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Yasuo Build Guide by Mew1551

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mew1551

Yasuo~ [S5] Mew's many builds for The Unforgiven

Mew1551 Last updated on January 21, 2015
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Threat Champion Notes
Nasus Nasus is an easy lane due to you being able to poke him and deny his CS with your Q stacks. However, don't let Nasus get much stacks and he shouldn't be a problem and if he's MIA in lane he's probably roaming ping in case so your team knows to look out for this dog.
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Hello everyone my name (in LoL of course) is Mew1551 and I like to play Yasuo...I don't main Yasuo but he is a champ I love to play with. The following builds might be weird but it's stuff I like experimenting with and I have used all these builds and done fairly well with them (I will upload screenshots soon when I can)

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My Yasuo

My Yasuo is an all around build I suppose..well I don't see many Yasuos using this perticular build and I think it's more efficient on Yasuo.
First, the starting items: Brawler's Gloves, Health potions, and a trinket. These are more efficient than the normal Doran's blade build because of the fact that Brawler's gloves build into Phantom Dancer one of your core items...As for the rest of the build I take the Phantom Dancer over Stattik Shiv now because With Phantom Dancer, Infinty Edge, and Yasuo's Passive you get 100% crit chance and get the no unit collision when with the Stattik shiv you get about 90% crit chance and the Stattik Shank Passive. The Ravenous Hydra is in my opinion better than the bloodthirster because of it's active and passive it helps take down those minion waves and the life steal helps the Yas. as for Maw of malmortious you get Magic resist and some AD, and The Last whisper is just some extra AD and Armor pen to melt those tanks~

-Heavy Damage
-Can melt through any champion
-No Unit Collision so you can chase down that Pray

-Barely any resistances beside Maw
-Will die instantly if focused
-Any CC shuts you down

Synergy (applies to all builds except the support build)
Rek'sai is a jungler/top laner you want to have. she has that knock up and you can either ult after that or double knock up with Q stacks to make it hurt more.

Janna is a Support of Yasuo's dreams~ she's all about wind~ <3 just like Yas :3, but regardless of that she can Shield you and so a successful knock up that can give you a Penta :P, but I've experienced this first hand, so yeah you can get one with a good play.

Cho'gath is Yasuo's Tank top laner for he can Silence and Knock up for you to get a sure kill~ assuming he doesn't eat it first :P.

When she's against you...screw that, but when she's on your team oh man the wombo combos you can do with her. She can knock up while you knock up again then you ult then she ults and just cleans up in a team fight. so Riven is a the Good and Bad in Yasu~ :3

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Tanky Yasuo

Tanky Yasuo does some okay amount of damage but has more Resistances and health so he can Damage while taking damage. The items are pretty self explanatory in this build The Phantom Dancer and IE for Damage and 100% Crits, Randuins for Armor, Health and that nice active, Banshee's for Magic resist, health ,and that nice passive, Ninja Tabi for movement and Armor, Maw for AD and more magic resist

-Can take heavy damage and dish out some damage
-He's pretty mobile for a Tank

-CC kills you...again
-Not a natural tank so early game should be interesting
-Not much AD...but you're a tank so...

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Support Yasuo lel

Support Yasuo...lel well I can honestly say that this build is good but you might not even get to try this. I'm honestly putting this up for ***** and giggles but I do assure you it works the only problem is you need a smart ADC

-Nullifies ranged skillshots with windwall
-Easy Poke with Q stacks
-Share gold

-Only 2 support abilities
-Wind wall has a long cooldown
-Needs a smart ADC

ADC Synergies~
Good synergy here, because you can let her farm with wind wall and she can snare with chompers and you can get your Q stack in to let her engage more heavily~

Strong Synergy here. Due to Varus having a long ranged poke and a slow you can get your poke in harder and nullify any return fire from the enemy as he finishes them off.

Graves and Yas have an okay synergy considering you can take hits for him, or just not let anyone get hit so you can let him CS in peace, but Graves has nothing to make it easier to land your Q stacks which isn't a problem mind you, but if you miss the Q you miss a possible kill considering Graves can go "All in" and just melt them in the process.

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Classic Yasuo

We all know this Yasuo lel it's the one with 80% crit chance and well it's not a bad build mind you but I'd rather have 100% :3 since we all know this welp lel no need xD

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Life Steal Yasuo

Time to Drop those crits and become a bloodsucker lel this Yasuo build is all about that lifesteal with literally nothing else

-Lifesteal so lots of sustain
-Heavy Damage with again sustain
-great team fighter

-Half of your passive is useless without crits
-And not the best Yasuo build xD then again who cares

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The Stupid AP Yasuo

AP Yasuo~ now this one is fun but really not to be taken serious lol since your only AP ability is your E but with those stacks it's some massive damage :O and with Trinity and Hextech some decent damage AD wise I mean xD

-Stacked E is massive damage with just Cap and Zhonyas

-Only one abitly Scales with AP
-Very Little damage with the rest of your kit
-Ult is basically useless lel

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Jungle Yasuo

Jungle Yasuo is a grey area and I mean grey because he's good but he has some cons that really **** on the Jungle Role

-Has a fast Jungle clearing
-Knock up helps with Red and Blue buff early game
-Wind wall nullifies Dragon attacks

-Weird to really bad ganking game
-No real sustain without Trailblazer
-To gank you need to land a skillshot

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Attack Speed Yasuo

Oh my god the attack speed Yasuo is OP lel well not really you just have a lot of attack speed
you get your crits and your AD but the attack speed is what is OP in this build

-attack speed and life steal with BotRK
-No unit collision and Stattik shank
-Easy wave clear

-No IE passive
-Not a hell of a lot of AD
-Pretty Squishy as he can not necessarily melt through champs

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Ballsy Yasuo

This Build means you got balls my friend using SotO and sheeiit lel but really if you get all your stacks you're OP lel

-Stacks :3
-More Stacks

-More Stacks....