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Udyr Build Guide by Danilosan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Danilosan

Udyr, Chuck Norris's older brother !

Danilosan Last updated on June 12, 2013
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Now it was quite a while i uppdated it, so i went to it now 2012-04-23. Now the Purish items above is just standard items you can go, Doesnt mean it will work every game, since people play different setups. I will go in mutch more deep on it at the Item section. Good league gaming people.

Hi League mates. I'm an experienced league of legends player with roughly 1.7k wins and a lot of them with dear udyr. In many of my ranked games i have been asked, "what skill prio, and masteries, and runes you go with Udyr. So id'e figured i post my "gameplay and play style" with him here on beloved mobafire, and hopefully this will help you "carry" and get plenty of nice victories.

This udyr jungle build is based on being the carry of the team, killing everything you see, ganking constantly and warding keeping the map control at top rate. Now this is only a guide and as any other "melee" champ it will not make you the best player out there, it will however give you a clue of how to play Udyr right and really well. Udyr is one of the amazing champs people (usually never happens to Udyr) but in most cases i play him (and i now i usually play him ranked) gets to be called OP. OP OP OP OP. No! he is not, but a very great player playing him right.. well ye then he might be considerd op. I'm sure if you will follow this guide correct, he will be noticed and unfortunately will get to be nerfed. Btw the pics below are wins on ranked games with Udyr.

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Udyrs abilities.

Monkey's Agility

A great passive for a great champion. It is really good for jungling and vs melee champs, spam your abilities to proc this as much as possible. Be aware of your mana tho!

Tiger Stance

His main Ability and your nuke spell. This is a great ability, some people like to stack sorcerer's boots because it deals initial magic damage. I however find it dealing enough damage to nuke down anything without magic pen, go armor pen for the auto attacks.

Turtle Stance

This is one of my favorite spells in the game, it's a great damage reduce for your jungling and for everything else, also used for gaining mana back fast and life. It can be used for tanking creeps when your farming lanes and your minions havent reached enemy minions yet. It is awsome for tower diving (i do not recommend doing it alot) And ofc, it is very useful against champions like Karthus and his ability .

Bear Stance

This is your ace in the sleeve, you use it to stun, to outrun enemies, to look like a bear. And you can stun all the time, its 6 seconds activate cooldown is good for and against one champion, however it refreshes whenever you do it at someone else. So if you turn out to be good at focusing you can basicly have a team stunned, or at least break every last of their chain abilities like Nunus absolute zero

Phoenix Stance

It is good to jungle as phoenix stance, But not as good as tiger once you mastered tiger stance Udyr. It is a bit more safe tho, and has a pretty nice aoe. I only use it for the activate on it, wich will give you more Attack damage and Ability power, then i switch back (and do it fast) to tiger, that way, you will end up with higher attack speed and attack damage auto attack with a great initial dot(damage over time) damage.

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Summoner spells.

So the summoner spells i go with is smite and ghost because it's simply the better choice for a jungler, It's quite basic. And this is my opinion on how i feel for the other summoner spells.

Summoner Spells you should use.

- Exhaust. Not needed for Udyr, since he can beat any Trynda or any melee and exhaust is the very nerfed, really don't need it. It might be good sometimes. If you maby want to replace Smite for, lets say laning.

- Ghost. The spell i love most, Not because he is in very need of it but because it stacks with bear form, you cannot get caught nor can anyone escape, and its easier to gank and mobility for extreem jungling.

- Smite. Th.x to this spell, u can solo dragon at the *ding* of 6, or even at lvl 5. And it makes Udyr the fastest jungler in game. Not so much needed end game, but it gives u a real boost to end game.
- flash. Flash might be great for udyr, i prefear ghost for its mobility during teamfights not only ganks.

Summoner spells you should not use However could be helpful.

- Ignite. U just don't need the extra damage, not even the reduce healing for Mundo. item "Ex'calling" (y)

- Heal. U will not need heal, since udyr has all the "surv" he needs with turtle and mobility.

- Teleport. Works if you already have a jungler, for lane control and creep kills *farm farm Sivir style* But, don't use it.

- Cleanse. Is realy good if sololane.

Summoner spells you absolutely do not need.. ever

- Fortify. Not your job to have.

- Clarity. Udyr is "mana alkoholic" But, not that so that u would want to go clarity.

- Rally. You wont find rally very useful since it sucks..

- Clairvoyance. Might be a good choice for those afraid of getting ganked, or want to plan your ganks, But rather skip it. (it's the suports job to have).

- Revive. Works for eve when jungeling but not for Udyr so well..

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Vampiric scepter or cloth armor and 5 pots.

Regular boots

wriggle's Lantern

mobility boots or






Banshees. (start with hp crystal)

And depending on team, either black cleaver. Or bloodthirster. I usually never get to buy this item. If they have a carrie like Trynda you might consider going radius omen, for the armor and atk speed slow, and a thorns mail on that. You will still deal loads of damage and will be able to carry through.

As soon as u got wriggle's lantern, your jungle with tiger will go so incredible fast its not even fun. I hope this item description helped, how to build them in order.

Core items

Optional items if they have heavy AP team

Optional item set 2 If they have a heavy tank setup

(Instead of Wriggles)

(It's a must, to good to drop)

nice to have til you get bloodrazor.

(since tanks do not usually deal heavy nuke damage, some hp on a nuker like udyr will do fine for surv, the more hp you have the less damage tanks deal on you, the better chance for you to finish them of without having to die) + its great with atmas for the extra armor on it and damage boost.

The complete build That i use When its done.

It has always worked for me really smooth, and often i don't get to the point where i get my black cleaver, neither where i have to replace my Wriggles lantern. And let me explain why Black Cleaver is superior item overall. The Black Cleaver deals a debuff ripping armor apart from enemie not only for you but for your teams advantage as well. Thats why this armor pen item is so good, kinda like a buff for all phys damage in your team.

UPPDATE 2012-04-23.

The way i play Udyr nowdays is very different every game. My new favorite is similar to the standard Warwick build, let me explain why i use it. (Now the first section is for anti ad.)
Just great survival on ganks, while laning even reduces creep damage. good vs AD even if you dont jungle, very underestimated on udyr players, helps alot alongside your turtle stance. if by far the best anti ad item you can get. After that, you are usually tanky enough to survive through the whole game, what you can do is add damage to it with the either + witch gives him even more survival and a good boost of ad to it. Or just put in your .

The anti AP goes with the good combo of + Add some hp to it with either or (or even both if they are really ap nuky) Your dps item should be Its great, the magic resistance, the shield absorb with your Turtlestance and the damage boost. Amazing vs any ap. Even if its best suited for an Olaf, its great for Udyr as well. Good luck.

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I've played Udyr a lot now, and yes, i've tried every possible guide, and my own mix, before i came across my own. I know indeed his passive is amazing with dodge runes , and CD reduction is also amazing since he is basicly made to spam stance to stun stun stun bite* rawr. However, he does not need dodge runes, since his passive is well enough, and yes it is trust me, and he does not need CD reduction, since u will have golem all the time, and even that is a big "overdo" of how much he is able to spam stances without going out of mana. So don't go those runes, i go Ats Glyphs And seals , and Armp marksGreater Mark of Desolation, and HP (flat) quints (Or now after patch, since its highly recommended for someone to pull golem for u i might even go with Armpen quintsGreater Quintessence of Desolation). Now why do i do that. Yes i know that the initial damage with Udyr in tiger stance is Magic damage and for that u might wanna try and instead of armor pen marks (i've tried, but i find armor pen dealing more damage as an auto attacker) , because it is really really amazing with the tiger stance , which will be your main stance in this build. That and bear form, depending on the team. YES depending on the team, Karthus in opposite team, u might consider going only one in beer form and focus tiger/and turtle. However in usual cases i prio tiger, bear and last turtle, guess what. U DO NOT EVEN NEED phoenix stance . Only to shape to, to directly shape back to tiger, so that u gain the passive more attack damage and then stay tiger. ( but that only when u cannot max tiger, bear or turtle).

Atm, I am using x9 Greater Seal of Vitality x9 x9 and x3 And that would be what i recommend you using.

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Honestly, you can focus dps, 21 0 9, or deff, 9 21 0. Doesnt really matter. Its a game of prefearance.

U prolly still wont need the buff mastery, since udyr doesnt spend that much mana 7.20 min in game u can give second golem spawn to mid laner or top.

Be gentlle and hand away buffs to people that needs them more.

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How do I jungle?

Jungele (Uppdated 2012-05-06)
Nowdays it's normal for the team to do a "strong pull" and damage the creeps at wolfcamp and golem before they go to lane and that is to be honest a good way to start. You will have good protection, a fast start on wolfs and golem without loosing any health and if the enemy team where to invade you, well You can always take a different path and make up for it Or kill them with your team when they invade. (Udyr lvl 1 tiger stance is sick damage) Now what i usually do after taking wolfcamp and my blue is running up to enemy lizard (unless they have a leesin/riven jungler who might start at red) and either wait a few seconds. If they show up to jungle their lizard, kill them. If they dont, CV wraiths and take it. Goes fast see all you have to do is save your smite from when you did your golem, because of the big pull and udyrs burst with tiger, you wont be needing smite for it. So save it to enemy lizard. That move always gives FB or denying enemy jungler to the least. NOW to avoid being sqrewd over like that your self, theres an simple trick to it people just dont use that often. When u do Lizard early lvl, just pull it to the bush and you will have vision on invades from enemy jungler.

After golem, enemy lizard, possibly FB you will afford wrigglets, or to the least razor and some pots. From there on it's just to jungle and gank like crazy.

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Jungling (Outdated)

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Jungling video (2011-09-21) Updated.

So some of you said my videos where old because Eve still had her stun (Even tho the day after was the patch where that got nerft) So i did a new one. I got these questions like, why do you jungle Udyr tiger and not phoenix stance. Simply because tiger stance ganks better. And to answear the question, can you jungle without runes? Yes you can, with a little help at start, the runes simply does your jungle a little bit faster and the ganks far more effective, however you can still manage without. Enjoy.

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Counter jungle and different Junglers.

There are many good junglers out there, and great ones that can easily counter you while you jungle, mostly by warding, or just by common abilities like shacos jack in the box, deceive, tryndas spin smite. I'll take some time to explain some of the junglers, how they are good against you as a counter jungler.


Mostly banned in ranked, but if not and the enemy snaped him it might give you some hard time.
A good shaco prios His Jack in the box spell and shiv before decive, since both shiv and jitb deals more damage early game when maxing then decive, The problem there is the fear from Jitb. Even if you got bear stance ghost, or flash up, shaco will always catch up, a good one has it all planned with boxes at every escape route. The easiest way to deal with him when facing him as an enemy jungler is. Play it safe, and wait til you have enough gold for Ninja tabi and wriggles, Then your ready. AS LONG as u dont run away from him when your fighting, he aint moutch of a threat And you should be able to kill him. If it goes on even worse, get your frozen heart before any dps items and he is doen for.

Now here is a tough one, he will out sustain you, out speed you, and a non stupid warwick always saves his ulti and not starts with it, a critical champion vs udyr if it goes well for him. However, he aint undefeatable, with him using his core items like, spirit visage, wits end + merc treads and a frozen heart on it most of his damage will come from his Q and ult witch is magic damage. Banshees and frozen mallet + atmas and wits end and Executions calling you will win 1v1 vs him, you have a stun each 6 sec, and a rend and a heal reduce.
In jungle face, he will most likely not invade your jungle but he will try gank lanes alot. Not really a big deal.

He is alot squishier than you are, he does have a good cc fear and a good range with his ult. But hey You win 1v1 vs noc, Start with turtle vs him to bait him use his shield, stun him right after and rend him down in 2 sec with tiger. Just go a little tankier udyr build and he is done. When he uses his ult, there is the most simplest trick to do, walk into a bush. any bush, breaks the sight and he wont be able to catch you with it. When he chases you with fear, stun his face and run. The range of the fear is smaller and easier to dodge than morganas ult. In jungle at the earlier stages he might be a ***** if he does succed to kill you, dont get to bummed about it, mid and end game, you win. Just use same counterbuild as for shaco.

Leesin is great. He has a build in frozen heart with an insane early game nuke. He has good sustain, and good duke skills. He will most likely not jungle his own blue, unless he gives it away to mid, so he can easelly counter jungle and invade to. The trick is to have your bot lane prepared for him. He might be good counter, but not if he is invading Him alone vs you and bot. Just have your team babysit you and he is done. As for mid and end game, well he is a good mele counter, so have your ap fight him while you stand wall for them cc'ing him and focusing on their carrys.

Etc Etc, Udyr is generally good vs any jungler and a strong pic for the team as he can go of the role of tank jungle dps roam support all in one. Get wards and everything will be fine.

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Pros and cons

Udyr pro/cons.

- Great burst damage dealer, both early and end game.
- Best jungler in game if u do it right.
- Mobility that makes even Rammus ghost flash roll poop and pee his pants off.
- Not so very squishy
- potential tanker
- great ganker
- a very fun champion
- crushes turrets with tiger stance in seconds.

- Heavy cc is a problem.
- hard mastering curve
- has no range at all
- has no ulti which make it less important "to keep track of",However it can also be a good thing
- only 3 abilities (stances) which can make it feel onesided, auto attack chase

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End it please..

At the end game you have probably carried the team, pushed, taken all the jungle all the time, got Barron, warded the map like hell (AND i cannot stress it enough by telling you that you should ward with , trust me it's worth warding, all the time) and have lots of kills, assists and hopefully no deaths.
You will have no problem at all both tanking, crushing tanks, squishys, nukers, assasins, nothing can run away from you, and u can run away from their whole team. You might consider getting elixers every now and then when you're missing some part of an item, but yet to far away in gold amount to afford it. Elixers are great. It should be a secure win.

Here are some examples btw for great 3v3 setups and Udyr partners, UDYR, SHEN, RAMMUS, is my main 3v3 team, altho it seems a little low on the range, it's an amazing setup that will crush most ppl all the way to high rating, Udyr works fine with a rolling flashing Rammus, and dual taunt, + Udyr stun. Another great setup for those who play even higher rating, and still want to play udyr, u Should absolutely have an ANVIVIA with you and/or Malphite One Great combo me and my friends figured out, that absolutely beats almost everything is a combo of Attack speed Cho'gath (wierd yes i know, it works tho) Mage warwick (with bloodrazor, still heavy on AP) and Tiger Udyr). As for 5v5, any good setup will do, as your the jungler, only a suport, one tank, one ranged carrie, and one ap carrie will do fine.
A great combo example is , , , and .

I Really hope You all Enjoyed this short guide, and i hope it helped for all udyr fans, and the new udyr players. If you have any questions at all about Udyr dont hasitate to post your question here at my forum wall. GL and HF Oh and thank you very much Tippari for helping me correct some failures on my guide. Piz

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Good luck to you all.

My own3d stream, i usually stream my 3v3 games with my team at 1.5k + elo.

Bukake90 <-- My youtube chanel, watch and suscribe for more gameplay with all different champz.