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Corki Build Guide by PRoli03

Middle gold

Up-to-date preseason corki build by PRolos MCholos

By PRoli03 | Updated on March 31, 2021
61 Votes
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dooruser2 | January 28, 2021 7:24am
What do you think about skipping manamune so you get infinity edge earlier? Would this make corki stronger at 3 items, cause I often feel the game ends before I can get to my 4 item spike.
PRoli03 (1) | January 28, 2021 3:48pm
I could see it working if you manage to get early leads and use an agressive setup. Galeforce-Essence reaver-Infinity edge seems a great 3 item combo. But you definitely need to get ahead for it to work.
SuperBilly | January 19, 2021 6:19am
Hey ! Nice guide, can I know what was your peak elo in S10 ? I find it strange that you build differently from other guides ( triforce ), so i'd like to know if this build is really reliable ! Thanks for your work !
PRoli03 (1) | January 19, 2021 6:55am
Also, I have done the math behind essence reaver's and trinity's sheen proc and the difference is quite small. Essence reaver's scale better and while its damage is lower early (about 10 dmg less) it brings back mana. Overall you choose between health and cooldonws vs earlier powerspike and crit and a dash. I prefer the latter Also with infinity being a core item on corki the non-crit mithycs became weaker and their scaling was pushed back. Infinity is now a last item on triforce corki while on crit the last slot is open for adaptibility.
PRoli03 (1) | January 19, 2021 6:48am
I peaked at platinum last season. I like to thing myself as a less mechanically good player with more game knowledge than usual for my elo. The build is guranteed to work as I tested it againist diamond players in ranked flex to a decent result. Even tought I have not seen other quides recommending Galeforce I follow top corki players and corki builds are two wayed now. We have the triforce-divine sunderer one that is a more classic build where your strenghts are te same as last season and we have a crit mythic start. It is usually either galeforce or immortal shieldbow. The build is 100% viable. It may require some adjustments to your playstyle (different p.skipes and limits) but I even think it more effective than trinity thats why I recommend it built.
PRoli03 (1) | January 19, 2021 9:44am
I've had some time to research. From the top 10 corki players (according to league of graphs) its almost the same. 3 players build immortal shieldbow as a mithyc and with the same legendary items as in my build. 2 other players build Galforce. As for the triforce-divine sunderer build divine sunderer leads 3 players to 2. I think this shows how shared corki players are on his build. Fun fact: every corki sticks to their mithycs. They don't optinally change it. But I can still say: galeforce is still relanvant at the moment especially if you are more aggressive with him. This can change is next patch if galeforce gets nerfed hard enough.
barbascurta1 | January 17, 2021 5:41pm
Hey! how effective is corki in solo/duo , can i spamm him? love the guide btw
PRoli03 (1) | January 17, 2021 11:24pm
Unluckily I can not recommend him in soloq for now. Unless you get really ahead. Normally he struggles like azir or vladimkr from not reaching his strongest state over short games. He is playable in low elo due to longer game length and better map control with package. I unluckily don't spam him anymore but there are situations where I go for him. In clash he becomes a much better pick however I was only able to play 2 games this weekend but he is really effective in those, controlled situations. I could play him both games and got a quadra and a penta and carried both. He is right now in a weird place where he is definitely not weak when he gets his items but struggles with assasins and due to game lenght in soloq.
barbascurta1 | January 18, 2021 10:15am
I understand this , it makes me feel so sad because i want to play only him in solo/duo and i don't know what to do about it.
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MaltaelReaper | November 29, 2020 1:04am
this is really good build and itemization
PRoli03 (1) | November 29, 2020 6:38am
Thank you for your feedback! I've put a lot of effort into it so I'm glad u like it!
lemon9721 | February 14, 2018 6:27pm
Great guide, thanks for the time and effort put into it. :)
PRoli03 (1) | August 9, 2018 11:35am
I hope it helped a lot too. Thank you for your reaction it means a lot to me. :)
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