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Renekton Build Guide by Vort

AD Offtank *Top Lane Renekton

By Vort | Updated on April 21, 2017

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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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How to play Renekton as a Top Lane Fighter

Renekton is a lane bully and front line dive champion. He can be built with variable amounts of damage, but is most effective with at least Black Cleaver, and often Titanic Hydra as well. If necessary, more damage can be built on him, as required.

Renekton can win most match-ups in the top lane, in the current meta, with tools for sustain ( Cull the Meek), single target disruption ( Ruthless Predator), and excellent mobility and resistance shred ( Slice and Dice).

In many match-ups, Renekton can out-right kill his lane opponents with his level 2 spike, level 3 spike, and/or level 6 spike, and his 1v1 potential never really falls off. That being said, if you play cautiously, he's very strong in a war of attrition as well, given his innate sustain and lack of mana.

Summoner Spells
There's just about no reason not to take Flash. It provides incredible mobility and safety in lane, increased catch and kill threat range, and is generally your best play-making tool out of all the summoner spells. Not taking Flash will often draw the enemy jungler and mid lane to your lane more frequently, as they'll read it as an opportunity for easy kills.
In the current top lane meta, Teleport is pretty much a mandatory tool. For much of the game, the lane is usually reduced to a bit of a farm island, and Teleport allows you the opportunity to join the fray (often around Dragon) if necessary. [{Teleport]] also allows you to split push later in the game, and re-join your team as necessary. In lane, it allows flexibility in base timings, allowing you to put more pressure on the enemy lane.
If you're confident and greedy, and planning on snowballing your lane early, hopefully into an early win, Ignite can give you the extra damage needed to do so.
Sometimes, you'd rather have some extra chase potential and mobility in team fights. Renekton thrives on diving in and out of the thick of battle, as his cooldowns allow, and having Ghost gives him extra flexibility in this regard. Particularly good if you somehow end up taking over mid lane instead of top lane.

Fervor of Battle is easily the best keystone mastery on Renekton. The amount of damage it provides is far superior to any of the other damage based masteries, even if you build full tank. There's an argument for Stormraider's Surge if you build heavy damage on Renekton, but in my opinion, it's very niche, and will hurt laning phase too much to usually consider. Renekton thrives of a snowballed lane more than most champions.
If you're somehow forced into the role of primary tanky initiation for your team (which Renekton can do, but is a pretty poor choice for), you could consider Courage of the Colossus . It will hurt laning phase a decent bit, particularly if you're trying to snowball the lane, but it will provide a good bit of mitigation in 5v5 team fights. It's generally not worth considering if you expect smaller numbers in fights (eg. 3v3's or spread-out teams).
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Renekton should prioritize cooldown reduction, flat armor penetration, armor shred, and mobility, with a bit of attack damage and tank stats mixed in, as necessary.
Starting Items
Doran's Blade is the best starting item on Renekton if you can connect with your laning opponent. It provides him with a bit of sustain, and the greatest trading potential and kill threat of any of the starting items.
If you're up against ranged harass that you're expecting to have a difficult time connecting with (eg. Quinn), Doran's Shield is a fair opening item choice. It'll allow you some flexibility and breathing room while you get the first few levels and items necessary to allow you to connect and chase down said champions.
Long Sword is a fair option on Renekton if you're not particularly scared of being killed early. It gives a bit more sustain than Doran's Blade in the form of extra Health Potions, and allows you to rush towards Phage or Tiamat more quickly. The down-side is you lose out on the health provided by Doran's Blade, as well as the lifesteal.

Early Core
Renekton has a few options for early core items, with Tiamat and Kindle Gem+ Phage> Black Cleaver being the most notable items, with Spectre's Cowl, Hexdrinker, Ninja Tabi, Caulfield's Warhammer, and even Bami's Cinder> Sunfire Cape holding some relevance.
Tiamat is probably the best early damage item on Renekton as far as bullying is concerned. It gives you extra lane pressure, allowing you to thin the creep waves without having to burn Reign of Anger fury charges, and the active allows essentially an extra auto-attacks worth of damage to be woven into trades.
Kindlegem is budget Cooldown Reduction for Renekton, which is arguably is favorite stat. It also builds into Black Cleaver, and Spirit Visage, both excellent items on Renekton.
Phage provides less damage than Tiamat, but provides health and fight mobility in exchange. This is excellent for controlling when an engagement in lane is over, allowing you to pursue and kite away on your own terms.
The Black Cleaver is arguably the only core damage item on Renekton. It provides him with mobility, a massive boost to his Cooldown Reduction, damage, health, and more armor shred to stack on top of his innate armor shred.
In the event that you end up laning against a heavy magic damage dealing champion, particularly one that relies more on DPS than burst, Spectre's Cowl is an excellent option. Combine that with a Kindlegem later, and build into Spirit Visage for excellent healing and Cooldown Reduction on top of the magic resistance and health.
Alternately, if you're against a burst magic damage threat, pick up a Hexdrinker. Not only will this allow you to survive their burst more easily, but it also provides additional damage to help you chase them down and kill them after they've burnt their spells on you. Build into Maw of Malmortius eventually, or sell late game.
Against any auto attacker in lane, Ninja Tabi are your best friends. Build them.
If you're planning on going heavy damage, Caulfield's Warhammer is a good early option. It provides an excellent balance of Cooldown Reduction and Attack Damage, and builds into strong offensive items such as Youmuu's Ghostblade, Maw of Malmortius, and Death's Dance.
If you get off to a bad start in lane, or if you're building to be your team's main tank, Sunfire Cape can be a good option. It'll provide you with a lot of free damage in trades, as well an early tank stat spike that is particularly hard to deal with. The downside is it doesn't make for the best bullying item, but if you're playing the battle of attrition, it can be quite good.

Item Options
Titanic Hydra is usually the Tiamat upgrade taken, as it provides great burst damage vs squishies, and also bolsters Renekton's health pool.
Ravenous Hydra is the more offensive Tiamat upgrade, and is a very strong pickup when your team already has a substantial front line, and/or the enemy team has relative low burst damage.
Mercury's Treads are your fall-back boots when there's too much hard CC on the field of play, and you don't need Ninja Tabi for lane.
Spirit Visage is a good option for topping up Renekton's Cooldown Reduction, and providing him with extra healing. Particularly effective with lifesteal items. An excellent build option if you picked up a Spectre's Cowl in lane.
Maw of Malmortius is another option for topping off Cooldown Reduction, and is excellent when Hexdrinker was built in lane. It's also a more offensive magic resistance option than Spirit Visage.
Youmuu's Ghostblade is the most offensive Cooldown Reduction item for Renekton. Great for running over squishy targets. Particularly strong if built fairly early in lane, or to follow up a Caulfield's Warhammer.
When you need tank stats that include armor, and want some help getting into the fray, Dead Man's Plate is a great option.
Guardian Angel is an excellent defensive item once you have your first couple core items done. It can be built as early as third, if you're snowballing, and can really help you turn mid-game and late game fights in your favor. An excellent item to follow up Black Cleaver+ Ninja Tabi+ Titanic Hydra if you're ahead vs. a fairly mixed composition, and trying to snowball your advantage.
Build Randuin's Omen if you're dealing with a crit-heavy team. Particularly strong if you're playing with more of a defensive focus for your carries.
Thornmail is a good counter to an auto-attack heavy comp, assuming you get enough health elsewhere. Decent if split pushing against an auto attacker.
Blade of the Ruined King, since the changes, is now a pretty good tank buster item on Renekton. Particularly effective if focusing on split pushing, and/or delaying Cooldown Reduction. It's most effective as a rushed item.
Death's Dance is a solid Lifesteal+Cooldown Reduction damage item on Renekton. If you're in need of Cooldown Reduction and are playing a heavy pressure/split push playstyle, fighting smaller scraps, it can be a strong item choice. It is expensive, however, and the build path is fairly awkward. There are usually stronger item options, but it can be built in place of something like Youmuu's Ghostblade, against tankier champions, in the even that you're not concerned about having more magic resistance, and would rather have the extra sustain.
Mortal Reminder is worth mentioning, just for the heal suppression. In rare cases, you may be the best candidate for this item on your team. If this happens, it's better to keep your other damage items to a minimum.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity are worth mentioning in that they give you very inexpensive Cooldown Reduction. The down-side to building these is that you miss out on the overly strong Ninja Tabi, and many other Cooldown Reduction items are strong on Renekton as is. Still worth considering in rare cases, particularly if you're not running Cooldown Reduction in runes.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Vort
Vort Renekton Guide

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