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Warwick Build Guide by stephanieyoshida

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author stephanieyoshida

Warwick Rockin Ur Socks Off

stephanieyoshida Last updated on July 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys!! This is my first guide...
I didn't really like jungling but when i tried WW i loved him!! So this guide will show you basic stuff on WW. He's been my fav jungling champ now, some people say he doesn't do well in jungle anymore because, there's stronger junglers and gankers but I think after lv.6 he's strong. Before WW is lv.6 he's slow at ganks and easy to get counter jungled but his passive is really op in late game and he does have great sustain.

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Pros / Cons


+Easy Jungler
+High AD&AS base
+Good chaser with E
+Great with health regen with passive&Q
+Great farmer with W
+Awesome jungle/lane sustain


-Mana hungry early to mid game
-Can get counter jungled easily
-Slower clears without Madred's Razor
-Weak ganker before Lv.6
-Useless against heavy CC teams
-Lacks range

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WHY??? Although WW is a great chaser with E a boost of extra movement speed doesn't hurt.

WHY??? Well the obvs WW is a Magic DPS so magic pen would help you mid to late game is the other team is build Magic resist. Also these runes can help early game to.

WHY??? Since your not ranged and you can only target on champ at a time the opponents are probably gonna blast you with their abilities, so magic resist runes are probably a good investment.

WHY??? Early game in the jungle or lane extra Armor would help to make it easier farming minions and also against AD champs.

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For Masteries I take 21-0-9

On the Offence tree I take 21=

1/1 3/3 4/4 4/4 1/1 1/1 3/3 3/3 1/1

On the Utility tree I take 9=

3/3 1/1 4/4 1/1

On the Defence tree I take 0.

Offence Tree

I take a point in , because of it's boosts for and two very good spells for WW.

I take full points on Brute Force for it's extra AD, very useful early game.

I take full points in . Extra AS is well suited for WW.

I take full points in . Not much of a CD but, champs with long CD like WW this boost is always great.

I take a point in . Mid t late game if opponents build Armor this is a great way for WW to deal some damage than non.

I take a point in . Very well suited for WW since he is a Magic DPS.

I take full points in . Not much of a difference with just 3 extra lifesteal but it's still nice, can be effective with WW ult.

I take full points in . Always great to have Armor pen since WW is a AD champ. More the better. Just in Masteries I would have 13 Armor pen with full points in .

I take a point in . The only reason I take a point in is because you must have 20 points in the Offence Tree to get it so I just get it. But!!! LOL, it is a great mastery.

Utility Tree

I take full points in . The reason I take points in this because WW is Mana hungry early to mid game so Mana per level is a great utility to have on WW.

I take a point in . The reason I take a point in this is because, the O.5 secs faster is a great utility. You may not think it may be a great difference but it's better just to take a point in it.

I take full points in . The reason I take full points in this is because speed is always great on WW.

I take a point in . This is a great boost for WW if your going jungle with him.

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Fav Build Sequence

Starting items going aggressive= and

After build into and also buying 3x

Now I want movement and AS for ganking so I buy

Moving on to AS I rush and

Around the time you finish buying AS items it's probably mid to late game so now you want AD, AS, Armor so finish into

Now it's probably to late game now and you want to build health items that give you other utilities other than health like and

Now I finished the is complete build and you can shutdown poeple and dominate in the game.
Also with this build I can solo Baron

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Other viable Builds

Depending on opposite team comp

Heavy CC

Heavy Casters

Heavy AD

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Items Catagory

Magic DPS

These shoes give you a great amount of Magic pen. I personally have never used these boots in my build I take Beserker's instead for early on AS but I guess it's your preference. So these boots gives you 20 Magic Penetration. These boots are well suited for WW.

My fav item and must have for WW. This item gives you 40 AS, 30 Magic Resist and it's passive your basic attacks deal 42 bonus magic damage and your basic attacks increase your Magic Resist by 5 for 5 seconds (4 stacks). Very nice items for WW, this would be one of your core items. The passive on this items is just made for WW, the nice Magic resit stack and Magic DPS effect when WW uses basic attack.

Although I don't like this item because of the AP it's still very good item to keep so you should include Malady in your build as a core item. It gives 25 AP(useless), 50 AS and your basic attacks deal 20 bonus magic damage and reduce the target's Magic Resist by 6 for 8 seconds (4 stacks). Very nice utility on WW especially the AS.

Better than Wriggles Lantern? This is item gives 40 AD, 40 AS, and 25 Armor also your basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum Health. Why get Madred's Blood Razor instead of Wriggles Lantern? Well that is because I personally think that Wriggles utility doesn't help WW at all unlike the Blood Razor and also because you really don't need to upgrade Madred's Razor to anything till mid to late game in my opinion. Although this item is pricey early game it's utility is great on WW.

I personally don't use this item at all in my build anymore. This item gives you 50 AS, 250 HP, and it's passive every fourth basic attack unleashes a chain lightning, dealing 110 magic damage to up to 4 targets. The reason I don't use this item is because late game this item just takes up a spot although it is a great item but there are other items out there that have better use for WW IMO. Why am i saying this about this item well early game it can be usefull because of it's AS, Hp, and its passive but later game I think that other items cover the AS and health that it gives but the passive is great all game long cuz WW is a magic DPS.

This is a good item for early game because gives you a decent amount of Defence utility and it's passive is great for harassing. This item gives you 450 Hp, 45 Armor and it's passive deals 40 magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Very good item for early game especially because not only does it give you decent amount HP and Armor the passive on this item can be very annoying and spam the opponents if they try to harass WW.

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Skill Sequence (FOR JUGNLING)

I take a point early in Hunters Call at Lv.1 and max it by Lv.9 and also taking a point in Blood scent at Lv.4 maxing it by Lv.18 and now that leaves Hungering Strike and WW ult Infinite Duress. I take a point when I can for his ult Lv. 6,11&16 so maxing his Hungering Strike by Lv.13. So why not tale a point in Q early and max it by Lv. 9? Well in jungling I personally find that WW, E is faster clearing minion waves

So basically the sequence is Q,W,Q,E,Q,R,Q,W,Q,W,R,W,W,E,E,R,E,E (When in lane)

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Summoner Spells

So these are my top 5 pick Summoner Spells and why.

Smite1. Smite (if jungling)
WHY? .... WHY jungle with no Smite (makes jungling really slow early on)

Exhaust1. Exhaust (in lane)
WHY? WW relies on his enemies to be close up on them so Exhaust is great (when using your E and you don't think you can catch them Exhaust would be a great spell to have)

Ghost2. Ghost
WHY? Ghost I think is a must have after Smite or Exhaust. Well I prefer Ghost because its a great spell to catch champs or run away when getting ganked (Ghost VS Flash)which do u like??

WHY? I don't think it suites him well.... It does help you to escape but other than that I don't think its useful (other people may disagree)

Ignite4.Ignite (in lane)
WHY? Well if your enemies are low this spell is a great source of damage if their heading back to thier tower and you don't have enough health to tower dive. (Not useful late game... because WW is a great champ at chasing but early game it can be helpful to deal the extra bit of damage)

Teleport5. Teleport
WHY? ... I wouldn't really recommend using it but if your jungling and when you want gank or help a lane if their getting pushed it would be useful (very useful for ganks, helping , or pushing but no other utility with that spell)Other may view Teleport in a differnt way

Spell that is viable in ranked (in my view)

Cleanse1. Cleanse
WHY? Although it is not worth getting it can be useful when your up with a heavy CC team and this can help when your getting ganked. (I would only recommend in ranked and when up with heavy cc team.... other wise useless)

Top 3 useless Summoner Spells (in my view)

Clairvoyance1. Clairvoyance
WHY? ... You are not a support so why would you need that spell (can be useful for counter jungling or ganking but leave this spell for support

Promote2. Promote
WHY? You are not a pusher or going mid so useless plus this gives you no advantage so let a support, pusher, or mid take this spell

Surge3. Surge
WHY? This spells utility is useless on you because you don't use AP but the attack speed boost is good but over all not worth getting

Top picks for starter with WW (Lv.1-10)(in my view)

Clarity1. Clarity
WHYT? If your still learning and you can't save your mana this spell is very useful. When your out of mana all the time and you can't use your abilities this can be a huge disadvantage because WW is mana hungry, early till mid game and he depends on his abilities alot. So this spell can save your but in desperate times when you can't recall beacuse the enemy team is pushing your lane. (I only recommend this spell to Lv.1-10 player)

Heal2. Heal
WHY? Heal is always a great spell for starter or you have never tried the champ out. This spell can always save you when your really low on HP, and can be very annoying to your opponent like, when their gonna tower dive but you heal and they take massive damage from turret giving you a free kill. (Another great reason why is because this can not only heal you it can heal you allies so if their low on HP you can always help them)Others may not agree because WW passive and Q gives him health back but I think this spell is a great starting spell. (I only recommend this spell to Lv.1-10players)

Revive3. Revive
WHY? Some people may disagree that this spell is useful but my thought is that this is a good spell for all beginners although this spell has a really long CD (9mins). Well my view on this spell is that, it gives you more time to engage and learn more, when your still (Lv.1-10) you probably don't have Masteries or runes to reduce time of death and you probably would be dying more often than you would like to. The main point is this spell gives you less time wasting when your dead and let's you come back instantly to avenge your death!!! (I only recommend this spell to Lv.1-10 players)

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Little by little im adding new sections to this guide.
Im still working on
-item description
-jungle guide/video
-better guide overall