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Udyr Build Guide by Mata

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mata

Udyr - Anytime, anywhere

Mata Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Normal game Udyr


Dominion Udyr

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I beg you in advance for the remission of all my typos and poor English language skills.

Udyr is very variable champion. He can be taknky dps, full dps, tank etc. I am going to present some ideas how to play Udyr.

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Pros / Cons

- Can take some damage.
- He is very fast.
- Has a stun with 6 seconds cooldown
- Has something like a lifesteal + manasteal
- Has shield.
- With Phoenix Stance can clear a wave/jungle in record time.
- Short cooldowns.

- No ranged spells.
- No ultimate.
- Can not crit in Turtle Stance
- Can't beat Olaf or Jax.
- Need practice.
- I musted really think about his cons.

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Skills and their use

Monkey's Agility
In combination with his short cooldowns isn´t problem to get 3 stacks immediately. 30% bonus attack speed never lost.

Tiger Stance
With this stance you can deal massive damage. It is good in this combination: Bear Stance -> stun -> Tiger Stance -> hit -> Phoenix Stance. When you pop up phoenix you have 65% (35% from Tiger Stance and 30% from Monkey's Agility) bonus atack speed and isn´t problem hit enemy with phoenix's flame and finish him off.

Turtle Stance
This stance helps you with staying in the lane. With this you can save your teammates from skillshots. Just pop turtle and cath! Dr. Mundo's Infected Cleaver will don't hurt you, but with Nidalee's Javelin Toss / Takedown be careful.

Bear Stance
Use this stance if you need to run in the battle, stun someone, chase someone, towerdive, escape, stop chaneling spell (for example Fiddlesticks's Drain) or if you just want see the bear. Save stun for Katarina's Death Lotus. When you break her Death Lotus you can say: I saved my team. Similar is it when you are fighting against Galio. Don't stun him before he use Idol of Durand. To break his ulti just pop bear and let him taunt you.

Phoenix Stance
This stance is good in early and mid game, but in the late game it does almost nothing. Is great in combination with Monkey's Agility. So, you can jungle very fast with phoenix.

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Summoner spells

Good choises
It helps with chasing, escaping and face to face fights.
You haven't any ranged spell and what is more annoying than enemy with 50hp under turret?
Good choice if you are going to be a tank.
In combination with bear satnce, you are nearly uncatchable. So, you can make perfect ganks or capture fast.
Posible choises
If you like jumping over walls or "What?! Flash! Muhaha, gank failed."
Take this if you are jungling.
If you think: "I don't need Exhaust/Ignite." You can take this. Team will be happy when they see fortify.
Bad choises
Heal/ Clarity
You have turtle stance.
Let support to get this.
Teleport maybe good choice in combination with lots of wards in enemy jungle, but I don't recommend this.
You have to not die at all.
You don't need that.

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Ruby Crystal on start
It gives you some survivability, and you will not die on first blood.
Doran's Blade
You will gain some HP, AD and a little lifesteal. You will rape their ***es on 1st level.
Ninja Tabi
This boots with nimbleness and Monkey's agility are awesome. You can doodge 23% of atacks and you have +10% movement speed.
Phage/ Frozen Mallet
It gives better survivability and great chasing potencial. Nobody can escape if you have frozen mallet.
Warmog's Armor
This is introduction to Atma's impaler. Trust me, you need it.
Atma's Impaler
With this you will use all hp gained from Frozen mallet and Warmog's armor. Now you will kill like a crazy.
Banshee's Veil
You know it. You pop bear and run towards the Sion then you get stun and he runed away. Do you realy want to let him escape?
Guardian Angel
With this and Banshee's veil you can rush to two enemies and tower, kill one of them, propably die, then respawn and run away. Great item.
The Black Cleaver
Another atack speed and atack damage, but mainly armor reduction. This will help a lot when the phoenix's wave does almost nothing.
The Bloodthirster
Lot of dmg and life steal, if you are on lane with Cho'Gath you will not have a problem to get it early.
Trinity Force
It gives all what you need, and the sheen effect with your short cooldowns is destroying.
Wriggle's Lantern
It helps you with farming and lifesteal is good. That free ward is awesome, so don't forget to use it.
Force of Nature
Magic resist + Health regen + 8% move speed. What else do you want? If you are playing against heavy AD team, replace it with Guardian Angel
Sanguine Blade
AD + Lifesteal, udyr without lifesteal isn't hard to kill.

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Trouble with boots

Ninja Tabi
This boots are good on udyr. They gives armor and basic attack damage reduction. Good choice against for example Tryndamere Ashe Sivir AD Schaco etc.

Berserker's Greaves
Another good choise. 25% atack speed makes you more deadly.

Mercury's Treads
Grab them if the enemy team have lots of crowd control, or against AP nukes.

Boots of Swiftness
+90 movement speed. That is great! But these boots don't have another bonus so we are not going to take them. We have bear.

Boots of Mobility
With this boots you will be as fast as light and you can suprise your enemies. Not bad choise.

Sorcerer's Shoes
Both tiger and phoenix deal magical damage. You can take them if you want.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Do you think we need cooldown rediction? I don't think so...

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Situational Items

Against heavy AD team

Randuin's Omen
If you know, you will build this, build Hearth of gold after tier 2 boots. It may slows passively or actively. So if you be fighting with someone AD and he discovers, he can't beat you, he will probably try to run away and there is a chance he will be slowed if he attacks you before. When the passive slow ends you can activate seconds slow that will last 2,5 - 3,5 seconds. Thats enough to kill him or apply slow from your Phage/ Trinity Force/ Frozen Mallet.

It gives the most armor in the game and the passive isn't to throw away. This item increase your chances in fight with your worst enemies Olaf and Jax.

Against heavy AP team

Banshee's Veil
Magic resist + Spell shield every 45 seconds. If you try to gank, there are two options: The enemy will use spell to boost himself and try to escape or the enemy will throw some CC on you. If you have Banshee's Veil gank will be succeed in second scenario.

Force of Nature
It gives the most magic resist in the game and you like other stats it gives too.

If you need magic resist but not that much, or if the Ezreal snipes with trueshot barage or if you play against Karthus. It gives atack damage too, so you will not lost damaging potential.

Against heavy CC team

Mercury's Treads
If you need tenacity, there isn't better choice for you.

Quicksilver Sash
If you build this, you don't have to build another magic resist item, but if you think, you need more magic resist building Hexdrinker is only possibility.

If you need increase your survivability

Spirit Visage
It gives some health and magic resist and INCREASE HEALS from lifesteal and Turtle Stance.

Warmog's Armor
At full stacks it gives 1370 hp. That will help you to stay alive a lot.

Sunfire Cape
Health and armor + AoE damage aura. In combination with Phoenix Stance you will deal massive AoE damage. (With 0 AP and phoenix stance lvl 5 = 90 AoE dmg per second.)

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Twisted treeline
Start at your opponent's small bottom camp. Continue to your small bottom camp then go to the top jungle. Kill your small camp, take your buff (if is the top pushed to your side -> gank right now) and move on your opponent's small top camp then take the buff. Now is time to gank top. After that go back. Now you can help on bottom or you can repeat your path. When you take green buff, is time to kill lizard or dragon. With dragon call your team for help if they can. Recall for boots and start with helping, ganking, farming and pushing.

Summoner's rift
Your blue -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Small golems or gank -> recall -> Lizzard -> What do you want ;-)

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Grab your Boots of Mobility, then immediately after that circle disappears pop your Bear Stance, activate Ghost and rush to the Windmill. Your task in Dominion is kill wandering enemies in a grass with your burst damage. You can "preload" ( Tiger Stance effect last for 5 seconds, so you can activate it then aply stun and tiger hit in one hit) your Tiger Stance, stun with bear and aply the second tiger-hit. You are very, very fast so, be everywhere, where are you needed.

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Good friends

Firts build
She can boost your movement, so you can suprise with fast move and stun. She has slow, good damage and invunerability for 3 seconds. You are complementing each other.
Infinite Duress gives you time to get closer with bear and make the deadly tiger hit. Warwick will help you with Hunter's Call and the enemy is in the most times dead.

Second build
Rupture -> Bear Stance -> stun -> Tiger Stance -> hit -> Feast
Hardly anybody can survive against this deadly combo.
Or Bear Stance -> Stun -> Cast Rupture -> Tiger Stance -> hit -> Enemy is on air -> Feral Scream -> Feast
If is Cho'Gath in your team, take the lane with him. He is your best laning partner.
The best support for you. She let you to get fed.

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Bad enemies

He is very strong with his passive.
The longer you fight together, the less your chances of winning.
His shield absorbs lot of damage, and he has big damage output.
Xin Zhao
You must own him in the early game, after early game, your chances are low.
I hope, you will beat him with this guide.