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Urgot Build Guide by Delvoid

Top Urgot to be tilted

Top Urgot to be tilted

Updated on November 19, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Delvoid Build Guide By Delvoid 89 13 307,527 Views 2 Comments
89 13 307,527 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Delvoid Urgot Build Guide By Delvoid Updated on November 19, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Urgot
  • LoL Champion: Urgot
  • LoL Champion: Urgot

Runes: Inspiration

Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Urgot to be tilted

By Delvoid
Hello Summoners. My name is Delvoid i am a longtime League of legends player. I am currently a returning diamond tier Top laner re learning the ropes of league. You can catch me on my stream or join my discord community here. I try to explain my thoughts in most situation or what my game plan is. Feel free to ask me any question or leave a comment on the guide!

Follow me-

If you see me live on Twitch, please please come in and say Hi! Would love to get to know you all.

Keep in mind it is currently pre season and i am still doing a lot of testing on new items and builds
Pros / Cons
-High sustained damage.
-Medium ranged top laner.
-Rarely banned.
-Tanky with W shield + items
-Good poke during laning phase
- Well rounded kit, easy to learn
- Very satisfying ultimate
-E stops shelly hitting towers if timed correctly
-Slow Movement speed, easily kited
-Large hitbox (Made lower in recent patches)
-Long Cooldowns
-E easily interfered

Precision - PTA + Resolve
As of 10.14 theses are the runes i will mainly run on Urgot. Unless its a tanky top laner like Mundo/ Maokai i will than take Conquer.
OLD- Runes
Below are a list of runes I used pre 9.6, some are still viable in certain situations and play styles.
Inspiration- Unsealed Spellbook + Resolve
Not sure if Inspiration still has a place in this current patch. Will update once I have more information

Sorcery - Comet + Resolve

This page has great poke and should be run into squishy targets and bad match ups. I mainly run this into Heimerdinger and Teemo.

- This rune has great synergy with . The increased damage and slow increases the chance for comet to hit. Comet is for early/mid game it scales poorly into late game.
- My personal favourite rune in this tree. It helps with urgots lack of mobility and is also great for all in kills and team fight positioning for the 4 man fears. This can be changed for which solves mana problems if you are not to great with mana management. Is a very niche rune, however great is the enemy team has 2+ magic damage champions.

- After the clerity nerfs in patch 8.12 has been my preferred rune choice in this tree. Just remember you are effectively playing without a run until level 10.

- Scorch is great for early game poking however is also a very viable option and allows urgot to scale better into the late game

See resolve tree details belowChamps i run Comet into:
Aatrox Darius Fiora Gangplank Illaoi Irelia Jax Jayce Kennen Olaf Pantheon Quinn Riven Rumble Singed Sion Teemo Tryndamere Yorick

Precision - PTA + Resolve
Run PTA into tanks or champs you know you will be duelling/ skirmishing a lot. Or any champ with high sustain
- Remember that when you proc Press the Attack during Purge it deals 1/3 of the damage so if it's possible try to proc it with autoattacks instead.
- By far the best rune in this row. During lane phase this rune is irrelevant unless you take part in a takedown how ever its a great scaling rune for team fights later on.
If the team does not have any crowd control change to
and are viable options in this tree. Last Stand is the correct rune in most situations for this tree as you will be fighting a frontliner.

See resolve tree details below
Champs i run PTA into:
Camille Cho'Gath Dr. Mundo Garen Gnar Maokai Nasus Ornn Poppy Renekton Shen Tahm Kench Yasuo

Resolve is taken as the 2nd rune tree in all situations.

– Extra damage when you press W. Great for bullying your laner
- Take this rune against lane bullies like Darius Renekton who focus on quick short burst trades.
- Take this rune vs heavy poke lanes such as Teemo Gangplank Jayce
- I personally rarely take this. However its great to take in farm lanes. By taking this you are able to focus more on health items such as and . This will make you incredibly hard to kill mid game.
- Take this rune into tanks. The bonus will not be great until mid/late game however is a great payoff.
Echoing Flames (Passive): This Passive is what makes Urgot so strong. It scales with your Level and your AD.
at level 18 you make 8% of the targets health with one shotgun as physical damage.
6 Legs = 48% Health damage + Armorshred from The Black Cleaver(core item)
Patch 9.6- NOT EVEN MY FINAL FORMNo longer deals 10% reduced damage to enemies hit in the last 5 seconds, stacking 3 times
Corrosive Charge (Q): Corrosive Charge is your one and only poke tool in lane and the first Ability you want to max, since it is your only tool to harass your opponent really and also to slow them.
Purge (W): As on 9.6 this ability was changed from utility to a damage toggle. It no longer provides a shield when activated however once max rank it costs 0… YES 0 mana and can be toggled on and off. This is what makes Conqueror so good on urgot as you can keep it triggered.
Disdain (E): Disdain is an dash-grab ability.
You need to get cast time right to get a hit, higher ranks will try to dodge it.
As of 9.6 this now grants a shield when used. When using this keep in mind this is your only “mobility” if you need to escape a gank.
Fear Beyond Death (R): Long range skill shot that allows you to execute targets under 25% max HP.
Try to combo this with either Corrosive Charge or Disdain to guarantee the hit[ color]
If you managed to execute player, you get rewarded by fear that is useful in fights. If you have taken Nimbus Cloak you can use it to reposition in team fights to get multiple fears off which can win the team fights.
9.6- Ranged and damage increased

Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Flash: Is a great Get Out of Jail Free card. Definitely the best Summoner spell choice on urgot. Great to combo with E also to escape from them pesky ganks.

Ignite: Since the TP nerfs in recent patches i have taken a big liking to ignite. It provides you with early game kill pressure. It also have great drawbacks. It can cause you to gain a lot of unwanted jungle pressure and one bad trade early can cost you the lane

Teleport: Despite the nerfs in the recent patch its still very viable top lane. It allows split push pressure and Tp plays into the bot side of the map. However the nerfs have allowed other summoner spells top lane to become viable. So make sure to see waht your other laner is running! If they have a aggressive summoner call some jungle pressure.
Starting Items
CORRUPTING POTION: I only really use this when using the Inspiration tree for Time Warp Tonic or vs other Corrupting Potion users as it provides great early game sustain. It helps with early game mana issues and allows you to sustain through lane. The main disadvantage with this item is it does not provide any attack damage or bonus damage to monster which makes last hitting even harder then it already is on urgot.
DORANS'SHIELD: This is a great starting item but dependant on your opponent. It is most effect vs ranged champions or poke heavy champions such as Yasuo Fiora Kennen. The additional damage to minions helps with last hitting with auto attacks and saves using abilities for trades/ pushing the lane.
CULL: This the best starting item in my opnion. It synergises so well with urgots Purge. This ability hits 13 times with a 3 hp per hit regeneration. The ability results in a total 39 health restored per cast. I take this into where there is limited kill pressure. The gold income provides a nice power spike for the mid game.

DORANS'BLADE: For urgot specificly this is worse version of Cull in terms of healing and attack damage. Mainly due to the aforemntioned synergy between Cull and Purge, but still a viable starting item. It is most effective when paired with Arcane Comet rune becuase the comet damage scales off of attack damage
Full Game Play
Urgot vs Poppy Full Game play. More to come! Highlight video
Importance interactions of Urgot's R:

Aatrox - R will allow him to revive. Try to pull him as far away as you can or wait for his R to run out before casting your R.
Anivia - Passive egg will allow anivia to revive and not case the fear part of ulti.
Braum - E blocks both casts of R be careful when firing.
Fiora - W will ignore 2nd cast, try to bait out her W before ulting.
Gangplank - W cancels the ability, try to bait out his W then all in.
Kalista - R pulls oathsworn ally out of the ability, avoid targeting the oathsworn ally.
Kayle - R prevents death however if timed correctly you can kill as soon as the R is over
Kled - Passive, if he mounts or dismouts it will cancel the ulti. Be very cautious when trying to execute him.
[[Morgana] -] E, will block 2nd cast of ulti, avoid ulting targets with Morg’s E on them.
Olaf – R, ignores/ removes the 2nd cast. Wait for this to run out before ulting
Sivir – E, spell shield blocks both casts, bait out E before ulting
Tahm Kench W, Devoured tragets are immune to 2nd cast, annoying to deal with
Tryndamere –R, Will not die from the execute
Yasuo – W, windwall blocks both cases of ulti be carefull when casting. Bait out his W before ulting
Zac – Passive, Takes damage and revives, try to pull him to a location where you can kill all the blobs
Zilean –R Revives the target, however fear will go off. Try to avoid ulting targets with zilean R
Quicksilver Sash Removes the 2nd cast of ulti, try to avoid ulting anyone with QSS
The execute will go through even if eather urgot or his targets are in statis (Bard ulti, Hour Glass). But only if the 2nd cast has started
Urgots combos overall are very basic and you will be able to pick these up in a couple of games.

Simple but effect, try your best to poke the enemy out as they go to last hit their CS. Once they make a positioning mistake Q> E (flash if needed) and W.

Use this combo to close the gap on an enemy. Q to slow and allow you to position yourself for E hard CC then as you E use W and focus on getting the passive procs off. Once low enough you can R to secure the kill or reset the trade.

Use for close range engaging. Lead with E then activate W while E is channeling then Q to where the target is going to lane. If target is low enough you can R to secure the kill. Usually used during laning phase after Q poking

EXECUTE. All in engage for once the target is already chunked or if you have follow up damage. Engage with your E then R to the landing position of the target. Activate your W and Q to slow them down. Rotate to get your passive procs. Keep in mind you have 4 secs to kill the target once your R lands.

This is very risky as the target can easily dodge the R. Ideally the target is already low HP. R to slow the target with Nimbus Cloak you should easily be able to position yourself for E or use E to close the distance if CC is not required to kill the target. Q once in range and to re add the slow and W to finish them off.

General Points
This is not specifically to do with Urgot but it will help with overall game play.
Objective control is key. Buy control wards on every return if you have the gold left over. (try to back with enough gold for item + pink) Not only does it help you out but your other lanes keep track of enemy players.

Ping for anything and everything. Set up your hotkeys so they're easy to use. If you have pinged for anything, ping it again after 20-30 seconds if things haven't changed. DO NOT SPAM PING unless it is urgent You won't be annoying your team, they'll be grateful of the information.

Don’t Flame
We have all been there and sometimes it is hard to resist. Own up for your own mistakes and if chat gets too much /mute all concentrate on your own game play. Try to stay positive in chat, you are not going to win the game by been abusive in game. That will only cause people to troll/ int even more.

Check the Map
I laughed at myself for even putting this here. I am a sucker for punishment and always forget to check the map before making a play/ engaging. This very easy to overlook but check the map every 20-30 seconds to see any missing players or any potential opportunities incoming. I actually started to use a ping sound alert every 10 seconds to remind me to check the map.

Know Your Capabilities!
Knowing your abilities is all well and good but knowing how they match up against each opponent can be tricky. Test the waters. Each time they come back from base with new items, just attempt another auto-attack or 2 to see how the damage is different. If unsure just farm safely and wait for ganks/ misplays

I cannot stress enough how important knowing how to CS is. Practise daily and improve in a custom game. You want to be aiming to get 8cs per min each game. Do not be afraid to give up CS if it means you not taking a bad trade. Check stats tools to see where your weakest csing times are and try to improve.

If you really want to improve, watch your replays. Look at what YOU could of done better that game and look for your mistakes. Watch high elo players VODS of the match ups your unsure of learn from them.

CS challenge
A fun challenge for you to improve your cs/ wave manipulation. Go into a custom game and try to hit 100 CS without missing a single one
  1. Do not use any abilities (Don’t skill them)
  2. Only buy starting items
  3. Do not go back/die
  4. Has to be in a custom game NOT practice tool

      If you manage this let me know would love to see how many people manage to do this and if it helped them during games.
Things to Do
Firstly Thank you for taking the time to read this guide! I have a couple of extra i am planning to add in future updates.

1. Itemisation, what to buy on first back/ mid-late game. (when to take rightous glory / mallet ect)
2. You tube vids of each match up with me doing commentary of the laning phase (first 10-15 mins of the game)
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