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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Vayne Build Guide by qasddsa

Top [Top] Hunt Them Down | Vayne

Top [Top] Hunt Them Down | Vayne

Updated on September 15, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author qasddsa Build Guide By qasddsa 255 33 880,212 Views 1 Comments
255 33 880,212 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author qasddsa Vayne Build Guide By qasddsa Updated on September 15, 2019
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Runes: PtA + Sorcery

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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ADC Role
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Champion Build Guide

[Top] Hunt Them Down | Vayne

By qasddsa


Hello and welcome to my guide on Vayne in the Top Lane! Many of you might be wondering "why Vayne Top?" and that is a very valid question. I believe that playing Vayne Top is a cheese pick and is therefore situational. While playing her in this lane might have its disadvantages, Vayne's power to bully a melee champion cannot be underestimated, especially in a long lane where she can run someone down.

Vayne is a good scaling pick for Top Lane that is becoming increasingly popular among pros and solo queue legends alike.

Pros & Cons

  • Hypercarry that scales hard into the late game
  • Has invisibility with Final Hour
  • Tank-killer with %HP True Damage
  • Somewhat mobile
  • Lots of outplay potential
  • Feels good to "master"
  • Very weak early game
  • Needs items to be strong
  • Can be tough to play if you fall behind
  • High skillcap champion
  • Vulnerable to player mistakes and enemy focus

Night Hunter Range: 2000

Vayne gains 30 Movement Speed when moving towards enemy champions.
  • Great passive for when you're chasing.
  • You can abuse the bonus movespeed by moving towards an enemy champion, auto attacking, and then immediately moving backwards - this acts as a sort of range extension.

Q Ability
Tumble Range:
30 Mana

ability details

This ability is useful when you play Top because of the extra damage it'll give your auto attacks, especially against melee top laners. It also provides you a means of dodging skillshots and kiting enemies, which is an essential skill for playing top.
  • The cooldown of Tumble doesn't start until Vayne attacks something or the buff expires.
  • Tumble is an auto-attack reset.
Final Hour bonus effect: Tumble turns Vayne invisible for 1 second. Also has its cooldown reduced by 30/40/50% for the duration.

W Ability
Silver Bolts

Ability Details

Again, this ability is what makes Vayne top strong. Because you will have the range advantage in many matchups, you'll be able to consistently harass and deal damage with Silver Bolts and Press the Attack.
  • Attacking a new enemy will reset all stacks of Silver Bolts on the previous enemy.
  • If Runaan's Hurricane is bought, stacks will only apply to the main target but they won't reset if the bolts hit other targets.
  • The minimum amount of true damage is 50/65/80/95/110.

E Ability
Condemn Range:
90 Mana

Ability Details

This is one of your self-peel and kiting tools. When playing top, you typically want to hold onto this and not use it aggressively as many Top Laners have some form of engage / dash that you'll want to negate by either Condemning them away from you or into a wall.

Final Hour Duration:
80 Mana

Ability Details

An incredibly strong skill. The stats and upgrades that you get from this cannot be underestimated - it's not just a visual upgrade. With the extra movement speed, your ability to chase and enter a fight becomes greatly improved. The cooldown reduction and invisibility on Tumble gives you more windows to outplay or chase.

If a fight is starting, it's best to start off the fight with this ability instead of holding onto it since it's more beneficial to have the extra AD and have a chance of getting duration resets.

Skill Orders
Silver Bolts Max
1 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13
2 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 9
3 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
6 / 11 / 16
Tumble Max
1 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 9
2 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13
3 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
6 / 11 / 16

  • Generally, you want to max Silver Bolts first in almost every matchup because of the True Damage it provides, even if you're going for a crit-oriented build.
  • However, you can max Tumble first if you are playing more aggressive and need the lower CD and higher damage.
  • You can split points into the abilities if you need to. For example, 3 points into Tumble with a Silver Bolts max or 3 points into Silver Boltsw ith Tumble max.

Ability Tricks
Standing up against a wall while auto attacking and then using Tumble right after an auto attack is fired will immediately fire the next one.
If you can't Condemn someone into a wall at the angle you're currently at, you can Condemn then immediately Flash to an angle where they will be stunned into a wall. Doing this is much faster than Flashing and then using Condemn, making it harder for the enemy to react quickly.


Flash is undeniably the most important summoner spell to have. Need to escape a gank? Flash. Need to run down a low hp enemy barely out of your range? Flash. Need to pull off some insane jukes? Flash. Need to style on an enemy by using Condemn + Flash when you don't have to? Flash.

Teleport is an important summoner spell to have when playing Top because of its ability to let you return to lane faster. This gives you more opportunities to back at otherwise bad times. You should also know that the majority of the time, you'll be using this for yourself early game since you're weak and won't be able to make a huge cross-map play with Teleport.

Barrier is a viable alternative to Teleport if the enemy laner picked someone aggressive that likes to fight you early on. It is a defensive option and should not be taken otherwise, as Teleport is more important.

Press the Attack is one of the best keystones to take when you go Top Lane since you'll have an incredibly easy time getting the damage off against melee champions. The damage from it will allow you to harass these melee champions early on, putting you ahead. It also has good synergy with Silver Bolts by adding more damage on top of the third hit.

Fleet Footwork is a safer rune compared to Press the Attack that can be taken in lanes where you need the extra sustain and/or movement speed that comes with Fleet, typically against ranged opponents or opponents with long-ranged poke. If you are taking this rune, take note that this rune's healing is underwhelming in the early game when you use it on minions, since the healing will be reduced.

Kleptomancy is another safe rune option. In Top Lane, you can easily get 2 Kleptomancy procs off using Tumble and then auto attacking. Kleptomancy gives you a flat 5 Gold each time you get a proc off with a chance of giving you a random item. The random item is the appeal of going Klepto: with this rune you'll be able to sustain through lane, get some more damage, and get a chance at obtaining even more gold.

Press the Attack

Triumph will be clutch in situations where you're taking damage over time or delayed damage (Zed's Death Mark, Darius' bleed, etc). It'll also keep you relatively healthy during and after teamfights since all you need for it to activate is an assist or a kill.

Legend: Alacrity will give you some attack speed early on, which is nice to help with your CSing and poking. Later on, it'll help you approach the 2.50 attack speed cap, which is good if you didn't go Berserker's Greaves.

Legend: Bloodline is an alternative to Legend: Alacrity if your build is going to include a lot of attack speed items. Bloodline will give you up to 12% lifesteal when you stack it. This is very beneficial because your only access to lifesteal will be Blade of the Ruined King and sometimes a Mercurial Scimitar or Bloodthirster.

The only sensible rune choice here. As enemies get lower, you'll be dealing more damage to them. Wonderful. You don't need Cut Down since your Silver Bolts is enough already.

Nimbus Cloak can be a useful outplay or chase tool because it will give you a burst of movement speed and the ability to ignore unit collision every time you activate Final Hour.

Celerity will buff the extra movement speed you gain from your Night Hunter passive, which is a good bonus, but it feels really weak compared to the flat 100 movement speed you get from Nimbus Cloak. I would NOT recommend taking both Nimbus Cloak and Celerity as Gathering Storm is too important.

As a scaling, late-game hyper carry, Vayne loves getting more AD the longer the game goes on. The rune will feel relatively weak early on, but as the game approaches 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes, you'll start to feel the impact of this rune. I would not recommend dropping Gathering Storm for any other rune.


As a relatively weak early game champion, many strong early-game top laners will be looking to set up dives or to kill you early on. With the help of Perfect Timing, you'll have the opportunity to outplay their attempts at killing you and maybe even get a kill back.

Future's Market gives you the ability to back with ~200-300 less gold than what is needed for an item, but still be able to buy it anyway. This rune will help you reach your big item spikes earlier and faster and shouldn't be used to buy small items since the debt can put you behind.

Cosmic Insight is a reliable rune that many people disregard. It isn't the best rune on Vayne, but it definitely has its benefits. With the early 5% CDR, 5% CDR on Summoner Spells, and 5% CDR on Items, you'll get access to Condemn, Final Hour, your summoner spells, and the active of Blade of the Ruined King faster. This makes you safer and allows you to play more aggressive at the same time.

All Viable Secondaries

Common Pairs

Her secondary runes when playing Top Lane are very flexible and should be changed to fit each situation. The only rune that seems out of place here is Overgrowth, so I will explain why it can be good in some situations.

As a marksman champion, Vayne has a relatively low health pool, which makes it hard for her to survive damage that's focused onto her. That is where Overgrowth comes into play. Since your main objective throughout the early game will be to farm anyway, you'll be able to reliably obtain stacks on Overgrowth, which will in turn give you FLAT bonus HP and later increase your max HP by 3.5%.

Starting Items
This is your go-to starting item that you'll want to start with in the majority of your games. It provides a good balance of health, damage, and lifesteal.

Cull is a viable starting item only in matchups where you know you'll be able to safely farm to 100 CS without having too many interruptions. This means that you can start with Cull in lanes where you'll be up against tanks or enemies who can't do much to you because they lack damage, such as Garen, Cho'Gath, and Maokai.

Berserker's Greaves will be the boots you most likely choose to get. Early game, it'll provide a great boost to your attack speed, making it much faster for you to proc your Silver Bolts.

It is recommended to take Ninja Tabi in matchups where you're against a big AD threat, such as Irelia or Tryndamere, or in games where the majority of the enemy team will deal physical damage.

It is recommended to take Mercury's Treads in matchups where you're against someone that does a lot of magic damage, such as Kennen or Cassiopeia, or when the enemy team has a lot of CC.

First Back
On your first back, you'll typically want to pick up a Boots as movement speed is very important in dealing with many matchups in Top as well as in dealing with ganks.

Alongside Boots, getting a Vampiric Scepter is best and getting a Bilgewater Cutlass is even better. With this item, you'll be able to lifesteal and sustain, and it puts you on the path to get Blade of the Ruined King.

Core Items
Blade of the Ruined King is an incredibly strong first item to pick up. Because you're playing Top Lane, many of the champions you'll face will be building some sort of item that has health attached to it, whether that be a Trinity Force, a Black Cleaver, or some other item, these champions will typically buy HP items. Blade of the Ruined King's passive was made to counter health-stackers with its %current HP damage. The active is also a great tool in helping you chase, kite, and run away by giving you extra movement speed and slowing down the enemy.

Guinsoo's Rageblade has insane synergy with both Blade of the Ruined King and your Silver Bolts because of its Phantom Hit passive which will double on-hit effects every time it is activated, meaning you'll be able to get all 3 stacks of Silver Bolts much, much quicker in extended fights. The armor penetration cannot be overlooked either; most people think this stat is worthless on Vayne because of her true damage passive, but with Blade of the Ruined King's %HP phyiscal damage passive, the 15% armor penetration becomes much more important throughout the game. Rageblade is the optimal item to get after Blade of the Ruined King for these reasons.

Crit Boosts
After you get your core items and Boots, it's time to start thinking about what Zeal item you want. You'll want a Phantom Dancer if the enemy is fed or you're against champions that can burst you. You'll want Statikk Shiv if you need more waveclear in the team. And you'll want Rapid Firecannon if there's a threat on the enemy team that requires a longer range to deal with. Typically, you'll only want 1 of these until you finish your Infinity Edge, then you can think about a second one.

Infinity Edge is THE best item to complement a crit-oriented build because of its passive, which increases your crit damage to 225% (instead of 200%). IE will be your next big itemspike alongside one of the Zeal items as you'll reach 50% crit chance. After finishing this, you can consider some of the other Offensive Items/Defensive Items below or consider picking up a second Zeal item.

Offensive Items
Bloodthirster actually provides a nice balance between offensive capabilities and defensive capabilities. With the 20% lifesteal added on top of the 12% lifesteal coming from BoRK, you'll be getting some huge healing as long as you attack something. With the shield it provides as well, Bloodthirster can be a nice way to end off your build.

The reasoning behind Death's Dance is similar to the reasoning behind Bloodthirster, except DD provides more defensive power. With the bleed passive on DD, it can essentially mean that you're taking reduced damage as long as you lifesteal to counteract the bleed. Furthermore, the passive on Death's Dance will heal off ALL damage, not just your auto attacks, which means that you'll heal off Blade of the Ruined King's passive damage and your Silver Bolts damage.

Mortal Reminder is best taken against enemies that rely on healing and should not be bought otherwise as the armor penetration is wasted when you already have Guinsoo's Rageblade and true damage. Typically, you can buy this when you're against a Vladimir, Darius, Soraka, etc.

Runaan's Hurricane sounds odd since it doesn't spread Silver Bolts to anyone else but the main target, but it can be a viable option. With Runaan's Hurricane, you'll be applying the on-hit %HP damage from Blade of the Ruined King to all 3 targets and be dealing auto-attack damage to them at the same time. Runaan's really shines in teamfights, especially in close quarters, where you'll be able to consistently get the bolts off on multiple members of the enemy team. It's also a great tool to pick up if you need more pushing power/wave clear.

Defensive Items
Mercurial Scimitar is the best purchase if you're up against enemies who have long-lasting CC that you need to get out of, such as Morgana, Braum, Kennen, etc. Otherwise, there are better options for dealing with champions with magic damage. If you're facing the threat or you really need to get out of CC early on, consider buying an early Quicksilver Sash in between your core items and the crit items and sitting on it until later.

Maw of Malmortius is the go-to item if you're up against enemies with a lot of magic damage and you need MR. With the shield it has, it can protect you from damage that's primarily magic, so against assassins such as Diana/ LeBlanc or champions such as Kennen or Kayle, you'll usually want to pick this up. The Lifegrip passive on it is also great since it'll give you 10% omnivamp and extra AD until you leave combat, which can help you turn the tide of a fight.

Wit's End is an alternative option that you can go if you're facing enemies with magic damage. You can pick it up as your 4th full item and delay the crit items if you want to. The main appeal of this item is the on-hit magic damage - it's a really nice perk to this item as it gives you offensive power and defensive power at the same time. The healing that you get from the passive is really low and irrelevant because you're a ranged champion, so you shouldn't look to buy this item just for the healing.

Guardian Angel is your go-to late game defensive item that you buy against AD threats. While it does provide armor, the great thing about this item is that it essentially provides you with a second life, which you can use to turn a fight. When this item's passive does get used and gets put on cooldown, I recommend selling this item for another defensive or offensive item. I'd personally go with a Phantom Dancer if you don't have one or Bloodthirster.

Laning Phase
You always want to set up a game plan before the match starts by looking at who you're against and what you need to do to win the laning phase and take them out of the early/mid game. First, you need to determine whether or not you're up against a melee or ranged top laner.

Laning vs Melee
If you don't have to leash your jungler, you can get to lane quickly and get to work abusing your range advantage by zoning off the enemy when they do come to lane or hiding in the bush for a level 1 cheese.

Since your level 1 is strong compared to the majority of melee top laners because of Press the Attack and Tumble's mobility and extra damage, you can abuse this to get yourself ahead. Getting a 1-2 minion advantage is very important here since you want level 2 quickly to extend your advantage, but keeping the wave pushed towards you or in the middle is more important as you don't want to get ganked while pushed up. You can achieve both by weaving in and out of a poking position and a farming position: which means that you'll auto attack the enemy when they come close to draw minions to you, kill one and get another one low but don't kill it, and repeat.

If you have the advantage and the enemy starts backing off, do not keep pushing. Instead, start to only last-hit and freeze the minion wave in the middle if possible because you can't abuse your level 2 advantage if the enemy is at their tower. Otherwise, if you don't get a minion advantage and they'll reach level 2 before you, start lowering the pressure.

Once you do hit level 2, you are able to gain a lot of pressure in lane by consistently hitting the enemy and proccing Silver Bolts with Press the Attack. Be careful at this time, however, of some enemies who have a stronger level 2 than you, including Mordekaiser and Irelia.

Once both you and the enemy reach level 3, you should start playing more carefully since this is typically the time where junglers will be top side and you don't have much to escape ganks if the enemy has CC.

The rest of this laning phase is rinse and repeat: if the enemy is walking up to try and get CS, auto attack them until you proc Silver Bolts and Press the Attack, but don't get too ambitious and chase them. Your main priority as Vayne Top against melee matchups is to get ahead through CS - your secondary objective is to shut down the enemy Top Laner early on so they cannot impact the rest of the map. The best way to accomplish your goals is by setting up a freeze in front of your tower against champions that can harm you, such as Fiora, Irelia, Darius, and Riven, while pushing in and poking under tower or hitting tower champions such as Garen, Maokai, Kayle, and Shen.

Laning vs Ranged
Early on you do not want to be pushed up too far. You should get a small one or two minion advantage so you get an early level 2, allowing you to safely damage the enemy as they will most likely not have enough damage to trade back evenly. The third wave is when you will both hit level 3, so watch out for that.

Into most ranged matchups, your general goals will change slightly:

1. Keep the wave in the middle of the lane or slightly toward your side - the reason you shouldn't push is that it gives the opposing laner a chance to freeze the lane on their side early on, which makes it extremely dangerous for you to walk up and grab CS.

2. Don't take too much poke - this is a pretty simple goal. Identify windows where you can take CS and windows where you can auto attack them without being damaged yourself. The best opportunities for either of these are when the enemy laner is focused on taking a minion. You can also waste their mana if they are a skillshot-oriented champion by baiting their abilities by moving forward a little and then back before their poke hits you.

3. Identify windows to trade - if the enemy uses their spells to push the wave or you've successfully baited out a few of their key abilities, it's time to move in for a small trade. Proc Press the Attack and Silver Bolts and get out, unless you think you can all-in with Condemn.

Common Ward Spots & Gank Paths
Areas to Ward (Full-Size Image)
Common Gank Paths (Full-Size Image)

These are the common spots you'll want to ward and the common paths that junglers will take to reach Top Lane. While these two images do not cover every single possibility, they offer a good basis for learning when you'll meet the enemy jungler and how to avoid getting ganked or dying.

It is more important that you learn when to ward than learn where to ward. For example, if you're pushed up on the Blue Side, you should ward either the river brush or tri-brush. If you're being pushed in on the Blue Side, you should ward the brush in lane closest to your tower and the tri-brush behind your tower. I especially recommend learning the jungle paths because as a Vayne Top, the enemy jungler should be looking to camp your lane the majority of the time.

Avoiding Ganks

Ask yourself 3 things:

1. Do I really need to Teleport here?

Many Top Laners will use Teleport when it's not needed. The optimal times to use Teleport are when you recall and the wave is in the middle of the lane and the enemy is pushing in - teleporting here makes it so that you don't miss much experience and gold. A risky Teleport that can pay off if the enemy jungler is not nearby is when your wave is pushing in, but the enemy begins to freeze it. You'll want to Teleport so that you can shove and stop the freeze from happening.

You do NOT want to Teleport when your wave is already shoved in and crashing as you'll just Teleport to lane with nothing to do - it's better to just walk back in these situations. You also don't want to Teleport directly to minions when you think the enemy jungler is nearby as getting killed in that situation would put you very far behind.

2. Where am I in this lane?
If you're overextended, you're definitely in trouble and should be careful. While "overextended" may differ from jungler to jungler, typically you're overextended if you are past the river and close to their tower. If you're in the middle of the lane, you're safer than if you were overextended, but should still be careful of ganks, as you can be flanked or ganked from the river. If you are close to your tower, you are relatively safe from most ganks; even better if you're closer to the top wall (the wall farthest from the river).

3. Do I have enough vision?
If at any time you are asking this question and you look at the map, but you can't see anything because it's dark, you don't have enough vision and you should most likely put wards down.

Sometimes, even if you have vision down, you cannot react fast enough to a gank because you didn't place the ward deep enough. Determining where to ward can change based on the jungler you're against - against champions like Hecarim, Skarner, or Rek'Sai for example you would place deeper wards to be notified sooner of them so you can react appropriately.

Mid & Late Game
There are some basic things you need to know for the Mid Game:

1. If there is an objective up, go to the side lane that is opposite it if your Teleport is up. If Teleport isn't up, either head to the side lane and shove then group for the objective or just group. For example, If Baron Nashor or Rift Herald is up, you should be pushing Bot Lane if your Teleport is up. Otherwise, you should shove it and head Mid to group.

2. If there is no objective up, you can either group with your team and look for a teamfight or for picks, or splitpush a side lane depending on who the enemy Top / Mid are. If the enemy Top / Mid are champions you cannot duel for whatever reason, I recommend either grouping and looking for picks or shoving a wave and then grouping.

3. Vision is VERY important during this time. You need it whenever you are pushing and whenever you are trying to take any neutral objective. If you back, try to pick up at least 1 Control Ward.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you aren't losing out on XP and Gold. If there's a minion wave that's pushing on your side of the map and no one's going to it, get it.

Once you reach Late Game, a few of the ideas from Mid Game still stick around. As always, vision is important for objectives and for whenever you're pushing. You can still apply the idea of splitting the lane opposite the objective, but you should only do so when your Teleport is available, as Vayne has a high teamfight impact.

At this point, you should also be grouping with your team as much as you can -- but don't forget about getting CS whenever you can as well. With your team, look to either teamfight, take objectives, make picks, or just force a push by sieging towers or splitting up the enemy team.

Teamfighting as Vayne
If you've ever been interested in playing ADCs, you've most likely heard of the Golden Rule of ADCs: focus whoever's closest to you. Vayne needs to apply this rule to stay alive and to deal damage in teamfights. Generally, in teamfights, you should be staying in the back and attacking whoever's closest to you, as going past them to hit their backline would only make your death quicker. Taking advantage of your invisibility, Tumble, and Silver Bolts, you should apply this rule whenever you're teamfighting.

Outside of this rule, there are some basic concepts that you need to first know and understand to position well in teamfights.

1. Target Selection
Since there'll usually be more than one person closest to you and one/two high priority targets you need to kill, target selection comes in handy here. Good target selection is what separates experienced players from boosted players. In teamfights, you want to keep your calm and assess the situation: who's closest to you, who can deal the most damage to you/your team, and who can interrupt you from doing Kayle things.

Generally, the priority list from highest to lowest is: ADC/Bot Lane, Mid, Top, Jungle, Support, but this can change depending on who is more fed / can deal more damage.

If a high-burst champion/assassin like Zed is rushing at your team with Youmuu's Ghostblade, Flash, and Death Mark, you need to run back as deep into your teammates as you can and hope you can outplay or your team can save you.

If a Bruiser/Duelist like Renekton is rushing at you with Slice and Dice and Dominus up, you should keep your distance since the threat he brings with his CC and damage from Cull the Meek is not to be underestimated. You can stay back, but he can be kited very easily as long as he does not get a second dash. If you end up getting caught by champions like him ( Renekton, Jax, Irelia, Camille), you're most likely going to have to stay and fight while kiting backwards with Final Hour and Tumble. If you catch any of these out of position in a teamfight, you need to kill them immediately as they pose a threat to you dealing damage in fights.

On the other hand, if a huge tank like Cho'Gath or Maokai is in front, they'll be easy to focus down as long as you dodge their CC. With the enemy's tanks dead or almost dead, this'll open up an opportunity for you to hit the enemy's backline or their damage-dealers in the frontline, especially if the rest of the enemy team is too focused on dealing with your own frontline.

By assessing how much of a threat the enemy is to you, you'll start to see who you need to kill and be wary of.

2. Looking at the Map
This concept does play into the above idea, but is more important for when you're looking to start a fight. Typically, you look at who's on the map and who isn't on the map. If multiple people on the enemy team are not showing on the map, consider where they might be: are they flanking or are just playing around Fog of War to position better?

Once you consider these questions, consider what their goals are and position to counter that. If they're flanking, go deep into your teammates and far from where they're trying to flank from. If they're in the Fog of War, predict what they might try to do when they walk up: is Sejuani in the Fog of War with Glacial Prison up? Position behind your teammates or predict her engage.

3. Team Comp Advantage
Know what your team comp is good at and know what their team comp is good at and play around this. If your team comp is really good at 5v5, but only in a certain area, you should kite back and try to disengage whenever you're not in that area.

If the enemy's team can only win in small, isolated fights because they have one or two strong members, then try to get a good 5v5 going where you catch out the strong members.

If your comp is better suited for splitting up the map and forcing objectives/pressuring objectives, you need to know that so you don't take bad teamfights.

4. Good Fight or Bad Fight
You need to be able to discern a good teamfight from a bad teamfight and act accordingly. If it's a bad fight, you need to disengage and cut your losses as much as you can - it is not worth your entire team being wiped for a few members of the enemy team. A bad teamfight is bad for these reasons and more:

1. Your engage failed - You no longer have the means to fight because you lost the initiation advantage.

2. They have the numbers advantage - You should not be looking to fight a 3v5 and win, unless you're incredibly fed and they're incredibly weak.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my guide on Vayne Top and I hope that you've learned a thing or two about this cheesy pick.

If you're interested in interacting more with the Vayne Mains community, feel free to join their Discord here or feel free to participate on their subreddit. If you have any questions you'd like to personally ask me, feel free to leave a comment or join my personal Discord.

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