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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Udyr Build Guide by Diruhk

Udyr Jungle S11

Udyr Jungle S11

Updated on January 4, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diruhk Build Guide By Diruhk 10 5 69,439 Views 0 Comments
10 5 69,439 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Diruhk Udyr Build Guide By Diruhk Updated on January 4, 2021
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Runes: Phoenix:

1 2 3
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner Spells:
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

Udyr Jungle S11

By Diruhk
Some guide chapters mention the rush of a tiamat which i don't do anymore because of the tiamat nerf and mythic items which are now the best to rush.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
-Strong early game
-Can speed himself up (so good chase/ slipping away)
-Good CC for ganking
-Good follow up CC when your team has a tresh or leona
-Can duel most champions and win
-Enemy teams with lots of CC (gotta split and have picks instead of team fights)
-No fancy dash or ranged cc (you're all melee)
-You can be outkited by adc's(Vayne, Kaisa, Ezreal, Ashe)
-Less of a snowball than other champions, you can get realy strong but if the enemy can kite and/or stun you easily they choose to only fight you if you can't get on them and some other champions have some good abilities in their kit to play around that more easily.
The skills:
Your passive is an important stat, players new to Udyr tend to under use this.
You can get up to 3 stacks starting from lvl 2, the stacks fall off unless you use an ability.
Your stacks grant you movement and attack speed. (15 movement and 30% atk speed at 3 stacks)
With attack speed + Legend:Alacrity(unstacked/0 takedowns) in your runepage you can do 4 auto's (so applying the effect of your abilities twice) before changing stance (changing stance=using an ability)(even when you're on 1 stack instead of 3)
So generally when running from base you want to use bear stance (E) to get faster to your destination, when getting near the destination switch bear>turtle before the stack fall of, and switch to tiger stance when you start attacking the camp so you're up on 3 stacks when you start clearing your camp. Clear it switching Tiger (Q) and Turtle (W) Then run to the next camp with E and clear it keeping your stacks up all the time.
When running to an objective and you gotta be very fast switch Bear > Turtle every 2s when running towards it. (look at the passive timer when it's half switch between stances)
When starting a gank use turtle just before you get into vision, switch to bear when you are running towards the enemy so you have a shield and 2 stacks at the stun, switch to tiger (3 stacks) auto 4 times, switch to turtle when he is fighting you, switch to bear when he is running from you and you gotta catch up. (in turtle auto 4 times, in bear auto till you got the stun)
When running into territory where there might be enemies (river, enemy jungle etc.) make sure you're on 3 stacks all the time.

Auto attacking a running target:
When auto attacking a running target you should move with the target to stay on top of them, so: auto, click on the map so you walk to that place, auto, click on the map repeat. If you don't do this your character will stop for a moment before walking towards the target and the distance is greater and the time between auto's is also greater. Try to master this skill on the scuttle crab in the river ;) (guides are available on youtube, search for attack move, orb walking or kiting on melee champion)

your skills:
Q-Tiger stance
Increased attack speed, the on-hit does bleed damage (damage over time/ dot) when you apply the 3rd hit.
You start the game with Q, use Q when running to the river and you're the fastest to be there, when arriving at the river you'll sit on a stack of Q, when a fight starts you can quickly reactivate it to give another dot to your enemy, that's a lot of damage! Udyr's lvl 1 1v1 is very strong because of that. When starting your camp do the same thing, be on a stack of Q and reactivate it for your second auto attack. When your skill comes available again reactivate it again after having applied a fourth hit (lvl 1) so you max your damage output. From level 2 on you'll be switching stances to have your passive stacked op, Q is your main source of damage.

W-Turtle Stance
W gives you a shield and an on hit heal, this is your sustain in the early game. When doing a 4 camp clear before ganking/going for crab take W on level 2 so you can be clearing the jungle while being high on health. Use Q & W :) Before ganking activate W when walking into the lane, when running to the opponent activate Bear (E) so you have a shield up at the start of a gank which can prevent some damage being done to you. Also when wanting to heal up, W also applies to vision, heal fruit and blasting plants in the jungle so hit them with W and heal for free. Taking an early dragon? Q & W, you'll stay relatively high on health

E-Bear Stance
E speeds you up for a moment and your on hit stuns the enemy with a cool down before you can stun them again. When early ganking (level 2), which is only worth it if you succeed and ar still high on health, otherwise it gets you behind and the enemy jungler might be invading you (the higher the elo the more likely he will) also clearing the jgl without your W will have you lower on health so it's risky to take second and not worth to take first because your lvl 1 Q dmg is huge compared to other champion lvl 1 damage. Bear stance you will use when ganking to stun your opponent, stun a yasuo or katarina out of their ulti's. An assasin diving on your adc? stun him. See the enemy adc or carrying mage out of position? Flash E stun when your team can follow up (only if your team can kill him from that and is likely to win/take an objective after that) Most games it's what you have to do to win but you have to find the right moment because your enemies will group and try to play safe, which they should against an udyr. (Udyr is not likely to 1v5 unless you are extremely ahead of them and they lack cc) you shine in 1v1 / 1v2 Then if your team has a tresh, leona, lux, veigar or any nice cc like that, you can do a good follow up cc by staying near those supports in team fights so they land stun, you run up and follow up stun with your E so your team can kill the enemy.

R-Phoenix stance
Most games you won't use this, but when there is no AP champion on your team go R instead of Q and build 1 or 2 AP items and a sunfire aegis and you are the ap tank on your team. It's like having a sunfire with a titanic hydra on hit effect. You don't have to build tiamat when going R, you have to time your abilities better when you don't have your passive stacked up because your attack speed is slower without the Q you normally use when clearing your jungle. R is worse to split push or 1v1 with so you have to get your team ahead of your opponents team and group with them. For the fastest jgl clear go Q first, R second (just keep it at 1 point into R) and use these instead of Q & W, it's faster, you can also do a nice 6 camp clear but you'll be low on health so you can't fight/gank or risk going for a scuttle crab without vision on your enemy jungler. So yeah it's fast but not worth it. (you can't even buy a tiamat from a 6 camp clear).
The runes:
Viable keystones:
S tier: Conqueror
A tier: Press the attack
B tier: phase rush, grasp of the undying & aftershock

Precision tree:(always viable as 1st & second page)
Slot 1: Triumph is always the best
Slot 2: Legend: Alacrity is always the best, it gives you an edge in 1v but also helps you clear your jungle faster which is very important (build chemtank/ mercs for tenacity, and there's lifesteal in your kit)
Slot 3: Coup the grace / Last stand (I always take coup but last stand aint bad)

Domination tree: (only viable as second)
Cheap shot is a must have if you take this tree
Ghost poro, eyeball collection, ravenous hunter & relentless hunter are good

Sorcery tree: (viable as first and second page)
Slot 1: Nimbus cloak/nullifying orb (nimbus cloak is better unless your enemy is very ap heavy)
Slot 2: all 3 do something useful, I'd go with celerity
Slot 3: Waterwalking is the best as a jungler, gathering storm is ok but takes to long to scale imo

Resolve tree: (viable as 1st and second)
Slot 1: Font of life in teamfight, Demolish when splitting, shield bash when playing ap/mage udyr if resolve is you second rune page don't take either of these
Slot 2: Resolve (the other 2 are for laning)
Slot 3: Overgrowth scales best with udyr unflinching is viable vs cc heavy enemy team

Inspiration tree:
don't go inspiration tree, you can't take both timewarp tonic and cosmic insight which are kinda usable and magical footwear is a bit of a gamble
Start of game:
Buy red smite, yellow trinket & 1 normal health potion, save 100 :)
or buy a control ward and place it in the river

Optional: run to river, press b, leave your ward and switch to red trinket to scout out early invades, otherwise you get red trinket after your first back

You're the jungler and unless your team is invading with a tresh/leona/blitzcrank don't show yourself on the map and run to a bush near the river to scout for invades, if the enemy jungler knows where you are he will try to steal your camps or he sets up for an ambush and you are the camp.

Running to river while activating your Q twice will get you there slightly faster than most other champions in the game.

When the other team is invading and you are grouped with your mid and bot laners you can fight them, your early damage is very high so having a Q on hit effect ready and your Q on full cooldown can do 1/3 health bar damage in 2 attacks. When you are alone or with 2 just walk away from invades, dying early sets you behind because you start without a leash will be late and low on health for a gank or scuttle crab fight and just ruins your game plan.
First jungle clear:
Most of the times you find yourself starting at your bot side, you get the best leash there, with your clear path this will make your first gank mid/top, if you think mid & top are bad lanes to gank (enemy champions that play safe, or no kill presure or follow up cc on your laners side)you might want to start top side.

Generally these are the 2 routes you'll take:
Start at blue > gromp > wolves > red
Start at red > wolves > gromp >blue
After taking buff, wolves & gromp you are level 3 and will have all abilities and 15s time left to do something before the scuttle crab spawns at 3.15
do not take raptors/golems before the scuttle crabs are down because they take longer to clear and will get you lower on health.
You cleared 4 camps, now gank a lane, don't stay there wasting your time if it's not succesful just go to the scuttle crab.
At the crab you might find the other jungler, most times you and him will meet at top scuttle crab, try to save your smite for this since you want to take the crab or heal up from it if you get in a fight with him. When a top or mid laner roams on you just give it up.
Now you either got the first crab, a kill or both, don't ever get killed yourself because it sets you behind big time (you won't have 1200g in the pocket 95% of the time at this point so dying is bad)
Now you go to the other crab and take that one, if the one you got first was a no contest chances are the other jungler already took the other crab so don't run straight through mid because he can set an ambush. When you know where the enemy jungler is you can run straight through mid, heck even try to gank mid if the opportunity is there while passing by.
When you got both crabs look at your lanes, easy gank available do it, if not look at your money is it 1200? yea? Back buy a tiamat. No? clear golemns and/or raptors until you got 1200 gp, if you didnt get crabs and have to go to wolves to get 1200 gp also take your lvl 2 gromp because you're already in the area and with almost no camps up you want to go to the drake after you have backed.

I did not cover invading your enemy jungler, but you only do this if you're 100% sure he is at the other side of the map, taking his red/blue buff, gromp or golemns preferably because those camps have the highest value, if you can get his lvl 2 gromp even better.
First buy:
Depending on the time your first buy happens this can differ but you want to have 1200 gp before backing.

Always get the red trinket at this point unless you're in iron/bronze.

Before 1200gp:
875 gp? buy tiamat component.
Not enough cash? buy a single long sword if you plan on having a fight or risk it with a heavy invading jungler (kayne/graves) and you're building divine sunderer, when you're going for sunfire get a ruby crystal. Otherwise don't buy anything, especially boots are a waste when behind. And you want your tiamat asap

have 1200gp:
great buy tiamat

leftover cash:
75gp control ward, always try to have 1 on the map
Components of your next item :) they're more value than boots even though boots are good on udyr, when having a good gank you'll come from behind anyway or you can burn your flash, but having the item instead of boots makes you come out on top in a 1 v 1 fight at this point in the game.

Divine sunderer:
get the sheen last, the other items have more value.

Sunfire aegis/chemtank:
get the bami's cinder first or the parts for it.

At this point you should be ahead of your enemy and give your laners an advantage without missing out on farm.
After your first buy:
Wherever you want to go you want to take jungle camps so if you just took golemns+raptors don't go to your red side.

Try to clear your camps, take a free gank if available (use your red trinket so you won't get spotted when walking into the lane)

When the drake is up and you go and gank top and the enemy jungler is bot side he will take the drake so try to figure out where the enemy jungler is and try to be the one taking the drake instead.
Clearing the camps:
Red buff, blue buff: when on Q don't kite it, when not on Q attack twice and move 1 step back so he does less attacks to you.

Gromp: Don't kite it once on 3 stacks or on Q

Wolves: before tiamat kill the small ones first, then the big one, after tiamat walk behind the big one and attack the big one

Raptors+Golems: If you didn't get a kill early you have to clear them without tiamat, you wan't to smite the big ones on your first clear to clear them faster, if you have to do both camps use your smite when you get most out of the healing from it. don't apply your Q active on monsters that would die from the basic attack damage because that's a waste of an ability. (the small golems are 1 hit anyway so hit the small ones when the q active is not up and apply the on hit to the bigger ones with more health) After tiamat you just attack the big one first and stand in the middle of the camp.

Rift herald: you should be able to kill it as soon as it spawns, the new jungle item gives you omnivamp and hitting the eye of the herald heals you up nicely, i front tank it most of the time without walking around it since his big hit makes him turn around just enough for you to hit the eye.

Drakes: you can solo the drake easily so that's an opportunity if you know where the enemy jungler is. the ocean drake takes longer to kill and is hard to run when there are enemies coming because it slows the one tanking it (you) so don't take risky plays with an ocean drake.

Baron Nash: You do this with your team, you can tank it but if you got a tank supp you'd rather have him tank it so you can do more damage to it.
Counting the auto attacks:
To optimize the usage of the on-hit effect of your abilities you got to count to 4, yes it's back to sesame street again when playing udyr because you'll be counting attacks :)

Example 1: start of game, you start attacking your blue-buff
if ya smart you already activated your tiger stance way before attacking the buff started so there's a 3 on the tiger icon which means your on-hit effect is ready :) so
Auto 1 applies tiger on-hit effect
Press Q
Auto 2 applies tiger on-hit effect
Auto 3 normal auto
Auto 4 normal auto
Auto 5 applies tiger on-hit effect
since you're level 1 you can't switch stances here or reactivate tiger because of cooldowns :/
Auto 6 normal auto
Auto 7 normal auto
Auto 8 applies on-hit effect
press Q after applying the on-hit effect, it might be ready before it but you use it after because it will provide you with more damage.
Auto 9 applies on-hit effect

Example 2, you aren't level 1 anymore, now you're level 2 and attack your gromp
From here on it's really just counting to 4.
So you kited towards your gromp and your tiger is not on it's on-hit most of the time here (depends on the leash you get) so this is what you do:
Ps this is a normal clear, not the most optimal one, the most optimal you activate W turtle when walking towards gromp so your passive has it's second stack and you immediately activate Q tiger which just got out of it's cd (cooldown)
For the example a more normal clear:
Activate Turtle press W
Auto 1 turtle on-hit effect (count 1)
auto 2 normal (count 2)
auto 3 normal (count 3)
Auto 4 turtle on-hit effect(count 4)
Activate tiger press Q
Auto 5 tiger on-hit effect (count 1)
auto 6 normal (count 2)
auto 7 normal (count 3)
auto 8 tiger on-hit effect (count 4)
Activate turtle press W

and so on
Moving between camps:
blue start:
Blue buff to gromp, depending on the leash you got
if you finish it with your tiger stance on 3 (it's on-hit) then walk to gromp without using an ability, apply the tiger on-hit and activate tiger again
if you finish your blue with tiger on hit on 1 or 2 then activate turtle, walk to gromp apply on-hit and then activate tiger stance.

Walking from gromp to wolves
you're still level 2 so it's the same as blue > gromp

After level 3 (example wolves > red)
level 3 hurray, when finishing your wolves activate your bear stance, run until your passive is about to fall of then activate your turtle, when you get to the next camp before your passive falls of you can do 1 turtle attack before switching to tiger, if you can't get there in time you can activate tiger stance in time which you can get 4 hits off with before the passive falls of again because of the attack speed in tiger. so you only miss out on 1 heal and not on the damage which is the speed of your jungle clear.

Red start, red to blue is less optimal in clearing speed because you have to pass through mid lane before you got your bear stance, it's pretty much te same but you can choose between activating tiger, let your passive fall of and have a double tiger on-hit when starting wolves or keeping your passive up by alternating abilities, i haven't timed them but i think it's not a big difference, when you encounter an enemy at your wolves it's better to have a double tiger on-hit ready but if your enemy jungler starts at your blue they usually blue>gromp back off, except maybe for a graves because he has a lot of armour from his passive and can kite you, but still if your midlaner roams on it he's dead as well so it's a lot of risk for him.
Ganking lanes:
As an Udyr player, do you gank? yeah!

As an udyr your ganks are pretty strong, early ganks make your enemy laners burn their flash more often than not, which gives your laner an opportunity for a kill or an escape later on in their lane.

Try to find a succesful gank in your first clear, it saves you the trouble to do raptors/golemns before tiamat.

With the 4 camp clear mentioned before there is time left to do a top lane gank before the scuttle crab spawns.

When you killed the top scuttle crab you have to move to the bottom crab to deny your enemy jungler some farm, when your health isn't very low just be rude and walk through mid because maybe you can pick up a kill on the enemy mid-laner.
Warning: if your enemy jungler is bot he might have already taken the bot crab and can do a counter gank so don't take to much risk ganking mid here, when the enemy mid laner is kiting towards the bot side his jungler is there so you have to finish him or leave.

When clearing from top to bot try to gank bot lane instead of top :)

After backing you will want to gank bot but also clear your camps, so blue side you go golemns>bot (unless your golemns aren't up) or clear top to bot and gank bot which is for your tempo probably better but if the enemy gets a succesful gank off before you're there it's worse and there's also a drake up.

The actual ganking:
You want to walk up from behind the enemy to land your cc or have your laner cc them and you follow up cc
When walking into the lane use your red trinket if available so you won't be spotted out
activate turtle stance when walking in, switch to bear when running up to your enemy, switch to tiger to apply damage, orb walk with them (predict where they go) so you can hit them as many times as possible, switch to turtle or bear again once you applied your second tiger on-hit.

When you notice that a player isn't playing very safe then regank their lane, this works epecially great on top lane since there's the least risk involved for you and you can steal some jungle as well without ending up in a 4 v you situation.

Tip: Play around your winning lanes, tell the losing lane that's spam pinging you to stay safe, just farm under turret and don't die. Usually when you gank their lane later on their enemy laner is an item ahead of you and kills you.
Tier list:
SSS: enemy nexus
S: Baron nash, Dragon soul & elder dragon
A: Rift herald, turrets & inhibitors
B: single drakes, enemy jungle camps

Baron Nashor:
He helps you getting more lane pressure so you can push your enemies in their base and you can take more of their turrets & inhibitors
Only take a 'free' baron which means either, the enemy jungler is dead or you have at least 2 of your enemies killed so when the enemy jungler steals it there is less pressure on your team. (Usually you kill the jungler as well after a steal so that's 3 without buff)

Dragon Soul:
With the dragon soul you push your chance to win by 10% so get it if you can. when it's the 4th drake for either your or enemy team dying to steal it is worth trying.

Elder dragon:
The elder gives your team a huge buff in fighting power so you can get the baron for free and push your enemies in their base because they can't fight you.

Rift Herald:
Try to get the rift herald before 14 minute mark so you can get turret plates (gold) with it and an opportunity for a second rift herald.

Get the drakes if you can so you can get the dragon soul, getting a rift herald early is worth more than a drake though, also taking risk with the drake can set you behind and a jungler behind sets your team behind as well.

Enemy Inhibitors:
Don't get them before the 20:00 minute mark, the enemies get more farm when you get their inhibs because your waves crash into their base.
After getting an inhibitor you can pressure other lanes so they have to split team to defend their base and you can win by numbers :)

Enemy jungle:
Take your enemy jungler's camps whenever you know he's on the other side of the map because its good for you and bad for the enemy jungler, pay attention to roaming laners though, you don't want to get yourself killed.
Split pushing:
Udyr is a strong split pusher especially if you build a sheen item and tiamat item, when you see your team fighting the enemy somewhere on the map and you can rush and take down an enemy turret, do it :)

You want to be split pushing when there are no objectives on the map (drake/baron/herald) otherwise you give the enemy team the opportunity to take those objectives which will result in more bad than good. Also don't do it when you can't trade even with the enemy (you taking their outer turret and they take your inhibitor turret is a bad trade if you could've defended it)
You can stun some enemies out of their ulti's/dashes, so in some match ups you shouldn't fully commit to a fight before someone casts their ulti/dash because if they kill you it ends up in your whole team being killed.

Tristana jump, yasuo dash, you can hit them with your E on-hit and they will finish their dash but be stunned for a moment at the end of their dash, ganking a tristana/yasuo mid will be succesful since you can walk up from behind and stun her. (same for bot)

Katarina's ult, yasuo ult, Miss Fortune ult, you can hit them with your E on-hit and they will stop performing their ult, now you can probably kill them :)

Follow up CC:
Having more than just you as frontline cc in your team is awesome, because you're a melee champ without dashes and fancy stuff it's good to have a teammate that can land their stuns a little bit easier so you can run up and stun that enemy again buying more time for you team to kill that enemy. So ranged stuns like lux/morgana/syndra etc great synergie, hook champs like amumu/blitz/tresh/leona, great synergie (also the same champions that have great synergie when they're on your team are threats when they're on the enemy team)
Gotta rewrite this chapter :)
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