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Talon Build Guide by Eoba



Updated on April 22, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eoba Build Guide By Eoba 286 25 617,865 Views 20 Comments
286 25 617,865 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Eoba Talon Build Guide By Eoba Updated on April 22, 2022
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Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Nimbus Cloak
Absolute Focus


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Hello! My name is Eric, aka Eoba. I am the BEST Talon WORLD. Why? I got First Place as a SOLO LANER in a "Race To challenger." FROM A FRESH MMR ACC, I hit Masters with an 80% WR in 4 days(sleeping in 3 hour increments). The few people who I competed with are streamers like Adrian Riven, Metaphor, and Forest Within.
I have played over 6,000+ games of Talon and have reached top 100 Challenger with Talon. I do hope that this guide will not only turn you into a Talon main, but perhaps a better player overall.

Click To Join My Socials!

I stream on my Twitch and post when I stream on my Social Links below

My Challenger acc with a 66% winrate

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What To Ban


If you are in Diamond+, Irelia is a MUST ban because pros/lcs players wil 100% counter pick it against you. What makes her so good against Talon? Essentially her whole kit is really bad against him because her Bladesurge can dodge Talon Rakeand her Defiant Dance reduces physical damage.
Ban This In Diamond Elo. Talon worst ranged matchup mid lane. Syndra will out poke you in lane because of her range and on top of that, you could never use Noxian Diplomacy to gap close to her because of her Scatter the Weak.
If you're on the NA server, there's no need to worry because there are NO GOOD Ahri players. Keep in mind, Ahri is a hard counter to Talon because of her Charm.
One of the few melee matchups that I would ban. Fizz is very hard to kill in lane because of Playful / Trickster.


If you are in Diamond+, Kled is a MUST ban because there are a buncha Kled one tricks in Diamond. What makes him so good against Talon? He's very mobile with his Jousting and his passive (should you try to proc passive) makes it difficult for Talon to kill.BAN KLED
Ban This Champ if you're gonna queue top. Dariuscounters Talon because of his Apprehend which stop's Talon's Assassin's Path.
Don't be upSETT if this guy kills you at 100hp. I don't know what Riot games is doing but Sett is just broken...Ban it.
One of the few melee matchups that I would also ban. This is a really good ban in low elo because most players will play champions like this, jax, and nasus that play for late game. Ban it if you're silver+.
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Electrocute Rune Page

Take electrocute whenever you are against a ranged matchup or against team comps that are squishy.

Sudden Impact
Despite the lethality nerfs, still the best path for talon because it gives lethality every time he uses Noxian Diplomacy.

Eyeball Collection
This gives talon the most AD and synergizes very well with duskblade because killing wards allows him to get more stacks.

Relentless Hunter
Take relentless hunter because you can gain more map coverage with the movement speed and it helps pick people off if they're caught out in the map.

Absolute Focus
This rune can also be swapped with nullying orb against heavy AP teams. Talon stays above 70% hp which makes Absolute Focus perfect for him because he's always initiating on the squishies.

Nimbus Cloak
This rune can also be swapped with nullying orb against heavy AP teams. Talon stays above 70% hp which makes absolute focus perfect for him because he's always initiating on the squishies. It also synergizes with the reduced summoner cooldown from your boots of lucidity as you can proc the movement speed buff more frequently.

Conqueror Rune Page

Take conqueror whenever you have an unkillable matchup & against teamcomps.

Should always take this rune because it has synergy with conqueror's build. Since you are tankier with the conqueror build, it helps you get insane hp returns in teamfights.

Legend: Alacrity
This gives Talon more attack speed, letting him stack Conqueror woth autoattacks faster. In some scenarios, it TRULY gives you the upper hand in really close 1v1's.

Last Stand
This helps Talon secure those kills when he's really low HP as most mid laners right now are very strong skirmishers.

Taste Of Blood
Very useful in laning phase because it Talon more sustain in lane. You can even use it to save yourself from last ticks of Ignite by procing it with the first wave of Rake.

Ravenous Hunter
The best rune for conqueror Talon.
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Summoner Spells
Flash is an essential summoner spell for talon. It helps him intiate, escape, or re position in fights.
Ignite helps talon get early kills with its true damage. For certain matchups like Akali, Ignite also applies grievous wounds which reduce healing.
Can take this summoner spell against matchups like Syndra, Zoe, and Twisted Fate.
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Noxian Diplomacy

dashes to the enemy, last hits minions, but most importantly CRITS when using it melee. You always want to stand still and use Q to make sure that it crits. You can also use this to last hit a minion and to get closer to the enemy as it refunds 50% of its CDR and follow up with Rake. Knockbacks like and can put Q on cooldown. During laning phase, I engage with Noxian Diplomacy to a low health minion(refunds 50% cdr when it kills), followed by a Rake to apply two stacks, autoattack, then Noxian Diplomacy, followed by another auto attack to proc Blade's End.


always use this skill to wave clear minions. Constantly push lane to the mid laner so that they lose cs, so that you can roam as it's shoved. As the Rake comes out and returns, it applies two stacks, followed up by a Noxian Diplomacy and an auto attack procs Blade's End(Talon's main combo for harassing in lane).

Assassin's Path

Engage or Disengage. Remember that the walls have cooldowns so that you can't constantly Assassin's Path over the same wall. A good talon will use Assassin's Path to position themselves in teamfights. Your base movement speed affects the speed of jumping over walls, so slows can stop you from jumping over the wall. Another tip is that Assassin's Path can leap over Crystallize, Pillar of Ice, Weaver's Wall and recently updated Emperor's Divide.

Shadow Assault

I use this skill to gap close to enemies or disengage from ganks. If there is a who's about use Dragon's Rage, use Shadow Assault before he uses Dragon's Rage so that Shadow Assault invisibility cancels Dragon's Rage. When engaging, use Shadow Assault as it gives movement speed and then collapse Talon's blades with Rake Noxian Diplomacy to follow up. My favourite combo on Talon is Shadow Assault, Rake, Noxian Diplomacy, autoattack.
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What To Max





































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In Teamfights

#1 - Use youmuus

#2 - E overwall to position beside squishy targets

#3 - W, R(land as many stacks of blade's end on champions)

#4 - Auto & crit q auto another champion to proc passive

One shotting adc or squishies from with R engage

#1 - Use R, youmuus, and edge of night

#2 - Position behind adc and W crit Q auto

Flower Combo

#1 - Use W & R

#2 - Cast long rage q and then auto to proc passive
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How To First Blood

#1 - Cast W to hit all the minion waves

#2 - Kill the 7th minion and level up your Q

#3 - Q Auto the enemy champion once you've landed 2 stacks of rake on them

BIGGEST TIP FOR LANDING Rake & Passive during laning phase

STEP 1= Noxian Diplomacy into a low health minion
STEP 2= Cast Rake
STEP 3 IF BOTH W's Land= Flash Q auto to proc Blade's End
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Goals Mid Game

#1 - Split Push to attract enemies to come to you

#2 - Make Picks On Enemy Team, especially before objectives like dragons

#3 - Get Turrets for global gold
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When To Roam

#1 ROAM WHEN THE ENEMY WAVE HAS A CANNON WAVE The cannon minion takes longer to die, so should your roam go poorly(which it shouldn't) you won't lose as many minions.

#2 ROAM WHEN YOU KILL YOUR LANER Pretty simple. You've killed your enemy laner and so you go rotate to top or bot and win.

#3 ROAM WHEN YOU RESET IN BASE. The enemy team won't expect you to come to their lane once you've reset to buy items. Most of the mid laners also don't ping mias...because they didn't SEE you leave lane.
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Assasssepain's Path Roams To Avoid Scuttle Vision

x= scuttle , y= enemy extended y2= enemy under turret
Top Lane Roaming Path from blue side(swap y with y2 for red side)
Bot Lane Roaming Path from blue side(swap y with y2 for red side)
The Escape I Do When I Try To Escape risky dives or picks which is also a mirror reflection if it were the red side.
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Lucidity & Oracles

Boots Of Lucidity Always go boots of lucidity especially on electrocute talon because the prowler's build path doesn't have CDR. The CDR from boots of lucidity helps lower the cdr of talon's abilties. Boots of lucidity also synergizes with nimbus cloak because you lower the cooldown of your summoner spells; which means you are getting to proc the movement speed from nimbus more frequently.
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Laning Phase

- if you're against ranged champs like , just try your best to farm without taking harass. Work on avoiding skill shots while still csing. Your choice is to either TO KILL or TO BE PASSIVE.
What happens when you kill the midlaner? One thing is that they stack armor, this helps champions like or because the enemy team will be like "Eoba is fed" let's stack armor. Then mid game comes, the armor isn't going to help them in fights because of the hybrids of mixed ad & ap damage on your team. As I've mentioned earlier, being aggressive in lane makes the jgler come to your lane, therefore reducing gank pressure on the side lanes. So its a WIN WIN situation if you can succesfully win your lane!

What happens when you play passive? playing passive keeps pressure on the mid laner because you are constantly shoving the lane. For example, will have to decide whether or not to use Destiny(costing him cs) or to stay in lane.

Mid Game

- Outroam the mid laner. Help your fellow teammates by ganking their lane. If they take the kill, IGNORE THEIR FLAME and take their cs. You left lane to help someone else's lane, the least they could do is return the favor; think of it as equality: "I give you give."

Late Game

- Most crucial part of the game. End it. Don't bring the game any further. Any Talon main will understand that the late game has a higher chance of losing: longer death timers, baron throws, and the occasional "a summoner has disconnected". Your goal as talon is to make picks. An adc is splitting bot lane...KILL EM. A top lane is splitting top with his team at bot side...ANNIHILATE EM. Basically, make it easier for your team, a 4 vs 5, or perhaps if you can 1 vs 2, a 3 vs 5 will make it easier to team fight.
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401 Split

I use the 401 split strategy to WIN my games from silver all the way up to diamond+. Once you have really established your dominance in laning phase and the mid game, you can now apply pressure in the side lanes by split pushing. This strategy works well for both red and blue side of the map.

For example, the game is about 30 minutes in(which shouldn't be the case, try to end the games in 25 minutes or less) you should CONSTANTLY be split pushing bot lane. I cannot tell you how you know how much damage your champion does, it all comes within playing more games of league + alt tabbing to see the enemy team's items. If you are not big enough to 1v2 or at least 1v1 in the bot lane you're split pushing, then you are not worthy to win the game.

Take matching Ryze in the bot lane as an example. You are nearing Ryze and you click tab he has Frozen Heart and seraph's embrace. The only items you have are Black Cleaver and lord dominik's regard. Ryze's healing at 25 minutes+ in the game is insane, knowing this you need to burst Ryze in order to beat the 1v1. You cannot let him cast his Spell Flux and Rune Prison which would eventually let him kite your hp down.

Assessing the situation, you send 4 of your teammates to hover baron. Most Ryze's will probably have Teleport, so you can't let him live. You plan out the execution of this by the following: you clear vision so Ryze can't see you coming, you initiate with assassin]s path and Shadow Assault to immediatly get stealthed, and then you execute with Rake+ Noxian Diplomacy to kill the Ryze. This should result in a win-win situation for you because Ryze is dead and the enemy team will have to send another person back to base to defend; leaving the baron pit at a favorable 4v3.
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301 Assistance

This only difference in this strategy is that the person you are matching is IMPOSSIBLE to kill 1v1. For example, you are matching Jax who is running Sterak's Gage and Plated Steelcaps. Assuming you have an ap top laner like Kennen, you can ping Kennen to assist you in bot lane for the 1v2. Should you guys kill the Jax, Kennen can then Teleport into baron to win the 4v3. You can keep split pushing to end the game.
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For teamfights, your goals as Talon are to land as many stacks of blade's end, to proc as many passive, and to kill the priority target (which is usually the ADC, but since its season 11...whatever they drafted botlane LOL). The combo you usually want to use is Assassin's Path+ Rake+ shadow ***sault+ AUTO ATTACK the nearest target(usually the support) and then AUTO CRIT Noxian Diplomacy the ADC.
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Step 1: Beat your lane

Talon is responsible for 50% of first bloods. Refer to my Laning phase and how to get first blood. Set up your wave so that as your 2nd wave kills the 7th minion you can then level up your q to follow up with a Q auto.

Didn't kill your lane? Thats ok! Farm till your back is as efficient as possible! If you started with a longsword(big advantage if you do so in hard matchups). At 759=0 gold you can easily back and get an early serrated dirk. With serrated dirk, you can easily clear waves and contest scuttle with your water walking(bonus ad/mms in river). You then look to buy that early lucidity boots & control wards to roam either top or bot side.

Roaming with talon is easy. When should you roam? Roam when theres a cannon minion wave, when enemy recalls, or when enemy is dead. A W and melee Auto crit A Auto(standing still) clears wave fast.

Eoba I can't kill my lane. You're playing talon. Despite playing thousands of talon games, I still do make this easy mistake of NOT roaming vs hard matchups. If it's a losing matchup, push the waves and hover top/bot river so that you can immediately rotate top/bot if theres a skirmish. Remember that as you kill the last few minions to back off as it gives vision on which direction you are roaming. Smart mid laners as the elo gets higher tend to put trinkets near your mid turret. Mid turret wards can be fixed by holding a control ward or clearing it with your oracle lense.

Step 2: Pressure

[anchor:401 Split]
Talon should ALWAYS split push. He is one of the best mid laners for clearing waves and you should exploit it -riot pls don't nerf his rake anymore <3. Judgement is the biggest difference between Diamond and Masters. Press Tab. How well can you judge if your team can win the 4v4 thats about to happen. Is your map awareness good enough to see that the jax(who you cant match) just recalled? Should you back since jax didn't back and that your team is about to fight a 4v5? YOUR judgement decides the game. That judgement will only get better as you play more talon games & watching better players!

Step 3: Give your team the "That was easy button"

To my beloved Eoba talon followers, I present to you the one of the best winning scenarios you should replicate in your games :)!

Two top turrets are dead. Ping your team to hover near baron. MAKE SURE that all lanes are pushing before you enter the bot lane. You need to be able to 1v1 ANYONE who matches you on the split push bot lane. You generate a 4v4 or 4v5 scenario in the baron pit.

4v4 Baron Pit. You are left to match the solo laner. By this time you should have split enough to be match and kill anyone that goes against you. If you kill the laner, IMMEDIATELY rotate to baron and help your team. When baron dies you can push mid and try to end game.

4v3 Baron Pit. Two are headed your way. Burst your combo on one person, lower the other's hp, and then E over the wall to rotate to your team. If you're a Talon god you can kill both :).

4v2 Baron Pit. Three are headed your way. Bless your soul. Enemy team steals baron while there's three people on you at bot side. Press ESC. Surrender.

The general summary of these scenarios. Kill solo laner. If you can't kill those that match you bot lane, lower their hp and rotate to baron!
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#1 DON'T Flash and CRIT Noxian Diplomacy, this will disrupt Talon's ability to proc passive.

#2 TRY NOT TO USE Shadow Assault to initiate because any ability you use after will break Talon's stealth.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eoba
Eoba Talon Guide
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