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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by William-Kun

Unkillable Morgana-Ap Tanky

Unkillable Morgana-Ap Tanky

Updated on September 9, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author William-Kun Build Guide By William-Kun 9,606 Views 8 Comments
9,606 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author William-Kun Morgana Build Guide By William-Kun Updated on September 9, 2011
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This is My own version of Tanky/Ap morgana. :)
Enjoy it, i will keep improving the guide.
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Pros / Cons

Great Aoe Stun
Your bind Rules
You are hard to kill
Almost imposible getting ganked
Can counter almost everything

Always focused by Ad Dps champs
If you dont have good teemates you are ****ed (becouse you are support)
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Soul Siphon Gives you 15-35 % Vamp Spell
One of my favorite Innates

Dark Binding "Q Spell" You catch the enemy champ by 3 seconds and makes good damage

Tormented Shadow "W Spell" Your way to farm, It infects an area doing damage + Reducing M.Resist. With this spell you can heal yourself by hitting minions with it becouse of your passive ( Morgana never uses Hp Pots And always stays in her lane )

Black Shield "E Spell" One of the most hated Spells it "Prevents the aplication of negative status effects" That means that the one with this shield is kind of inmune to ganks, and it absorbs magic damage.

Soul Shackles "R Spell" This is your ult, it damages all the nearby enemy champs, Slows them and if they dont get away from you they are stuned and damaged again. Great way to win Team fights or a great way of escape, you use it and if they stay around you they get stuned and you just walk away.
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I have a question about your guide...

Ok, just say it...
"Why you put just 1 level of Black Shield Untill Lvl 14 if you are a support champ ?"
Becouse the only that improves making it lvl 2-3-4-5 is the magic damage it absorbs, it doesnt improve the cooldown or the time of effect so it's not that important. I focus on the "Q" and the "W" becouse you need to farm and gank enemies starting in the early game.
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Summoner Spells

Flash You are nearby ungankable, with this you are closer to be that :)
Teleport You dont like getting backdoored when wining or you saw a ally getting ganked, just teleport save him and the cheerleader too :D

Why not the others:
Cleanse You have your shield.
Ignite Leave that spell for the killers.
Exhaust Same as ignite killers will get it.
Fortify Meh this spell sucks, if your tower can be bringed down in 6 seconds nothing will stop them 10 seconds later, doesnt worth it.
Ghost Morgana doesnt need to run, she can just walk away.
Clarity It's nice at early but in mid/late game you realice that isnt that useful.
Heal I personally dont like it.
Smite Oh you are jungling ? DONT DO IT.
Why? Why you have to do that? Morgana is great in all the lanes and is a great support no need to jungle.
Rally I never liked this spell it's not bad but it isnt good either.
Promote Never knew what it does becouse it is not a summoner spell anymore.
Revive Not a bad spell but the idea is not dying :B
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Regular items:
Mercury's Treads Almost al the champs need boots :B and this give you tenacity so makes you harder to gank and gives us a extra M. Resist.
Archangel's Staff This will be your main source of Ap and gives mana and mana regen, thats really important in early/Midle Game.
Banshee's Veil Gives mana ( That means + Ap ) gives hp ( you are going to get focused so it's important ) And gives you M. Resist and the most importan it has his Cool passive "Blocks one negative Spell every 45 seconds" that means it can counter almost all the Slows/Stuns and it can block nasty spells like Karthus or Lux ults. ;)
Frozen Heart This gives you a LOT of Defense, gives mana ( Again more ap ! ) and has CDR and lowers your enemys atack speed by 20% :O Great item for Morgana.
Thornmail A lot more of Defense ( Plus frozen heart you are really hard to kill ) And returns 30% of damage. That means if you get focused by the wrong enemies they will take half of their HP by their own.
Rylai's Crystal ScepterGives Ap :D ( your second source of ap ) Has Hp bonus (You get even harder to kill ) And you slow everything with your ofensive skills :B .

Situacional or alternative items:
Abyssal Mask If you have Hard ap nukers in the enemy team you will need extra M. Resist +Its passive + Extra AP it's a great item.
Randuin's Omen The AD enemy champs are feeded and you just cant face them ? With this they will slow themselves. It gives extra Defense and Extra HP And a nice slow active. Great way to counter fast Ad Champs like Master yi.
Will of the Ancients Lots of ap champs in your team? Support them with Extra AP and vamp spell ( This vamp spell + Your innate rocks ;) )
Guardian Angel Enemies are not Heavy AD ? Change thornmail for this, you get M.Resist, Defense, And you revive :D (Once per 5 minutes) nice item if you want to suicide taking down a tower or a inhibitor. (When you die get ready becouse when you revive you will need to escape in the most pro way you find :D like binding someone that it's in the air, shielding yourself 0.01 seconds before a stun and flashing the wall that keeps you away from freedom)
Rabadon's Deathcap Got fed and you know you are going to win ? With this you will get lots of kills more than without it, Just enjoy the game (Only if you get fed and the team score is like 38/11) Is a good item but you are not supposed to be a heavy AP champ.
Mana Potion Well... in early when you dont have Tear of the Goddess yet you will need something for mana regen :B
Elixir of Brilliance Gives AP and CDR and IT DOESN'T NEED A SPACE ON YOUR INVENTORY
Oracle's Elixir Stealthed enemies ?? Use this, never buy Vision Ward( Becouse it is an expensive item if you really use it )
Mejai's Soulstealer U.U People wants it, The thing is that It's cheap, gives AP , And with 20 stacks gives 15% CDR. And you are suport so you get tons of assists. So why this isnt in the Main items? Becouse you dont need more CDR with the main items and Blue buff you are ok.
And yes it gives a total of 180 ap for 1235 gold :O. I just dont like using items like this (For example Leviathan) Why? becouse you die and when you are back you are weaker than before and you dont really need that much ap.
Force of Nature Gives you a lot of M.Resist and movement speed (Great item if you have heavy ap enemies) And gives you more Hp regen (You really dont need this so this is just a bonus) But if you need M.Resist i recommend Abyssal Mask.A good item but not enough.

Why you dont get Ionian Boots of Lucidity ??
It's true more CDR isn't bad but if you make this you will have to change an item for Moonflair Spellblade Bringing down the whole ap/tanky build.

Why you dont get Sorcerer's Shoes ??
Becouse you dont need extra magic pen. you have the runes that give you the magic pen. you need .... just doesnt worth it. Plus the same reasons of why not Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Why you dont get Void Staff ??
It's just logic, You are not a hard hitter you are a SUPPORT champion you are suposed to stun/trap/Protect your allies And the most important .. Look pretty, dont forget about that.

Why you dont get Zhonya's Hourglass ??
Well, it gives you a great AP but as i said you are not a heavy AP champ, and the defense bonus is not that good as Thornmail or Guardian Angel that means if you need ap you are doing it wrong and if you need defense this is not a good item.
And about its Active it is great but i dont like it becouse of 2 things:
-First: You are invulnerable for 2 seconds :O "this guy is crazy saying this is not a good item for morgana" Wrong 2 seconds aren't enough to say wow look at that. And while active you are like a destroyed tower, you just are there to use the space becouse you cant atack, cast spells or do anything.
-Second: I ALWAYS forgot to use the active u.u when im about to die i think in hitting some one for my vamp spell, i dont think in "Muajaja im getting useless for 2 seconds, yeah that is definitely going to save me" NO when that 2 seconds finish you are doomed

Why you dont get Soul Shroud ??
._. Are u kidding when you ask right ?? Low hp Bonus, mana regen aura ._. why you need that , and decent CDR aura. The CDR aura is the only that it's good from it but its not good enough, you have only 6 slots in your inventory :B dont fill the slots with **** items please.

Why you dont get Rod of Ages ??
Well the thing is that 80 Ap - 630 HP - 725 Mana Aren't that great as all says, its a bad item in my opinion And it is really expensive u.u just doesn't worth it.

Vital Item:
Sight Ward Always get this :) at least 2 in your inventory ( Put this in your blue buff, Baron, Dragon And mid bushes to prevent ganks )

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Just press W on the minions and see how you'r gold raises ( Put it between the mele and ranged minions)
With Lvl 3-4 Tormented Shadow and a little bit of ap the enemy minion wave will just vanish.
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Skill Sequence

Bind your enemys and use your W on them and watch as they die :B
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Team Work / Team Fights

Dark Binding Bind the enemys that you know if they catch someone he's dead.
Black ShieldShield the tank/carry so he wont get Stuned/Slowed/Silenced
In Team fights You Flash+Ult+Shield and you will ruin your enemy team and just do your Q+W combo on the squilly one.
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