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Warwick Build Guide by Chicha

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chicha

Warwick - Ultimate Jungler

Chicha Last updated on April 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi and welcome to my first guide. In this guide I will explain you, how to jungle with Warwick. I called this Guide "Warwick - Ultimate Jungler", because I won the last 10 games with Warwick with this build! After the 10 victorys I asked me: "Hey, if this build is really so good, why other people should not know about this build?". And now I'm standing here :)

I will excuse me for all "bad english" mistakes, but I am german.

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Pros / Cons

Every guide has his Pros and his Cons. Here are they:


-If you have the Blue Buff you can jungle around with full Health Points and Mana Points.
-In endgame you have lots of Health Points and Armor.


-If the enemy team has no jungler, one lane must do a "1 versus 2 fight".
-If you haven't got the Blue Buff, Mana is an expensive resource.
-In endgame you haven't got much Magic Resistance.
-Your Summoner Spell Smite is in fights against champions useless.

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Here will I explain you, why I have chosen those Runes, and why they are important.

The Greater Mark of Desolation increases armor penetration about 1.66 . That's not important for jungling, but its very important for fights against Tanks, because they have lots of armor, which you can penetrate with those runes.
The consequence of this is: You deal more damage against champions!

The Greater Glyph of Attack Speed increases attack speed about 0.64% . That's for every Warwick important, because he is most played with attack damage/speed.
The consequence of this is: You deal faster damage!

The Greater Seal of Scaling Attack Damage increases attack damage about 0.06 per level. That's for every Warrick important, because he is most played with attack damage/speed. I have chosen attack damage per level, because with a jungler is a game most played till endgame.
The consequence of this is: You deal more damage!

The Greater Quintessence of Desolation increases armor penetration about 3.33 . That's not important for jungling, but its very important for fights against Tanks, because they have lots of armor, which you can penetrate with those runes.
The consequence of this is: You deal more damage against champions!

All these Runes together increases the attack damage against champions and jungle for a lot.
Anyways it's not very important which runes you choose, as long as they increase your damage in any way.

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Here will I explain you, why I have chosen those Masteries, and why they are important.


First line:

Brute Force increases your normal attack damage about 1/2/3. I have chosen this, because a Jungler Warwick is most played with attack damage.

Butcher increases your normal attack damage against minions or other monsters about 2/4. I have chosen this, because every attack damage Jungler must hurt minions or monsters with the maximum of damage. And at level 1 is a increase of damage against the jungle about 4 a lot.

Second line:

Alacrity increases your attack speed about 1%/2%/3%/4%. That's important for every attack speed player. It's also important, because you can choose Weapon Expertise only, when you have set 4 points on Alacrity . OR Sorcery . That increases the cooldown reduction about 1%/2%/3%/4%. I think, that's important, because with this increase you can use Hungering Strike and Hunters Call more often.

Demolitionist increases the normal attack damage against towers about 10. That's not important for jungling, but in endgame you destroy a tower faster.

Third line:

Weapon Expertise increases your armor penetration about 10%. How I have said at the runes, thats important, because so you deal more damage against champions. OR Arcane Knowledge . That increases your magic penetration about 10%. I think not, that this is important, because this guide is based on attack damage, and only Warwicks Hungering Strike is damage with ability power.

Havoc increases the dealed damage about 0.5%/1.0%/1.5%. That's important, because it increases damage, and extra damage is nice to have.

Forth line:

Vampirism increases your life steal about 1%/2%/3%. That's important, because this life steal helps you in the jungle, to survive, and not to die. It's also pretty cool against champions, because so you can't die.

Fifth line:

Sunder increases your armor penetration about 2/4/6. I don't know, how often I have said this now.. It increases the damage against champions with armor.

Sixth line:

Executioner increases the damage against your target about 6%, when it has only <40% health points. That's pretty cool to get last hits on champions, because you run faster with Blood Scent and deal more damage against those campions.

Now the Offense skilltree is full, but we have even 9 points to set. So we take some increase in the Defense skilltree.


First line:

Summoner's Resolve . With this increase you receive 10 Gold, everytime you use Smite. And everybody knows, you need Gold.

Tough Skin reduces the damage taken by minions or monsters about 1/2. Thats for Jungler important, because so you can life longer in jungle.

Now is one point missed for the second line. So you can set this one point in Hariness or Resitance. I chose Hardiness , because armor decrease the taken physical damage. And most of the jungle monsters deal physical damage.

Second line:

In this line I chose Durability and not Vigor . Durability increases your whole health points, and Vigor increases only your health point regeneration. With Eternal Thirst and all life steal Warwick got health-point-regeneration enough.

Third line:

Here I chose Bladed Armor because so the monsters in the jungle hit you, but they get damage too. So you can kill for example the ghosts very fast.

You also can choose the Utility skilltree instead of the Defense skilltree.


First line:

Summoner's Insight reduces the cooldown of flash by 15 seconds. That could save your life!

Expanded Mind is very usefull, when in the other team also a Jungler is, so that you can use only your own Blue Buff. And when you haven't the Blue Buff is mana the most expensiv resource.

Second line:

Meditation increases the manaregeneration with 1/2/3 manapoints every 5 seconds. Like I have told you at Expanded Mind is mana the most expensiv resource without the Blue Buff.

Now we need one more point to the third line. When you want to have vision in the jungle, and you have no supporter, you should set this point in Vision. Otherwise set this one point in Swiftness . It isn't needed, but you must set one more point in the second line.

Third line:

Runic Affinity is a nice increase, because it increases the duration of all buffs about 20%. That's pretty cool when the other team got a Jungler too.

Of course can you choose your own masteries, when you think, you will play with those better.

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In this part of the guide will I explain, why I listed those items.

First of all will I tell you, what the most important stats for my Warwick are:

-Attack Damage
-Attack Speed
-Health Points
-Life Steal
-Armor / Magic Resitance
-Critical Strike

Okay, now let's have a look in my itembuild:

At the beginning of the game you should buy Cloth Armor. It increases your armor, that you get not as much damage. You also could buy a Long Sword, as long as you have a health potion in your bagpack.

Try to get as much money as you can, and get back to base, when you have ~700 Gold for Madred's Razors. Now you can jungle without any problems.

When you have a lot of Gold you should go to base and buy a Pickaxe. Sometimes you have so much money, that you can buy Recurve Bow or direct Madred's Bloodrazor too.

After Madred's Bloodrazor you should buy Spirit Visage. This item is very important, because it increases your Health Points and reduces the cooldowns. But the main effect is, that you gain 10% more heal with regeneration, life steal etc. . Thats a "must have" for every Warwick - doesn't matter whether Ability Power or Attack Damage.

Now you need more damage and more Health Points. So you buy Phage, with this item you buy the Frozen Mallet. The Frozen Mallet is a nice item, because you get 700 Health Points and 20 Attack Damage. And you also slow down the enemy about 40% for 2.5 seconds.

With the Chain Vest you buy next, you farm up to Atma's Impaler. When your enemy team got lots of attack speed champions it can't hurt to use Thornmail instead of Atma's Impaler.

The most rounds are now over, but when not, you can buy any other attack damage item. It doesn't matter if it's The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge, as long as it is a attack damage item with a lot of attack damage. Personaly I prefer the The Bloodthirster, because it deals lots of damage, when you have killed 40 monsters with it, and with the 25% life steal you can do a lots of things too.

That were all items. How ever, you can also create your own itembuilds.

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Skill Sequence

Till now I will explain you, why I chose this art to skill the abilitys.

Level 1:

First of all, I chose Hungering Strike. It heals you, and this is very important for jungling. At the beginning you cast it, when you have taken ~10% damage to heal you. Later it doesn't matter when you cast it. OR you choose Hunters Call. That heals you only indirect, because it increases your Attack Speed, and so you heal only with your passive ability. If you choose Hunters Call you will need a Healing Potion. With Hungering Strike you mostly don't need one.

Level 2:

Now you choose Hunters Call, because with this ability you can hit the enemy faster, and deal more damage. If you chose at level one Hunters Call you must skill Hungering Strike.

Level 3:

If your teammates need some help on lanes, for example the sololane, you should chose Blood Scent, because with this increase you run faster, when an enemy got low Health Points. So you can quickly go to the lane, get a kill if your teammate can't get the kill, and go back to the jungle. When the teammate hasn't got any problems, you should skill Hungering Strike.

Level 4/5:

Now you skill your healing ability high. So you set your points on Hungering Strike.

Level 6:

Yeah, I think it's easy to guess: you choose your ultimate ability. With Infinite Duress you jump behind an enemy and hit him lots of times. That's very cool to jump in a lane and kill enemys, or to stop an enemy running away in a group fight.

Untill the end you choose Infinite Duress > Hungering Strike > Hunters Call > Blood Scent. Or you make your own mix, like I do it every time.

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Summoner Spells

Now it's time for the Summoner Spells. The Summoner Spells for Warwick are very easy: you must deal damage, or must survive. I will explain you the best and the worst Summoner casts:

- Flash is a very very good cast for every champion, who can't jump through walls. And Warwick can't jump through walls, so he can escape sometimes realy good.
- Smite it's just pretty cool to hurt the Blue Buff Golem with this cast on level 1 up to 50% Health Points.

- Ghost. When the enemy can't slow you down, or stun you, this summoner spell is cool too. But I prefer Flash more than Ghost.
- Ignite is not for jungling, but when you go really really often on lanes, it's a nice cast, because you can ignite a enemy while he's standing at a tower, and kill him.
- Exhaust. that's pretty cool when Infinite Duress has already cooldown, and you're in a group fight, and somebody will escape. Also in a 1 on 1 it will help you, when the enemy will escape. But it won't help you in the jungle.
- Cleanse you could use this, but I think Flash is a better way to escape.

- Heal is useless, because with your life steal you gain enough Health Points.
- Teleport is used by me only when I'm on a sololane. This Warwick is never on a sololane.
- Revive you won't need this, because you normaly will not ****ing die! :D
- Surge with your Hunters Call you would hit the limit of attack speed. And the Ability Power of Surge also isn't needed.
- Clarity. You are no supporter, and you don't have any manaproblems with the Blue Buff.
- Promote. Who the **** needs this fishy ****?!
- Clairvoyance is only used by supporters. And Warwick isn't a supporter.

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Creeping / Jungling

Now the main part of this Guide: the jungle. Here will I tell you, with which monsters you will beginn, with which monsters you will continue, and when you have to use which ability.

Here is the "Circle of Jungle":

1.You go to the Mana-Buff-Golem, let any ranged champion pull it, and kill the big golem first. As first cast you use your smite, and hit him normally. Only when you took about ~10% damage, you should use your Hungering Strike (when you chose as first ability Hunters Call you use this cast at the beginning of the fight). When the big Golem is dead, you kill the tiny trash monsters around him. Now you reached level 2, and can skill your second ability.

2. You go to the 3 wulfs, and attack the big one first. You use your Hunters Call at the beginning of the fight, and your Hungering Strike when you lost Health Points about 10%, or when you want to deal more damage. When the big wulf is dead, you kill the 2 smaller wulfs.

3. You go to the 4 Wraiths and kill them like you done it by the wulfs. Focus the big one, kill the small trash next the big one, and use your abilitys as often as you can.

4. You go to the Red-Buff-Monster, and kill him, like you killed the Blue-Buff-Golem.

5. You go to the 2 Golems and kill them. Here you can focus any of them.

6. Go back to the base, and buy Madred's Razors.

7. Now you can jungle around. For example Wulfs > Wraiths > Golems. If the enemy team has no Jungler, you can use the adversed jungle too pretty good.

(8.) With level ~12 you can kill the dragon alone, and get 190 Gold for your team.

(9.) At level 18 with all your items, you can have fun and do the Baron Nashar alone too.

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Warwick is a pretty good Jungler, so use him as a Jungler. And this guide has told you, how to do this.
Maybe we see us in game, and thanks for reading!