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Wukong Build Guide by Blakhart

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blakhart

Wukong- Your Wuju Cannot Match Mine

Blakhart Last updated on October 17, 2011
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Utility: 9

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Greetings, and welcome to my guide of Wukong, The Monkey King

Keep an open mind when you read through one, two, or all three of my builds including; Regular, off tank, and Jungling builds... and my friend Chalupa's build.
Chalupa is one of my good friends and since him and since we had a few monkey king fights, he asked that I post his build here too.

In this guide I will show you my way of playing the elusive King of the Monkies as well as some other fun things.
Enjoy my guide, and hopefully it encourages you to play him ^_^

Here's some music to listen to while you read, hope you enjoy :D yes it's in German, but it sounds amazing.

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Pros / Cons

-Extremely funny to f**k with other players with Decoy.
-Double use ability combos(offensive and defensive)
-Awesome ganker
-Incredible Skirmisher, EVEN AT LVL 1

-Can't hold a lane alone for too long
-Absurdly Mana hungry if you don't get anything to help that.
-Can be shut down really easily if you are not careful.

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I take Armor pen MarksGreater Mark of Desolation
along with Armor Seals
and some flat CDR Glyphs
lastly flat health Quints

I chose Flat HP over extra armor pen so that I have more sustainability during laning phase.
For Seals I would pick armor since it mitigates more damage than say... dodge chance.
Flat CDR really helps during the laning phase so that you can spam your combo faster.(i'll get into that in a bit)
Marks are pretty obvious, having that extra early game armor pen is just ridiculous in terms of super powered. Like a car with a deep roaring engine... you don't want none.

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I chose 0/21/9 masteries
I noticed in games that going 21/0/9 gave him a little extra damage, but he suffered a bit in defense.
Then I noticed that specing in defense not only gave him extra defense, but didn't really affect how much his damage output was.

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For my regular build I get the cheaper items that work really well early game, and can be sold for better items in the late game.

My Core is seen here
Mercury Treads

My tanky build is based on HP and Atma's Impaler
But I'll leave that to players looking to just have a fun time.

Now Chalupa's Build is a little different... it doesn't really have a core. He just focuses on hurting the enemy and buying what he needs to make himself stronger

-Situtational items-
Heavy AP enemy team:

Heavy AD enemyteam:

I realize that I only posted one item to counter an AD type champion like Xin and thats only because my primary build has enough lifesteal, attack speed, and damage output to counter something like him already... just play your ability combos right and your enemy should die and no time.

Another thing, keep in mind, that you do not have to go for sheen first. Phage is another great item to go with if you are having a hard time in your lane.

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Skill Sequence

I max out my cloud burst

then my stick smack

and lastly my rage maker

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Summoner Spells

I take Flash and Ignite ignite can be substituted, but you MUST KEEP FLASH

Other really good options would be...

-Ghost After using Rage Maker Flash out, then use this.

-Teleport Teleport to a bushed ward and pop in invisibly for a gank.

-Exhaust Slow down the enemy or use in a fight to lower their damage.


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Farming / Jungling

Farming: A pretty easy thing to do, simply use your Nimbus Strike on a group of 3 minions and hit all 3. Be sure to hit the middle one to avoid missing any of them.
Then use your Crushing Blow on the weakest one along with auto attacks and then Nimbus Strike

Jungling: Many people will hate you for this, I can guarantee that. But Jungling with Wukong is similar to doing it with Master Yi. Sure, Wukong's passive isn't as jungle oriented as Yi's but I think it's still viable. I did some tests and had a couple of bumps in the road... I mean Jungle.
So far the best path I can think of is the Superior Route. This means you will do the following:

1: Wolves(use HP pot only if really needed): focus big brown one with Nimbus Strike.

2: Wraiths/ghosts: Smite the big blue one, then red ones.
(Level up Crushing Blow immediately after smiting)

3: Little Golems: Nimbus Strike one, then AA and Crushing Blow the weakest one first. Continue to auto attack and E-Q the other(use hp pot before initiating (I did))

---Go back and you should have enough for a Long Sword with a couple Health Potions---

4: Blue buff. Nimbus Strike the big golem, and use your Crushing Blow(use pot after being hit by golem). Continue to spam these two abilities. Smite the big guy, then kill the others with AA.

5: Continue with Wolves -> Wraiths -> Red Lizard Buff -> Golems -> GANK . When ganking, here's what I do. Notify your team mate to get ready. Then once they confirm or initiate, use Decoy to go invisible, then close the gap by using Nimbus Strike. Continue to harass, or get a kill using Crushing Blow as much as possible.
If no kills, continue jungling with the below path

6: Wolves

7: Wraiths

8: little Golems

---Either go back for item, or gank again---

Rinse... Lather... Repeat.

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Good Laning Partners

Here I will discuss who I've found to be incredibly good partners. Keep in mind that this section is partial theory, and self experience. I will include about 3-4 champion types that are good to lane with. The bad ones I will just leave out. Lets Go!

Tank partners:

Alistar : His knock up, and knock back make this champ an amazing lane partner for just about every champion.

Maokai : Maokai is an incredible babysitter, have him root enemies when you want to get a kill, and he can keep enemies at bay with his cute little pets giving you the ability to farm really well.

Shen : Since a good Shen doesn't worry about farm, you can have your Shen partner throw his sword and use that to regain more HP when you get low, and makes it easier to last hit those minions. His taunt is really good for getting kills too. And whenever you are in trouble, his ultimate will save you in a gank up to a 3v1.

Leona : Leona was a tough one for me. I thought about Taric since he has a long range stun, and can heal, where as Leona cant. But Leona's AoE made it much easier to farm for yourself, and she became a much better asset to the team later game.

Mage Partners:

Anivia : Anivia's stun and wall make her an incredibly viable partner. Being able to stun someone, as well as being able to block the movement of an enemy make it really easy to get a kill, and for Anivia to get an assist.

Kassadin : Silence, and slow as well as being an incredible AP burst champion, make getting ***its and kills easier than waiting at the loading screen.
(Note: The loading screen is OP due to the fact some players like Chalupa have a wooden computer and forces players to wait for a long time. Please Nerf the Loading screen asap)

Morgana : Morgana can sustain in her lane for a very long time with her passive, and works wonders with an ally against magic damage opponents since her shield would make Wukong and herself a force not to be reckoned with.

Orianna : This is one of the hardest to pull off since your ally Orianna needs to be on a team chat program with you in order to understand what to do and when. Her shield still gives you extra armor and magic res when it floats on you. You Orianna should have the ball on you 90% of the time so that it doesn't remain stationary for more than a few seconds. The fact that the ball is used as if there's another player with you in lane, zoning your opponents will come with ease. Make sure not to forget to put the ball back onto Wukong when in laning phase. The only time it shouldn't be on him is when you are using it to secure a kill by slowing, getting the kill yourself with damage, or using your ultimate to keep your prey close.

Melee/Ranged DPS Partners:

Jax : Jax is almost very similar to Wukong in terms of abilities. Since Wukong needs a good laning partner, why not have an equally powerful ally with you? They both hit harder;/. They both jump to enemies;/, and they have a skill that's used for juking, or eniding a 1v1 fight;/. If your going to go full on offensive in the game, Jax is your guy.

Renekton : Renekton has had nerfs way up his crocodilian ***, but with a good laning partner like Wukong, his laning power should make a drastic comeback. He can rush to you, stun, and smack you. During all that, Wukong should be doing his damage output as well.

Nidalee : Nidalee's Spear does so much damage when it connects from a far distance, taking out almost half their health giving you or her an almost assured kill. Plus the fact that she is an incredible mid to late game champ, gives your team two very powerful assets.

Tristana : Having Tristana as a partner requires some patience, seeing as how she thrives on getting a lot of farm, giving you the "short end of the stick". But seeing as how you can make said stick longer, you can be a very good couple. Her splash skill will weaken some of the other minions, giving you both an equally good amount of farm. Her knockback also does a good amount of damage as well as helping you get a kill if she pushes the enemy towards you.

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Fun Info

- This time I'm not crazy, your Q really does work on buildings.
Maxing this first will make your Q attacks do a s**t-ton of damage allowing you to dish out abuse like a monster.
- Wukong likes peaches
- Decoy can be used to stop things like Maokai's cute little sapling as well as humorous jukes like on a Malzahar's Nether Grasp he unloaded everything including ignite all on my clone, then I went and killed him. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!

Main Combo:
- - Auto attack - - - - Auto attack -

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Well this is my style of Wukong, The Monkey King
Leave a comment if there's something you think should change or something that would be better, I dont take feedback lightly, every little bit helps.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, I will answer.
Upvotes are more appreciated, but a good reasoned downvote is ok too.
Please don't troll, for HoN or RotT is the place for Trolls.
Thanks ^_^
Sincerely, Blakhart

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July 28, 2011
Added a Junling build along with a couple of section edits and section additions.

July 28, 2011
Fixed a few items in my primary build to make it more lifesteal attack speed oriented, along with specing out of dodge and into other options. changed some text as well. Lastly, I changed the skilling order to be more abusive to enemies.

July 29, 2011

I added another section called Good Laning Partners, as well as making the off tank build more descriptive. Also fixed the masteries for the jungling build a bit

August 1, 2011
changed my first build to be more burst damage oriented rather than a dps since chalupa's build(number two) already is based on that.

August 4, 2011
Once again changed first build, this time balancing as an AD burst, as well as giving Wukong a great Auto Attack rating, and still having a good amount of survivability.

October 17, 2011
Fixed the jungling build and section and did some overall re-editing.