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Urgot Build Guide by Mechadream

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mechadream

Urgot - So fat from being so fed!

Mechadream Last updated on September 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Introduction - About me...

Hey there. I'm Mechadream and I'm here because I've decided to be here and write this. I also want to share what I've picked up over the last year with Urgot. The Blobmeister!

I've been playing League a little over a year now, I'm no pro. But I know most of what I need to know to do well! I bought Urgot very early on during my time on LoL and loved him! I endured his nerfs and found a playstyle with him which does work very well. He is a GREAT laner. A GREAT anti-adc. And if you play your cards right a FANTASTIC team fighter.

Now. Lets begin...

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    Added item links.
    Fixed some typo's.
    Coloured some words in, nicer to read.
    New Summoner spell Chapter
    23/9/13 Changed item build

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The PROS of Blobman and the CONS of blobman.

INSANE early damage
BLOBTASTIC harass (Can easily outharass Caitlyn ;])
Good AD scaling
Tankier than pretty much all bot lane ADC's
A powerful, armour shredding DoT (Damage over time)
A sick teamfight changing ult
A forcefield
~You are so ugly, that you passively blind any enemy that looks at you.~

Quite mana hungry early if you spam
High early cooldowns making him quite punishable if you miss
Shorter Auto-Attack range than all ADC's.
Bad use of ult can screw everything up.
~Needs to buy 4 boots.~

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Mutant Masteries

Righto. Straight to business.
We take 21 points in straight up OFFENCE!
Point in Summoners Wrath for the ignite's cooldown buff, nice to have
We take CDR instead of attack speed as Urgot is very ability orientated. Also, seeing as we like to start of with mana regen I like to take the points in bonus minion damage for easier last hitting. ~REMEMBER!~ MORE LAST HITs MEANS MORE GOLD WHICH MEANS MORE POWER! and as our teams carry we want lots of POWER!

For the rest of the tree we ignore crit damage as we don't build for crits, we build for sustained chunky Q's. Then just take the standard "I want more physical damage please" points.

For the remaining 9 points I like to put them into the Utility tree. This means we can flash more often to secure kills and to save your ***--Lower back-fat. We also get move speed to get to lane faster, roam more etc. We get more mana regen for easier harassing AND last but not least 10 mana per level.

I feel this mastery may be somewhat undervalued but it's really good on Urgot due to our Core item MANAMUNE. Because of this item we get more damage based on our max mana. So having this mastery can bump up your damage quite a bit :p

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Squidgy Runes

Quints: I take 3 in pure AD. My reason behind this is last hitting. Like I said in the mastery section. You like to have POWER! Which means you want more -Last Hits-

Marks: Armour pen runes will give you a nice amount more on your Q's to champions. The reason I like to have armour pen marks over armour pen runes is because of your E. Urgot's E will reduce the enemy champions armour quite alot already so it's nice to add a bit more damage on to your harass while still maintaining some last hit potential with AD quints

As for your Seals and Glyphs Having defences make you more resilient and less of a gold bank for your enemy to farm you.

Armour seals are to boost your laning sustain as you're most likely to be against physical damage dealing champs.

As for the scaling MR runes. They are there to protect you from some of the enemy mid champs AP damage. Usually, you won't be having much to do with the enemy mid champion until mid/late game and by level 18 the amount of MR you get from scaling runes is more than that of flat MR runes so we take these.

As for other options. You can choose to take Mana regen seals over armour.
You could take CDR quints.
It's entirely up to YOU and YOUR preference.
This is how I like to play and it suits me and does me well.

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Summoner Spell options

With these delicious spells I stick with the common

Pretty simple explanation, Ignite secure's and reduces healing. Which is nice as lots of supports like to heal. And Flash to secure kills and escape sticky situations

Other VIABLE options:

: Very nice spell if you want to get more Acid Hunter shots in
I sometimes take this over Ignite as I just like map mobility.
With this, stacked with your passive which already reduces enemy damage you'll be a VERY strong duelist.
Synergises with your W for a pretty beastly shield.

Ignore all the others like Smite and Clairvoyance you have absolutely no need for them.

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Items/Gameplay - Early Game

I like to start with Faerie's Charm because of the regen. I love knowing I can use moves and not having to spend ages waiting for mana because I missed one E. I take 4 of each potion to sustain myself aswell. Also, I find this start to work really well for any situation.

Is your lane easy? GREAT, then you can farm/kill your way to getting that Manamune (Which our Faeries charm builds into)

Is your lane hard? Then you will have the sustain to farm and play passively for longer than them and wait for your jungler to give you a hand, granted you don't get destroyed too fast.

Anyway... After that, I like to get the next item based off the way my lane is going. Am I harassing loads? Get a Tear of the Goddess and upgraded boots. ( Ionian Boots of Lucidity > Long Sword because if you can cast Q more often you'll do more dmg than if you just got a long sword)

If you're having trouble get the Long Sword and a few more health pots. The Long Sword will give you some raw AD so you can get CS easier.

I then like to try and finish my Manamune fast as it give you near infinite mana and a great deal of damage for so little gold.

While laning you'll want your support to know when to stay near you as harassing alone is very risky, in solo que just ask them to stay near you. If you want to try and go all out I find it useful if you just ping-spam the guy you're going for. If you find your support is slow paced then adjust yourself to his playstyle and find your own synergy. If you both play differently and he won't change don't get angry with him and do your own thing. You'll lose that way. Work as a team.

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Items/Gameplay - Mid Game

Now our lane-friendly items are complete we can now start to prepare the big guns!

The Brutalizer! I firmly believe this to be your best friend as Urgot.
It gives you everything you want

    Armour Pen

It also builds into The Black Cleaver which you will upgrade it to later on.

Now, if you're doing well and keeping up a decent farm then investing into a BF sword after The Brutalizer will make a significant impact on your damage. Those pesky Garens that like to take the p*** and run straight into your face will think twice about trying to go for you after enduring your mighty gunk powered Q's to that fat head of his.

Upgrade the BF sword into a bloodthirster when you can to give you more damage and sustain.

As for playstyle. Usually a tower has now been taken down somewhere, and now mid is being pressured by the laner that did well. You'll have to make a quick judgement on whether they need you or not. If you do decide to go then there is bound to be some sort of skirmish/teamfight. However, due to your amazing range and utility you will usually win the poke trades. Your E is great here. Practice landing it, this current meta there are bruisers who build very tanky early and still manage to deal lots of damage, your armour shred will make them feel naked and weak.

At this point of the game PLEASE don't push your lane without proper warding and make sure dragon is warded. Killing Drake will result in a total of 950 FREE GOLD to your team (190 each).

That WILL help those of you that are behind, not to mention how much that amount of gold is to your support. Make damn sure you pay attention to that drake!

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Items/Gameplay - Late Game

This is all down to you now. If the game is going well then following the build order will work.

The Black Cleaver will supercharge you from your Brutalizer.
Last Whisper for the extra armour pen.
Tier 3 boots. (Get homeguard if you're losing. Get Alacrity if you're winning)
And now Zephyr.

I believe Zephyr to be very nice on Urgot as it really does give him that nifty edge.
It pretty much maxes out your CDR so now you don't have to wish your mid didn't want blue :p
It gives you loads of attack speed so you can now have an easier time with your raw dps
And have you ever just finished a teamfight and you just can't quite reach your last Q. WELL NOW YOU CAN THANKS TO MOVE SPEED. With Tier 3 boots and this item not many people can escape your locked on Q's. Imagine if you topped this off with Red Buff ;)
And how can we forget dear old Tenacity. What? Veigar got you with his ring of win? just walk out of it before much happens :)

Now this is where you have to focus. Late Game is where Urgot is said to 'fall off'. Well... If you play as if you are Draven, then yes, you fall off. If you play smart and position yourself well then you can usually chunk down they're adc very fast while they are unable to reach you.

This part of the game is very team based and the reason Urgot is hard to play here is because unlike champions such as Draven, you have alot more to focus on than standing in the right place and auto attacking well... You have Short auto attack range. You have no good escape. You have your tricky ult. And you have to not waste time and hit every possible E&Q. It's easy to get distracted and pick your target carefully but you need to pump out damage to those who need to die before they do it to you

Also the attitude you had with dragon earlier should now be focused on Baron with more aggression. Baron Nashor is an amazing buff
1500 team gold (300 gold each)
Big AP and AD damage buffs
Massive passive HP and Mana regen bonus allowing you to win poke wars.

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Item Summary/Alternatives explained

Basically with the other options.

Get Frozen Heart > The Bloodthirster when they are auto heavy e.g Vayne or Aatrox
Get Warmog's armour > The Bloodthirster if you take heavy damage in teamfights.

Warmog's armour helps a lot due to deception. People look for the lowest hp target (Usually the ad/ap carry) to focus. When they see Urgot with a lot of hp bars, you drop in priority. Also You don't auto attack a lot so the HP boost beats the lifesteal. BT is usually taken for it's AD anyway. Acid Hunter procs spell vamp. Never Take bloodthirster for the life steal.

Get a Sunfire Cape or Randuin's Omen over a warmogs if they are VERY AD heavy. Choose whatever you want.

Randuin's Omen = Better stats and Passive
Sunfire Cape = If you get surrounded a lot

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Farming - Brief

Small chapter.

For new players this may seem difficult. The main thing is to NOT stand and auto attack, walk around in an unpredictable manner whilst keeping your cursor near the minion you want to kill. When the creep is on low health, throw in an auto attack and finish it off. It's important to get as many minions as you can without pushing the lane too much.

If you over-extend, chances are, the jungler is coming for you.

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Unique Skills - Also Brief ( will add more)

Things that a lot of people don't realise is while your shield is up you Q will SLOW enemy champions you hit with it. I tend not to do this in lane unless trying hard for a kill as it uses a lot of mana.

As for your Ult (R). If someone decides to dive you and this is up, try and fight back for a bit. They dive knowing they can kill you, or so they think ;). Smack them with an E pop as many Q's as you can then quickly ignite and ULT THEM. They are now suppressed while taking a massive amount of STACKED tower shots. The amount of times I have taken a free kill from a greedy diver with this method is surprising.

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Summary and upcoming updates/improves

Thanks for everyone for reading. This is my very first guide so please give me as much feedback as possible.

Possible items
Ult tricks
different runes
Spotted a typo?

Everything is welcome

I will continue to update this as often as I need to so if there's a patch be sure to check back to see if anything has changed.

Plans to add

    Full Match uplist (Got late while writing and tired)
    Videos of recent Urgot plays
    Ulti game changers

By the way. Kansuke. I report u noob feed afk troll motherfck