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Vi Build Guide by TheRealJoke123

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRealJoke123

Vi - Girlpower activated

TheRealJoke123 Last updated on March 5, 2013
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Hy and welcome to my first Guide here at Mobafire! English is not my mother language so pls correct me if i make any mistakes!
Today i want to talk about Vi. It is a very efficient jungler and has a great ability setup to initiate and gank without any problems. Since i bought her i played tons of games and tried different builds and i'll show you my favourite build which i use 90% of the games with her. I also try to explain why i choose these items, masteries, runes and skill order and i try to keep it short. (I know most people play a new champ and look for a guide when the loading screen pops up xD)
So i hopy you enjoy my guide and pls leave a comment :)
It's not finished yet, there is still a bunch of chapters missing but i will update a chapter a day.

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Pros / Cons

+ Good initiate
+ Great against Tanks
+ gets easy to enemy carry
+ very easy jungle
- not good lvl 2 ganks
- can be squishy early
- item dependent
- dmg output after a certain time

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

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Spells - The unique weapons of each Champion.

So now we are going to talk about her Spells. She really got a great setup which is very effective for every team. Let's start with each spell.
  • : Sure this is just a small shield. And you think it won't help you? False. This passive is just as awesome as the rest of this Champion. It will help you while you are clearing the jungle camps, it will save you from an ignite and it lowers the damage when you initiate. Check the cooldown, to use it effectively while jungling. For further information, this shield scales with your Maximum HEALTH. You get 10% of your maximum Health as a shield when you use an ability. It's also goot to know that the Cooldown of this ability is 18 to 8 sec.
  • : This is a pretty good skill to initiate and to escape. It is a skillshot, true, but not very hard to land. You don't need as much training as with blitzcrank. The only thing you have to worry about, when should i start? This ability builds itself up with time. You jump further and you deal more damage. After it reaches the maximum range you still have time to aim for your targets. So use it before you reach a lane for a gank. Not too far away. Play one or two custom games to check out how long you are able to wait. It also knocks the enemy back which is very important for Vi when using her ultimate! But we will discuss this later. I will post a video where you can see which spots can be used to jump over nearly every wall in the game.
    Also important is -> you jump THROUGH minions and monsters. So dont be afraid to charge through minions to hit an enemy champion. You will only stop if you hit an enemy Champion.
  • : And here we are. This is why Vi has to be banned in ranked games. It's just a passive, true, but just think about what it really does.
    First we have an attack speed buff. It really gives you a lot of attack speed which fasten your jungle speed extremely. With our runes and masteries you can choose this skill first.
    Hm. A passive without AoE? For early Jungle? Yes! And here we are at the second effect: The percent damage and the armor shred. You will clear the camps, until you reach Level 3, much faster if you start with this ability. And you should max it first of course. But be carefull with it. You only get the attack speed when you hit the SAME target 3 times. So dont attack different targets until you got the attack speed.
    With The Black Cleaver you have extremely high armor reduction and you can deal a certain amount of damage even without a lot of damage items.
    This is also your skill do destroy every tank in the game. Even a Cho'Gath cant handle your damage when he got all stacks and a Warmog's Armor.
  • : Make sure that you reach every monster while jungling. If you use your vaulot breaker and jump into the Wraiths, you will go through them and then you can hit all of them. It's also pretty cool when you finish champions off when they are low on health, because it has an extremely high range. So you only have to hit a minion when they run away.
  • : Well there are plenty of things you have to check until you use your ultimate. Positioning. Sure most time you think okay i will use my ultimate to catch up, or to reach the ADC at the back of the enemy team. But just read through the description a second time. Did you see it? If you charge at an enemy with your ultimate, you also damage and knock away enemys which stand in your way. So use it properly to damage more enemys then the one you want to knock up and punch down into the earth. Dont be too hasty! Check how's the fight goin. You can decide between seving your ADC or attacking the enemy ADC. Sure this is a hard decision but don't risk your life and waste your ultimate.
    Another important thing is the combination with your Vault Breaker. When you use your ultimate, you charge to an enemy, knock em up and crach them back down AND land BEHIND them. This is very important. Because if you don't use your Vault Breaker to catch up for your ultimate, you can use it after your ultimate to cc your target again! You also damage him and present him with a stack of Denting Blows.

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Why these items? Why no The Bloodthirster? Or one of the new Jungle items? First of all i'll explain why i have chosen the items on top of the guide, then i'll explain other viable items and why i do not rly use them.

  • Boots of Swiftness: Try to get them as early as possible. With these boots and her great starting movementspeed of 350 you are able to roam very easy. You also can buy Boots of Mobility if you have no problem following enemy champions. Very often during MID to LATE game i change my boots! After i get Phage i often sell them and buy Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads
  • The Black Cleaver: In combination with Denting Blows you shred the enemy armor really hard and so even tanks have to be afraid when you focus them.
  • Frozen Mallet: This is the most important item in Vi (in my opinion). With this slow and your Denting Blows attack speed buff they can't get away. Even other bruiser, which think they can beat you wont have chance. With Blade of the Ruined King i never lost a 1v1 against another bruiser. Even ADC's have a problem because you can charge at them with your Vault Breaker.
  • Blade of the Ruined King: This item is also important for Vi. With Denting Blows and this item you deal an amazing amount of % damage. Why does it fit better then Kitae's Bloodrazor? Because it deals Physical! damage and not magical. Here we remember our armor reduction from Denting Blows and The Black Cleaver. Pretty good combination. And this is the reason i prever this item instead of The Bloodthirster.
  • Runic Bulwark: Why runic bulwark and not more damage? Well you will always stay in mid of the enemy team with this build. And when you are in the middle of the fight, your team will also be more tanky. This is one of my favourite items, i think i buy it for every champion. (except fiddle, my main haha xD)

What items can also be picked?


  • : Also a very viable item. But i only buy this, if the enemy team is in advance.
  • : This is never a bad choice on a bruiser. It will constantly deal dmg to the enemy team and surpress their health regeneration.
  • : If the enemy team has too much cc and you can't handle it with Mercury's Treads then this should be your first choice.
  • : Is the enemy team very AP heavy then this item will save you more then 1 time.
  • : If you havn't known it jet -> This item breaks the Ultimates from Mordekaiser, Warwick and Malzahar.
  • : It still gives you a plenty amount of health and the health regeneration is still viable (even since the nerf).


  • : It is the item with the best life steal, i know. If you really need it, or want it then you can buy it. But first read at the top of the items section why i recomment Blade of the Ruined King.
  • : Quite viable with a Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet.
  • : I kinda like this item. Vi with a certain amount of AS and with Frozen Mallet is unbeatable. Also you got the little "secret" magic damage most people will ignore. But you should never ignore extra magic damage with each attack. Remember this when the enemy has one.

Why do i don't list more Offensive items? Because you don't really need them. With this item setup i gave you, you should deal enough damage, are very tanky and can handle nearly every champion.

Jungle Items:

Another chapter where you are able to talk about till the end. Sure they are very handsome if you want to jungle very fast. There are Champions which really need these items, i know but Vi won't need them. And the only reason is -> Denting Blows! Everything comes back to this ability. This is what makes her unique while jungling.
But when you really want to buy Jungle items. I Would only prefer this one:
  • : Now you think... Why dont he buy Spirit of the Ancient Golem? Because of the DoT. Sure it seems to be very less. But this is your counter jungle item. When you use Excessive Force you cant hit every neutral monster in a camp and they all get the DoT from this item! With a Red Buff you are extremely fast clearing enemy jungle camps. I used to buy this item when i started to play with her. But after a certain amount of matches i thought about the armor reduction from her passive and why not improve it? So i ended up with The Black Cleaver.