gives you and your team the advantage of the other team lacking needed ganks and successful ganks. If your going to steal their blue, walk with your whole team, i recommend doing that so that you can have the chance to have kill advantage in early game.
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If your team mates want you to hold their lane, do it. You want to get your items fast and so just take their farm. They won't mind because if you don't you or them will lose a lot of creep scores and that's not really good. And with Mid Play Jayce, it's fairly easy to farm with Jayce if you stay in cannon form.
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Thanks for reading
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28/11/12- Replaced Exhaust explanation for Ghost in Summoner Spells.
28/11/12- Replaced Frozen Mallet for Wit's End in Mid Play Build.
28/11/12- Updated on the Situational Items - Force of Nature.
28/11/12- Put a new Chapter = Stats
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