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Lulu Build Guide by Vapora Dark

Support Vapora Dark In-Depth Support Lulu Guide Season 11

Support Vapora Dark In-Depth Support Lulu Guide Season 11

Updated on September 22, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vapora Dark Build Guide By Vapora Dark 1201 60 4,150,603 Views 56 Comments
1201 60 4,150,603 Views 56 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vapora Dark Lulu Build Guide By Vapora Dark Updated on September 22, 2021
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Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role Ranked #23 in
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-Table of Contents-

Hi, I'm Vapora Dark, a veteran player that's been playing since season 1. During that time I've hit Master tier as a mid lane main in season 5, as an ADC main in season 7, again as a jungle main in season 8, and once more in season 9 playing a mix of all those roles including mid and Fizz. I can play every role to a very high level and have a very good understanding of the general aspects of the game on top of that.

I've been writing guides on MOBAFire since 2011, among which my achievements include winning the MOBAFire guide contest multiple times, achieving the highest score on the site multiple times with multiple guides, achieving the most comments on a single guide of all time by a very large amount which hasn't come even close to being surpassed in the 3 years that it's been archived, and having the most collective guide views on the site by a very hefty amount. I've also written some champion guides for Riot Games on the Lolesports site.

Lulu can be a bit of a lane bully in the early-game in the right matchups, but the most defining thing about the champion is how good she is at enabling her carries to deal damage. Her kit gives them all the tools they need to allow them to deal damage safely and even buffing them up and increasing their damage. This makes her a wonderful combination with long range hypercarries late-game, to best make use of her enabling kit.

I hope you enjoy reading the guide as much as I enjoyed writing it, and most importantly, that you take everything you can from it!

Sorcery & Inspiration

Summon Aery
Summon Aery: This is the perfect keystone for Lulu since it aids both her offensive and defensive capabilities. You can either attack an enemy and have increased damage or you can shield them with Help, Pix! and benefit from the stronger shield.

Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band: Gaining a large mana pool and then getting extra mana regeneration is great for champions who mostly keep their spells on cooldown. As a support, Lulu will often be spamming her abilities so she'll need a decent mana pool.

Celerity: Lulu gains a large amount of movement speed through her items, runes and abilities. There is never a situation where you can't make use of Celerity. Whilst some people like Transcendence my issue with it is that as a support you'll most likely be the last person to hit level 10 and games usually end when you're level 13 or so. What that means is you actually get very little value from it throughout the game.

Scorch: Increases the effectiveness of your early harass. You can proc it with either Help, Pix! or Glitterlance.


Magical Footwear

Cosmic Insight
Magical Footwear: As a non-roaming support you don't need to purchase early boots. This means you can get a large amount of psuedo-gold income from saving 300g. It also offers an improved 10ms which works with Celerity and general play. The only issue is if the enemy team are able to consistently out manouver you early you'll be unable to get extra mobility until 10 minutes. This is rarely the case, especially so because of Whimsy.

Cosmic Insight: Gaining 5% cooldown reduction for everything you press and increasing your CDR cap by 5% is hugely powerful. You'll usually be capping your CDR very quickly thanks to the support items Lulu buys. You also get this bonus from level 1, making it always useful.

Flash has been the standard summoner spell to take on almost every single champion since forever. It's always been indisputably the best summoner spell in the game, so there's nothing you can replace it with.

As you're fairly lane dominant due to your decent range and great poke tools, Ignite can offer some kill pressure you usually wouldn't have access too. It also counters the enemy Heal if they have it making it a great option if you know when to use it. You could also take Exhaust if you need extra peel for your carries but with how powerful Lulu is for that innately it's a bit overkill usually.

-Skill Order-

> >
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Passive: Pix, Faerie Companion

Pix, Faerie Companion: Pix makes you better at trading with auto-attacks than most other supports. Unfortunately though Pix's bolts can be blocked by other units, such as minions, so it won't help you in all circumstances.
Q: Glitterlance

Glitterlance: This is great to poke with when combined with Help, Pix!, since it makes it really hard to dodge. You should avoid trying to poke with it through minions since the damage is reduced after the first target it hits. Since it slows you can also use it to help escape ganks and to peel for your carries.
W: Whimsy

Whimsy: This spell basically acts as two different spells depending on who your target is. When used on allies it speeds them up and increases their attack speed, when used on enemies it prevents them from being able to attack/cast spells and slows their movement speed. You use it on allies when you want to increase their damage output and, thanks to the movement speed increase, enabling them to land more auto-attacks and catch up to targets quicker. Using it on enemies is when you want to peel for your carry or stop them doing damage while fighting in lane.
E: Help, Pix!

Help, Pix!: This is another spell that basically acts as 2 different spells depending on who your target is. If cast on an enemy it does damage and sticks to them so Pix, Faerie Companion and Glitterlance can more easily hit the target, and if cast on an ally it shields them and temporarily causes Pix, Faerie Companion to affect that ally instead, greatly increasing the champion's DPS especially at later levels.
R: Wild Growth

Wild Growth: This basically acts as a heal to the target, but since it increases max HP rather than just straight up heals it means you can cast this on a full HP ally and it won't be wasted at all. It also knocks up enemies around the target and has a slow aura around it, giving it some light CC on top of helping keep allies alive.

This chapter is currently awaiting an update for the season 11 items rework, apologies for the inconvenience.
Spoiler: Click to view

Laning Phase

You'll start with Help, Pix! at level 1 since it's both your best offensive and defensive spell, and will help you whether you're trying to trade aggressively or protecting your ADC as he farms in a bad matchup. In good or even matchups you'll want to use it on an enemy rather than as a shield, and poke with at least one auto-attack since placing Pix on an enemy means Pix, Faerie Companion won't get blocked by minions.

At level 2 you have the option of taking Glitterlance for kill potential, or Whimsy to best increase your all-in power rather than just increasing your damage, best for even lanes or for losing lanes where you might need it to save your ADC. At level 3 you'll take whichever spell you didn't take.

In some lanes it'll become too dangerous for you to keep harassing with E unless the enemy laners are really low in fear of being all-in'd and burst down, such as when laning vs Leona or Zyra. You can play aggressively vs them early on but later on their damage and CC can punish you very hard if you play too aggressively, and at that point you'll move on to a purely shielding and protective role in the lane. In other matchups though, such as vs Janna, you can keep playing aggressively throughout the entire lane so long as you don't fall behind.

After taking Wild Growth not much changes, usually you can only really use it defensively as effectively a heal when your ADC or anyone else is dropping low, but situationally you can also use it aggressively just for the knockup and the slow just for the aggressive CC. You can even consider Flashing into the enemies and using Wild Growth on yourself for this purpose.

The entire time you'll want to make sure you have vision in the necessary spots in the river/jungle to make sure you're not being ganked. You and your ADC should coordinate your trinket timers to have maximum uptime on the most important spots, and you should stock up on lots of Control Wards as soon as possible in order to have long-term vision on an easily-defendable spot as well as to control vision as the enemies won't be able to ward that.

If you manage to take the enemy tower early on, if you're plat 1+ you should call to swap lanes with your top laner. This is a great move because if the enemy bot lane follows suit, you get to continue abusing them in a short lane where you have a tower nearby so you can't be as easily ganked as if you were to just try and keep pushing bot lane once you take the first tower. If they don't lane swap with their top laner however, then he's stuck in a 1v2 lane and you should call your jungler and even mid laner if possible to come dive him 3/4v1 to immediately kill him as well as immediately get another free tower in response to the enemy bot lane's refusal to counter the lane swap.

In lower Elos however I usually wouldn't recommend lane swapping since your team will probably have no clue what to do and the swap might end up doing more harm than good. In these situations your best bet is to push in bot as far as possible with your ADC, then quickly rotate mid to pressure the tower 3v1 while the enemy bot lane has a long distance to push the minion waves back into your tower before your ADC has to go back down to farm up the wave, and then you rinse and repeat. You should be able to eventually wear down the enemy tower until it goes down, sooner or later depending on who your ADC is and how much waveclear the enemy mid laner has.

Out of Lane

You'll want to group with your team and place vision around the next objective, as well as deny vision wherever possible with Control Wards and Oracle Lens. You'll want to take dragons whenever they're up, and siege towers together with your team, as well as try and force fights if you know you can win them.

Once in a team-fight, you should be using Help, Pix! almost exclusively as a shield, mainly on your ADC, unless you actually need it to secure a kill that would otherwise escape. This is because when you shield your ADC they gain the Pix, Faerie Companion passive, which scales amazingly with the attack speed your ADC will be building. Whimsy can be used as either peel, or to buff up your ADC's DPS and mobility, hepling them dodge skillshots and catch up to fleeing enemies. Glitterlance is used either to peel or to slow down fleeing enemies. Wild Growth is either used defensively on a low HP ally (especially if it's a carry), or as engage followup by adding more CC to the mix for your team as well as increasing the tankiness of your initiator.

It's also very important that you remember to use your item actives whenever necessary, since so much power of supports is concentrated into the item actives they buy.

Hopper is Bae

That's it for my Lulu guide. I hope you found this helpful and learn to play Lulu as well as you want to.

Special thanks to Hopper for banners and coding.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Vapora Dark
Vapora Dark Lulu Guide
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