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Veigar Build Guide by LittleOne

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LittleOne

Veigar in depth guide, AP Maniac

LittleOne Last updated on July 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Before we start

Hello everyone, my name is LittleOne and i will be making you guys and girls a complete Veigars guide. If you like it, leave a comment, vote and if you don't like it also comment on why don't you like it, leave a vote. Every comment good or bad will help me improve this Veigar guide and every bit of improvement will help other players and me to play Veigar better. Thank you all and enjoy my Veigar guide.

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To most, thoughts of yordles do not conjure images to be feared. The easygoing half-pint race, though fierce, is often regarded with some degree of joviality. Their high-pitched voices and naturally cute forms inspire something of a protective instinct in the larger races, or at least bring to mind images of children playing at being adults. Every now and again, however, a yordles turns so bad that, even at its small stature, it strikes terror into the hearts of others. Veigar is such a twisted yordle. As a master of the magical black arts, as well as a corrupter of cosmic energy, he is one of the most powerful sorcerers on Valoran.

As a child, Veigar was a normal yordle with one small exception - he had a deep curiosity for the world beyond Bandle City. The young yordle spent much of his time studying the rest of Valoran, and he jumped at the chance to join a business that traded with other major city-states. Unfortunately for both him and the world, a deal with Noxian trader turned into shady business and went bad; Veigar and his companions were subsequently set up to take the fall. Arrested by the authorities, he was imprisoned within the walls of Noxus for years. Such isolation is very dangerous for yordles - undoubtedly why his cruel jailers did such a thing - and Veigar was slowly driven mad. He eventually escaped, having become a twisted version of his former self. Instead of returning to his people and Bandle City, he sought tutelage from dark wizards across the land. With his demented will focused on one task, he quickly became a dangerous and powerful wizard in his own right. Now he seeks to end all conflict on Valoran by bringing all of the city-states to their knees, regardless of their affiliation. The League of Legends is the perfect tool to help him meet his ends - for now.

"Who says evil needs to come in a fearsome-looking package?"

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Release notes(that changes Veigar)

Release Notes v1.38.38:


Rabadon's Deathcap base ability power reduced to 140 from 155

Well, doesn't change his play style by much, but it still is a little nerf.

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Runes depend only on your play style, i will give you a few sets of runes and you decide witch one you think is best for you.

My personal rune page(recommended):

This rune page is great, it works for me and i know it will work for you too. You have nice magic penetration, good mana regeneration and a little boost in speed witch is never bad. Well I take boost in speed so i can catch enemies easier and run away without wasting my flash. I know it may sound stupid but it saved me a lot of times without wasting my flash.

Destruction rune page:

These runes are great if you want to play really aggressive, but be really careful because you will be out of mana fast, you health will be low, but the bonus AP that you get from these runes will be worth it. But be REALLY careful.

Survivability rune page

Greater Seal of Vitality

If you are newer to Veigar, this may or may not be the best build for you, depends only on you. With these runes you will have much more health then you should, some magic penetration and bigger magic resistance. I don't like it because i am good with Veigar and if your team mates are good, you don't need this set of runes.

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I will talk why did i choose what i did, why didn't i take what you thought that i will. My masteries go like 9/0/21 like you can see. Here are some details:

-Burning embers - You can take this instead of "Presence of the Master", it will give you a little boost in AP witch is always nice and welcomed, but 15% cooldown reduction on summoner skills...i think it's not worth it.

-Good hands - You can take this level 3 and "Perseverence" level 1, but i don't think that's a good idea. I mean reviving faster is nice, but a little boost in health and mana regeneration is more worth it. And you will die only a few times if you are good player, if you are not this may be better to take.

-quickness size - If you go with my recommended guide and have 4.5% boost in speed from runes, this will be so good to have as mastery, it will give you 3% more movement speed just to be sure that they can't catch you that easy and that you can catch them easier.

-Utility mastery - You can actually not take this mastery and put 2 mastery skills from this in "Good hands", it's not a bad choice since you will have buffs only few times. This mastery is only good if you have a pre-made team so you can do Baron really fast. It will make it last longer.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are also something that depend on your play style, here is the list of Summoner Spells in-game, witch ones are good, and witch are bad.

Good Summoner Spells:

- -Best Summoner Spell in-game i think, you can catch enemies, gank enemies, run from them, juke them, make them angry, screw up and make yourself angry. But it's all the part of the game. There is nothing to say about this spell, simply it's really good for this hero.

- -Yeah, Ignite. It's good in early-mid game, it will make your life a lot easier when you use this on enemy hero. It's good to kill and steal enemy champions.

- -This one is good and bad, if you aren't going with my "Recommended rune page" then you may want to get this instead of "Ignite", it will give you a big boost in speed so you can catch enemy heroes without problem. But it's also bad because if you are ganked, there is no way that this spell will save you. Enemy champions will use stuns and slows on you, even an exhaust and you are dead.

- -This spell is okay, you can make your trips to lane a lot easier, you can gank a lot easier, but it will take 1 of 2 spaces that you have so it's risky to waste your space.

- -Why this spell isn't in "Bad summoner spells", well that's because this spell saved me a lot of times. When you get ganked by only one enemy champion, this spell will not only save you and slow him, if you have mana and no cooldown on your skills you get a free kill.

Bad Summoner Spells:

- -If you are ganked, this skill has a chance to save you, but a small one. I don't recommend it to anyone because it will just waste your space.

- -This is only good if you don't know how to play at all, but you don't need it. Just wastes your cute little Summoner Spell slot.

- -Joke? You are not a jungler, you are a mage and you don't need this spell.

- -Again, if you are ganked ghost won't save you, heal may save you, but this will just make you look stupid. They will just use 1 more stun or slow and 65% duration reduction will not save you.

- -I say "Leave it to the support or tank", nothing more.

- -You will have mana problems only at first few minutes of game. Don't waste your spell slot for this. I know it will be really useful in first few minutes, some team fights when you don't have mana and you don't want to run away. But it's not worth it.

- -If you are going to take mastery "Improved Rally" then go ahead and take this. You will not only waste your mastery points but also Summoner Spell slot. Isn't that great?

- -You are not a support, don't panic, just take a deep breath, you just made one big mistake if you took this one, nothing more.

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Pros and Cons

I hate this one but I just had to make it. This will explain some things about Veigars weaknesses and strengths.


-Really heavy magic damage dealer
-Good stun so you can kill or escape easier
-Good cooldown on your baleful strike so you can harras enemy champions
-Good combo skills
-Good mana regeneration
-Really good AP(ability power)


-Really squishy
-Really slow

Can't think of anything else. Post in the comments about his pros and cons!!!

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-Veigar's mana regen is increased by .75% by each 1% of mana missing.
-It's hard to run out of mana with this passive ability. For every 1% of mana that you don't have you gain 0.75% more mana regeneration. It's a nice ability, it enables you to spam a lot of baleful strikes early in game.

-Active: Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing 80-260 (+0.6 per ability power) magic damage. If the target is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power.
Passive: Veigar gains 1-5 ability power when he kills a champion from any source of damage.

Has really good passive that gives you 1 AP per minion kill and when maxed out 5 AP per champion kill. And believe me, you will get a lot of hero kills with this champion. Has low cooldown and big damage.

-After 1.2 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing 120-320 (+1 per ability power) magic damage.
Your main damage skill. It does 1:1 AP, so for every 1 AP you will have 1 more dmg on this skill. Really deadly and it's AOE skill. If you do a good combo, you can make a nice kill streak.

-Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for 1.5-2.5 seconds.
I am in love with this skill, I can't tell you how many times did this skill save me, how good combos you can do with this skill. It's AOE stun that works wonders, every target that gets in or gets out of this AOE skill will be stunned for some time. AWESOMENESS

-Blasts an enemy champion, dealing 250-500 (+1 per ability power) plus his target's AP in magic damage.
This is deadliest ability against enemy casters. It does 1:1 AP ratio(every 1 AP makes 1 bonus DMG), it does normal skill damage + bonus from AP + 80% of enemy champion AP. Crazy, isn't it?

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Skill level explanation

Ok, some of you are maybe confused for why do i take level 5 baleful strike when Dark Matter does much more damage and it's AOE?

-Listen, Baleful strike has really low cooldown, every champion kill you get 5 AP, smaller cooldown so you can make more AP really fast.

-Dark Matter- it will only increase base damage of the skill on each level, but if you have a lot of AP it won't matter that much. Some of you will disagree, some will not.

-Event Horizon- first level of this skill is just enough for a good combo or save. It stuns for 1.5 seconds on first level, perfect. 1.5 seconds stun and 1.2 seconds meteor fall? perfect combo.

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Here I will tell you what i mean when i say "farming".

-I mean Farming, simple, isn't it?
-I mean use your "Baleful Strike" on mobs to get AP
-Last hit minions for gold
-Use in mid-late game your dark matter

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Combo Skills

See, we are getting deeper in this guide. See how we connect? You get to know me better, but you all stay quiet and I don't know anyone of you. Like we are best friends.

Ok, using combos is really easy with this guy. And when i say "really easy", i mean hard as hell. If you miss your stun you are doomed. You need to be really accurate and precise to pull it off. But with some play time it will be easy.

Early game combo:

You will be around 6-7 level so you will have all the skills you will need to make it possible to solo kill, with team in early game you don't need anything except "Baleful Strike".

Mid game combo:

Goes same as in early game, just your skills will be bigger level with smaller cooldowns. Cool isn't it?

Late game combo:

Easier then in early game, ignite will be unnecessary in late game. You will need only 2 or 3 skills to kill everyone because you will have so much AP that they will fall from their chair right into their bed and cry.

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OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG we are finally in deep relationship guys and girls. Joking aside, I will finally tell you about items, in witch order to buy them and to have a little pride and change the build depending on situations. OK guys? Thanks.

Starting the game:

Meki pendant will provide you good enough mana regeneration with your runes and masteries, so you don't have to be worried about that but just in case you buy mana potion instead of 2 health potions.

Try to stay in lane as much as you can at start, do a lot of last hits on minions, try to get some kills in early game but concentrate on last hitting minions with your baleful strike.By the time when you go to base you should have farmed around 40 ability power.

First return to base should be when you have 1800 gold but if you can stay more make 2050 gold so you can buy elixir.

First trip to base:

and if have for

Yes, i get tear of the goddess as fast as i can. If you did a lot of last hits with baleful strike you are fine. You will start stacking your mana really early in game + sorcerer's shoes will provide you magic penetration witch will help a lot. Continue to do last hits with baleful strike and to farm as fast as you can.

Start ganking now, start killing enemy heroes, start stacking your AP like maniac.

Second trip to base should be when you have 1235 gold and if can make 1500 it would be better.

Second trip to base:

and if made for

Ok, you just got your mejai's soulstealer, you should have around 80 AP + elixir now. You get mejai's, you enter mid game, you start killing like crazy so you can stack your mejai's really early(it will pay off trust me)

Now you go to base when you are almost dead or barely living witch is the same but you don't go to base for every piece of are just wasting your time and exp and gold. And need all 3 so don't do that. These items in order are next:

Agility elixir is only for fun, so you can shine white with all 3 elixirs.
Fortitude elixir gives you nice boost of HP and you need every bit of hp because you are really squishy.
Brilliance elixir gives you nice amount of AP and + it gives you cooldown reduction. Great!

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Situational Items

Ok, I will write all the items that i think that should be mentioned.

-Not a bad item, if their team is heavy DPS this item will help you a lot. Especially if you are newer player, if you are too aggressive, or afraid.
-Not for this guy, you are heavy caster, do a lot of burst damage and you don't need a little slow.Health bonus is nice but item is too expensive only to get a little hp boost.

-Huh? Fail? Like i said, Veigar is heavy caster/mage that does a lot of burst damage. This item may help you destroy towers really fast but it just takes one space for nothing. Don't recommend it. may want to get this item but only and ONLY if enemy team has so many mages that you will die in blink of an eye.

-Deathfire Grasp can actually be good on this guy, does more damage for every 100 AP that you have. And you will have a lot. So you may want to get this if enemy team is Heavy Tank Team.

-Wasting cash and space, yeah you can get this early game but it's not worth it. Spell vamp is nice but not needed.

-This item is awesome on him, you get nice amount of AP + you get nice amount of cooldown reduction. It's great, and useful.

-Nice spell vamp, nice AP, fail item for Veigar. Thanks for reading. Too little AP for my taste, and you don't nede to help your team, you are hard damage dealer, they need to help you.

-This is good item actually, when you use it you get 2 seconds immortality witch is great. not only they can't damage you for next 2 seconds, you also get time to reduce cooldowns of your skills.

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There is actually nothing to write in here except that I love you guys. Just kidding, it's important to gank if you go to middle, you are hard damage dealer caster that works enemy champions like crazy.

-When you get tear of the goddess you can start ganking so it's before 15 mins, or you can be a little more patient and wait 20 mins and buy mejai's soulstealer and be a monster from 20 mins to end game. You decide.

But if you are middle and you are doing fine against enemy team middle, then just leave middle and go gank some lane to get more money and to help your teammates like crazy.

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Good with/Bad with

Do you want me to add this one? I wanted to add it today but i am really tired and i want to sleep. Thanks

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I will add few replays, actually 4 games that i played in row so you can see how Veigar owns enemies like they are nothing. Give me a few days for this to happen. Thanks

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Did you like the guide?

Do you think that I should add something?

Are you disappointed?


How to make it better?

Did i miss something?

Did you actually played with my build or you just write like that.


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I really hope you enjoyed my guide and that you will vote and comment it. LittleOne really made you connect while reading this guide. I did joke quite a lot and i hope you understand. I am just trying to lighten the mood a little.

Thanks for reading, best regards from LittleOne