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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Weiwing

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Weiwing

XinZhao -In-dept Off Tank Jungler

Weiwing Last updated on January 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction + LRF

Hi my name is Weiwing and I'll be showing you my Xin Zhao Off Tank Jungle build which Im using alot right now.
I used to play him as a laner but everyone said that it is simple to jungle with him and i saw Xin Zhao jungles alot but they started with Vamiric Scepter and golems.
Server: EUW (Migged to EUW from EUNE)


I have some LRF to you if you want to look how im playing him
(League of Legends Recorder File) LoLReplay
The Folder is usally in My Documents-LOLReplay-replays


Game 1:

NOTE: I want to show you this LRFile the most because it really shows you how good he is even on 4v5. I changed the build here because we needed alot of damage because Garen left.

Game 2:

NOTE: This game shows you all of his OP ganks even without his ultimate Crescent Sweep

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Xin Zhao Champion Spotlight

Most people play him as a FULL AD but Phreak doesn't!
Xin has been nerfed but I don't remember what and when, I think it was something about the damage on his ultimate.

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Pros / Cons

-Good Ganks with E
-Good Surviving
-Life steal stacking = awsome
-Good jungling
-Good damage
-Awsome at 1v1

-No escape
-easily focused
-need flash or ghost if not fast enough.
-slow attack speed at beginning
-mini mana drainer
-long cd
-No actuall movement speed skill so Flash and Ghost would be good.

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This are the people Xin works good with. But i will only say a few.


Xin Zhao Works well with Zilean but it's not the best combo but heres why:
Let's pretend Xin Zhao and Zilean chases Garen. Zilean will put a Time Bomb on Xin Zhao and then speed him up with Time Warp so Xin Zhao can catch up with Garen with Audacious Charge and use his other skills.

Heres another example:
Xin Zhao almost dies but he blocks so much damage with his Banshee's Veil but it isn't enough so Zilean comes and Chronoshifts him so he ress and then Time Warp Xin Zhao



Garen is our victum today so lets pretend theese to chases him again.
Irelia use Bladesurge and Xin Zhao uses Audacious Charge. Both are now close to him and hes slowed by Xin Zhao but the slow is really short and must be longer so Irelia uses Equilibrium Strike to slow or stun Garen. Then they will just finish him off with the rest of the skills.



Ashe's Frost Shot slows the enemy so Xin Zhao can use Q and W for alot of damage.
But Ashe could also stun the enemy by using her ult, Enchanted Crystal Arrow so Xin Zhao doesn't need to use Audacious Charge and can use Q and W for damage.

Another reason:
The enemy jukes between bushes and theres no wards!!
No problem Ashe will use Hawk Shot so Xin Zhao can use his Audacious Charge and finish the enemy champion off!

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The page that I've shown now is mainly for AD Junglers. BUT you could specc 9 0 21 because of all the COOLDOWN REDUCTION from Utility
By speccing
Plentiful Bounty x1
Deadliness x3
Alacrity x4
Offensive Mastery x1

Why all these?
Plentiful Bounty because your a jungler and you gain faster money and CD.
Deadliness Xin Zhao isn't ap so critical might help your jungle.
Alacrity Xin Zhao's Passive: Challenge gives you health every 3 hit so all the attack speed you have will help.
Offensive Mastery You are jungling so...



Perseverence x3 (The best one there)
Good Hands x2 and Haste x1 (If you have Ghost in SP) or else x3 on Good Hands
Awareness x4 (For XP)
Utility Mastery x2 (For longer buffs so you can gank more)
Greed x1 Your jungling so it will be good
Quickness x3 For catching up with people and using Audacious Charge
Blink of an Eye x1 If you have flash or else take Good Hands or Haste or Expanded Mind
Intellegence For CD x3
Presence of the Master x1

You should get the
21 0 9 Masteries because they are simple ad many ad junglers use it.
If you have Ghost instead of Flash specc Haste instead of Good Hands .

Most of the speccs are explained in the other mastery page (9 0 21)
The rest are just because you still want to deal damage while you don't die...

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You should start at Blue Buff with a pull (ask for a good one. Like someone else could hit 3-5 more times)
auto attack the Golem until he starts to hit you when he hits you you should use your Three Talon Strike and a Health Potion. Finish the Golem with Smite Finish the mini Lizards with 1 Q later on.

Move on to the Wolves.
Read all spells before you read this guide please
Specc W Battle Cry at lvl 2
Use your Q on the Blue one and then when Q has procced use your W to reduce the CD on Q. If your CD goes away on Q and theres only 1 wolve left don't use Q then because the CD wont come back if you don't finish it in 3 hits. (Use HP pot if you want to) (I usally don't use one if i get a big pull but i do use one when i go with the skill order Q W E for ganking so I can gank at lvl 3 top,mid or bot lane.)

move on to the wraiths
Finish the blue one with Q then procc then W when you enage ofcourse you should use a hp pot.
LVL 3 = W
move on to the golems if you haven't ganked or something and finish it with Smite then go back ( Recall ).
If you've ganked and the laner and the other enemy laner leaves you could stay, You can still stay if the enemy laner is still there.

Finish the red buff easily.

please look at my LRF because it will be easier to understand.
LRF in the chapter Intro+LRF

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Main Item Build

This is what i really want to show you the most in this build.

The Item order I've shown:
Cloth Armor, Health Potion x5

Boots of Speed
Madred's Razors

Berserker's Greaves
Wriggle's Lantern

Recurve Bow > Wit's End

Targon's Brace > Zeke's Harbinger

Frozen Mallet
Banshee's Veil

This build is what i choose for people who don't really read the Chapters on builds.

This is more in-dept

Cloth Armor, Health Potion x5 -Jungling-

Now you can choose between:
Boots of Speed Long Sword Vampiric Scepter
For ganking.--For rush on Madred's Razors--For Easy jungling

1.I suggest Boots of Speed because people in ranked want alot of ganks.
If you have enough of money for 2 then buy Boots of Speed and Long Sword because you want to be able to gank fast so Long Sword will help you rush Madred's Razors faster.

Buy Madred's Razors

Berserker's Greaves For Attack Speed that works good with Challenge
Wriggle's Lantern Beginner Tip: Support usally wards the most thats why they usally buy Philo. Stone, Heart of Gold etc... But Junglers can ward to with the Lantern which is really usefull in the game

Recurve Bow > Wit's End You have armor from your Wriggle's Lantern so if they have a normal team (Tank-or-off,adtoplaner, APmid, ADjungler, ADcarryrange, Support)
then you should need Wit's End which gives you Magic resist and A.SPD which again work good with your passive.
Phage I choose Phage here because people who don't read the Chapters will think it's a bad guide or something. I usally buy Zeke's Harbinger here because it gives me ALOT of attack speed so i can survive and my team usally goes on alot of teamfights so we gain a buff from it but I buy Phage before Zeke's Harbinger but not often because it's usefull when we chase and don't go in teamfights.

Targon's Brace > Zeke's Harbinger

Frozen Mallet
Banshee's Veil Can be bought before anything except Wit's End. Why? Because you will need damage before buying FULL defensive items and Wit's End makes you jungle faster.
Banshee's Veil is very usefull when the other team got a lot of CC (Crowd Control) (Slows, Stuns etc.) If the other team got alot of CC i usally buy Banshee's Veil after Zeke's Harbinger you could also buy Mercury Threads instead of the other shoes. (Tenacity)

If your getting focused and the enemy team doesn't have alot of CC's then you should buy Guardian Angel instead of Banshee's Veil because the other team usally focus someone else while you're ressuructing.

If you want you can replace your Wriggle's Lantern with Madred's Bloodrazor's which is really good if the other team got alot of hp and your Ad range carry doesn't. It also gives you alot of damage.

In the LRF game 1 I later replaced Frozen Mallet with a Trinity Force because it gave me damage and all champions can play with that item (kidding) well I had a Guardian Angel that game so I didn't need alot of health. I also had lifesteal.
There's alot of more items you can buy.

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Side Item Build

There alot more you can buy such as:

Sunfire Cape which is really good as off-tanks and tanks.
It will help you if the other team GOT ALOT of ADs

Randuin's Omen Is in the recommended items and i reccomended it if you want to build more tanky. It helps you slow the enemy even if you have your Frozen Mallet but if you don't have it then you would use this item which works good with your E, Audacious Charge (Use E then this item)

Warmog's Armor This item is used alot for off-tanks.. Well it works good with tanks too..
Usally the off-tanks buy Warmog's Armor and buy a Atma's Impailer with it because you get damage and hp, hp-reg etc. Irelia is one example.
If you want to have Warmog's-Atma's build then i suggest you exchange it with Frozen Mallet and Wriggles Lantern which will later be replaced (the wriggles)
(you usally don't have wriggles as a full build)
They run away so simple my E doesn't slow enough!! What should i do?
You could specc E which is explained in the Skill Sequence (Q-W-W-E-E-R)
or else you could replace an item with Randuin's Omen for Zeke's Harbinger or Wit's End i suggest you replace Zeke's Harbinger. This is only if you want Warmog's-Atma's build.

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Skill Sequence

This will be short.

I usally go with this: (The regular)
Three Talon Strike x5
Battle Cry x5
Audacious Charge x5
Crescent Sweep x3 When can

I go with this because
Three Talon Strike I can gank and deal alot of damage because Battle Cry wont work as good if they run while ur ganking.
Battle Cry I want it's Passive for my life steal and it works good with Q
Audacious Charge I Specc it last because i only need it for ganks.
Crescent Sweep You have to specc your ult *Laugh* Why? It gives you armor and etc. Just remember lv 6, 11, 16.

Second alt.

You could specc Battle Cry first because if it's alot of stand still fights then it is good but it works well with your passive AGAIN... so it might be good too pick this because of fast jungling and etc.

Third alt.

the third alt is ofcourse picking E, Audacious Charge which is for your slowing when you gank. It will slow them pretty much but your laner (top,bot) usally have Exhaust whcih will slow them enough. If you want to choose this alt. then you still have to specc it at lvl 4.

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I've now chosen ALOT of attack speed in the runes because it's usefull but you don't really need it.
This build:
Red Attack Speed
Yel Armor
Blu Attack Speed
Pur Attack Damage

But i have:
Red Armor Pen
Yel Hp/LVL
Blu Attack Speed
Pur Armor Pen

It's basically because i can't afford all runes because I buy alot of champions and Runes are expensive.

If you want to deal damage
Then switch the Attack speed with Armor pen.
You can take blue Magic resist because it very effective as a off tank.

It is really effective if you take multiple runes. Like this:
Red Armor Pen x3 - Attack Speed x6 <-- Note
Yel Armor x9
Blu Magic Resist x3 Magic Resist P/lv x6 (when you pick defensive runes like magic resist and health then you usally pick 3 flat and 6per lvl because the flat ones gives you alot of defense in the beginning and the per lvl gives you it later on.
Pur Armor Pen x3
This Rune setup is really good and i suggest this too.

Beginner tip:
Different Runes (Color) give better stats depending on what color.

Marks (RED)
are often used to physical attacks such as Greater Mark of Desolation or Greater Mark of Attack Speed
Better at: Penetration, Damage, Attack Speed

Seals (YELLOW) are often used for defense like Greater Seal of Armor
Better at: Armor, Health, Magic Resist, Regneration

Glyph (BLUE) are better at magical things suck as Greater Glyph of Mana but people who build AD-Runes useally take Defensive or Physical runes here like Greater Glyph of Attack Speed or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Better at: Magic, AP

Quintessence (PURPLE) are good at everything. (it's like more runes for another color) you can only hold 3 of theese but they give more stats and cost more.

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Summoner Spells

What you should take:
Flash It is a good escape. What can i say?
Smite Your a jungler so don't ask but could jungle without it but don't ask me because i think a jungler should have Smite

Ghost This is for people who are lower lvl or likes to run hit.

What you could take:
Exhaust It is good for ganks but you already have a slow and then you have no escape.
Teleport I can be good but then you team gotta buy wards and you still don't have any escape.
Ignite Okay but still no escape.
Heal Same as ignite but it gives you a survivability
Cleanse Same as heal.

What you shouldn't take:
Revive Not good because no escape still..
Rally People think it's bad.. Well Phreak plays it with Sivir.
Clarity You don't need that much mana you have blue buff.
Clairvoyance Let the support handle the map
Fortify No escape..