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Tryndamere Build Guide by DeathKnightA

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathKnightA

Tryndamere the 100% critical

DeathKnightA Last updated on March 2, 2013
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I am making this guide because many of my in game friends asked me to and I already have several followers of this build in game. Tryndamere is a very strong champion with extremely high chance to kill all mid to late game. Now let's first talk about the pros and cons of Tryndamere.

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Pros / Cons

- Tryndamere's Spinning Slash can be used as an excellent tool to catch up to enemies or run away from enemies
- Bloodlust can help Tryndamere be dominent in early game laning with it's healing potential and damage increase
- Mocking Shout is a very strong slow that can be used for many purposes: to catch up to enemies, to help a teammate get away from an enemy and since it also reduces attack damage it can also be used for dueling enemy champions
- Tryndamere is a literal tank, he can deal high damage catch up to people very easily and run away just as easily.
- Tryndamere's ultimate Undying Rage encourages extremely agressive play with very little consequence, you an use it to back out of a 3v1 gank, provide yourself with a kill or if you need to gain fury for a farming or critical chance boost

-There is always at least one person whining about op Tryndamere
- Tryndamere is incredibly vunerable to croud control spells and abilities
- Tryndamere is also vulnerable to burst damage.

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Battle Fury is Tryndamere's passive. This passive is amazing, it gives you 0.35% crit chance for every point of fury Tryndamere has. That means at full fury (100/100) he will have 35% bonus crit chance. This is a huge advantage in solo top lanes and helps you farm and trade hits better.

is Tryndamere's Q ability and the majority of his sustain and damage without items. This ability gives you a flat amount of attack damage per rank increasing by rank and gives you an amount of attack damage per % of health you are missing. These are the passive abilities. The active is Tryndamere consumes his fury and heals for a flat amount plus an amount per fury point changing with level. At rank 5 with full fury you should be healing roughly 320 health with Bloodlust.

Mocking Shout is very important for tryndamere when he needs to chase after somebody, lower an opposing solo top opponent's attack damage or save yourself from ganks or stealthed opponents ready to kill. This ability provides an extremely strong slow and decreases attack damage greatly on your opponents giving you an advantage in duels.

spining slash Spinning Slash is an extremely important skill for Tryndamere because it is his most effective gap closer and can also act like a mini flash with very low cooldown. The fact that the cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds every time you crit makes for a very short cooldown if in fights or if you're farming and need to make a quick get away. In combination with Mocking Shout Tryndamere can catch and kill almost anybody short of maybe a Rammus or someone with several blinks/escape mechanisms.

Undying Rage is one of the best ultimates in the game because if used right it gives you a guaranteed 5 seconds in a fight which with this build is enough to kill 2 enemies at least. If you activate this when you have guardian angel you will waste it so do not do that. It instantly gives you fury which you can use to heal up after coming out of your god mode. This can be used to gain fury to finish off a target, save your life or provide yourself with a kill. Overall one of the best ultimates in the game if used correctly.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Skill Sequence:

1. Spinning Slash is my first choice because you usually want first blood and Bloodlust isn't enough of a dmg giver or lifesaver healer in early lvls so I choose Spinning Slash for the mobility and the extra damage.

2. Bloodlust would be my level two ability and my priority to level up through out the game second only to Undying Rage for the sustainability in lane and the extra damage it gives Tryndamere.

3. Mocking Shout is my level three ability and my third level up priority for Tryndamere because it is his slow that allows him to catch up to people, reduce attack damage and detect invisible units and escape ganks.

4. Bloodlust

5. Bloodlust

6. Undying Rage is obviously my choice for Tryndamere at level six because of his guaranteed five second presence in battle which with my build is about 3 kills if you fight right, crit chance boost because of the fury and can save your life against DoT spells and ganks.

7. Bloodlust

8. Mocking Shout because you can't choose Bloodlust :P

9. Bloodlust

10. Mocking Shout now starts to take priority

11. Undying Rage

12. Mocking Shout

13. Mocking Shout

14. Spinning Slash

15. Spinning Slash

16. Undying Rage

17. Spinning Slash

18. Spinning Slash

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My current rune book is:


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Mark of Attack Damage: I use this rune for early solo top lane dominance against other hard ad bruisers. It also allows you to farm better and trade hits more effectivly early game which snowballs into an amazingly strong late game.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: I think this rune is good for Tryndamere because it gives him some base resistance early game against spells and helps you survive if you're laning against a mage or another ability power carry.
Greater Seal of Armor: My explanation for this rune is very simple. It again helps you early game when you're more fragile against people like Master Yi, Xin Zhao, or other Tryndamere.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: I using this rune for early solo top lane dominance against other hard ad bruisers. It also allows you to farm better and trade hits more effectivly early game which snowballs into an amazingly strong late game.

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My Masteries are:


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Here in this section I will explain the Summoner Spells I choose for Tryndamere and why I do. I will also explain all the other Summoner Spells and why or why not to use them with Tryndamere.
Flash is also a good spell with Tryndamere to use because since spinning slash is like a mini flash it opens the possibility of having two flashes which will make you almost uncatchable and make enemy junglers hesitate about ganking you because you have two escapes.

Ignite: Again I find the biggest problem with playing Tryndamere is that he has a hard time catching up to people. People like Ezreal, Kassadin and people with Flash can be very annoying to fight when they just simply Flash away when they are one attack away from death. This spell fixes all that by having Ignite you, when you suspect they are going to flash away and they are at low enough health just Ignite them and they'll just die. Another use is to limit the lifesteal on enemy champions because of the healing reduction. For example Fiddlesticks drain will be rendered useless with one simple Ignite, same with Sion's Cannibalism.

Exhaust is a great spell for Tryndamere simply because his movement speed isn't the best and he needs this spell to catch up or get away from enemies. This spell can also be used to save people from certain death. Another way it can be used is in combat, if the opponent looks stronger than you, you should fight them for a while then at about half health exhaust to decrease their damage by 70%. Now with Tryndamere this can make or break a fight or mean the difference between a double kill and a death. Also in combination with mocking shout this summoner spell will make the opponent only be able to as low as 39 damage to you per hit. When you would be jungling you can take this as an alternative to Ghost if you feel you don't need Ghost or Flash and want to take Exhaust.

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Item Sequence

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Berserker's Greaves

Infinity Edge

Phantom Dancer

The Bloodthirster

Statikk Shiv

Guardian Angel

Enchantment: Furor
I choose to take boots of speed and three health potions because it gives you a nice speed boost and alot of durability. It also helps you kite ganks and escape very well. You can also trade hits better if the opponent doesn't take boots then you can kite the hell out of them. Another good thing is if they are running away you could catch them/keep up with them.

I take these boots because they help you trade hits and farm minions more effectively. They provide alot of cheap attack speed in lane and are good for early and late game.

I get this before Infinity Edge because they provide the attack speed and movement speed boost Tryndamere needs plus a nice bit of critical strike chance.

This is my first choice after Zeal because it is your main damage dealing tool in your build and the harder you hit before they can build armor the better.

I finish phantom dancer after Infinity Edge for more movement speed, critical strike chance and attack speed.

I use this for some lifesteal and attack damage, it gives you more sustainability in fights and allows you to heal alot of health without going back or wasting all your fury.

I make this item cause it gives me attack speed, critical chance and movement speed.

This is a great item to round off your build, it provides nice armor and magic resist and a second life after your 5 seconds of survivabilty from your ult. Amazing synergy with Tryndamere definitely pick this up.

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Situational Items

I always pick this up if an ap based champion is dominating the game. It synergises well with your Bloodlust and Undying Rage and gives you a nice bit of magic resist.

I usually pick this up if the enemy is building Frozen Heart as it counters the armor element and the attack speed reduction element.

I pick this up if i'm up against a team with a lot of attack damage because it gives 100 armour and allows you to return 30% of the damage they do to you back to them in magic damage.

I take Frozen Mallet if I feel people are getting away from me too easily or that I need the extra health I usually pick this up. Also an OK item to pick up if your losing a lane.

I get this if i'm losing a lane to an enemy because it helps you keep up in gold with them and plus it gives you a nice critical chance boost.

I pick this up when they have a lot of CC on the enemy team or i'm against an ap lane like Kennen.

I pick these boots up when i'm up against a heavy ad bruiser like Xin Zhao or Fiora. They can turn the tides of an entire lane if played right.

These are helpful when jungling Tryndamere but in lane i would definately not pick these.

I pick these up when my team needs a tank or a tanky dps champion on our team. Always coupled with Atma's Impaler.

arma's impalerI pick this up when trying to go tanky and it's always coupled with Warmog's Armor.

Great synergy with Tryndamere in general really. The healing bonus helps his Bloodlust and the cooldown reduction helps Undying Rage and all his other abilities too coupled with a nice bit of health. This is a nice item to get if going tankier or if you feel you need the cdr.

sword of the ocultI get this sometimes in normals and rarely in ranked because of the fact that it's a great item for snowballing however it makes you a massive target for the enemy team just because of the stacks. It's a gamble, get it if you feel you can snowball effectively.

Nice boost to Tryndamere's overall stats and gives some nice cdr for his abilities. Pick it up if you like it but I usually leave it.

Pick this up if you're getting outsustained in lane or need some quick, cheap life steal.

zeke's heraldYou could take this as more of a tank Tryndamere but as a damage Tryndamere I wouldn't usually recommend it over The Bloodthirster.

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With Tryndamere I usually gank at level 6 once I have my ultimate up just in case I need to dive turrets or I get counter ganked. When you gank you should lead in with Spinning Slash then pop Mocking Shout as they try to run away from you. Now continue hitting them until they flee to their turret. Now you have two options: Either dive if you think you can kill them OR push the minions up to the turret and then kill them from there. I usually just chase on in after them because if you wait to push the minions they could go back or call for reinforcements. Now only dive them if they are at less than half of their hp and is killable in 3-4 hits. If not do not gank.

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Which Buffs To Take

Now as Tryndamere you are going to be able to kill jungle monsters easily. The important thing is to know which buffs you need and which ones you could give away.

Now Red Buff is extremely important for Tryndamere in long chases or to kill a high movement speed person. I would highly recommend asking for this from your jungler because the dot and slow can provide a huge advantage in lane.

Blue Buff is good on Tryndamere too because it reduces your ultimate cooldown by almost 15 seconds and allows you to Spinning Slash more often to get away or chase. BUT if you have a good ap carry you should definatly give it to them.

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Solo Top

Solo lane Tryndamere is extremely strong, here's why. If Tryndamere gets his ult faster than other champions do that's a huge leg up for him because it means he can gank earlier and dive earlier while the other champions aren't as strong. Also as you know our early game damage is not very strong but our mid to late game damage is extremely strong the faster you can get to late game the better. Also this ensures Tryndamere strong early game farm which can make getting Infinity Edge alot easier. I would suggest getting your jungler to gank you lane when you are lvl 6 to get you started on kills if you're not started already then push the turret in your solo lane then go gank lanes with your jungler till you're fed beyond the enemy's worst fears. The only problem is there are some very unfavorable matchups against Tryndamere. This next section will highlight your solo top opponents and how to beat them.

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When to Solo Baron Nashor

Fed or not there comes a point in every game where Tryndamere can solo baron. This section will tell you when to do that fed or not fed. Ideally you should solo baron when you have a Bloodthirster fully farmed at least. This ensures 25 percent lifesteal against baron which should be enough to maintain your health while soloing him. While you are soloing it is wise to have oricle's elixer to check the premesis for any wards that might get you killed and your baron stolen. When fed properly soloing baron should occur at about the 25-35 minute mark. When not fed you should be able to solo around 40-50 minutes. These times are only approximate so don't solo baron with out at least 25 percent lifesteal and the first half of your build.

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Solo Top Tryndamere vs. Others

Akali: An extremely easy solo top up until level 6. Then she starts to hurt. Just don't tower dive her if her shroud is up and you'll be fine. Also when you're ganked with her it's IMPOSSIBLE to get away because of her ultimate so be careful for ganks and make sure to get wards on your first trip back.

Alistar. A CC nightmare. The Headbutt, pulverise combo can decimate you without letting you hit back and is deadly in ganks. To counter after he pulls his combo on you spin at him and crit him. His damage is very limited without that combo and you can trade very well. If he has no mana you can do a lot of damage with very little damage returned.

Cho'Gath: An extremely annoying top lane if played right. Cho has amazing sustain and can combo his abilities giving you very little chance to hit back. His ultimate Feast can counter your ultimate hard because when you come out of it you Bloodlust and he ults. YOU'RE SCREWED. Play very cautiously around him, once he's wasted his Rupture go in and try to do some decent damage to him.

Dr. Mundo: He is one of THE MOST ANNOYING people to top against. His infinite cleavers can just eat away at your health so do not let him harass you. A strategy you can use with him is once he's tossed his cleaver and missed you can spin into him and crit the **** out of him until he has to run away. You shouldn't be able to get too many kills in this lane but you should never be killed.

Fiora: SUCH AN ANNOYING TOP LANE!!!!! There is no strategy against her other than to try to out farm her. One thing to remember is she can only do decent dmg to you if she has her burst of speed up. So run up to her and she'll Lunge to you pretend to run and she'll blow her Burst of Speed while trying to lunge on to you. Now you can spin at her and do some nice damage. This strategy is only recommended for the experienced Tryndamere. DO NOT do this if you are extremely weak or think you could die. Just try to out farm her in lane and return with many items to kick her *** later on. In a 1v1 fight your ult gives you a nice advantage but can be easily countered by her ult. IF SHE ULTS YOU run back to your turret if you have your ult on and Bloodlust do not fight you will die.

Darius: Everyone whines he's so op but he's not, NOT AT ALL. the only thing to watch for is his ult which is easily countered by your ult. Most darius will just ult right when you ult because they panic and don't know what to do. Plus Tryndamere has MEGA sustain and Darius has absolutely no sustain. Darius has nice harass with Decimate and can stop you from leaving easily with Crippling Strike and his grab. The one big deal with this is that Tryndamere can deal out more damage than a Darius and then heal it all back. If there is a darius on the other team choose Tryndamere because you will win your lane.

Galio: Might be an issue for a solo top like Kennen but he's a real pushover for a Tryndamere. No help is needed here.

Garen: Garen will make your lane living hell. If he builds tank he can still do decent damage just with his abilities. If he does build ad you could potentially out damage him but his Decisive Strike does massive damage and applies silence so you can't heal or spin away. The worst thing is his ultimate judgement which completely counters yours and will destroy you if you keep fighting him when it's done. Generally a well played Tryndamere can beat garen simply because you can farm just as well and sustain better without going back to your tower and waiting 1 minute.

Heimerdinger: Can be irritating if you dont' know how to deal with him. What you do is push him away from his turrets. Do not fight him around his turrets unless you have a very significant advantage because you will lose. Other than that his rocket harass is useless because you can just heal it back and he has no sustain in lane whatsoever. Easy lane.

Irelia: Used to be a problem for Tryndamere but after the nerf she is no longer an issue. Tryndamere just out damages her. She can't keep up with trynadmere's damage output. An extremely easy lane.

Jarvan IV: Never really seen him up top. I'll get back to this

Jax: Now Jax used to be super irritating in lane before his change. Now he's the easiest person to beat in lane. The only thing to watch out for is the stun, Leap Strike and Empower combo. If you can avoid getting stunned you can easily out damage him.

Kayle: If Kayle has mana she wins. The key is to waste all her mana while healing all her damage with your Bloodlust and fury. Then when she has reasonably low mana attack, kill. Then she'll come back and repeat the process until you're strong enough to beat her WITH mana.

Lee Sin: Not usually a solo top but when he is he has very irritating harass and can easily take you down if not handled properly. After he does his Resonating Strike plus leap back combo spin in use your Mocking Shout and crit. Lee relies on abilities so you can fight him with just right clicks easily. Watch out for his Cripple which can render you almost useless at max rank. A tough lane but you should be able to overcome it with careful moves and JUNGLE GANKS :D.

Malphite: First of all this is a horrible lane for Tryndamere. If they pick a Malphite DO NOT PICK Tryndamere. If you get counterpicked however, you must play very carefully and cry to your jungler for ganks. Unless the Malphite sucks, or you're pro, either one will do. He gets stronger by stacking armor which makes you weaker. Avoid this lane at all costs.

Maokai: Easy lane.

Master Yi: Another easy lane. If he pops Meditate pop ignite on him and crit him to hell.

Mordekaiser: If played well can be a real pain. Morde can not sustain a long fight however so when he lands his abilities on you commit to hurting him and discouraging him from trying to poke you. He has little sustain and you have lots. Remember this when fighting him and you'll do just fine.

Nasus: More or less a quite easy lane other than his Wither. This ability is a hard counter to you and is potent in ganks. To counter this you should wait for him to wither then run away. After it finishes dish out punishment and walk away like a boss. Merc treads recommended strongly for this lane.

Nautilus: A boatload of cc but no real damage. A pain in ganks but easy to kill. Don't overextend and this is an easy lane.

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I will be working on posting the items and runes of different Tryndameres although the late game sections will stay on each guide. If you are going to vote this guide down please say why. I am all ears for ways to improve.