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Volibear Build Guide by icedguitar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author icedguitar

Volibear-The Lane's Master

icedguitar Last updated on May 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greetings fellow summoners and welcome to my guide! "VoliBear-The Lane's Master". This is my first guide, and I think you might be wondering 'Why make a volibear guide on your first guide? He takes a lot of practice'. Well I'm not proclaiming myself as the best Volibear out there, but I think my guide makes him a good tanker and he deals a hell lotta damage in team fights.
Volibear works very well in both laning and jungling. But, I play him as a laner because of his incredible sustain and impressive lane dominance.

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For runes i pick up:
Greater Mark of Attack Speed: This mark gives me a lot of bonus attack speed and you should be able to activate Frenzy faster.
Greater Seal of Armor: This seal gives me the bonus armor i need for sustaining and surviving any ganks from the enemy team.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: This glyph gives me a lot of magic resist in late game without any Magic Resist items, allowing me to focus on damage output and increasing my maximum Health.
Greater Quintessence of Health: 78 bounus health in early game is not bad, considering it gives more damage on Frenzy.

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For Masteries I take 9/21/0, taking armor penetration and attack speed offense Masteries and any Defense Materies to increase my Magic Resist and my Armor, as well as my maximum Health. Obviously the health bonus increases the damage of frenzy, or as i nick named it 'The Imba Bite'.

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Doran's Shield i take this as a starting item. This item makes me extremely tanky in early laning making me a hard target to eliminate.

By your 1st Recall, you should be able to buy Boots of Speed and Giant's Belt making you very very tanky.

By your 2nd recall, you get the core items of my Volibear guide, Frozen Mallet and Warmog's Armor. But consider Mercury's Treads before getting Warmog's Armor. You can replace Mercury's Treads with Ninja Tabi if the enemy team has a heavy AD team. Now, I know you might be wondering 'Why should i buy Frozen Mallet on Volibear?'. Well, the 20 bonus damage is really usefull, so is the slow on each attack, allowing you to chase down enemies easier.

After you get Warmog's Armor, try to get some damage items through Madred's Bloodrazor, this item allows you to eliminate enemies faster as they lose 4% of their Max HP on each attack. I don't consider Madred's Bloodrazor as a very important item on Volibear, but it makes you more than just a tank. Instead of Madred's Bloodrazor consider Atma's Impaler as you have incredible HP by now.

Now for your luxury items, as usual, sell Doran's Shield and buy either Force of Nature or Thornmail depending on the enemy team. For a better edge in team fights, consider buying Frozen Heart as in decreases the attack speed of enemies.

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For skills, I really focus on taking Frenzy whenever possible, because it makes farming and killing much easier. Don't hesitate to farm creeps with Frenzy when you are having a hard time, as it isn't a mana hungry skill. So, I take this skill whenever possible and max it by level 9.

Rolling Thunder is a really effective spell when chasing down enemies, but it is quite hard to use as it all depends on positioning. Because Rolling Thunder's main focus in to chase down enemies, I take it at level 2 and max it last.

Majestic Roar is a great and effective Magic damaging spell, as it slows enemy Champions and fears creeps. Enough said, I take it at level 3, and max it by level 13.

Thunder Claws is a really painful damaging spell. At level 3, you gain bonus 155(+30% Ability Power) on each attack. Furthermore, it chains up to 4 times which is really effective in team fights. Don't hesitate to use it in small team fights (2 vs 2 etc) because it doesn't really have a high cooldown.

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~~.==Summoner Spells==.~~

For soloing top, I take Heal and Exhaust for more survivalbility and sustain.
If I duo bottom or top, I keep Exhaust and take Ignite of Flash. Theses spells makes me more of a killer than a tanker in early game, making me a very scary opponent.

Optional Summoner Spells:
1. Cleanse is a really great spell to have by your side, especially in team fights. Don't need to worry about Varus' Ult now do we?
2. Ghost allows you chase down and escape from enemies easily. This spell is really effective against ganks from the river.
3. Teleport. I don't highly recommend this spell, but if you seem to have trouble laning and usually get yourself into a bad situation, this spell is always there for you.

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~~.==Strategy/Team Work==.~~

Volibear is no doubt a very good tank and a very good addition to a team, but he has 1 major problem, he kill steals easily.

Whenever in a team fight, Frenzy usually picks up the kill. Try to keep Frenzy for 1 opponent only so your other teammates can get kills to. Frenzy can deal easily up to 800 psychical damage, due to the large bonus health you gain trough Frozen Mallet and Warmog's Armor. Even if you get 20+ kills and your teammates only get less than 10, the enemy team will just finish of your other teammates 1st before you.

When leading into a team fight, immediately use Rolling Thunder and flip the softest target to your team. After that, quickly lead with Majestic Roar to slow enemy champions that intend to save the fliped ally. Now you should be attacking the nearest and softest champion. Turn on Thunder Claws and start whacking your opponents. Cast Majestic Roar whenever it is of cooldown and save Rolling Thunder for escaping enemies. In team fights, eat at most only 2 of your enemies with Frenzy so you have a better team balance.