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Volibear Build Guide by TheStickers

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheStickers

Volitile Support

TheStickers Last updated on April 15, 2015
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Cinderhulking Support

Volibear Build

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x3 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed because you will be kited furiously if not desperately you can always use the boost not to mention with smite in your kit you want to be alot of places at once these quints will help with that goal.
x9 Greater Mark of Attack Speed: Frenzy and Thunder Claws do well with these.
x9 Greater Seal of Armor and x9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for that bulk both in jungle and in lane.

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Firstly thank you for reading this guide! Im a Volibear player since summer of season 4 and hes been a monster before the Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk came along. The purpose of this guide since I dont see it anywhere else is to show off the CRAZY op ness of voli now that there's an item that makes his already insane hp scaling 25% stronger.

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what makes voli the best support?

Voli has crowd control and peel which rivals that of any support his Rolling Thunder will stop escaping/diving enemies and the slow after will allow your adc to come in and add to the damage you are already laying down preparing your Frenzy

Rolling Thunder
q is great for any new player, its legnth once activated is a perfect way to know if you are "chasing" or murdering if you cant catch an opponent with q theres no point in fighting. a cool trick is to purposely not use q but just walk up to the enemy or better yet pop out of a bush aa them once or twice slow them and when the slow wears off and they get around you maybe 2 or 3 steps away hit q toss them back into the death zone (the space between you and your adc and hopefully away from their teammate), check hp remaining, bite, and ctrl+4 (maybe not ctrl+4 but u get it ;P)

Majestic Roar
using your roar about .5 seconds after the tossed opponent touches the ground gives you maximum control dont pop it before the toss as your window of ultimate destruction is kind of short 5 seconds of cc is enough to kill any target but 3 seconds will leave you assistless. its that tiny bit of mechanics that is the difference between early game dominance and a rough fight

note. practice biting your opponents around 45-30%% hp left so you dont kill them but u leave them with just enough health for your adc to pick up the kill with just one or two autoattacks i have apologized hundreds of times "sorry bite op lol" due to waiting too long to drop the hammer and ofc the pain of watching an enemy escape with just one more hit left on them because i bit too early and the 1% missing hp bonus dmg was just shy of the kind of chunk i needed to take from their hp bar

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no Exhaust u ask? noob you say? both very true xD but have a look at the math voli passive is 30% exhaust is 30% reduction so cancel them out to put it plainly Volibear= Exhaust. get the Stalker's Blade for slow and you are already back on track, add to it Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk aoe and hp and your old voli build (rush Giant's Belt) is getting slightly beat out for dmg output. now add to it 25% hp on all your items and that puts the standard voli build to shame 1k more hp by the end game is 150-300 more damage on your bite which lets be honest is already mad ridiculous at something like 500 dmg on a support now boosted to 800 no ult...WOW

Chosen of the Storm
30% of 1000 more health u might get 300 hp per second hp regen lets add a spirit visage in the mix. why not? this guy is unkillable as is 500 hp per second for 6 seconds you can escape any amount of focus if they are foolish enough to target you. You just got a second life in a fight and unlike Anivia Aatrox or Zac you are able to deal damage the entire time they would be reviving if they were in your shoes. How much dmg can you put out in 6 seconds with ult on? challenge accepted!

when compared to other champs who need to farm and get kills to duel voli can duel any champ at equal level with NO FARM OR KILLS just because of his ult dmg and passive. needless to say Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk broke an already broken champ.

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reaction shots

what i like most about voli support smite is the reaction. both your team and the enemy will laugh at you until about 10 mins in then you will be praised feared and cursed by your tilted enemy who cant figure out how they cant duel a duo bot that came to lane essentially short one summoner spell. you already know the secret is your smite has been a multitool of a summoner spell once you bought Relic Shield.

If you didnt know ill explain how: you fight all the time and when you take damage or see summoner spells popping just smite a minion for a quick heal on yourself and adc without needing to stop the aa assault to hit a minion you just made smite a mini heal! Use a Health Potion, let your Chosen of the Storm tell you when to back off. In doing so you just put 80% of your health back on at lv 1. if you cant get two champs to half hp while you and your adc are sitting at 80-90% hp farming and starving accordingly fall back, get to base and try to pick up a replacement potion or if you have the 400 gold grab a Ruby Crystal

Chosen of the Storm will be up before you make it back to lane and you can start the harass process all over again. but if you play correctly voli can at every lv beat the brakes off bot lane back off a bit and do it again a few seconds later picking up kills before level 3 and snowballing the lane.

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you cant win em all but u can still win em all!

when you hit lv 6 even if you got killed, fed a double kill (or god forbid two) to the enemy carry, you can STILL duel an adc with Thunder Claws + Chosen of the Storm and win so dont gg yourself out of a game you won at champ select get back out there and rip heads from bodies!

If your team is down 3 turrets and the enemy has all of theirs still look for a pushed lane while you have your ult up tell the team you arent gonna be at the next meeting run like the Rolling Thunder wind through the jg, Sightstone warding to protect yourself from any response to your split push attempt, push the lane to turret using everything in your kit Smite Rolling Thunderon low hp minions, Frenzy half hp cannons, lure waves of melee minions closer to caster minions and Majestic Roar but SAVE YOUR ULT for the turret or for that one enemy who comes to stop you thinking: "I can take a support with no real summoner spells or dmg out put"

If its a duel you win it easily so fight it out. If its more than one enemy but they are both squishy and you can dodge some skillshots get that double your ult splash is biblically strong unleash that fury!

If its anything harder that that coming your way it means while you back off your team has an advantage somewhere else tell them to use it while you retreat to safety.

If no one comes ult that turret only after you have procd your Frenzy -which gives you bonus attack speed even while on cooldown- so you get maximum swipes on the turret with your ult on. keep an eye on the ult timer as it draws to a close use Rolling Thunder for a quick double attack the extra damage will do wonders.

bear in mind (only one i promise) you have smite so dragon control is on your teams favor, smiting crimson raptor in either jungle for more vision counter, heck i even refill mana as i pass by blue sentinel , snag some health smiting red brambleback as i run by, use the enemy greater murk wolf for free vision, and once cinderhulk is fully built or if you catch a rift scuttler at 800 hp go ahead and kill it for the speed shrine/vision. scuttler hp wont change until someone kills it then it will gain more hp per death so if you are the first one to kill it it will still be at 800 hp

now that you have smite it pays to know how to use and abuse the jungle without hurting your own junglers performance while on the subject dont smite for your junglers leash in the beginning of the match If he smites asap and you discuss it you can smite second but you dont want to steal his buff and you dont want to accidentally kill it 5 autoattacks and a flip work just fine.

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start to finish build

buy Relic Shield Warding Totem x3 health potions to start
first back at 800 gold for Sightstone and Sweeping Lens if you are forced back with 400 gold get half the sight stone or one potion and get back out there for the other 400.
when you get vision ward your tri bush, dragon and use the third ward in lane.

think of backing every time you hit 800 to 1000 gold having better items than your lane counterpart means more bullying

next back you want Boots of Speed and start Stalker's Blade by getting Ruby Crystal for the hp into cinder hulk the big leap for cinderhulk is probably best done Hunter's Machete Stalker's Blade first for the smite utility but use your head because the Ruby Crystal synergizes well with your Frenzy

by the next back you might be lv 8 hoping to upgrade your [boots of speed] into Mercury's Treads if im level 9 and i cant finish the boots i upgrade Oracle's Lens but with your smite on raptors you can style around without the upgrade for a little while dont forget to upgrade it at some point its totally worth the gold. now is probably the best time to sell Relic Shield as it will not scale if you upgrade it as well as anything else you will be buying

once you finish cinderhulk you are the most powerful support in the game start putting pressure on the map, everywhere you go do something effective (ward gank steal jungle buffs be a pain)

when you back again look at the enemy comp if i count 2 players or more going ap i get Spirit Visage if not i get Randuin's Omen
i like the added slow of the omen on volis already cc heavy kit but as u see in maths section visage + cinderhulk is powerful.

once you have your mr +def items its time to go for highest hp possible so grab the Warmog's Armor or if you are really mean a Trinity Force

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ok urkel get back to gaming!

voli is a VERY forgiving champion, his power spikes occur as early as level 3, again at lv6, after you complete each item once at Sightstone, Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk, Spirit Visage Warmog's Armor basically every time you buy a full item. If youve played jungle or support or both run this build and use all of your prior knowledge you will see how properly played voli support has so much of both worlds combined its like your team has another carry.when your carry lags

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notice me senpai!!!

when i started this guide 6 hours ago i didnt know anything about code...holy yeesus its alot more work than i thought but looking at this now im proud of how far ive come. im gonna publish this because 90% of my playstyle is already written and id hate to hold it in a draft phase so long waiting for perfection that i dont release it before a big change so hold out on the harshest comments im far from done with structure improvements. that said any feedback on the content i was able to squeeze in this guide are appreciated! ill be back to tweak learn and tweak again as i get the time to do so but for tonight boy am i tired!

thanks again for reading my brain thoughts on the newest meta bear! i hope this takes off and everyone loves it so much voli gets nerfed under the ban list xD