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Zac Build Guide by EZMacSandwich

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EZMacSandwich

Zac, the Squishy Looking, not so Squishy Champ

EZMacSandwich Last updated on April 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So guys, this is my first guide ever, and I am doing it on Zac because I recently bought him, and I really enjoy him and I build him differently from other guides, so I wanted to share my build, and maybe I can get some feedback! Thanks for reading my guide, and please enjoy!


Let's Bounce

SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

Pros / Cons


+ Great Clear Speed
+ Nearly Unforeseeable Ganks
+ Lots of CC
+ Deals Great Damage
+ Super Flexible in Teamfights
+ Ridiculous Sustain while picking up blobs
+ Can't be Tower Dived
+ Gets Physically Larger with more Health

- Squishy Early Game
- Using Spells Hurts You as Well as the Enemy
- Sustain can be hurt when the Enemy steps on your blobs
- Can be hard to get a kill with out help from allies
- Can be difficult to escape after a fight gone wrong

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For masteries I build 9-21-0. I believe that is the best way to go because the 21 in the defense tree will allow you to survive much longer in the jungle or tanking for your team, and it allows you clear the jungle quicker with the 9 in offense tree.


I take 2 points in Sorcery because it allows you to spam your abilities quicker to output more damage quickly.

I take 2 points in Butcher to allow for a slightly quicker clear time in the jungle. Alternatively these points could be put into Sorcery if you would prefer.

I take 4 points in Blast because it gives you a bit more ability power for hitting harder.

Lastly in Offense I take Arcane Knowledge to hit just a little bit harder with my spells.


1 point in Summoner's Resolve for the bonus 10 gold when using Smite. I take this with all my jungler's. It's a personal preference.

I take 4 points in Durability for more health and less squishy. Also it allows for me to get Veteran's Scars later in the tree.

I take 2 points in Tough Skin to make jungling less abusive on my health and build into Bladed Armor .

I get 3 points in Hardiness for more armor to protect against monster attacks and such.

1 point in Bladed Armor to get the minions to kill themselves. Increases jungle clear time.

I get the 2 in Relentless to protect from getting slowed while using Let's Bounce, allowing me to move around and knock the whole team up and get out before your blobs are spilled on the ground dying from AoE spells during a teamfight.

3 points in Tenacious for the same reason as for getting the points in Relentless .

3 points in Juggernaut to build even more health every time you build health.

1 point in Honor Guard to protect yourself from anything harmful.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Armor

I usually take the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration because it allows all your spells to hit just a little bit harder.

You could also take the Greater Mark of Ability Power or Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power, but I feel the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is more useful because Zac doesn't scale incredibly well with any of his abilities.

I take the Greater Seal of Armor because they are cheap, and they work well with any tank. Enough said.

Other possibilities include Greater Seal of Health, Greater Seal of Percent Health or Greater Seal of Health Regeneration because all work great with Zac. I prefer Greater Seal of Armor because they help protect what health you have.

For Glyphs, I take Greater Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist because they help greatly mid-late game before you get any Magic Resist. Then once you build some Magic Resist you are even harder to kill! Good Stuff!

Other Glyphs that could work are Greater Glyphs of Ability Power or Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist. The Ability Power would help if you just feel like you aren't hitting hard enough early game, and the flat Magic Resist is good for when you are afraid of AP champs invading your jungle early game.

For Quints I take Greater Quintessence of Ability Power because it allows you to clear the jungle quickly in the early game.

Other Quints you could take are Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp, Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, or any Quintessences of Health/Percent Health/Health Regen. Spell Vamp helps for Survivability, Movement Speed helps for moving through the jungle quickly for setting up ganks, clearing the jungle quickly, or quickly getting in and out when counter-jungling. Health Quints help to just make you less squishy.

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Summoner Spells

Smite: Always take this when jungling. Use it to last hit Blue Buff, Red Buff, Dragon, and Baron. This protects them from being stolen. You can also use it to steal from the enemy jungler.

Ghost: Allows you to move quickly through the jungle to help struggling lanes. Allows you to escape enemies when fleeing. Allows you to get out of fights you are losing quickly. Allows you to chase enemies. I prefer it over Flash.

Flash:Also useful, use it get over walls when escaping, use it escape fights, use it to chase. I prefer ghost because you have Elastic Slingshot for those things, but Flash also works against teams that will interrupt your channeling for Elastic Slingshot

Any other spells I feel as if they are not as effective as these spells. Some are more viable than others, and some people can make other spells work. Mostly these are personal preference, but when you are jungling, Smite is a must.

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Skill Explanation

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Let's Bounce

Cell Division: This skill has two parts:

1. When you hit abilities, blobs of goo will fall off of you that when stepped on, will heal you for the amount of health used to cast the spell.
  • When jungling, you can pick these blobs up while your abilities are cooling down. THIS WILL KEEP YOU ALIVE IN THE EARLY GAME DO NOT IGNORE YOUR BLOBS.
  • During teamfights, you do not need to worry about your blobs as much, but don't forget about them either! They can save your life if you retreat over them!
  • Once you have spell vamp, fighting minions or neutral monsters will allow you recover health if you pick up your blobs. If you retreat from a teamfight with low health, you can go into the jungle and recover your health quickly to pick off stragglers that might have survived the fight.

2. When you take lethal damage, you will split into four blobs that will attempt to reform over 8 seconds. If they reform, you will revive with %10-%50 of your total health depending on how much health your blobs have.
  • You can use this as a defensive measure to protect your own towers. If any enemy champ dives you under a tower, they will be targeted by the tower if they attack you, and the blobs count as part of you as well so they will be targeted if they attack the blobs as well.
  • You can use this to dive in a team fight, as the enemy team could be very distracted with cleaning up your blobs while your team rips them to pieces.
  • Before a team fight, MAKE SURE THIS IS OFF COOLDOWN. If it is not, remember that you can not rely on this ability when you go in, and expect to die without a second chance. ALWAYS BE AWARE IF THIS IS ON OR OFF COOLDOWN.

Stretching Strike: Stretching Strike is mostly used to slow enemy champs so that your team's carries can finish them off when you gank. If you are chasing an enemy and they are in range of Stretching Strike hit them with it to keep them in range of you.

You're going to want to max out Stretching Strike before Elastic Slingshot and after Unstable Matter.

Tips and Tricks
  • This has a pretty low cooldown, so feel free to spam this while farming.
  • The slow is very effective at keeping enemies in range of your Unstable Matter, so you use it to keep enemies with your grasp.
  • Try to hit as many enemies with this as you can, remember, it is an AoE spell, and not a single target. It will hit multiple enemies.

Unstable Matter: This skill is your bread and butter. It deals damage to everyone around you. It has the lowest cooldown. It even deals damage to enemies based on a percentage of their health. What's not to love?

You're going to want to max out Unstable Matter before Stretching Strike and after Let's Bounce.

Tips and Tricks
  • Spam this in teamfights to strip enemies health quickly.
  • Spam this ability when farming to quickly clear minion waves or jungle creeps.
  • You can spam this ability while using Let's Bounce! Do it to deal way more damage to the enemy team then they would like.

Elastic Slingshot: Elastic Slingshot will be used to initiate teamfights, gank lanes, and stun monsters in the jungle. You can also cancel this spell while channeling by right clicking to move away, and you are refunded half the health cost and half of the cooldown.

You're going to want to max out Elastic Slingshot after Stretching Strike.

Tips and Tricks
  • This skill can be used to escape fights as long as your channeling is not interrupted.
  • This skill is great for initiation, as you can hit long range and drop some CC on the enemy while the rest of your team comes in to rip the enemy team apart.
  • This skill can be used to gank from some strange places in the jungle. Get creative while setting up ganks, as with some thinking, you can avoid common ward spots and hit the enemy for the gank.

Let's Bounce Let's Bounce: This is you ultimate. It causes some serious damage, and some serious CC. Always use this when fighting multiple enemies. It allows to move through their whole team, deal some damage, and CC all of them so your team can come in and finish them off. This ability is amazing for teamfights, do not underestimate its power!

You're going to want to max out Let's Bounce before any other skill.
Tips and Tricks
  • You can spam Unstable Matter all day while using this ability. It can really increase your damage output. Do it.
  • This ability costs no health! And it still drops blobs! Pick them up and end up fully healed after using this ability. The other team will be shaking when you recover your health after beating them to pieces.
  • Did I mention you can use your summoner spells when you are bouncing? Do it to ensure your team's victory.

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Great boots for any jungler, they allow you to move quickly through the jungle to start ganks, help lanes that are doing poorly, help push lanes that are doing well, counter jungle, and clear all your camps quicker. I get this most of the time.

Sorcerer's Shoes are great for hitting your enemies harder. I get these when I want a more offensive build on Zac.

Use these for an even more tanky Zac. I get these against AD heavy teams if I am having troubl getting my Thornmail or Randuin's Omen.

I get these if the enemy team is AP heavy and CC-ing me down to four tiny defenseless bloblets. Great for escaping team fights and making it a bit harder to be hurt by the AP champs.
Great Health and Health Regen. Every tank's wet dream.
This item increases your Health Regen, healing effects, and Spall Vamp effects by %20. this means your blobs give you more health than you paid for them. It also gives t=you a serious chunk of health, %20 cooldown reduction, and some good Magic Resist. This is just a great Zac item.

This item gives you CDR, Spell Vamp, Ability Power, and it helps you clear your jungle much faster. It's a great item that will allow you to kill jungle camps while healing! (Assuming you pick up your blobs!) Remember though that all of Zac's attacks are AoE, so they will only return 1/3 of the spell-vamp, so try to make sure you are hitting 3 or more enemies if you can. Later in the game, you may want to trade this for Will of the Ancients as it grants a bit more Ability Power and gives more Ability Power and Spell Vamp any allies near you.

Replace your Spirit of the Spectral Wraith with this if you have the gold in the end. By the time you get it, you should be pushing lanes or defending them with your entire team almost full-time. As it is an item that helps allied champs close to you, you should only get it during the team fighting end-game.

Situational Items
Take Two!

Get this to boost your entire team's Magic Resist, Armor, and Health Regen. It also gives you some good Health, Armor, Magic Resist, and Health Regen, as you receive the bonuses of this item as well as the boosted stats from the Aura.

Great item if you need a lot more Health and a lot more Armor. It also comes with a great active that pairs well with your Elastic Slingshot. You can launch yourself into the enemy's carries and activate it to slow them down greatly.

This item gives you more Armor then you can know what to do with. I get this anytime the other team is building largely Attack Damage. It also has the added bonus of returning %30 of any Attack Damage you recieve to the giver as Magic Damage. Attack Damage Carries typically do not build a lot of Magic Resist. You can buy this item and watch them kill themselves.

This item pairs very well with Thornmail, as it gives you even more Armor and survivability, and now you also have to Ability Power to hit them back incredibly hard. You can even use the Active to survive while your team clears away the other team you just CC'ed and severely wounded.

This item gives you a bunch of Magic Resist and a nice chunk of Ability Power. For that reason, I get this item against teams with lots of Ability Power. It also grants an aura that damages the other team's Magic Resist. You can now survive their AP champs while tearing them to pieces!

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Jungle Route

For Zac I usually start at the Wolves. After clearing them, I go get the Blue Buff by using Smite.(I know what you are saying, I will address this later.) Next I go clear Wraiths. After that, It's back to the wolves. Then I get my red buff, using Smite. After that I clear Wraiths one more time. By the end of this, you should be level 4. Most of the time I find I am a level or two above most laners. If you aren't level 4, clear Double Golems or wolves to finish it up. Then I start looking for a gank.

Why start with Blue Buff?

This is a very good question, and it means you are thinking. That is good! Obviously, Zac uses health for casting rather than mana, and the Blue Buff gives you increased mana regen. Why would [Zac take it? Zac starts with Blue Buff because it also gives you a cooldown reduction. This helps you to clear the Jungle camps much quicker to get you red buff, which is great for ganking with its slow and Damage over time effect. This route allows you to clear the jungle quickly and have a stronger ganking presence for longer after you are done with your route.

Team Fights

Teamfights is where Zac really excels. he is incredibly flexible in what he is doing during the teamfight. Typically, he is the tank initiator. He fires his Elastic Slingshot, followed up by Let's Bounce to CC the entire enemy team. While bouncing he spams Unstable Matter to tear the enemy team's health down. After he stops bouncing, he can either continue to spam Unstable Matter and Stretching Strike to try and get a kill and stop the enemy carries from going after his carries, or he can sit back and soak up some serious damage for his carries and use Unstable Matter and Stretching Strike to stop enemies from rushing in and tearing up his carries. If Zac goes down during his teamfight, his passive, Cell Division can distract enemy champions from going after his carries if they are busy cleaning up his blobs. If they don't go after your blobs, you can reform and escape, or rejoin the fight, depending on how low your health is and how low the enemy team's health is.

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Zac is one of my favorite junglers to play. I hope this guide helps you to love him too. If you have questions about the guide, or how to play Zac, send me a message and we can talk it out :)

Please upvote if you liked my guide, and if you do downvote, please share with me your reasoning so maybe I can fix my mistakes. This is my first guide, so constructive criticism is always great. :)

Enjoy Oozing through the jungle as Zac!

Thank You for reading,

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.