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Wukong Build Guide by FlyingSquirrel

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FlyingSquirrel

Wukong - The Unstoppable Force

FlyingSquirrel Last updated on September 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and Welcome to my first ever League Of Legends Champion Guide. For my first guide I am going to focus on Wukong, The Monkey King. He is my first choice champion and I always choose him when I can. I choose to build Wukong full AD, I very rarely get any magic resist items or anything defensive. Ye I know that sounds stupid but with this build Wukong can be devastating from Level 1 all the way through to 18.

I will be covering the Runes and Masteries that I decide to go with, they are of course changeable to suit your needs or wants but I wouldn't if you want to get the most out of this guide. I will also cover Items and Summoner Spells and the start of the Skill Selection but not all of it.

I know this guide wont be perfect and it wont work for everyone but all I ask is that if you do try my guide please let me know what you think so I can improve it.

Lets Get Stuck In!!

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The runes are very straightforward and simple.

I go with the following :-

Marks - Greater Mark Of Desolation - 9
Seals - Greater Seal of Armor - 9
Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - 9
Quints - Quintessence of Attack Damage - 3

Now I will explain why I chose these runes. The Marks are Greater Mark Of Desolation because it will give you +15 Armour Pen which will make extremely squishy champs like Soraka for example really killable from Level 1.

The Seals are Greater Seal of Armor because it will give you +13 Armour and this is good because well Wukong isn't the most tankiest champion out there but with these you will find you are much harder to kill.

The Glyphs are Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because it will give you +24 MR by Level 18 and this is also due to the fact there are NO Magic Resist items in this build so I would recommend getting these.

The Quints are Quintessence of Attack Damage because they will give you +6.8 Damage, now that might not seem loads but it will make early game that little bit easier.

These combination of runes will not only make you more tanky early game but you will also be able to deal some serious damage.

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For Masteries I go 21/9/0. So of course I go mainly Offensive with some aspects in Defensive so we are able to hold our own against any champion in the game.

Offensive Tree

Summoners Wrath - 1 Point - Will increase the Attack Damage of Ignite while on Cool Down
Brute Force - 3 Points - +3 Attack Damage
Alacrity - 4 Points - +4% Attack Speed
Weapon Expertise - 1 Point - + 10% Armour Penetration
Deadliness - 4 Points - +9 Attack Damage by Level 18
Lethality - 1 Point - +10% Critical Strike Damage
Vampirism - 3 Points - +3% Life Steal
Sunder - 3 Points - +6% Armour Penetration
Executioner - 1 Point - Damage increased by 6% to targets below 40% health

Defensive Tree

Resistance - 1 Point - +2 Magic Resist
Hardiness - 3 Points - +6 Armour
Durability - 4 Points - +108 Health at Level 18
Veteran's Scars - 1 Point - +30 Health

So as I am sure you noticed so far we are concentrating on mostly Attack Damage and Armour Penetration. I don't care so much for being defensive because with this build I am able to take ANY champion solo (if they are not fed). We do have those defensive masteries to increase some resistances and our health which helps immensely early game.

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Right now onto Items and if by now your maybe think - Now we will have some Defensive Items right? Well you would be wrong. As I said at the start I build Wukong full out damage. Of course you can change one or two items if you feel you are dieing to easily or getting focused in team fights.

Starting Items

SPACE Early Game Items

SPACE Mid Game Items

SPACE Late Game Items

I am sure some of you are now thinking.....Has this guy lost the plot? Nope I haven't - This is my typical Wukong Item Build with one or two variations.

Starting with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion will allow you to get that early gank and hopefully first blood so that you will get the added gold. The health pots will allow you to stay in lane considerably longer.

If you do manage to get First Blood then you should recall and get a Doran's Blade - The added Health, Attack Damage and Life Steal will help gain you and your team more kills. Or you can choose to save your gold and rush a Trinity Force which is the first item you should get...besides your Mercury's Treads.

So as it stands your first two items should be Mercury's Treads and Trinity Force. Now depending on whether the other team have many tanky champions then get a The Black Cleaver first otherwise get a The Bloodthirster. The Bloodthirster will be perfect for the added Attack Damage and Life Steal you gain from it. Try to get it fully stacked as soon as you can. I normally do this by jungling and going into one lane and pushing it. The The Black Cleaver will help for the Armour Pen stacks you will gain which will make your opponent easier to kill. Also a very good item for Wukong which will make you more tanky and help you in other ways is a Frozen Mallet, with this you will not only gain Health and Attack Damage you will also be able to slow your opponent.

The last two items are Infinity Edge and Madred's Bloodrazor.Then these last two items you can get in ANY order it really does not matter. If your game even manages to last that long and you want some added damage and armour pen then these two items is what you could get. Other items could be any Defensive Items you feel is necessary along with a Guardian Angel or a second The Bloodthirster.

However if you find the enemy team is stacking Attack Damage and you are getting focused then I suggest you grab either a Sunfire Cape or a Thornmail. Or if they are stacking Ability Power then I suggest you grab a Force of Nature or a Banshee's Veil. Or if they are a mixture of the two types and you are still getting focused or you have no tank to initiate then I suggest grabbing a mixture of the items to help you.

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Item Priority (More Detailed)

Ok so I stated above what Items that I prefer to build as Wukong but I didn't go into much detail but here I will and I will explain my reasons behind the items I choose.

Boots - Mercury's Treads - No matter whether the other team are Ability Power based or Attack Damage based I will always get these for one reason - CC (Crowd Control). The teneacity these boots give you is extremely useful as you will find yourself getting focused in team fights. Combine Mercury's Treads with Decoy and you will be one tricky customer to catch. I have tried using Ninja Tabi and Berserker Greaves but I wasn't satisfied with the results. I found myself dieing more because of the CC and yes I know some stuns and such don't last long but it is long enough to kill you.

Main Item 1 - Trinity Force - I see this as a MUST HAVE item for Wukong because it increases all of your stats enough to kill anyone before getting any other item. I prefer to buy the Phage first because of the increased Health it gives you and it slows the target by 35% for a few seconds. So when going for the Phage it doesn't overly matter which of the lower items you chose to get. I personally get the Long Sword first for the added Attack Damage. Next part you should go for is Sheen because although yes the Ability Power it gives you is useless the better part is not only the added Mana but its passive which is after using an ability for the next 10 seconds your next standard attack deals additional physical damage equal to 100% of your base attack damage. 2 second cooldown. After purchasing these two parts of Trinity Force I just wait till I have enough money to get Trinity Force fully.

Main Item 2 - The Bloodthirster - The reason why I get this item next is because of the Life Steal and Attack Damage stacks it gives us. When this is at least half stacked you will have enough Life Steal to take on any champion whether it be Jax or Ryze. By the time The Bloodthirster is fully stacked you will have an additional +60 attack damage and +12% life steal. I am aware that you will lose half your stacks each time you die but as long as you don't get over confident you should not lose any stacks. I would get a B. F. Sword first and then what till I have enough money to buy the full The Bloodthirster.

Now this is when it gets a bit tricky. You next two items can be a combination of any of the following - The Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet or Frozen Mallet and Infinity Edge. Anyway this is how i build him.

Item 4 - The Black Cleaver - This item should MAINLY be bought for taking out tanky characters but I find it much more useful than that. It's passive is very important for killing champions and turrets. With a The Black Cleaver you can backdoor the enemy team so fast. You can push an entire lane in two minutes if you don't get ganked. The stats for it are as follows - +55 attack damage and +30% attack speed, now Wukong is not built for Attack Speed but I feel like he needs that little bit more which is why this is the perfect item. It gives you Attack Damage and Attack Speed AND the passive. I would tend to buy the B. F. Sword first and then wait till I have enough money to buy the whole item.

Item 5 - Infinity Edge - I have only tested this item on Wukong recently and it works out very well indeed. This will give you +80 attack damage and +25% critical strike chance which will immensely increase your damage output. However that isn't the only thing it will do. It also has a nice passive as well which is - Unique: +50% critical strike damage so there you have Crit Strike Chance and Crit Strike Damage in one item. I would recommend getting the B. F. Sword first and then the Pickaxe and lastly the cloak of agility before getting the added 300g or so needed to complete it.

By this point unless the other team has got 3 tanks or just have one stacking a lot of Armour you should be destroying the enemy team. Normally for me the game is over by now and I very rarely have time to purchase my last item but if it has lasted long enough then here are is my last item.

Item 6 - Madred's Bloodrazor - Now your probably thinking why on earth would Wukong get a Madred's Bloodrazor.....well here is why. It will give you the following stats - +25 armor and +40 attack damage and +40% attack speed - So not only is it giving you some Armour but it is also giving you the Attack Damage and Speed as well. By getting this you should easily be able to tear through any champions you seem to be having trouble with because it also has a passive which is - Unique: Your basic attacks deal bonus Magic Damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum health. Some people might see as getting this item as overkill per say but I think it is perfect to destroy any tanky champions like Amumu or Shen.

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Skill Sequence

I will not cover the Skill Sequence fully but I will cover what skills you should max first and what they do.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Stone Skin (Passive) - Wukongs Armour and Magic Resistance increased with every nearby enemy champion.

Nimbus Strike - You dash towards the target hitting that target and two other targets nearby dealing Physical Damage. Get this skill at Level 1 and max it first.

Crushing Blow - Deals additional Attack Damage and reduces the targets Armour Pen for a short duration. Get this at Level 2 and max it second.

Decoy - Leaves an uncontrollable copy of Wukong which lasts for 1.5 seconds - When this is cast Wukong will also go invisible for a short period of time. Get this at Level 3 and max it last.

Cyclone - Wukong uses his staff and spins knocking all enemies into the air. Wukong gains additional movement speed duration this ability. Get this at Level 6,11 and 16.

Nimbus Strike should always be the ability you engage with. Whether you are chasing an opponent or not get this first as you enemy will not be able to hit you until you reach him. This will allow you to get in a Crushing Blow when you arrive which will deal even more damage and reduce the targets armour.

Decoy is a very useful ability to use and it should ALWAYS be used if you get into a sticky situation. If you need to make an escape from a fight or are getting chased then using decoy along with Flash will confuse enemy champions allowing you to get away.

Cyclone - This is Wukongs Ultimate and if you plan to do a team fight then use this after you use Nimbus Strike. Due to this ultimate knocking everyone into the air this will give your team a massive advantage and hopefully you will get a few kills as well.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are self explanatory really.

Ignite - Can be used to do that little bit of extra damage to a fleeing champion. This has helped me get First Blood so many times.

Flash - This can be used Offensively and Defensively. It can be used to chase down a champion for a kill or to escape instead.

Other Spells can be used if you want.

The best ones in my opinion would be Ghost or Exhaust. Both will work even better with the Masteries selected.

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Phases - Early,Mid and Late

In this section I will be going over what I tend to do at different stages of the game. Bare in mind my lane partner is always the same person (he is an in real life mate) so we know how each other play which is why this works well.

Early Game - 1 - 20 minutes - We always try to go Top Lane if we can get it because it will give us a better advantage because normally for some reason the champions we get are mostly squishy so we get a good few kills. What I tend to do is to just poke at the enemy when your hitting minions just so they lose some health and try to force them to use potions if they have any. One very important thing I will say is neither of us take Exhaust and as we all know Wukong has no CC abilities. My partner tends to play either Jax for the stun or Kayle for the stun and sometimes even Teemo for the poison. We both have Ignite and that usually gives one of us first blood. By Level 3 we try to do our first gank and it starts with my partner recalling to buy an item and when he comes back he goes through our jungle and into the riverbed bushes so he is behind the enemy champions. We will both focus the squishiest champion and I will let them push all the way to our turret. As soon as they push my partner jumps in first and I catch up with Nimbus Strike followed by a Crushing Blow. If we need to turret dive i will use Decoy and Flash to get in - get the kill - then get out again. Normally we get both kills and are then free to push the turret.

Mid Game 21 - 40 minutes - Now by this point we are past the 20 minute mark and hopefully having gotten the first turret down in our lane we will go and assist the other lanes. Also by this point I would hope to have Mercury's Treads and Trinity Force and I would be working on a The Black Cleaver or The Bloodthirster depending on the other team. Our main objective here is to look for any ganks possible and then take out the turret. Normally if we go into mid lane you better be prepared for a team fight because normally top lane will push down and try a gank.

Late Game 41 - 60+ minutes - By this point We should be ready to take out the Inhibator turrets and then the Inhibitor. We should almost have all of our items and if we were lucky enough to get fed then we would have gotten them quicker. If your team is still struggling to get turrets then I would suggest you backdoor the enemy team. With a The Black Cleaver you should have no trouble taking out the turret.

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Team Fights And Initiating

Here I will explain the best way in my opinion for you to open on an enemy champion and also in a team fight.

Solo Champion - Ok if you are just taking on one enemy then I would open up with Nimbus Strike because it will give you a few seconds of where they can't hit you and then follow up with a Crushing Blow. They will now have reduced armour and I would recommend using ignite so they have reduced healing at this point in case they have health potions. Since our abilities don't have a long cool down you can just keep using Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow to finish off your opponent. If you think your opponent is gonna use Ghost or Flash and run then keep Nimbus Strike as you should be able to catch them right away as long as you are not CC'd.

More Than One/Team Fight - This is what I recommend you do is you are wanting to kill more than champion or initiate a team fight. You can either go in with Nimbus Strike and then Cyclone or the opposite way round. I prefer to go in with my Ulti ( Cyclone) first because then I know for sure they can not attack me while they are knocked up in the air and hopefully the rest of my team has came in and gotten some kills from it.

A good tip is to NEVER use Decoy until you absolutely need to and when you do go to use it stand still first then use it and then move again (you will be invisible). Now most times I don't do this because most people think the fake one is really you and they go and attack that instead but if they still chase and you have Flash then go and flash over a wall to get away while Decoy is on cool down.

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So this has been my first ever League Of Legends Guide and I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment with any improvements I can make and a vote would be greatly appreciated. I know there aren't that many pictures this time around but I mainly wanted to focus on the information and what I wanted to say.

I will keep this guide up to date with every patch that comes out that may affect how Wukong is played or built.