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Demacia's Wings: r/QuinnMains' Guide To Quinn and Valor!

QuinnMains Last updated on February 19, 2017
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Welcome to r/QuinnMains' guide to Quinn. My name is AnonimooseUser or 'Moose and I am the writer of this guide. "But Moose, how can you be the writer if this is a community guide?!" Well, I am the person who collects all the data from the community and then puts it all into writing here! This means that instead of portraying my opinion, this guide reflects the collective opinions of everyone from the community. It covers everything you need to know about this champion including items, runes, masteries and playstyles. This guide is designed both for beginner Quinn players and veterans alike. Although it is a bit long, keep in mind that it is quite detailed and covers four different roles. I hope you enjoy reading it and I wish you all the best in your future games with Quinn and Valor: Demacia's Wings.

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+ Fun and unique champion.
+ Can be dominant/oppressive in lane.
+ Insane mobility and map pressure.
+ Good burst and dueling potential.
+ Great for SoloQ.
+ Versatile: can be played in 4 positions using multiple different playstyles.
+ Bird!
Quinn is a very fun and unique champion to play due to her kit being quite unique and special (particularly her Vault). She can be very dominant and oppressive in lane due to her range and kit, which is good for skirmishes and duels. This allows her to get fed. Due to her ult, she can then roam around the map and snowball. Quinn can have huge burst without relying on a long CD ability. She has a smooth transition from her strong early game to an even stronger mid game. These things make her great for SoloQ. Her ult gives her a lot of map pressure and pick potential. Quinn is also a very versatile champ; she can be played in four different lanes using a bunch of different playstyles.

Quinn does come with her fair share of weaknesses though. She is quite squishy and vulnerable to CC, which means she must build some defensive items or she will be shut-down easily. Her short auto attack range means she can often be picked out of position. These things make her a weak team-fighter. Picking Quinn can also harm your team comp (no tank top, no AP mid, no CC as Jungler, no long range as ADC). Utilising her ult to it's full potential is also quite hard (as it's not a combat ult).

- Squishy.
- Low attack range.
- Vulnerable to CC.
- Poor team-fighting.
- Can be harmful to team comp.

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You want to take this. No, you definitely want to take this. Don't argue, just take it!

Taking Ignite will give you extra kill pressure and will make your early game even stronger. This is the summoner spell you take if you want to be aggressive in lane and get fed/snowball. It also helps against enemies with a lot of healing as it applies Grevious Wounds.

Exhaust is a more defensive alternative to Ignite. It is commonly taken against enemies which could 1v1 us and win, for example a Pantheon. It is also helpful against enemies with a lot of mobility. Exhaust can also be used in an offensive manner, something which is often overlooked.

Sometimes getting to a location right away is essential and your ultimate isn't enough. Teleport allows for even greater map pressure. It can be taken when against tanks (as Ignite and Exhaust are usually less effective) or against enemies with global ultimates ( Shen). Top-lane only.

Ghost can be taken in addition to Flash when against tanks( Ignite and Exhaust are usually less effective in those situations). It helps with kiting, chasing, evading ganks, dodging abilities and posistioning in teamfights.

Take this if you're the ADC...duh!

Take this if you're the Jungler...duh!

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Runes are probably the most tricky subject to agree on over at r/QuinnMains. There are so many different combinations and sometimes the differences between them are tiny. Personal preferences also play a part. Because of all these things, there isn't one rune page that is simply the best. There are many different rune pages that you could take when playing Quinn. What runes you take is closely linked with what role you are playing, what build you are using and what Keystone you should take. Below I will explain each rune page.

Full Lethality
- 9x Greater Mark of Lethality
- 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
- 9x Greater Seal of Armor
- 3x Greater Quintessence of Lethality
The Full Lethality rune page is most effective against teams with little or no tanks. Whilst weaker than AD early game, lethality kicks in around the same time as you complete your first time (which in this case should be a lethality item such as Duskblade of Draktharr). They give you a better mid and late game than AD. However, they do have some drawbacks. Due to the lack of AD and AS, your early game trades will be weaker. You will also find CSing to be harder. Remember, only take this rune page against squishy enemies!

This rune page still has plenty of lethality but it also has some AS and a bit of AD. This reduces the drawbacks that the Full Lethality rune page has. Your early game and CSing still won't be as good as with the AS-AD rune page, but they will be better than with Full Lethality. Once again this rune page is most effect against squishy targets, but could work against semi-tanky enemies too.
Lethality vs AP
- 9x Greater Mark of Lethality
- 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
- 9x Greater Seal of Armor
- 2x Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed
- 1x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Lethality vs AD
- 9x Greater Mark of Lethality
- 9x Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
- 9x Greater Seal of Armor
- 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
This rune page should only be taken if the enemy team is all or mostly AD. Since it features no MR, it will leave you vulnerable to AP (which is why it's usually taken top and not mid). If the enemy team has very little or no AP, the MR Glyphs are unnecessary and are therefore replaced by AS Glyphs. This leaves our Quints open which means we can also take AD. This rune page has very little of the drawbacks of the Full Lethality page as it features both AS and AD whilst keeping all the benefits of lethality.

This is a fairly standard rune page used by a lot of champions. It offers a mix of both AD and AS, which results in a very strong early game and easy CSing. This can be taken instead of the other pages if the enemy team is tanky or simply due to preference. Whilst you won't have as much burst in the mid game as with lethality, AS-AD is still a well-rounded rune page.
- 9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
- 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
- 9x Greater Seal of Armor
- 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

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What Keystone you take is closely linked with what role you are playing, what build you are using and what runes you will take.


Thunderlord's Decree is a great Keystone for Quinn. It gives her good damage throughout the whole game (although it scales off a bit late-game) and makes her skirmishes - Quinn's specialty - even stronger. In the early game, two Harrier marks in quick succession will deal a ton of damage when combined with TLD. It makes Quinn's early game very strong. In the mid/late game, TLD will proc upon performing your normal combo and will add more damage to your burst. This is why it's good when playing Quinn as an assassin and it's also why we take in when the enemy is squishy. TLD is recommended when playing in the mid-lane. This is because mid-lane is shorter and therefore it is harder to stack FoB. TLD is also better jungle as the burst damage is more beneficial during ganks than the sustained damage from FoB.

Stormraider's Surge is an alternative to TLD. Using Stormraider's isn't as straightforward as the other two Keystones and requires practise, which is why we only recommend it for experienced Quinn players. You will need to learn when it will proc so that you can plan ahead. Additionally watch out that you don't overchase and take too much minion aggro. Stormraider's has lots of uses such as helping to chase, kite, escape, or gank. It is very useful in teamfights, allowing you to dodge skillshots and re-posistion easily. It allows you to escape after an assasination and also enables you to make riskier plays. Its cooldown is very short. Although Stormraider's doesn't directly add damage to your combos, the extra MS and slow resist will help you stick to your enemies, allowing you to keep attacking and chasing. Finally, the MS will help when fighting enemies such as Irelia or Olaf.

Fervor of Battle is your third option, only taken in DPS builds such as the Anti-Tank build. Although it is not as strong early game (unless you go all-in), it out-scales TLD in the mid-late game. Quinn doesn't have much difficulty getting the stacks and it helps take down those pesky tanks or when kiting. This mastery is even better when ADC, as your support will protect you and provide CC whilst you get stacks. FoB is a good choice when top or bot-lane, but not mid (the lane is shorter, so it's harder to get fully stacked before the enemy retreats). It's also not that good jungle as you won't stack it fast enough during ganks. Finally, It is also great when against a tanky team, as it gives you good sustained damage.


Quinn is a ranged auto-attack champion. A lot of her damage comes from auto-attacks and proccing Harrier. The little extra damage on her abilities doesn't justify taking Sorcery . So Fury is the better option.

Feast gives you better sustain and helps to stay in lane longer. Fresh Blood makes your poke and harass even stronger. Both options can be taken according to preference or matchup.

Vampirism will give you more sustain in lane whilst Natural Talent will give you a bit more AD, making your early game a slightly stronger. Both options can be taken according to preference or matchup.

Double-Edged Sword is usually the best choice as the damage is available right from the start. However, Bounty Hunter is still an option, especially if you roam a lot (midlane!). Battle Trance is only an option in DPS builds.

Quinn is an AD champion. I think you can guess why Armor Penetration is more beneficial to her than Magic Penetration...


Savagery helps to clear jungle camps and to CS. Wanderer is a bit useless because our ult is already all the MS we need for our roams.
If you're jungling, get Runic Affinity . If you're bot-lane take Secret Stash . If your're top or mid, take Assassin as the extra damage is more beneficial.
The increased damage from Merciless is more important to Quinn than the mana regen from Meditation .
Greenfather's Gift could be taken but it requires a certain amount of skill in order to use it to it's max potential. Dangerous Game is the safest choice here.
CDR isn't an essential stat on Quinn. You get all the CDR you need from your items. The penetration from Precision is much more useful.

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Passive: Harrier

Valor periodically marks an enemy. Using a basic attack consumes the mark, dealing bonus physical damage.

Valor marks an enemy as Vulnerable for four seconds. If you attack the Vulnerable enemy you will deal bonus physical damage. Enemies hit by Vault or the primary enemy hit by Blinding Assault will also be marked as Vulnerable. Harrier is disabled during Behind Enemy Lines ( Quinn's ultimate) and for 8 seconds after the mark ends. This cooldown is reduced by critical strike chance.

Tips n' Tricks
Q: Blinding Assault

Quinn commands Valor to fly forward in a line, stopping at the first enemy hit and marking them as Vulnerable whilst also dealing AoE damage. If the first enemy hit is a Champion, Valor applies Nearsight, significantly reducing their vision range for 1.5 seconds. If the first enemy struck is a monster, it cannot attack for two seconds.

This is a skill-shot that might decide the outcome of a duel or skirmish. It is the ability you should max first (apart from your ultimate). It scales with your AD and deals a nice chunk of damage. The damage is dealt as an AoE but only the first enemy hit is marked and in the case of a champion, given Nearsight (if it's a jungle monster, it will be unable to attack for two seconds). Nearsight removes allied vision and reduces their vision radius to 300 for 1.5 seconds. This basically means that unless you're standing right next to them, they won't be able to see you. This allows Quinn to duel certain champions and for some cool outplays and even jukes.

Tips n' Tricks
W: Heightened Senses

Passive: Attacking a Vulnerable target increases Quinn's Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 2 seconds.
Active: Valor reveals the surrounding area for 2 seconds.

This ability is good for scouting in many situations, such as when you’re expecting a gank, invading the enemy jungle or contesting dragon/baron. Note that enemies can see the spell effect of Heightened Senses's active portion, even if they do not have vision of you. It has a rather long cooldown, so think carefully before using this ability. The MS and AS steroid you get from proccing Harrier is excellent, giving you extra DPS and allowing you to kite or chase effectively.

Tips n' Tricks
E: Vault

Quinn dashes to an enemy, dealing physical damage, slowing them by 50% which decays over 2 seconds, knocking them up for 0.25 seconds and marking them as Vulnerable. Upon reaching the target she jumps off and lands near her maximum attack range away from the target.

This is arguably one of the most fun abilities in the game. There are lots of things that it can be used for (look in the Spoiler). Vault can be used to cross small patches of terrain, dodge abilites, dodge skillshots or even interrupt dashes. Check out the 'Advanced Tactics' chapter for more information.

Tips n' Tricks
R: Behind Enemy Lines

After channeling for 2 seconds, Quinn calls upon Valor to assist her. Together they gain bonus Movement Speed equal to up to 130% of their TOTAL Movement Speed. If Quinn takes damage while channeling, the ability is put on a 3 second cooldown. Taking damage from Turrets, Monsters or Champions will cancel the ult, whereas all other forms of damage will slow Quinn and Valor temporarily. Reactivating this ability or using any sort of attack will also cancel the effect. When Behind Enemy Lines is cancelled, Skystrike activates and deals 100% of Quinn's AD in an area around her.

This is another ability that is super fun! This ability defines Quinn and makes her who she is: a unique and fun Champion! You should always put a point into this when you can. Valor arrives, picks Quinn up and and flies her around. You can achieve amazing speeds with this ability, because it takes your TOTAL Movement Speed and multiplies it. This ability has no cooldown unless the channel was interrupted. In this case, it goes on a 3-second cooldown. Taking Turret/Champion/Monster damage, reactivating the ability or using any sort of attack will cancel the ult and perform Skystrike, which deals damage in an AoE. Taking Minion damage while in ult will temporarily slow you instead.

Tips n' Tricks

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Below you will find some common combos that you might use. Keep in mind that these are not set in stones and different situations will not only require different combos, but they will also need to be modified and changed to suit the current situation. This might mean adding more auto-attacks, doing less auto-attacks, saving certain abilities for later etc.

Lane Harass

> > > >

This is a typical combo that you might use in lane to harass your opponent. You start by auto-attacking the enemy to proc your passive Harrier mark. The enemy will usually then try to back away to avoid further harass. You use your Vault to close the distance between you and jump over any minions which might be in the way. You then once again proc Harrier. Now that there are no minions in the way, you can use Blinding Assault and proc the final Harrier mark. Here is a video of this combo in action.

In the above example I use Vault before Blinding Assault. This is because using Vault first allows me to 'jump over' any minions which might be in the way. Then I have a clear shot for Blinding Assault. However, in cases where the enemy might retaliate rather than retreat (for example a Yasuo or Riven), it is sometimes better to use Blinding Assault first and hold on to our Vault so we can use it as a dis-engage or a dash cancel. Finally, you can add some more auto-attacks in between Harrier marks or at the end of the combo for more damage.
Maximum DPS
AA > > > > > >

This combo is designed to get the maximum possible DPS it can. You begin the combo by using an AA whilst ulting. This will cancel your ult and perform Skystrike. Your passive Harrier will show up and you proc it with another AA. Now you have a choice. For truly max. DPS, you carry on auto-attacking for 2 more seconds (in order to use the AS steroid from our W passive). However, you can skip the extra auto's and go straight into Blinding Assault. This will once again activate Harrier and once again you have to make a choice about how many AA you want to include. Next, use Vault and for the third time proc Harrier.

This combo should only be used against tanky enemies. It uses all three Harrier marks in order to increase the damage output. You can adjust this combo by adding or removing auto's after procing your Harrier marks.
Assasination Combo
> > > >

This combo is the one you will probably use when assassinating people (for example the enemy ADC). You begin the combo by using Blinding Assault out of your ultimate. This will cancel your ult and perform Skystrike as well as applying Harrier to the enemy. You proceed by consuming the Harrier mark. Next you Vault and once again proc the subsequent Harrier mark. If for some strange reason the enemy is still alive (they have GA or Sterak's for example) then you can also proc your passive Harrier in order to finish them off.

You can wait a bit before using Vault to see if the enemy uses Flash or some sort of dash; if they do, you can then Vault to keep chasing. Alternatively, you can swap Vault and Blinding Assault: generally this is not a good idea, but sometimes Vaulting first is necessary (for example there is a huge minion wave in the way and if you tried going around it, the enemy could escape).
Burst Combo
> > >

This combo should only be used when far ahead of your enemy and only against squishies. You begin by using your Vault straight out of your ultimate. Usually this is a bad thing to do, but in this instance we are so fed that we can be a bit reckless. Using Vault will cancel your ultimate, perform Skystrike and apply Harrier to the enemy. We don't proc the mark (you could if you want to, it's optional) and instead use our Blinding Assault. If the enemy is still alive, just proc the subsequent Harrier mark to finish them off. DO NOT attempt this combo against tankier enemies or when you're not fed.

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Below you fill find various items that Quinn commonly buys. If an item is not listed on here, it is either too situational or simply not good. For information on what items should be brought together aka 'Builds', look at the top of the guide or at the section underneath this one. The combination if items you build is very important: some items are better brought early, some better late, some have good synergy whilst other's don't.

Starting Items

Doran's Blade is the optimal starting item for Quinn. It gives you a bit of health and AD as well as 3% life steal. This will help you with early trades and with sustain.

Long Sword is an alternative starting item. It gives a bit more AD then Doran's Blade but less HP and sustain. However, it builds into a lot of useful items, resulting in a quicker power-spike.

Refillable Potion can be taken alongside Long Sword for extra sustain in the laning phase.

Hunter's Machete is the optimal starting item for Jungle Quinn. The 10% lifesteal it provides you is more beneficial than the mana regen and slower heal from Hunter's Talisman. It gives us a healthy first clear.

Health Potion is your main source of sustain. Take as many of these at the start of the game as you can. You can also buy more when you back, especially if you're losing lane or against a tough opponent (or having a tough time in the jungle).

Warding Totem is the recommended trinket. It will give you an early warning of any incoming ganks and it provides your team with vision of the enemy and their movement around the map. However, you can swap this out for one of the other trinkets later on in the game depending on preference.

Core/Damage Items
Youmuu's Ghostblade is a great first item due to its cheap price and nice build path. It offers you a good mix of AD and Lethality, which combine together to give you decent burst. The 10% CDR is also useful and probably all the CDR you will need. What separates this item from the lethality items is its active (as well as its price), which allows for chasing, running, dodging skillshots and easier kiting.

Duskblade of Draktharr provides the best burst out of the three lethality items: despite offering less lethality than Youmuu's Ghostblade, its passive does a lot of damage and it has a bit more AD. Duskblade can work on its own, but it works best when combined with other lethality items and/or lethality runes due to its passive scaling with lethality. It also offers some OOC MS. It's second passive, Blackout, is also extremely useful, helping your roams and giving you powerful vision control.

Edge of Night is the third and final lethality item. Just like its siblings, it gives a good amount of AD and lethality (and therefore burst). However, it also gives you 35 MR and a spell-shield active. This makes it a great item against AP champions with CC or heavy damage abilities. It allows you to assassinate people without being CC'ed straight away, for example a Lux. It's also very slot effective as you get good damage and burst as well as the 'defensive' stats and passive from one item.

Infinity Edge is only strong when combined with crit and AS. If you have IE and a Zeal item, your damage increases significantly. You will have 50% crit and increased damage on crits, as well as decent AD and good AS. This is why IE is a 'must-have' item in builds that also include a Zeal item. It gives you a powerful boost in your damage output.

Essence Reaver is only really taken in the Crit build, as it doesn't really fit into other builds. The mana regen is kinda bad but the rest of the stats are good: a hefty 70 AD, 20% Crit and up to 30% CDR! Having this much CDR will put Harrier on a very low cooldown, which results in more frequent Harrier marks. More Harrier marks means more damage as well as more uptime on the MS and AS steroid from proccing them. This results in a quite a large increase in DPS and synergises well with the DPS nature of the Crit Build.

Skirmisher's Sabre is the best jungle item to take. Stalker's Blade and Tracker's Knife are both decent and can be taken based on preference, but Skirmisher's is overall better, as Quinn really benefits from its dueling potential.

Warrior is the best choice. It offers good early game damage which can then be used to snowball. The other enchantments don't fit Quinn's playstyle.

Attack Speed Items
Statikk Shiv is your default Zeal item. Take it if you want additional burst as well as waveclear (for more efficient splitpushing) from its passive. This item is very cheap and provides some good stats. It has good synergy with IE.

Phantom Dancer is the alternative to Shiv. Take this if you're going to be duelling people a lot, if the enemy has a lot of mobility (like Yasuo) or if you prefer a DPS-orientated playstyle/build. The extra movement speed and no unit collision make this great for kiting and chasing people whilst the damage reduction helps to win duels. The extra AS and kiting ability means this item is great for DPS builds. It also has great synergy with IE.

Rapid Firecannon is an AS item that is only really viable in the Triple Lethality build. Out of the three Zeal items, RFC works best without a complimentary IE. This makes it more suited for the 3xLethality build than the other Zeal items. Apart from being cheap, It fills the gap in our AS whilst providing additional burst. The extra range you gain also has it's uses, while it's passive helps with sieging towers.

Trinity Force is a situational AS item that is used in the Triple Lethality build. It is an alternate to RFC. Like RFC, Triforce doesn't need IE to be effective and can act as a standalone item. Triforce is quite expensive but it offers some nice stats. It provides much-needed AS in the Triple Lethality build whilst adding onto our burst with the Spellblade passive. It also gives us a mix of other stats like AD, CDR and HP (plus some mana and MS).

Berserker's Greaves are your default and optimal boots. The extra AS will increase your damage output. These boots can be taken in any situation and can be taken instead of any of the other 3, as they will always be useful.

Ninja Tabi could be taken when against a team that is very reliant on auto attacks, for example Master Yi or Fiora.

Mercury's Treads could be taken when the enemy team has lots of heavy CC such as Morgana or Leona.

Boots of Swiftness can be taken when there are a lot of slows on the enemy team.

Lifesteal Items
Bloodthirster is the best lifesteal item for DPS builds due to it's large lifesteal and the shield. The shield itself is pretty neat, but the main advantages of this item over the others is the 20% lifesteal and the 75 AD. BT isn't as good for assassin builds as you won't be AAing as much.

Mercurial Scimitar is another lifesteal option. Although it only gives 10% lifesteal, it also gives you 35 MR and great active. The active is the main reason you might want to take this item, especially if the enemy team has a lot of CC or some CC whist must be avoided at all costs.

Death's Dance is the final lifesteal option. It has the best build path out of the three and is also the cheapest (but not by much). DD gives the same AD as BT but less lifesteal. However, it also has 10% CDR which is always nice and the bleed effect increases Quinn's duelling potential (which is why DD works great with PD).

Anti-Tank Items
Lord Dominik's Regards is your default item against tanks. We usually get this item 5th or 6th (since it penetrates bonus armor). It helps us to take down the enemy frontline.

Mortal Reminder is an alternative to LDR. We take it when the enemy has a lot of health regen, for example a Vladimir or a Swain. Usually you want to pick up Executioner's Calling earlier in the game and then upgrade to Mortal Reminder in the late game.

Black Cleaver is the third option when it comes to dealing with tanks. The main differences between BC and a LW item is that BC needs to be stacked first, it works on total armor rather than bonus armor and that it offers armor reduction rather than armor penetration. This means it takes a bit longer to get going (especially if there are multiple tanks) but it also means that it's also somewhat effective against squishies and that the rest of the team can also benefit from its armor reduction. Apart from this, BC offers good AD and 20% CDR which is quite a bit. The HP makes you a bit more tanky and the passive helps with kiting tanks. This item work really well with AS and Fervor.

Blade of the Ruined King should be taken as an add-on rather than a replacement for an Anti-Tank item. It's main advantages are the passive and the mix of stats (including AD, AS and 10% lifesteal). It some builds it can act as an alternative AS item. The passive helps to fight both tanks and squishies to some degree, whilst the active allows you to chase/escape and helps keep you alive (10% of a tank's max HP can be quite a lot).

Defensive Items
Guardian Angel is a very good defensive item against both AP and AD. It is very cheap and gives both MR and armor. Additionally, it's passive is immensely useful. It will stop assassins from bursting you down and it also stops you from getting focused in teamfights (or gives you a second chance if you do get focused). However, it is important that you use the passive correctly: your positioning in fights must be so that if you die, your team is close by to help out. A drawback of GA is that the passive has a 5 min CD. This item is best against assassins with long CDs and in teamfights.

Banshee's Veil is a great item to take against AP enemies. It gives you HP, HP regen and 70 MR! The passive will stop you from getting engaged on by abilities such as Rocket Grab or Death Sentence. It will also block some of the damage from enemy AP combo's. Finally, the passive has a short cooldown!

Maw of Malmortius gives decent MR, good AD, a bit of CDR and a nice passive. The passive shield scales with bonus MR, so Maw goes well with Mercurial Scimitar and Edge of Night. Take this if you are against an AP-heavy team or against AP assassins and you prefer the shorter CD.

Sterak's Gage is another good defensive choice. Although the shield isn't as good as the revive from GA, it is still fairly good at keeping you alive. The shield also scales with HP, so this item goes well with The Black Cleaver. The passive also has a much shorter CD than GA's passive and Sterak's also gives you some AD, whilst GA is purely defensive. This item is better than GA if your going to need the shield often or if your going to be splitpushing a lot.


First things first: you should NOT be building exactly the same thing every single game. Just because we suggested a full build doesn't make that the best build. Instead, you should adapt your build based on what the enemy is building. For example, if the enemy team has lots of AP then you might want to consider taking Mercurial Scimitar instead of The Bloodthirster as your lifesteal item.

Second thing, you should always include either some lifesteal or a defensive item in your builds. If you build pure damage with no defense or lifesteal at all, you will find that you die very quickly. Quinn has a low AA range and is fairly squishy: she needs some form of defense!

At the top of the guide we have provided you with several different builds. Each of these builds has their own strengths and weaknesses and each of them fill a different role or playstyle. Below I will explain each build.
Lethality-Crit Build (Top/Mid)
> > >

This build can work with both Thunderlord's Decree or Stormraider's Surge . You can use any of the suggested rune pages. This build has a good early game, a good mid game and a good late game. It offers a good mixture of burst and sustained DPS. It is best against squishy teams but it can also deal with offtanks.

Your first item is either Youmuu's Ghostblade or Duskblade of Draktharr. The mixture of AD and lethality provides Quinn with a very strong early game and make CSing easier. Both items also have very good actives and passives. After our first item we want a source of AS which in this build is provided by a Zeal item (either Shiv or PD). Zeal items also provides us with Crit and their own respective passives. Now we have both AD and AS, which increases our damage. You can take any viable boots with this build. Since we have a Zeal item, we also want to get IE at some point in our build as it synergises well with Zeal items and it will multiply our damage. We have two item slots left, which we save for situational items. There are three types of situational items we could get: lifesteal items, defensive items and Anti-Tank items. You will need to pick two of these categories. Usually you will take a lifesteal item and finish the build off with an Anti-Tank item, but it depends on your situation. Some people like taking Edge of Night instead of one of the situational items, since its shield makes it as pseudo-defensive item. I would only recommend doing this when ahead. Once you are full build, you can sell your first lethality item and get either Essence Reaver or Phantom Dancer. Additionally, or alternatively, you can sell your boots and get a second Zeal item.INVISIBLE TEXT
Triple Lethality (Top/Mid)
> > >

This build can work with both Thunderlord's Decree and Stormraider's Surge . You can use any of the suggested rune pages for your runes. It has a good early game, a very strong mid game and a good late game. This build is really strong against squishy teams with no more than one tank. It has a huge amount of burst, but very little sustained damage. It is best used by 'Assassin' Quinns.

This build also starts with a lethality item. However, we don't get an AS item second; instead, we buy the other two lethality items. Buying all three lethality items will give us a large amount of AD and lethality, which gives us a lot of burst. Each lethality item also has a very good active and passive, all of which aid us in assassinating the enemy. A Quinn with Triple Lethality is a very strong assassin, with both the damage and the tools necessary to take out the target. This build lacks AS so taking Berserker's Greaves as your boots is recommended. After completing your lethality core, you can buy situationally. You could take an AS item such as Rapid Firecannon or Trinity Force, which will round out your build with AS. If you do not get an AS item, then lifesteal items will be less efficient with this build, as it is not designed for sustained damage; however, if you got one of the aforementioned AS items then getting a lifesteal item such as Mercurial Scimitar is an option. Your other options are a defensive item (which will help survive assassinations) or an Anti-Tank item (which will help deal with tanks slightly, particularly if you got an AS item too).
Anti-Tank Build (Top)
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This build only works with Fervor of Battle . The runes for this build are AS-AD. This build has a weak early game, a good mid game and a strong late game. It is designed to maximise our effectiveness against mutliple tanks and supertanks such as Poppy or Malphite. If offers good sustained DPS but not a lot of burst. It has a 'DPS' Quinn playstyle associated with it.

The Black Cleaver is our first item in our build. It provides the AD we need early as well as CDR and HP. However we get it for it's passive, which will reduce the enemy's armor by up to 30%. Note that the armor reduction benefits not only us, but our entire team. For boots get Berserker's Greaves for the AS. After BC we want a source of AS, which in this build is Phantom Dancer and Blade of the Ruined King. Typically Quinn only gets one AS item, as that is usually enough to satisfy her needs. However, this build synergises really well with AS due to Fervor, BC and BotRK and it's sustained DPS playstyle. This is why we get both AS items. Getting BotRK first is more effective but you can get PD first if you prefer it. BotRK provides us with lifesteal, a bit of AD, AS and a passive which does %HP damage on every auto. The active is also good for kiting. PD gives us Crit and more AS, while its two passives help us to kite tanks. After we have completed our two AS items, we get IE which will provide a big boost in our damage. We finish the build with a lifesteal item: The Bloodthirster works great with this build.
Crit Build (ADC/Top/Mid)
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This build works with all three Keystones. The recommended runes for this build are AS-AD runes. The Crit Build has a weak early game, a decent mid game and an excellent late game. It is designed to give us the strongest mid-late/late game. It can be taken against any type of enemy. It provides us with huge sustained damage but a good burst too. It uses a 'DPS' playstyle.

Our first item is Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer, but getting AS first on Quinn optimal. Getting AD first not only gives us more damage than AS, but it also helps with CSing. So before we get Shiv/PD, we first buy the AD components of IE first. Once you have your B. F. Sword (and Pickaxe depending on preference and first back gold) you can start building Shiv/PD. Once you complete your Zeal item, you will have decent damage due to the combination of AD and AS (+ some crit). Next you get IE to boost our damage. This build is based on Crit so IE is a vital component. For boots you can take any of the viable boots. Once you have IE and Shiv/PD you will have good damage. However, the real icing on the cake is Essence Reaver, which is your next item. Once you finish ER you will have 70% Crit (which decreases your Harrier cooldown, which results in more uptime on your steroid and therefore more MS and AS), increased damage on your Crit, plenty of AS and a lot of AD as well as CDR. This gives you a huge amount of sustained damage. At the same time, due to the high crit chance, crit damage and AD you also have good burst. The last two item slots are situational; pick one of the three categories (defensive, lifesteal and Anti-Tank). Typically you will buy lifesteal (BT works well with this build) and Anti-Tank; both items work great with the DPS playstyle. Finally late game you can sell boots and get a second Zeal item.

Why a different build for botlane? Some people prefer to use the Lethality-Crit or Triple Lethality Builds instead of the Crit Build. However, botlane is a 2v2 and Quinn's kill potential in a 2v2 is lower than in a solo lane. Therefore, taking lethality as a first item is less beneficial as we can't really abuse it's early game power. Additionally, roaming as an ADC is more risky as you miss out on a lot of CS and risk your tower more (the enemy ADC can push the wave quickly). Therefore, the Crit Build focuses less on early game power - which we can't abuse properly as ADC Quinn - and instead aims to provide us the best mid/late game sustained damage. This fits in with our role as ADC.

Warrior-Crit (Jungle)
> > >

This build can work with both Thunderlord's Decree and Stormraider's Surge . The recommended runes for this build are AS-AD. This build has a good early game, a good mid game and a good late game. It works against any team. It is an adaptation of the Lethality-Crit build for the jungle. It is really cheap but packs a punch.

Our first item will be our Jungler item. Skirmisher's Sabre is the best choice, although others can be taken depending on preference. We take Enchantment: Warrior for the AD; the other enchantments don't really work with Quinn. Our Jungler item is our source of early game power and AD. After it we get a Zeal item for AS: both Statikk Shiv and Phantom Dancer are good options. Pick any of the viable boots as they all work with this build. Since we have a Zeal item, we also want to get IE at some point in our build as it synergises well with Zeal items and it will multiply our damage. We have two item slots left, which we save for situational items. There are three types of situational items we could get: lifesteal items, defensive items and Anti-Tank items. You will need to pick two of these categories. Usually you will take a lifesteal item and finish the build off with an Anti-Tank item, but it depends on your situation. Once you are full build, you can sell boots and get a second Zeal item.
Warrior-3xLethality (Jungle)
> > > >

This build can work with both Thunderlord's Decree and Stormraider's Surge . The recommended runes for this build are AS-AD. This build has a decent early game, a good mid game and a good late game. It works best against squishy teams with one or no tanks. This is an adaption of the Triple Lethality build for the jungle. Lethality items are pretty expensive, especially for a Jungler, and this build only leaves you with one situational slot so I recommend only using it if ahead. It uses the 'Assassin' Quinn playstyle.

Our first item is once again Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior. However instead of getting a Zeal item, we build all three lethality items, starting with Youmuu's Ghostblade. This will give us a lot of AD and lethality and therefore burst. For boots, Berserker's Greaves are recommended due to the lack of AS. For your final item, pick either a defensive item or Anti-Tank or Trinity Force (lifesteal can also be taken, but it's less effective due to the lack of AS).

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Early Game

Below you will find an example of how you might act in the game. The important thing to remember here is that this is just an example! Not one game will be the same as another and therefore your actions will also differ. How you play your lane/jungle will depend on many factors such as your/enemy team composition, lane opponent, how confident you are with the champion and many, many others. So take the following as a general guideline and as always, adapt it to your current situation! If you're new to Quinn, or if you're not confident about how to play against the enemy laner, or even if the enemy laner has a good early game, then you're obviously are going to have to adapt to that and probably play a bit safer than normal. If you want the information quick and dirty, read the summary at the end of each section.
The early game is when most of the laners stay in their lane. Once people start going to other lanes and taking objectives such as towers or dragon, then the early game is over.


As Quinn top, you will frequently be up against a melee champion. This gives you an advantage: not only can you farm your creeps from a safe distance, but you can also harass the enemy without putting too much at risk. However, there are two important things to note here:
  • You must balance harassing the enemy with farming. If you just farm, then you are wasting your advantage. If you harass too much, you will miss out on CS and put yourself at a disadvantage. Striking a good balance is critical!
  • Attacking the enemy will draw minion aggro onto you (the enemy minions will start attacking you instead of your minions). Minion aggro hurts and early game it can even kill you. After harassing the enemy, walk into a bush. Because the enemy minions lose sight of you, they'll go back to attacking your minions and you'll lose the aggro.
A good strategy is to wait in the top-lane bushes until the enemy laner comes. You walk out of the bush, proc Harrier, then E/Q (depending on which you got first) and then proc the second Harrier. Quinn's level 1 is really strong and by doing this, you can get the enemy laner to half HP straight away. This combo is even more powerful if you have TLD. Here is an example of Quinn's level one power. Getting to level two before your opponent is also a huge advantage. You will now have access to two abilities ( Blinding Assault and Vault) and three potential Harrier marks. You should try to harass and possibly even secure a kill during this period. However, be careful because some champions also have a strong level two.

Before level 6, you want to farm, harass and eventually kill the enemy. However, once you reach level 6 and unlock your ultimate, your objectives change. Quinn has a non-combat ultimate. Apart from getting to lane quicker, your ult will be pretty much useless in lane. So...don't stay in lane! Behind Enemy Lines is designed to be used for roaming. So use it! Because roaming is so important, there is a whole chapter dedicated to it below. Go there to find out about roaming.

To summarize:
  • Use your level one to poke down the enemy.
  • Try to get level two first and then use that advantage to get some good damage off on the enemy or even secure a kill
  • Focus on farming and harassing the enemy
  • If they are low from your harass, go for the kill
  • Once you get your ultimate, roam!


As before use your strong level one to get some poke down and try to get level two before your opponent and then use that level gap to your advantage. Harassing the enemy isn't as important as it is in top lane because most mid-laners are ranged too, so you don't have that advantage over them. Additionally, mid-lane matchups are typically a lot harder than top-lane, so you have to be more careful. That being said, you still want to trade with the enemy in favourable situations. In the early game as Quinn mid, you want to focus on farming and a bit of harass. However, most of the time you want to focus on getting your ultimate as quickly as possible. The best reason for going mid is that you are in the center of the map and you can therefore roam to both top-lane and bot-lane. You can also help your Jungler invade both sides of the jungle. Roaming is of the utmost importance when playing Quinn mid and it should be your main objective. For more information on roaming, look at the chapter below, which is dedicated to it. Whilst roaming is the name of the game when mid, don't forget about keeping your CS up! It's a common mistakes that Quinn players make. Finally, try to defend your tower as best as you can. Mid tower is an important objective and since most mid-laners have good waveclear, you need to be careful not to give up your tower too easily.

To summarize:
  • Use your level one to poke down the enemy.
  • Try to get level two first and then abuse that advantage.
  • Farm and get some harass on the enemy if you can.
  • Once you get your ultimate, roam like crazy!
  • Don't neglect CSing and don't give up your tower too easily!


With most matchups, Quinn actually has the ability to bully early. The damage from Harrier marks can out-DPS a lot of other marksman. This should allow you to get a lead, which you can then transfer into a continued steamroll. This is why it's important to try and get level two first: it provides a great opportunity to get first blood and snowball from there. In lane, it is essential that you land your Blinding Assault on the enemy ADC in order to win trades: missing Q means no damage, no blind and no Harrier. If you don't manage to get kills early game, you can still make an impact mid/late game if you keep up with farm. A late-game Crit Quinn is very powerful. Crit Quinn takes longer to reach her potential, but once she does reach it, she can do incredible amounts of damage. However, without the expensive items Crit Quinn needs, you are weak and won't be able to help your team win. Hence farming up on Quinn botlane is more important than roaming and getting early kills. You can still roam (especially if you have a roaming support) but just make sure that you don't lose too much CS when you do. You also have to take into account what kind of support you have and what kind of support the enemy has; some supports are aggressive and good for engaging whilst others may be more passive.

To summarize:
  • Try to get level two first.
  • Adapt your playstyle to suit the supports.
  • Use your Harrier marks to out-damage the enemy and get an early lead, which allows you to snowball.
  • Hitting your Blinding Assault when trading is the key to winning trades.
  • Make sure you keep up in terms of CS.
  • ADC Crit Quinn is very strong mid/late game when she has her items, but if she doesn't have them and she falls behind, you will find it difficult to make an impact, let alone catch up and complete your build.


As the Jungler, you will either want to start wherever your bot-lane is for the best possible leash or blue (the mana-regen from blue buff is really helpful. Additionally, wolves and gromp and are lot easier to take then raptors and krugs). In what order you take the camps is based on how well you can kite, on what the game situation is like and your own preferences. Therefore, we cannot provide you with any jungle routes: just experiment and see what works for you! When clearing camps, it is essential that you kite the monsters. Some monsters are easier to kite than others. Try to keep out of their range but be careful not to stray too far away; if the patience bar drops to 0, the monster will quickly regain health and walk back to its camp. Use Blinding Assault to blind the big monster. You can also use Vault to stop it for a second and create distance. Here is an example of how you should be clearing camps.

Quinn has a very strong early game; if you can, try to gank before level 6. Look for people who are pushed up or low on health. An early gank like this will usually result in a kill or a Flash. If the enemy is playing safe, you could consider invading the enemy's jungle, but it really depends on who the enemy jungler is. If no opportunities present themselves, just farm until you get level 6.

After getting level 6, your ganks become a lot easier. Just fly into any lane and the enemies are guaranteed to Flash as soon as they see Valor flying at them. However, make sure you also keep up your farm. When ganking, consider what abilities the enemy has, whether they have summoners spells available, if the bushes are warded etc. Read the roaming section, as roaming and ganking are very similar.

To summarize:
  • Start with your bot-lane or blue buff.
  • Kite the monsters but don't let the patience bar drop to 0!
  • Use Krug passive, Q blind and your E to help you clear camps easier.
  • Try to use your early game power in an early gank or invade.
  • Farm until 6 and unlock your ultimate; ganks will now be quite easy.

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Mid Game

In the mid game, people leave their lane to go take objectives such as dragon or towers. This is also the stage in the game where team-fighting and small skirmishes take place. In the mid game, you have two options: Team-fighting(/Skirmishing) and Split-pushing. You should be doing a mixture of both with rotations in between, but the balance between the two may change depending on your game situation. The most important goal of the midlane is to transfer your early lead into objectives. If your team has had a bad start, the mid game is also your chance to make a comeback.


Split-pushing is when you go to a lane and push the enemy minion wave. This usually happens whilst everyone else is engaged somewhere else. Quinn is a great split-pusher. She can easily clear waves with Blinding Assault (and Statikk Shiv if you got it). Quinn's abilities make her a good duelist, which is helpful in case you run into an enemy champion. Finally, her ultimate allows her to travel around the map quickly, so you can apply a lot of pressure. One second you may be pushing top-lane, the next you're back with your team. Split-pushing keeps your towers safe (even if the enemy team aces you, if all the lanes are pushed up, the enemy team won't be able to take down many towers), denies the enemy farm (because you are pushing your minions towards the enemy tower, which will kill them), gives you money (from killing enemy minions) and gives your team objectives as well as global gold (from destroying towers). However, split-pushing isn't always the best option. There's no point pushing top-lane if the enemy team is taking down your Nexus towers. If you're going to split-push, make sure your team is capable of defending 4v5. Also, if you're ADC, keep in mind that your team depends on you to, well, be the ADC. You are the one who is supposed to stay at the back and deal out damage. If you're not there in team-fights, your team might lose them (and then flame you for it). Think carefully before going to split-push. And always ward the area around the lane you are pushing. This gives you just enough time to channel your ult and escape.


Team-fighting is...well, fighting with your team...duh! If split-pushing isn't an option, than team-fighting is what you should be doing. It allows your team to get kills as well as objectives. That last bit is really important; there should always be a Baron, tower or dragon at the end of a team-fight (assuming you won it). It is objectives that win games, not kills. This is why it is crucial to keep your lanes pushed up: once you ace the enemy, you will be in a great position to take down several towers. However, Quinn's team-fighting isn't that great. You have two options in team-fights. You can either try to use your ult to flank the enemy and burst down a squishy. Or, you can stay at the back of your team, protecting your carries and dealing out damage (this is especially important if you are the carry). It is essential that you land your Q in team-fights, as it is the only ability that also benefits your team (apart from W, but that isn't a combat ability). If you manage to land your Q on the enemy ADC during a fight, then it is a great opportunity to take them out. Also make sure you focus the correct person in team-fights. There's no point in attacking the 4000 HP Dr. Mundo if the enemy Jinx is standing behind him, shooting rockets in your face. Bad focus in team-fights is one of the most common reasons for losing them.

Both options, if successful, should result in you taking objectives. If things go well, you might even be able to end the game at this point (for example, if your team has built up a large lead and has taken down multiple objectives). If not, however, then prepare yourself for the late game.

To summarize:
  • In the mid game, you will either be doing a mixture of split-pushing and team-fighting with rotations in between.
  • There are times where split-pushing is better, but there are also times when team-fighting is the way to go. You must decide what balance of the two to aim for.
  • Make sure you use wards when split-pushing.
  • In team-fights, either assassinate their carries or stay in the back and deal damage.
  • After team-fights look to take objectives!

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Late Game


Late game is usually somewhere around 40 minutes and onward. Some games will end before you get to the late game, but not all. At this point in the game you will be approaching full build. You should have taken down several towers and dragons, maybe even a Baron. This is the point in the game where you should be actively looking to take down the Nexus and finish the game. However, if you're behind, it's best to defend against the enemy and wait for them to make a mistake or for someone to get caught out. This presents an opportunity to get objectives and perhaps even end the game. Remember, the longer the game goes on, the longer the death timers get. Being able to catch their ADC out of position might result in 50 seconds of 4v5, which could then lead to an ace. If this happens, you have about 50 seconds to end the game, which is plenty of time. While waiting for an opportunity, stick together and don't stray too far away on your own, as you will be an easy pick for the fed enemy team.

On the other hand, you want to avoid this situation when your team is ahead of the enemy team. Make sure you are not caught out of position yourself. A silly mistake might be the end of the game for you and your team. Instead, you want to focus on sieging towers. Your team is ahead, so unless you have a poor team-fighting composition, you should win team-fights. If the enemy has a lot of wave-clear and you are finding sieging hard, take Baron. Contesting it will be a risky move for the enemy team. However, you are also at risk of Baron being stolen from you, so always try to take it when the enemy is defending or dead. Baron is a great way to close down the game.

If both teams are about the same in terms of strength, then you have to wait for an opportunity. If you don't make mistakes, you can't lose. But in order to win, you have to use the mistakes of your enemies (Sun Tzu's Art of War).

To summarize:
  • If behind, defend and look for opportunities created by the enemy making mistakes. Keep your lanes pushed up and look for picks (e.g. the enemy ADC is farming your jungle alone). Catch someone out of position, fight 4v5 and then end the game.
  • If ahead, siege towers, take Baron or look for picks (which should be easy as you should be in control of the map). Don't make stupid mistakes.
  • If equal in power, ensure you don't make silly mistakes whilst waiting for the enemy to make one.

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Roaming is a huge part of Quinn's playstyle. It is important that you know when and how to roam.

First of all, why do we roam? Is roaming necessary? Well, yes it is! Quinn has a non-combat ultimate. It won't help you win lane. In fact, it's pretty much useless in lane. So... don't stay in lane! If you do, you will be wasting the immense map pressure your ultimate gives you. As Quinn you need to roam! But what is the point of roaming? Well, roaming is how you win the game. Winning lane is great, but it won't win you the game. Roaming will. Why win just your own lane, when you could be winning all three?! By roaming you take the advantage you got by winning your own lane and spread it to the other lanes. This ensures that your whole team gets ahead, not just you. You can help your teammates out, get kills for your team and take objectives.

There are several things you should do and consider before roaming. First of all, make sure your minion wave is pushed up. This ensures that you lose the smallest number of CS possible and that the enemy laner cannot follow you; if they do, they will lose CS themselves. There is no point in roaming when the enemy laner is taking down your tower.
Artist: monkeyyan

Secondly, analyse the situation. Let's pretend your top and you want to roam to mid. Your mid-laner is Ahri, theirs is a Zed. Consider the following: Is Zed pushed up? Has he warded? Does he have ult? Does he have Flash? Has he used his shadow already or could he use it to escape the potential gank? What about Ahri, does she have ult? Has she used her Charm yet? And what about the enemy jungler? Is s/he waiting somewhere near, hoping to gank your Ahri? Could the 2v1 suddenly turn into a 2v2? All of these things are important and you should quickly consider them all before roaming.

The most important thing about roaming is timing. Arriving too early or too late can result in your roam being a failure. If you roam too early, you will have to wait for the correct opportunity. This gives your enemies time to realize you're missing and for the enemy top-laner to clear the wave and follow you. On the other hand, if you roam too late you might miss the opportunity; the enemy Zed might kill your Ahri and escape before you arrive, resulting in you wasting your time.

Think about how the roam will benefit you and your team. There should be a clear goal or objective at the end of your roam, be it a kill (or two), a tower or a dragon. Otherwise your roam will be inefficient and not worthy.

Also, remember that roaming doesn't have to be to other lanes. You can also roam and invade the enemy's jungle. If you ward their buff and you see they are taking it, then consider trying to steal it and perhaps even get a kill. Roaming the enemy jungle also allows you to set up deep wards, which increases your team's safety as you know where the enemy jungler is. However, be wary because if your enemy laner follows you, you might become trapped in their jungle and end up giving them a free kill. Keep track of where all your enemies are when invading. Roaming the enemy jungle is riskier then roaming mid lane, because you're still going to be 1v1'ing someone instead of a 2v1 in mid-lane. Only do it if you're ahead or if you're sure you can get a kill (or ask your Jungler to come with you).

Here is an example of a good roam (credit to whoever made the video):

There are several things to notice in this video. Firstly, the Quinn pushes up the minion wave. This ensures she loses less CS, her tower isn't in danger and also that Riven can't follow Quinn without losing CS herself and risking her own tower. Next, the Quinn moves out of Riven's vision and ults: this ensures that the enemy has no warning of her incoming roam. Whilst on her way to mid, the Nocturne signals that the bush is warded by the enemy Kassadin. They take the longer route and avoid the bush with the ward. They kill the enemy Kassadin and save the Taric from a possible tower-dive from Lee Sin. The video ended there, but their next step would be to take an objective such as dragon or mid tower. The roam was very well executed and followed all the correct steps. This is how you should roam.

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Advanced Tactics

This chapter will cover some more advanced strategies and tactics that Quinn can use. The first one isn't actually that complicated, so focus on mastering it first; it's a quite important technique!

Dashes and blinks

This section covers the interaction between Vault and blinks/dashes. First we will look at using Vault to follow blinks and dashes. if you use Vault on someone just before they use a dash or a blink, Quinn will follow the target until she collides with them. This means that you can use Vault to follow the target's dash or blink. This works with any dash or blink, for example Flash, Zed's Living Shadow or Kha'Zix's Leap. This is particularly useful if the enemy goes over a wall, as you will follow them without having to blow Flash. In order to pull this off, you need a bit of prediction, a bit of skill and a bit of luck. Your timing must also be correct; if you do it too early, you might cancel their dash, which we will learn about next (which isn't too bad) but if you do it too late they will be out of range. Here are some examples:
Now, let's look at using Vault to interrupt dashes and negate their damage. This only works against dashes, not against blinks! Being able to reliably cancel dashes can be a huge advantage and can lead to some cool outplays like stopping Lee Sin's Resonating Strike or Pantheon's Aegis of Zeonia. Since Vault knocks the enemy up, it will also interrupt most dashes and sometimes even negate their damage! Once again, this requires a bit of prediction but it's mostly skill and reactions. The timing is once again pretty important. Some dashes are slower and longer range than others and therefore easier to cancel, whilst others are much harder. To cancel a dash, simply use Vault on them as they dash towards you. You will collide with them about halfway, interrupt their dash (sometimes negating the damage) and then vault off. You can also cancel dashes that are away from you, for example stopping a Kha'Zix from using Leap or a Tristana from using Rocket Jump. The idea behind this is a combination of a dash follow and a dash cancel. The important thing is that Quinn most collide with the enemy just after the dash starts; if you do it too early, it will have no effect on the dash whilst if you do it too late, you will either follow the dash or just be out of range. Note that not all dashes can be cancelled. Here is a short compilation of some dash cancels:

The Vault-Flash technique is a bit more complex than cancelling dashes. Although it is rarely used, it can be a live-saver in some situations and allows for some cool plays! Here's how it works. You USE Vault on an enemy and wait until Quinn collides with them and starts to vault off. At that moment, you Flash in a direction of your choice. This sounds simple, but it's a bit harder to carry out. You want to Flash as soon as you hit the enemy; that way your Flash will cover the most distance. If you Flash before Quinn collides with the enemy, Vault will do no damage and you won't knock-up the enemy (but Harrier will still be applied); this is what happens in the second example. Vault-Flash is used to get out of a sticky situation or to cover more distance. Below are two videos of the Vault-Flash in action:

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Common Mistakes


Here is a list of common mistakes that you should try to avoid whilst playing Quinn!

Don't cancel your auto-attacks, especially right after using Vault. Quinn's auto-attacks are fairly easy to cancel, especially Harrier ones. After Vaulting, wait a fraction of a second before popping the subsequent Harrier mark. This is because it's quite common to accidentally cancel your auto-attack after Vault, which wastes the Harrier mark that is applied to your target (enemies tend to back off when Valor has marked them, so you might not get another auto-attack in before they run away). Additionally, if you auto-attack before the Harrier mark fully forms, the auto won't consume the mark.

Make sure you balance harassing the enemy with maintaining good CS. On one side, you don't want to be missing out on CS and gold, but on the other hand you don't want to play too passive (especially in the top-lane, where your ranged autos are a big advantage over the standard melee top-laner). You have to strike a balance between those two things.

Equally try to maintain a good balance between CSing in lane and roaming. It is very common for Quinn players to spend too much time roaming and therefore fall behind in terms of XP and CS, as well as possible endangering your tower. Your roams should be efficient and hopefully end with an objective being taken.

Try not to use Vault as an engage, especially from Valor form. Firstly, it makes it easy for the enemy to land skillshots such as Ahri's Charm. Secondly, you might need to use your Vault as a disengage or as a gapcloser. Finally, it's better to use the speed from your ult to close the distance to your enemy and then when they use some kind of dash/disengage, you will still be able to Vault to them and keep on chasing. Here is a good example of why you should wait before using your E.

Save your Vault! It has so many useful applications such as negating dashes and abilities, creating distance, as a pseudo-gapcloser, cancelling channeled abilites and crossing terrain! SAVE IT!

As Quinn, you're generally going to be pushed up to the enemy's tower (especially in top). If this is true, make sure you have wards set up and good vision of the area, because their Jungler is likely to come gank you.

If you get an advantage over your lane opponents, use it! Roam to other lanes and try to get the other lanes fed too (so don't just take all the kills for yourself).

If you land your Blinding Assault, don't waste the blind by staying inside the radius. Use Vault or the speed boost from Harrier to get out of the radius!

Finally, be careful when you use your abilities. In some match-ups its fine to spam them, but in others you want to save them for when the enemy engages (for example saving your Vault when laning against a Riven).

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Overall, Quinn is an extremely fun champion to play. She has a very unique kit and is great for SoloQ. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in some way. If you have any questions, queries, suggestions or feedback just write a comment and I will do my best to respond. I would appreciate any upvotes and if you downvote, I would be grateful if you left a comment saying why, so I can take your opinion into account and consider making changes. In the future I will continue to maintain and improve this guide. I would also like to thank everyone from r/QuinnMains for their help and support (especially u/Serene_Skies and u/Saixos) as well as jhoijhoi for her 'Making A Guide' guide. I would also like to thank everyone who gave me feedback or reviewed my guide. Once again thank you for reading this guide and I wish you all the best in your future games with Quinn and Valor: Demacia's Wings.

Happy Soaring
-AnonimooseUser (aka Moose) and the rest of r/QuinnMains

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