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Sion Build Guide by Viraemia

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Viraemia

Two Item Hyper Carry - AD Jungle Sion

Viraemia Last updated on January 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to another jungling guide of mine. This time we'll be taking a look at Sion. Everyone has seen him play AP mid and yadada OP mid, enough said. Not at all in comparison to AD Sion however. We will be taking a closer look into how and why AD is better versus AP. But that's later on. For now, open your minds to what i have to say and explain about your two-item hyper carry jungler.

"What is best in death? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of NOOBS!"

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Pros / Cons


    Strong ganks
    Decent jungle speed
    Good passive for jungling
    Great steroid buffs
    Good initiate
    OP ulti
    You are undead and do not die


    Can be kited
    Will be ignite focus
    Can become vulnerable without ulti up

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Skill Sequence

Feel No pain
This is a good jungling passive, but it's extremely hard to notice it. However, sometimes you will come out of the jungle with more or less health than other times and that is usually due to this passive.

Cryptic Gaze
OP stun. There is no arguing that Cryptic Gaze is not overpowered. It's a targeted damaging stun and the duration on it is way too much for a targeted spell in my opinion. However, this is your ganking tool. This stun alone is more than enough time for you to 100 to 0 most mids by yourself with just Zeal. But if you do stun and your lane helps with the kill, they die a little faster.

Death's Caress
OP shield. DO NOT ARGUE THE OP-NESS OF THIS ABILITY OR THE STUN. There's a reason why Riot nerfed the AP ratios on Sion awhile back, and that's because it protected him from way too much as well as dealt as much damage as he could absorb. What i don't understand is why they only took 0.1 off the ratio and think that's a nerf. Meh. Anyways, for ganking/jungling use this so you can gain health or get that last bit of damage when you're ganking.

OP steroid buff. This ability buff is why you only need Zeal to take on any champ 1v1 and destroy them. At just level 1 of this ability you hit harder than your ADs will with around 80-90 damage without building any damage. Passively, this ability also gives you a lot of health for each creep or champion you kill which is why endgame you can get an Atma's Impaler without building a single point of health.

OP ultimate/steroid/buff/AOE heal. <-- That alone screams OP. This ulti does everything. Stronk attack speed? Check. ******ed life steal? Check. Heal your allies for the damage you deal? Check. There are very few champs that can take on 2 champs at once. Maybe a handful that can take on 3. But only Sion can handle taking on more. Why? BECAUSE 100%+ LIFE STEAL IS OP AS BAWLZ. If you get endgame enough, i promise you will not die if you switch out Wriggle's Lantern for a The Bloodthirster. 125% life steal with 250% crits with some where between 300-400 attack damage while you get an attack speed buff means you will heal for more damage than you actually deal. Even with ignite on you, you can out sustain even Warwick toe-to-toe.


-> -> ->

Why not max the shield before the stun? Well, it's preference to be honest. To want to absorb more damage or keep their team locked down more often? I max the stun before the shield because when you level the shield it doesn't lower the cooldown. It will always be 8 seconds after you detonated the shield. But the stun's cooldown does get lower as you level it up. So that's why i level the stun before the shield. But if you want to soak more damage, then get the shield first.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed - Most junglers need some attack speed to clear the jungle faster. Seeing as you are an AD champ it's probably a good bet that attack speed will definitely help with clearing the jungle as fast as possible.

Greater Seal of Armor - Another thing that's pretty standard on junglers. The monster camps in the jungle only deal physical damage. Makes you healthier when you go to gank, which can be very important.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed - Sion already has an attack damage buff from Enrage so you should capitalize on this and give yourself more attack speed to clear the jungle faster. But you can also get Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist like most junglers do if you feel squishy.

greater quintessence of desolation - Armor penetration so you deal basically true damage to all the monster camps. It's mainly for efficiency and speed. Not to mention it also makes your ganks more powerful and carry into end game enough to help a great deal with your sustain and damage output.

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Summoner's Resolve
You are jungling and you're going to be using Smite. If not, your team is probably raging at you for losing baron and dragon to the other jungler. But when you get 10 extra gold on every use, it adds up to a lot over time considering it's on about a minute cooldown.

Weapon Expertise
When you have this and their tank has a lot of armor it can take off a lot of armor. Which actually makes it really funny when you have your ulti up and silly little Rammus comes and taunts you. You will out-damage and out-sustain him, NP.

Veteran's Scars
Because the passive on Enrage combines nicely with the health per level you have to get before getting this point in the tree. Which will also make your Atma's Impaler give you more damage.

Because as AD Sion you are a hyper carry. You want kills. You want damage. So you should have at least 21 points in the offensive mastery tree to carry hard.

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Vampiric Scepter
You want to get Vampiric Scepter on Sion when you jungle because when you hit something with Enrage you won't lose health from the passive on it and gain health while dealing more damage. Once you hit level 2 and get Death's Caress it will become very easy to gain health in the jungle.

Wriggle's Lantern and Mercury's Treads
Wriggle's Lantern will massively increase your jungle speed and help sustain as well. Mercury's Treads are simply for being tanky and not caring about crowd control as much because that's the only thing that's really going to stop you

-> Zeal into Phantom Dancer
Why not get damage? Because you don't need it. Enrage is a great attack damage steroid and the way you can use it to your favor the best is letting yourself attack and crit more. With your ulti and just Zeal you can blow up most champs unless they have a **** ton of armor.

Quicksilver Sash
I find QSS to be extremely useful and very needed on Sion. Not so much for cleansing yourself out of a suppression or a stun, but mainly to get rid of ignites. You have the Mercury's Treads for crowd control and really the only thing that's going to stop you from cleaving their head in two with your axe is Ignite. But why get this before Infinity Edge then? Again, Enrage is an incredible steroid and as long as you crit and attack fast from Phantom Dancer and Cannibalism you are going to do tons of damage without Infinity Edge.

Infinity Edge
Crit more. Crit harder. The only real damage item you are going to build on Sion. All you need. Enjoy soloing their entire team and lol'ing at the futile attempts to kill you while you two shot their carries.

Atma's Impaler
Because at this point in the game the passive from Enrage will have you over 3k health. Not to mention if any AD champ tried to fight you it will be their mistake. Just pop your shield and run into stun range and blow them up before they can say "CHUCK TESTA."

Optional/Situational Items

More Damage
The Bloodthirster - When you want more damage and more sustain.
Phantom Dancer - Get a second one to run everyone down and cap your attack speed.
Frozen Mallet - For chasing, and getting extra damage from Atma's Impaler
Last Whisper - In case they started stacking armor against you.
The Black Cleaver - (See Last Whisper explanation.)

Defense Items
Force of Nature - Combines well with Enrage and gives you some great movement speed.
Banshee's Veil - Blocks spells and you already have QSS. Troll them.
Frozen Heart - Make their AD carries useless. And the cooldown reduction is great for Cannibalism and Cryptic Gaze.
Guardian Angel - If you have this, wait for them to "kill" you then pop your ult the second you come out of it and run through their team lol'ing.

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Summoner Spells


Flash - Even after the nerf it's still a great summoner spell to evade and hop over walls.
Smite - Because you're jungling.
Cleanse - In case you don't want to buy Quicksilver Sash.
Ghost - Pretty good now, but you can still be kited around with it since you're a melee.
Exhaust - Mainly for the armor shred. You can most likely chase them down easy enough with a Phantom Dancer and Cryptic Gaze.
Surge - For the first time, i can actually recommend this spell. Just because you will do a lot more damage with it up.


Heal - Always funny to heal bait someone.
Teleport - Shouldn't need it since you have a lot of movement speed. But i can see it being viable.
Ignite - Not that you really need more DPS. Mainly for heal debuff.


Clairvoyance - You are not support.
Revive - Sion doesn't die, lol.
Promote - I don't know why they put this in the game.

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Start at wolves. Have your team auto attack them a couple of times. Make sure to take the big wolf down first. You should start moving to blue at 1:52 so your team doesn't miss CS. After a decent leash blue will be no problem. If you want to get as much health back as possible pop your shield once you get it. After the blue camp is down head to wraiths. When you're crossing the lane pop the shield so you can make it explode when the wraiths are hitting you. Focus the blue wraith. Let all the wraiths hit you twice when your shield is up then explode it. This will massively increase your jungle speed and healthiness. After wraiths, head to golems. Again, it's the same thing as before. Have the shield up before you get to the golem camp and let them take the shield down as far as possible without it completely depleting. After golems your Smite will be back up so grab red buff. And after wraiths you will have your stun. Go gank the second you get Cryptic Gaze because with red buff too, the ganks will be really strong. I should also mention that ganking works a lot like jungling. Because you should have your shield ready to explode when you come to gank. Its a little bit of extra damage that may wind up being the difference between first blood and you dying.

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Team Work

Don't ever be afraid to charge into the middle of their team. You have Quicksilver Sash and Cannibalism and Death's Caress. You are Sion be a man. Go full man-mode. If you have a team that's around you, they will understand it's go time and you will sustain long enough for them to pick of low health champs with ease.

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Basically, Sion does what Tryndamere does. Except better. Sion has a stun and takes less damage and an ulti that can support your team through a team fight. People will often focus you and quickly realize that you are Sion and give no ****s and you will proceed cleaving their faces in. Sion is easily a hyper carry because of how much damage he outputs while not being squishy. And not many other carries can initiate everything for your team like Sion can.

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If You Have LoL Replay/Recorder

You can check out a jungle Sion game i played here.