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Volibear Build Guide by xspedguy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xspedguy

VoliTank, wrecking the Twisted Treeline

xspedguy Last updated on July 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide to Dominate the Twisted Treeline with Volibear, tank style!

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Pro's and Con's

1. Very Tanky
2. Strong Initiation
3. Survives through team fights to clean up
4. Moderate Damage, while still being a tank.
5. Fantastic throughout the whole game
1. Low sustain ( Doran's Shield is great early game, but because of your massive hp it's hp regen wears off quickly and becomes almost unoticable, and you don't have any LS or SV in this build)
2. Low Damage compared to attack speed builds.

P.S You will be loved for choosing a tank in TT. =P

Personal Champion Rating 8/10 mainly because of the low sustain, but if it doesn't bother you he is a definite 10/10. Any good Volibear will wreck the day.

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Flash- for grabbing kills / gank prevention
Ignite- Finisher for them runners
Heal- take if you are laning with a carry, they would appreciate it. But ask them in champion select if they want you to have it or not.

Ghost- bigger map presence
Exhaust - another slow

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Standard Tank Masteries. 9/21/0 taking all defensive traits while grabbing armor pen in offence.
If you want more CDR you can take 2 points from Fury and add them to Sorcery.

FYI having Good Hands is essential for a tank, so you can be up more often for your team. If you don't like it, you can take that point away and put it in Legendary Armor

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Standard AD runes.

Flat Armor Seals for early game
Gradual MR Glyphs for good late game scaling
Armor Pen Marks For damage
AD Quints for earlygame damage ( you can replace these with Health Quints if you want to go safer)

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Building Throughout the Game [[]]

Early Game
Starting off boots and a Doran's Shield will greatly improve your early game sustain as long as you play safe and strike with your lane partner.
The reasoning behind holding off on Frenzy until lvl 3 is this:
~ lvl 1 Rolling Thunder for early game ganking, lvl 2 Majestic Roar is too help last hitting minions, so you are not auto attacking them the whole time. Doing that makes you an easy target for poking/ unwanted initiations. So going in for a quick Majestic Roar improves your safe farming greatly.

And don't forget to choose either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on what you need in lane.
Example AP- if bot lane has an AP with a lot of burst, choose Mercury's Treads to reduce their burst and CC.
Example AD- If bot lane has 2 AD's, especially ones that do a lot of auto attack damage, grab Ninja Tabi for the armor and the 10% block for the auto attacks.

By this point you should have your Frozen Mallet and Runic Bulwark. Making you a huge threat to your enemies and beloved by your allies for getting Runic Bulwark.

At this point you should analyze your enemies thinking about what to build next. I personally go for a Sunfire Cape ( if the enemy team is leaning more torwards AD) or Spirit Visage( if the enemy team is more AP heavy). Of course you can choose any of the recommended Armor or Magic Resist items. I generally choose those two because of the damage you can get from Sunfire Cape and the CDR from Spirit Visage.

So after you build your Armor or MR item go on to build the next Armor or MR item(which ever one you didn't build yet). However if the enemy team is all AD, or all AP, build another Armor or MR item.
Example Against Pure AD Team- Ninja Tabi > Frozen Mallet > Runic Bulwark > Sunfire Cape > Thornmail > Atma's Impaler
Example Against Pure AP Team- Mercury's Treads > Frozen Mallet > Runic Bulwark > Spirit Visage > Banshee's Veil > Atma's Impaler

Notice how I personally enjoy having Atma's Impaler as close item for rounding out your damage and defense.
Here is the math why~ Atma's Impaler Increases your AD by 1.5% for your maximum health

Example Against Pure AD Team- From items you are getting 1450 hp giving you 21.75 more attack. Just an FYI this does not include your total health you would have. That is just from items.

Example Against Pure AP Team- From items you are getting 1600 hp giving you 24 more attack.
Just an FYI this does not include your total health you would have. That is just from items.

From my above standard build- From items you are getting 1650 hp giving you 24.75 more attack.

Doesnt seem like much. Let's do this, lvl 18 you have roughly 4k hp(3.8k-4k), lets see how much damage you are getting Atmas now... a whopping 60 attack damage.

So, when you buy Atma's Impaler at lvl 18 for 2.3k gold(not to mention avarice blade will give you some of that back)essentially you are buying an item with 60 AD, 15%Crit, and 45 Armor at a fairly low price for the stats you are getting in return.

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Final Words

Volibear built as a tank is one of the best. He naturally has does a lot of damage. Add defensive items to that you have an incredible force that is of course a tank but, don't push his damage away. With his attack speed steroid and devastating bite his damage shall not be disregarded. Out of all the tanks i own ( Malphite, Volibear, Amumu, Nautilus, Taric, Alistar, and Nasus) the only one that out damages Volibear is Amumu. However, what Volibear lacks in damage, he has in hp.