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Rengar Build Guide by IPodPulse

Assassin platinum

Top lane Rengar, inspired by Ryan Choi

By IPodPulse | Updated on September 30, 2014
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Table of Contents

Quick Guide


Basic Information

Advanced Tactics

Wrapping Up

Synergies and Counters
Summoner Spells

About the Author
Who is Rengar?


Rengar's Skillset
Skilling Order


Team fighting




Starting Items

Core Build


Offensive Items

Defensive Items

Synergies and Counters

Rengar is good against:

Rengar is weak against:

Rengar works well with:

Summoner Spells



This is perhaps the most basic rune page one should have. It has everything Rengar needs, the attack damage goes great with his early game lane phase. Combined with the doran's blades and Empowered Savagery you will have a high amount of AD that will ensure your success in duels. The armor seals are questionable to some people. Ever since the rune changes is April armor seals were claimed to be not as good as they used to be. However this is false due to Riot stating that they will provide every champion with a +3 armor rate. So technically you will continue having 12 armor. Now why are these good on Rengar? Well the main reason is due to the fact that you are a top lane assassin. unlike other Rengar builds our motive is to not build tanky items but to build damage and armor penetration, because of this we rely on early armor to secure our survival. We finally end with magic resist runes, we take flat magic resist because of 1. Rengar's low magic resist gain per level and 2. We are playing the role of an assassin which requires us to kill the enemy with the highest priority either it being an ADC or an APC or another role. Due to these reasons we take flat magic resist instead of other glyphs.


Here is our mastery page for Rengar. This mastery page is extremely important due to the benefits it provides us. Masteries such as Executioner are required due to how it affects our damage output. Along with Executioner masteries like Havoc and Devastating Strikes are just as useful because of the extra damage we deal.

About the Author

This Rengar guide is written by IPodPulse/iPulsefire. I am a silver IV player who has played League of Legends for about 3 years. Though I am not fancy about ranked solo queue I do have plenty of experience in the top lane.

My personal experience with Rengar started with the day he came out. He is a very fun and unique champion. He was a great split pusher, his assassination capabilities were insane, and his kit overall was very fun. But it all changed when the fire nati- I mean Riot reworked him. While he doesn't have some of the pros he had pre rework he is still a great champion.

Now my main reason for playing Rengar is Ryan Choi. He is a challenger tier Rengar player and perhaps the best in the world. He also made a guide on Rengar. Now the reason why I base my guide off of him is because his guide lacks the useful information for a Rengar player. His guide contains 1-2 line sentences and isn't that informal at all. With my guide I plan on telling players everything I can about Rengar. Things like triple Q, bush control and combos. But my job is to inform you on Rengar, it is your job to learn by personal experience. After all a guide maker is the frame for your painting, it is your job to paint the picture. So lets get painting!


Rengar is a top lane assassin that relies on his physical damage and attack damage items. He is able to burst people down with his combos like Savagery-> Empowered Savagery. His main role in fights is to take out the most valuable target. This usually means the enemy ADC or APC, however this isn't always true as each game can turn out differently.

Rengar is a great laner due to his lane presence, bush control, and no mana/energy issues. He has a built in heal that can help when taking large amounts of damage and his Bola Strike is great for chasing running enemies. With Tiamat his wave clear becomes astounding and his dueling potential practically doubles. His ultimate Thrill of the Hunt is great for picking of the enemy laner while he has low health and for ganking mid and bot. Not to mention what great gap closing potential it has. His passive Unseen Predator makes his great lane presence because of the enemy not knowing where Rengar is and the leap range can help secure you early kills.

Some kickass Rengar music to listen to while reading

Who is Rengar?


+ High Burst Potential
+ Item-Independent
+ High Wave Clear with Tiamat
+ Fantastic ultimate
+ High Mobility
+ No energy or mana
+ Great lane presence
+ Awesome side quest when against a Kha'Zix

Rengar's Strengths

Rengar is an incredible laner because of his incredible early damage output. With just a Doran's Blade Rengar is able to get an easy level 1 kill. He is a champion who doesn't require extra items early game just to have some sort of effect against the enemy laner, and when he does get items he just becomes even stronger. Another benefit Rengar has is the fact that he has no mana or energy. He is a resourceless champion which allows him to stay in lane longer which means more gold and xp for you compared to other champions with some sort of resource like mana. His high mobility scales great with his ultimate Thrill of the Hunt which allows him to pick off easy targets and he has an awesome side quest that allows him to kill his ultimate rival Kha'Zix. When Rengar kills Kha'Zix he will gain the Head of Kha'zix. An item that will replace your bonetooth necklace and provide Rengar instantly 20 stacks.

Rengar's Weakness's

Rengar like all champions is not perfect, he has problems like his full combo which can be extremely hard to pull of if you do not practice it enough times. The fact that he is a melee champion is quite scary considering your positioning during team fights. When you jump in a fight you plan on going for the high priority target, which can be extremely risky when the enemy team is doing their best to defend someone like their ADC. The biggest thing that will affect Rengar is crowd control or CC for short. Things like snares, stuns, or slows can really affect your gameplay, so you usually want to protect yourself from these sort of things with items like Mercurial Scimitar


- Weak Levels 1-3
- Combo is hard to pull off
- Melee
- Nerf made him weaker
- CC ruins him
- Bola Strike is a skill shot
- Kha'Zix will evolve a 4th time if you die to him

Rengar's Skillset

Unseen Predator
(Passive): The infamous passive that makes Rengar an amazing top laner and initiator. This innate allows Rengar to leap whenever he is in some sort of brush. This leads to early kills, easy farm, and great kiting potential. Early game the enemy has one of two choices to either ward the top brush or the river brush. The biggest mistake they can make is ward the top brush in order to "counter" you. This is perfect due to the fact that your leap range is pretty far and they leave the river open making them vulnerable to ganks. On top of that your kiting potential is limitless because the enemy most likely wont know where you are when you are in the top brush which proceeds them to worry and back off making them lose gold and XP. The innate also provides Rengar his resource of ferocity and important resource that affects Rengar gameplay.

(Active): This is Rengar's primary damage and farming ability. It deals physical damage of 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+100 / 105 / 110 / 115 / 120 % AD). This ability has a low cooldown of 6 at level 1 and 4 at level 5. The ability itself is great for everything Rengar does. It is his primary form of damage and is an AA reset. The low cooldown allows for easy stacking of ferocity and his dueling potential is amazing becuase of the outright damage you can do to an opponent.

Empowered Savagery
(Active): Empowered Savagery is what makes Rengar the high damage assassin he was born to play. The skill costs 5 ferocity to use, it deals physical damage equal to 15 + (15 × Rengar's level) (+ 150% AD). Additionally, Savagery grants Rengar bonus 47 + (3 × Rengar's level) % attack speed and increases his attack damage by 10% for 5 seconds. This is what gives Rengar his amazing burst and killing potential, the attack speed and bonus attack damage it provides is extremely useful when dueling as it can give you the upper hand on both your AA and abilites

Battle Roar
(Active):A great ability that allows Rengar to enter fights and survive long enough to kill his target and leave barely harmed. The ability itself deals 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 80% AP) magic damage while providing 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 armor and magic resist with a bonus of 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 per champion/large monster hit. As said earlier when we use this ability in team fights we gain a large amount of armor and magic resist. This will help us deal with our target while trying to take as little damage as we can.

Empowered Battle Roar
(Active): Empowered Battle Roar is like regular Battle Roar but it deals more damage and provides a heal. The damage it deals is magic just like normal Battle Roar but deals 25 + (15 × Rengar's level) (+ 80% AP). His heal however heals 8 + (4 × Rengar's level) health, increased by 5.25% for every 1% of Rengar's missing health for up to 50 + (25 × Rengar's level) health. This is great for fights when you just need a little more health or when you took some harass from the enemy.

Bola Strike
(Active):A long range skill shot that slows and deals a good amount of damage. When thrown Bola Strike will deal 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 (+ 70% bonus AD) and apply a slow of 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80%. This skill is great for catching up to slow enemies or to slow them down to help you run away when at low health. The damage is deals is pretty good and works really well mid-late game since we get most of our AD around that time.

Empowered Bola Strike
(Active):The empowered version of Bola Strike deals damage equal to 25 + (25 × Rengar's level) (+ 70% bonus AD), but instead of applying a slow it applies a snare that lasts 1.75 seconds. This ability is extremely useful for catching enemies that escape you when you use your ultimate or when your jungler decides to gank top. The snare will allow you and your jungler to apply lots of damage and potentially get the kill.

When to use Empowered Bola Strike

Thrill of the Hunt
(Active): A great escape and gap closing ability. When activated Rengar becomes stealthed after 1 second or 3 if taking damage. When stealthed Rengar is given vision of any enemies within a radius of 2000 / 3000 / 4000 for 7/12 seconds or until Rengar deals damage to an enemy. While he is stealthed he is given a movement speed boost of 15/30%. When unstealthed Rengar is given a movement speed boost of 25 / 35 / 45 % while generating 5 ferocity. This is what gives Rengar the title of "unseen predator". This ability allows Rengar to enter teamfights, gank lanes and overall dominate the battle grounds.

Skilling Order




















Rengar's skilling order is quite easy to understand, we max Savagery first because it is our main form of damage, the low cooldown, and the boost it helps us with farming minions. It is also essential to our combo so in order to maximize damage we need to max Savagery first. The second ability we max out is Bola Strike, this ability is very strong and useful but it is hard to hit and it has a long cool down compared to Savagery. However it is essential to max it second because of the damage and the slow, Rengar needs some sort of way to "stick" to enemies when he is out of ult or out of brush, Bola Strike allows us to do this. Our third ability we max out is of course Thrill of the Hunt being our ultimate we put points in this ability at levels 6/11/16. The ability is great for team fights, dueling, gap closing and more. Always make this third. Our final ability we max is Battle Roar. Now the reason we max this last is because the damage is does is extremely weak and unless you are playing AP Rengar this skill will barely hurt anyone. while the armor and magic resist it provides are useful it would be the only useful thing aside from stacking ferocity. Also the empowered version's heal remains the same regardless of what level the ability is.


Starting Items

This is the general start you want to use with Rengar, the Doran's Blade start is great as it allows us to initiate with the enemy early game because of the stats we are given. 80 health is great for early game it allows you to take more hits and survive more fights. it also gives us 8 attack damage which even though is not a lot at first it is very helpful. Finally the other reason why we get Doran's Blade is because of the health given back.

Early Items

Wait a second? Do my eyes deceive me? 3 DORANS?! Well i'm afraid your eyes are telling the truth. Now remember when I said how Doran's Blade's are good? Well they are extremely good with Rengar. You see in our early game we don't get a form of life steal, instead we get a total of 3 Doran's Blade's because of the health gain the damage gain and the 15 health regen per hit. These stats are exactly what Rengar needs. It also allows us to refrain from buying Ravenous Hydra until later in the game. Pickaxe on the other hand is required for our core item of Tiamat You see we don't need Ravenous Hydra early game because it is too expensive and you get the same active from Tiamat, making it useless until later in the game. Also since we don't spend so much on Ravenous Hydra we are able to get our next core item Last Whisper earlier.

Core Items

This is what you are aiming for as Rengar. When you have these items you should already be a killing machine. Now that we have gotten Tiamat our damage and farming capabilities will be insane. With this we are now given an area of effect that damages any enemies near the enemy unit struck. Last Whisper is good for the armor shredding power and the damage is provides us. When we add these two items together Rengar is able to deal massive damage.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

The next item we buy is Youmuu's Ghostblade. This little bundle of death is equipped with damage, cool down reduction, critical chance, armor penetration, and an active that increases movement speed and attack damage. Everything Rengar needs! This item is great for dueling, catching up to your targets and bursting down the enemies even faster. The flat armor penetration is great early to mid game but falls of late game, that is why we get Last Whisper and Black Cleaver

Which one to get first?

Alright so by now you are approaching late game or are already in late game. You have to buy one item that fits your situation. You know have the choice of either Ravenous Hydra or Black Cleaver, so what do you choose? Well you want to choose Ravenous Hydra whenever you need more burst damage or if you find yourself taking too much damage. Ravenous Hydra Would be your best choice. you can heal of jungle creeps, you gain more damage so your targets will be bursted down faster and you deal more damage to the enemy team. However if you find yourself with the enemies not taking as much damage as they used to, and you notice they are starting to build more armor then buy Black Cleaver. This is a great item for enemies building armor or who have lots of armor, you shred 25% of their armor. That means your Last Whisper goes through less armor, along with your Youmuu's Ghostblade.

TL;DR Get Hydra first if you need more burst and lifesteal or get black cleaver first if you need to shred armor.

Final Items/Situational

These are the final items/situational you should get on Rengar. The two offensive items are Trinity Force and Blade of the Ruined King. Trinity Force is a great item if ahead. It gives you all the stats you need and allows you to deal more damage to enemies while given a movement speed boost. Blade of the Ruined King is a great item when the enemies have a more tankier approach. This item is great for dealing damage on tankier enemies that cross your path and for catching up to enemies that seemed to just slip by your grasp.

The 3 defensive items are Randuin's Omen, Banshee's Veil, and Quicksilver Sash. Randuin's Omen is a great item when taking down the enemy ADC or other attack damage carry's. the passive it provides is great for enemies with a high DPS and the active it provides is great for enemies that try to kite you. The item also provides a good amount of health, and armor which works great with Battle Roar. Banshee's Veil is great against teams with poke or CC. This item allows you to enter a fight or a duel and negate an entire ability. This is huge, this can ruin peoples combos and give you an advantage on who does the most damage, an important factor when playing Rengar. The third item is Quicksilver Sash, an important item for any champion, especially Rengar. Since Rengar is extremely vulnerable to CC this makes Quicksilver Sash an important item against CC heavy teams. I able to upgrade it to Mercurial Scimitar, but only when it the your possible choice.


Rengar's is known for his strong early damage, making his laning phase really strong, his ability to kite and initiate enemies using the brush allows him to play offensive while allowing his to farm. The most popular combo for Rengar is his Savagery-> Empowered Savagery, it burst down enemies really quick and allows Rengar to back off with usually more health.

Now when you do get to the lane you should try to go in the middle brush, if you are unsure if an enemy is in the brush use your Savagery, this will be good if there is an enemy in the brush and if there isn't, the cool down is low so you should get it back in a couple of seconds. Around the 1:55 mark pop out of the brush, and stay there until the minions go towards you. By doing this you are able to stack your ferocity while staying in the brush. Now you can do either 2 things, if the enemy laner is squishy and can be bursted down try to get 4 stacks of ferocity and double Q him, if you are unsure you can kill him/her wait till level 2 or 3 then try to combo him/her

Now standard laning phase Rengar has 2 routes. If you are having a hard time with the enemy, you will find yourself playing really safe and farming a lot. You harass when you are given the chance but you are generally playing smart, after all its the best you can do aside from roaming. However if you find your self with an enemy where you are equal or superior you will want to stay in the brush, a lot. The brush is your safe haven, the enemy has no vision of you if no wards are placed and it allows you to last hit safely, when the enemy is out of place you want to jump on them and perform your standard combo if available. Repeat this process and you find yourself with more kills, gold, and XP then the enemy.

Once you get your ultimate thats when things become fun, with Thrill of the Hunt you are able to roam a bit, helping other lanes or you can use your ultimate as an execute when the enemy is playing safe. However if you plan on executing someone try to have at least 4-5 stacks of ferocity, this way you can double Q and have another five stacks so you can use either of your abilities depending on which one fits the situation.


Knowing how to use your ferocity is very important for Rengar. The best way to manage your ferocity is by using basic math, as in 1+1. As a Rengar player you need to be aware of your abilities and how to use them properly to gain their empowered version.

Here are some combos to use and remember

1. Farming


2. Dueling

Try to have at least 4 ferocity before pulling this off

Youmuu's-Q-Q-Tiamat-AA use W whenever for the bonus armor and magic resist and use E when they try to run away

3. Ganking

Try to have 5 stacks of ferocity for this

R-Youmuu's-Q-Q-Tiamat-Q for the killing blow or E for the snare in case they runaway

4. Triple and Quad Q

One of Rengar's most popular moves, the triple Q and the new quad Q. The video below basically shows you how to do both of these, there is some nsfw langauge so be advised. if you want a more detailed explanation of the triple Q, the text below the video will contain some useful information.

The triple Q is a great way to delete people with practically no escapes, it is a very fast combo to pull off making it extremely tricky but rewarding, if you are going to triple q you will be needing 5 ferocity and your ultimate. The nice thing about the triple Q with reworked Rengar is that you gain ferocity after stealth, the opposite of pre-reworked Rengar. This allows us to plan out our triple Q compared to before where we required to instantly ulti then triple Q. Anyways the standard combo to execute this is (5 ferocity)R-Q-Q-E-W-Q. However since we got this tricked out build we should activate some items, so before you jump use Youmuu's Ghostblade, after jumping add some Tiamat/ Ravenous Hydra in the combo and your set. So an example of this would be (5 ferocity)R-Youmuu's-Q-Q-Tiamat-E-Q. That is pretty much the triple Q.

Team fighting

Team fights are a extremely important phase at which it allows one team to obtain objectives and a large sum of gold. However in the eyes of Rengar team fights are your ticket to killing the priority target and helping your team with the rest of the fight.

As mentioned previously our purpose is the eliminate the high priority target which is most likely the ADC or APC. However this does not mean that these will always be the target as this will change every game. Once the target is eliminated you are given the choice to either run off or continue fighting. When at low heath it is best to run away, this allows you to go back or heal of minions and jungle creeps. When at a solid amount of health staying to fight is best, at which you want to help team mates that are struggling or continue focusing the next priority target.

The point at entering a team fight is very important, Rengar is a great initiator in the right situations, however if you have another champion on your team that you would prefer initiate then that would perhaps be best since our main goal is to take out the highest priority target and live instead of dying. Also the indicator that is displayed on the enemies when your ultimate is used is a great way to make the enemy team panic, as they await your initiation they are often clueless of the rest of your team.


Rengar's synergizes with anyone who has some sort of CC and/or gap closer. Seeing as Rengar is a stealthy champion with an incredible burst it is particurly useful to have some sort of teammates that can either follow up or CC them allowing both you and the teammate to kill the enemy.

Champions like Kassadin and Fizz are some great champions because of their gap closing abilities and their mobility. With this these 2 champions are able to "jump" into and force a fight almost instantly, this generates large amounts of kills due to the enemy not being able to react fast enough and them having no vision of you.

Champions that have some form of CC that locks the enemy or slows them are even better in some situations. Champions like Morgana, Leona, Elise, and Lee Sin are some good examples of supports and junglers that have some form of CC that benefits Rengar and his killing process.


Rengar, like every single champion in the game, CC is both a blessing and a curse, however this isn't a complete counter to Rengar as each champion has a different form of CC and how to execute it. Melee champions that have some form of CC usually require them to be at melee range to use it, this is great for Rengar because it allows him to continue to damage them regardless of the fact they have CC'ed you. These type of champions include Renekton, Riven, and Jax.

Another counter to Rengar is ranged champions/abilities. Since Rengar requires to be up close and personal to deliver a majority of his damage this can be a major problem as the enemy can simply kite and harass you. Now this counter only applies to Rengar when the enemy has some sort of ranged AA or 2 or more ranged abilities that can be used to harass, this includes champions like Kayle, Quinn, and ADC's.

When it comes to items and abilities the only one that comes to mind would have to be Quicksilver Sash/ Mercurial Scimitar and Cleanse. But this only affects Rengar's Empowered Bola Strike making it somewhat useless.


Well this is the end of my guide. I hope you enjoyed it. Rengar is a really unique and fun champion, his ability to snowball easily at early stages makes him a great assassin.

I would like to thank GrandMasterD/polish man for the guide template, LaCorpse for her beautiful dividers, and OTGBionicArm/donthaveacoolnameforhimyet for his music idea and Drakon136/bbb! and Keanu Reaves/Utopus for the song and Maintained/GoodPlays for proof reading the guide.

League of Legends Build Guide Author IPodPulse
IPodPulse Rengar Guide

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