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League of Legends Build Guide Author RAKMANSTER

Udyr and the Four Ancient Spirits

RAKMANSTER Last updated on March 27, 2014
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Tiger Stance


Phoenix Stance

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 4

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 23


Utility: 3

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What's up guys, this is a guide about my favorite champ Udyr,don't expect a lot from me I am not very experienced in making guides yet,but I have updated this guide quite a number of times now,although this is one of my first guides (second actually) please criticize accordingly and don't take this guide for every situation,as I will tell you about what to get as an item in some situations and other items in a different one,since the release of season 4 err preseason 4 we have the need to adapt to major changes again,such as the trinkets,ward limits but enough of all that mindless sh*t and let's get on with this guide, I present you my work, Udyr and the Four Ancient Spirits -

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Udyr and the Jungle

As a Jungler

Udyr as a Jungler is a high mobility champion using the stance mechanic known to only 2 champions, along with Sona,this mechanic is used to limit the use of skills that bring in some cooldown of a short time to other spells,as such only 1 stance may be entered at a time but the activation effects stay for full duration if changed,knowing this as a Udyr player is simple but keep this in mind that once you enter a stance it will change Udyr's persistent effect such as a known mistake on some Udyr players is entering Phoenix Stance attacking a coupe of times in the jungle BUT changes stance as soon as 'small cooldown on the other stance' is up meaning reset-ing the chain on your Phoenix Stance lessening the AoE damage.

In a situation you are going to a camp is entering your offensive stance first as to a mistake,your should always enter Turtle Stance first to auto attack then taking aggro of the monsters before entering Phoenix Stance or Tiger Stance,this does this that you are dealing more damage and take less damage as you stay in your offensive stance longer,and when going Phoenix Stance attack 4 times before changing stances and at level 1 enter Phoenix Stance attack 4 times then reactivate.

As a jungler you need to be ganking and achieving global gold for you team.Here's a video from Instalok go to his channel and watch camping hard and you'll know what a jungler should do or watch it here,big thanks to him but I don't want to get sued so it's his.

In situations about having to choose between a offensive or a defensive item,I usually get a portion of the defensive item then get the full damage item ~ Trinity Force and Locket of the Iron Solari getting mixed in my mind usually.

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This is great for increasing the potential of Tiger Stance further making the AS buff on it more useful due to stronger attacks and more of strikes that apply 15% of you AD which is a noticeable source of his damage, although Phoenix Stance won't be able to utilize this as much,it provides more hybrid damage but I would get AS instead for phoenix.

This can be used when running either Tiger Stance or Phoenix Stance as it easily proc the persistent effect of both,it also lets you land more hits in a shorter amount of time (duhh) which means clearing camps would be very , very easy and thus taking less damage.


This is used on almost every rune page, because it reduces minion damage,champion auto-attacks,physical damage spells, and monster damage,meaning you take less damage from the jungle and lessen the overall damage of everything and making your Turtle Stance more efficient at tanking damage.

This is kind of meh,just for the reason that it won't help you until latter levels but still this is superior to the flat ones ones you get level 10 and counting your Turtle Stance you won't take much damage either but it's more expensive and I don't run this on other pages so flats are more cost efficient but hey it's your choice.


In my opinion the best,because at early levels you don't take ANY magic damage because you are jungling and of course excluding the invades though,and Turtle Stance also counts defensive stats like armor and magic resist but it all depends on you, I am but a guide but you are the one choosing a path.

Take this if you plan on ganking a lot early in the game,as this mitigates a considerable amount of the Mage's damage,but take the scaling version instead if you are not gonna do that and if you confident enough to time your Turtle Stance,I personally get the Scaling ones but once again it's you who's gonna choose.

Take 6 of these babies and take 4 points into Sorcery mastery in the tier 1 of the Offensive Tree to get 10% CDR at the start of the game,that is worth a lot considering that you'll be giving buffs to your allies or just for the sole reason to spam skills and maybe your a genius that knows that blue buff gives 10% CDR now instead of the previous 20%,if you do take these take 3 MR runes flat or scaling it doesn't even matter anymore.


This along with the mastery Fleet of Foot in the first tier of the Utility Tree you have 6% bonus movement speed,Assuming that you put 3 points in there thus making your movement speed without boots 366 and with bear + your passive at level 1 Bear Stance your speed is over 400.

Take this on Tiger Stance and not on Phoenix Stance or just take MS Quints as a Jungler, but this like the AD Marks can deal a huge amount of damage on Tiger Stance but your chasing potential drops significantly, also never take this on Phoenix Stance Udyr.

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Offense Tree

Tier 1 - You could take the extra Attack Speed if ya want and if you took the usual runes of AS Marks,Armor Seals,MR/lvl Glyphs and MS Quints your attacking 4 times in 5.05 seconds approximately,which is faster than your Phoenix Stance to be up or if you use Tiger Stance you can apply that massive DoT more consistently.

Defense Tree

Tier 1 - We will mitigate some damage in the jungle with 2 points into Tough Skin and it allows us to get Bladed Armor , Enchanted Armor will give us more late game defenses with the increase of both armor and magic resist.

Tier 2 - Here we take Veteran Scars for more health and it allows us to take a point into Juggernaut , Bladed Armor as stated above needs the 2 points in Tough Skin and it's worth it because now it can't take buffs when you try to give it to an ally.

Tier 3 - Juggernaut gives us percentage health which scales into late game,3 points in both Hardiness and Resistance to have an early +5 in armor and magic resist,plus these two will allow us to take defense to the next level on the next tier.

Tier 4 - Swiftness is the has the same effect of Boots of Swiftness and it stacks, Reinforced Armor and Evasive is from the Hardiness and Resistance ,which lessen that damage of crits and AoE damage, that is the reason we try to get it.

Tier 5 - 4 points in Tenacious to make skirmishes more survivable and you could possibly win it, we put 4 points in it because if you do so it's almost as strong as Wukong's passive.

Tier 6 - This single point is so good that it makes you an almost unkiteable beast,along with a Tenacity item and Slow reduction from items and masteries.

Utility Tree

Tier 1 - 3 points left, where shall I put it? I don't need 3 points in offense ,I won't make the most out of it,the other choices in the defense tree are also mediocre on Udyr, I know! I will put 3 points in the Utility Tree for fun! And that ladies and gentlemen is how I found out that 3 points in Fleet of Foot is amazing,it's an extra Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and that makes ganks really hard to escape,every little bit of speed counts.

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Stance Activation : It is a buff where it only lasts for a few seconds with the exception of Tiger Stance's DoT in which case can be applied as long as you don't changes stances and will only work once every time you cast it and casting it twice win't let you apply it twice.

Persistent Effect : Is similar to a passive that will only work while you are in that stance,keep this in mind when using Phoenix Stance as it is removed when you change stances.

Monkey's Agility is a passive ability which grants 10% attack speed and 5 movement speed everytime you cast a stance and lasts for 5 seconds,it will stack up to 3 times,once you acitvate a stance it will refresh the duration.

Tiger Stance

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Tiger Stance here is your main damage ability in which you would take 1 point in every time it's available simply because you would deal a lot of damage to minions,monsters and champion alike,also activating this at base and going to a buff camp at the start of the game is a trick to jungle faster then after hitting the monster once reactivate this and just spam it until the monster goes down,alter with turtle when you have enough mana or if you are level 2 or above.

Turtle Stance is what you would usually max second,because it grants you a shield so that you would take a low amount of damage in the jungle,while low on health and you need just a tad bit of money you would like to go into Tiger Stance and go into Turtle Stance and take really no damage in the jungle if your AD or defenses are sufficient.

Bear Stance is the only Form of CC in Udyr's kit,and you can apply this only every 6 seconds but the stun is affected by cooldown reduction,it also grants a burst of speed which serves as a gap closing ability to go in for the stun or to run away,max this third.

Phoenix Stance isn't taken until you need to clear a huge wave of minions or if you really have no choice,late game this is used to clear waves in pushing and defending.

Phoenix Stance

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Tiger Stance is only take if you desperately need to take down a tower or if you have maxed out everything else,this still deals a good amount of damage late game if you use it then quickly activate Phoenix Stance pumping out fire like a flamethrower or just giving the tower a painfull massage.

Turtle Stance is actually to me is a permission to go ham and dive in deep into the towers and come out alive,it also lets you take no damage in the jungle due to the fact that Phoenix Stance clears waves so freaking fast.

Bear Stance is the only Form of CC in Udyr's kit,and you can apply this only every 6 seconds but the stun is affected by cooldown reduction,it also grants a burst of speed which serves as a gap closing ability to go in for the stun or to run away,max this third.

Phoenix Stance is your main damaging tool that can be really painful,in the jungle though activating this at base is a must to jungle faster then once you are there punche then reactivate this,always remember to only use this if you are in other stances or if you had just spit out flames in your previous attack.

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Starting Items

Start with Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potions gives you some good damage and sustain in the jungle,this is also the standard start for a jungler as this increases the damage of auto-attacks and spell against monsters,meaning every kind of damage you deal is stronger excluding true damage.

If you don't have many runes or your a low level I don't recommend jungling without this and Tough Skin + Bladed Armor in your masteries as this lets you take less damage,buy 5 Health Potions and have an item to build into Warden's Mail that builds into 2 great items, Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen

You want to get this only if you have a full rune page which is entirely on jungling such as the runes two chapters above,this is taken if you either want to gank as fast as you can or invade,this is not recommended because you won't get any stats in dueling, but it's a good start if your a decent player.

Core Items

The Core items are Boots of Swiftness + Spirit of the Ancient Golem + One Offensive Item + One Defensive Item or Mercury's Treads + Spirit of the Elder Lizard + One Offensive Item + One Defensive Item,Remember that the Core items should have Tenacity,when you get Spirit of the Elder Lizard you can get a Zephyr instead of Mercury's Treads.

Luxury Offensive Items for the Core or Luxury

This item is just so good that it deals TONS OF DAMAGE to anything,the spell blade procs even when you hit towers,plus it gives a lot of stats that Udyr utilizes all of them,health and mana for obvious reasons, AD,AP and AS to hit faster harder and strengthen the damage of Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance and the AP hardens you Turtle Stance's shield.

The AoE damage makes Tiger Stance faster than Phoenix Stancewhen it comes to clearing,but then it's too costly and offers no defensive stats,but you can actually take this when you are done with a couple of defensive items with sufficient Armor and MR to survive and once you get this and start a team-fight the AoE damage deals damage to everyone and the AS from tiger is so huge that it makes you see chain explosions from the visual effect of this item,most importantly it makes you look cool.

This helps both Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance,it gives great attack speed and damage based on health the converts into your health,pus an active that deals a considerable amount of damage and steal their movement speed.Although it benefits Tiger Stance more than it benefits Phoenix Stance due to the AD that boosts it's damage,but then again phoenix makes a ton of hybrid damage with it.

Luxury Defensive Items for the Core or After

This grants you a great mixture of defenses,Health,Armor,Magic Resist and CDR plus a shield that gives you and your allies a Turtle Stance that stacks with other shields, you support should be getting this due t the aura but you can definitely get this earlier than him/her and remember to tell them that you are gonna get it.

This provides heaps of health and armor,pus the passive and active are great against people who try to kite you as it slows them down too.The active doesn't have a cast time,meaning that it won't slow you down from moving or attacking.

I personally like Spirit Visage better,although the passive of this is amazing when it comes to getting hit by a massive CC spell from the enemy team,that would save your life,and the passive hp5 is stronger than that of Spirit Visage's.

I love this item,it totally puts the enemy APC's damage to an amount that you can eat his/her burst and heal up due to the passive and the extra heals from anything is great as Udyr's Turtle Stance has a lifesteal, so in the late game enter Tiger Stance in the jungle, Turtle Stance and start punching them monsters to heal a good amount.

This gives 50 health and 25 armor less than Randuin's Omen and is 350g cheaper without the passive plus it deals a surprisingly good amount of damage,25+(1 x level) is not something to be ignored,most importantly it makes you look better.

This is just too good,so much Armor to face tank,Mana to Stance Dance,CDR to Speed up the Stance Dancing,last but not the least you got fire already and why not "Chill" for a sec,hehehe.


This can be considered an offensive or defensive item,although it provides a shred that strengthens the team's over all magic damage,which I consider as an Utility,I don't really know,call me dumb but the MR stealing is definitely considered Utility atleast I think so...

Well I know this one provides Utility due to it slowing the target,may also be considered offensive due to the chasing power and AD,it is also considered as a defensive item because of the Health,but I'm stupid,I don't really know anymore.

We have some Tenacity,CDR and Movement Speed which are all considered Utility,at least I think so....I don't know ok? I really don't know words any more so it ends here,no more talking about Utility.

Guide Top

Stance-Item Synergies

With these 2 you'll wreck faces very quickly,the Tiger Stance attack speed,on-hit effect and the DoT deal massive damage itself,while coupled with the hp shredding,lifesteal and the active,dueling very very well against almost anyone with massive healing and if things go wrong use the active and Bear Stance away.

The BotRK as stated above deals strong damage that sustains you for a lot as well goes really well when coupled with the passive of Spirit Visage that heals you for even larger amounts,grants that MR and health to eat them magic damage,and it even scales with you hp5 and it's own hp5 makes it a great item combo for the Tiger Stance route.

Pretty much any item that works for Udyr that has armor,magic resist and health works well with Turtle Stance,the armor and magic resist affects the shield it grants,the health makes it seem like a very small shield but it can actually tank around 2 tower shots,CDR scales great too specially for the dancing.

The Tiger Stance and the Wit's End provides on-hit effect,one is physical and the other is magic,although you won't benefit as tiger Udyr with the magic resist shred it gives you around the damage of a B.F. Sword in magic damage plus the shred helps your teammates so it's worth to buy.

Ask your support to build the Talisman of Ascension in order to have utility in team fights,when you use the Randuin's Omen the support goes in with you and activates the Talisman of Ascension,chasing and escaping for the whole team would be twice as easy.

As if you were already hard to itemize against,with this your attack are gonna get painful and filled with magic damage and screwing you enemy's Thornmail if he has one,this wrecks everything specially that phoenix does magic damage and the MR of this in battles is insane.

Speed on waveclear is key to splitpushing, and this is just the thing to go,some sustain,AD,amazing AoE auto attacks,and the best of all an active that synergises amazingly with it's passie that works on lifesteal and also resets auto attacks,Enter tiger and attack until attack speed buff is gone and activate to burst down enemies.

This combo is great,significantly helps split pushing as phoenix Udyr and also adds some decent defensive stats against strong AD enemies,you can just activate phoenix and walkthrough your enemies and you kill them while enraging them cause you grilled them.

These 2 plus the masteries I recommended is really strong,it provides an insane resistance to Crowd Controls,Reducing slows by a ton and effectively reduces the Crowd Control effects to around half as efficient, this is what lessens the strongest weakness of Udyr here, Kiting and long term combinations of stuns,snares and suppression.

These two are great together as they provide a huge amount of Armor,MR,Heath and Mana which builds into great items themselves,as they are both cheap and is very affordable,getting these 2 after Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Boots of Speed is a great choice and later on upgrading to great items which all their upgrades are great on Udyr.

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Unique Strength

Well udyr has some unique tricks,like the double tiger,double phoenix,forcing towers,solo drag and baron.

-The double tiger is when you enter Tiger Stance you wack your enemy once or twice then go Tiger Stance again (hit the enemy when you Tiger Stance is off cooldown/around 1 second left) then hit them again,this grants tons of burst damage early on.

-The double phoenix is exactly the same as double tiger,these two can either be used to clear jungle camps faster or beat the heck out of your enemy.

-Forcing towers lategame is really easy as udyr,you can either push hard on phoenix then kill the tower with tiger,or directly go to the tower,enter turtle then tiger,alternate this until the tower is destroyed,there is a trick here that not all of us knows,when you hit the tower move slightly around it to cancel attack animation after the damage hits,then hit again then do it again,it takes time to master but it's worth it cause you will attack faster and the tower will hit you less times.

-Soloing dragon,well this is very easy,you can just go Turtle Stance and enter Phoenix Stance or Tiger Stance and in some cases turtle-tiger-phoenix rotation,you can do this very very early but not the earliest solo dragon.It spawns at 2:30 and respawns every 6:00.

-Soloing Baron,like the towers you do the same thing but this time, you move in circles,not full circles at a time though,hit slightly move-hit slightly move and so on and so fort,This also helps you dodge the green sludge attack he makes and only do this when you have sufficient, attack speed,health,armor,MR if you get hit with green bubbles, and damage output,also only do this lategame,turtle-tiger-phoenix continuously running tigdyr or nixdyr.
It spawns at 15:00 and respawn every 7:00.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a Bear Stance for 10 seconds, although it has a long cooldown using it while using Bear Stanceon level 5 means your super sonic, and that means you will be able to stun even a Master Yi using is ult and that is amazing,it also allows you to use Ghost enter your offensive stance and start hitting without the worry of using Bear Stance and putting in constant dps to wreck the enemies back either by scratching or burning.

Well Udyr is actually strong even without smite he can do a smiteless without help with the right runes so going smiteless jungling would still be good but you won't clear faster and won't be able to steal that dragon or baron or when invading you won't be able to steal it or protect yours so I recommend Smite.

Well this might a common pick on any champ but a trick here is to go Bear Stance, Flash into range and stun them,run behind them and start attacking in Tiger Stance or Phoenix Stance.

Well Udyr has a very strong level 2 compared to others and if you feel like risking yourself in an attempt to snatch their buff then your gonna need this,it may lessen you escape or chasing tools but if you kill the enemy jungler and got the buff they get second,this is worth it, because not only he lost his buffs and gave it to you, you got experience from the kill and getting what he would have gotten in the camp you stole and it's a buff,that means you can get 3 buffs in the first 5:00 of the game and he will be behind and therefore stopping his ganks for a long time.

I would not recommend anything else cause you won't need the others.

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When do I get Tiger/Phoenix plus a little bit of unnecessary stuff

Tiger Stance is more of a single target physical damage dealing bruiser,while the alternative Phoenix Stance is about dealing lesser damage but deals it in mixed damaged in the main target and magic damage on the secondary targets,both benefit greatly from different stats but building Tiger Stance should focus on a single role, is being tanky while dishing out tons of damage to a very important champion in the opposing team and can sometimes be the main tank that focuses on finishing the game early,while the on the other hand the Phoenix Stance has a vast combinations of items you can give him,for example: he can build AP and gather massive shields from Turtle Stance but it isn't recommended as he won't have the defensive stats,building phoenix should be focused on helping people out early or getting yourself really fed to split-push.Both these style appear on the actual animal itself,the Tiger Stance has the animal tiger,and the tiger is capable of hurting it's foes while remaining strong after,like Tiger Stance Udyr he would deal tons of damage and protect himself with Turtle Stance, dishing out a ton of damage while being tanky. The Phoenix is an immortal mythical animal, it will be reborn on it's ashes upon dying and burns anything in it's way,like the Phoenix Stance route for Udyr it is tanky and is almost unkillable except with catching him out in a unfavorable gang bang,it also burns anything in it's way,which is the persistent effect of Phoenix Stance he engulfs enemies in front of him in flames,which are in his way.

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Creeping / Jungling

Well you would start Blue or Red right? but take my advice,take red first,then run to blue,why? because by doing this you get the DoT and making clears faster but you can gank top or bot now.

Starting Blue - Start with the blue camp, kill it with smite and go to the Wolves ,kill them, run to red and smite again, Now you have 2 choices either gank a lane near you or continue with wraiths and golems to reach level 4 and gank or continue.

Starting Red - Start with the red camp, kill it with smite and go clear wraiths, now go to blue and smite it, think when you want to gank top or bot,if your choice is top go there and clear camps along the way, and if you want to gank bot kill camps along the way,(this isn't possible when you start blue because the wolves will be killed before you have double buffs,thus forcing you to gank top or bot depending on which team you're on) ,the wight camp can be killed when passing by,and ganking mid is easy when you get red first,you kill wolves after blue then wraiths into ganking mid.

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Stance Rotation


This is what you use in the jungle,enter Phoenix Stance/ Tiger Stance then run to the camp,proc the first hit and activate Turtle Stance then quickly activate Phoenix Stance/ Tiger Stance.(do not enter turtle stance when phoenix stance isn't 3 seconds off cooldown or without the phoenix first hit proc , if the camp doesn't die yet reapeat.
/ then or

Ganking use Bear Stance then enter tiger/phoenix stance , then use bear stance if they try to kite or escape, and turtle if they fight back rinse and repeat.

When running away people tend to do AA's when in range or skills so you can go turtle at first when they have not much CC then bear to run away or vice-versa bear first to punch and stun or directly run away and go turtle,when you do this you should stay in bear longer so that when they get near then punch them stun then run away.

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You'll need to communicate well with your teammates and maybe a fake gank would do use Bear Stance then hit him/her to Tiger Stance/ Phoenix Stance tell your teammate to only use normal attacks then when they use their flash or dash ability try to fake going back to the jungle then come again for a kill.Always remember to ask whenever it is warded by using the sweeper trinket.When doing the actual gank use Bear Stance hit then Tiger Stance/ Phoenix Stance hit then Turtle Stance to block damage and repeat till the enemy dies then run with Turtle Stance in case of a counter gank or someone else you know you and your teammate can't take on or still use Turtle Stance to block tower attacks if you dived in.

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Pros / Cons


+ Deals tons of damage while building Tanky
+ Great escape mechanism
+ Has strong potentials in 1v1
+ Good at taking objectives
+ Powerful Early Game


- Needs levels to be effective
- No ultimate just skills
- Ganks need Challenger level communication
- Damage Falls later in game
- Is a giant kite sometimes

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Udyr can be played with a large variety of ways,Tanky with some Damage is the way I play him,leveling up his skills can be tricky at first,but when you understand what to choose you can play him and have fun eating damage.Thank you guys very much for reading my guide please rate comment and like it in facebook if you can,well if you won't I'll be fine,I am hoping to receive constructive criticism in the comments so that I can fix it and again thank you for reading I hope you learned a thing or two.