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Senna Build Guide by h1msa

Middle [10.16] SEASON 10 ~ h1msa's Senna Midlane, Top and Bot Inde

By h1msa | Updated on August 9, 2020
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Runes: My Normal Recomendation

1 2 3
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[10.16] SEASON 10 ~ h1msa's Senna Midlane, Top and Bot Inde

By h1msa
How to play Senna mid (In my opinion :p )
Honestly I didn't think it would work but my Best Friend told me to try it and look where am I right now <3 I love you Jacob

Senna Gameplay Intensifies:


Thanks to you guys, if not you I wouldn't belive as much in Senna Midlane as I do rightnow you guys give me passion to break my limits and straight destroy some of the Games. Both were Difficult, in both I've got at least 175 CS at the end of the game and in both my Lifesteal cause of Absolution reached around 35-50% Lifesteal which is crazy big! Again thanks to everyone who even entered the Guide, and even bigger shoutout to boys that read it. Thanks! <3

If someone would've like to see my replays they are over here :

1st M6 Token

2nd M6 Token
Who am I to do this?? Back to Top
Bruh, lemme tell you I'm a Gold III player (got demoted to Gold IV but shush) and I am an ADC main for my whole life since Zac came out (I think that's 2015/16 but whatever), my best friend Jacob is an ADC main too and he's a silver so I usually give him the role because he can't really play any other role and I know that and eventually go mid and that's how everything began with Senna Mid.

I don't usually play midlane but because of the current situation I'm pushed towards playing Senna mid.

Im creating this guide for Boys that know how 2 read abbilities in the shop tho. (But still going to do a small overview down there somewhere V )

I decided to write a guide because I got 4 votes! frickin 4!
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So yeah, let's get right into it
Ignite - You should pick it most of the times. If you have an agressive gameplay style you should pick it. Most of the time you'll deal a lot of damage in early game. That fraction of ignite damage can get you a kill and will allow you to snowball very early.

Exhaust - Im not a high enough elo player to pick it right now. But I hugely recommend to give it a try against assassins who deal a lot of damage if they get to close to you. You should pick it against Yasuo, Zed, and Talon if not feeling comfortable about playing against them.

Barrier - Again, not a high enough elo player, but I hugely recommend it against AP midlaners who can deal a **** ton of damage, it can save your life bruh. You should pick it against Galio or Heimerdinger... trust me.

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Fleet Footwork You gain additional healing and damage at 100 stacks - which are built by moving and attacking. It's a great synergy with Senna's Absolution.
In the early game you won't need to go back to base to get yourself some hp back. Also, you're going to steal a huge amount of health from an enemy Midlaner with just 1 click.

Overheal As you hit 100% crit chance, your 20th stack of Senna's Absolution will give you additional Life steal instead which will allow you to shield yourself with extra ammount of health as you use your Piercing Darkness

Legend: Bloodline What you do here is gain more Life steal as Legend: Alacrity won't work because Senna is more focused on having more AD and Life steal instead of Attack Speed. Legend: Tenacity isn't really good on Midlane. It will help you with a lot of 1 v 1s where it's really hard to stay alive.

Coup de Grace It's Coup de Grace... like, what do you expect? It's a fantastic rune to play on an ADC and on Senna of course, because she's an "ADC Midlaner". Ultimately gaining a lot of damage in 1 v 1s, the early game, during laning phase, team fights, and in late game will allow you to get more takedowns.

Manaflow Band It will help you a lot in the early game, and laning phase as you won't have to big of an urge and need to Recall to regenerate your mana. That's why we also build Manamune as the first item, so we won't run out of mana during a fight, and you'll get a lot of those on midlane (It's not like everytime I play Senna I'm getting babysat by Lee Sin...I'm talking serious...).

Transcendence I'm not saying you need to pick it, I'm just recommending it. As an "ADC Midlaner" we're going to focus more on AD than any other thing, so building a CDR item isn't really viable here. Of course instead of Transcendence you can pick Celerity, Gathering Storm or Scorch and build CDR items, but I just don't find it viable, so I usually build AD and Crit Chance items and get that sweet 10% CDR out of Transcendence
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My Example of Full Build
Manamune - It gives you some basic AD, as you're going to get a lot of AD from your passive Absolution, it gives you more mana, as you can see here's the main part why we picked Manaflow Band as Manamune's passive gives us additional AD equal to 2% of our current mana, which can be a life saver in 1 v 1s or 2 v 1s (I hate Lee, ok?). So, ultimately having additional 750 mana from Manaflow Band, Manamune, and Senna's scaling mana in the early game can give us up to additional 25 AD. And later in game as Manamune evolves into Muramana, we gain more mana which can give us around additional 52 AD which is only 28 less than Infinity Edge would gave us. From PURE MANA, your resource, that's for FREE, That's crazy isn't it?

Berserker's Greaves - I pick those boots on her as well as on Jhin, you don't focus on building AS, you just want to have an opportunity to at least shoot once. Senna's basic AS is 0.63 which is I belive the lowest in the whole game, so we want to have around 0.87 AS later in game as we would on Jhin to go crazy fast around the map, but here we're using it to outheal the enemies instead.

Rapid Firecannon - Every 20th stack we get our Crit Chance raised by 15%, it also raises our Range by 25 which ultimately at the end of the game with a full build and around 120 stacks of Absolution can give us up to 900+ Range which is crazy far!

Infinity Edge - Common item on every ADC. Gives us that + 25% Damage to every Crit Strike. We're building as well to get to 100% Crit Chance as fast as we can to be able to get our Life Steal raised by Absolution.

Blade of the Ruined King- It's an obvious pick over here. Additional AD. Attack speed, so we won't attack as slow as a turtle would've. And our sweet Life Steal, I can't really remember how much Life Steal I've gotten on my best game with her but I think It was something around 20 - 25%, and that Heal from Piercing Darkness uwu.

Duskblade of Draktharr - It gives us additional AD and that final 10% additional CDR, it's the last cdr item we will get. Lethality will allow us to shred apart our enemies's armor and it's unique passive will allow us to roam around the map to hunt down ADCs or other important enemies.

Other relevant items
Remnant of the Watchers Defensive, supportive item. You should start building it if you see that you're going to lose, or when you're already losing midlane. Additional CDR nad AP will allow you to get more gold as allies help you push your lane as you're going to stay mainly nearby the turret so you won't get picked by enemy JG or by enemy JG and Midlaner at the same time.

Phantom Dancer Greater AS. 7% more MS. It's a great 5th or 6th item. It allows you to chase down enemies if they're faster than you. Additional shield will give you bigger chances for survival as sometimes if you're blind, or maybe you're a greedy person it will allow you to execute the enemy and afterwards run away, hopefully still alive.

Youmuu's Ghostblade Again, another great 5th or 6th items. It's unique passive will allow you to move faster around the map and it's great active will allow you to huntdown enemies without a bigger effort as collisions from minions (Minion Blocks) are ignored. It can also save your life as you run for your life as you're the last person with Baron Buff that went out alive, minion colisions are ignored, so going straight through a lane without begin slowed down is a great thing.
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INNATE - WEAKENED SOUL: Senna's attacks on enemy champions apply Mist for 4 seconds. Senna's next attack collects the mist and deals 1% − 16% (based on level) of target's current health Attack damage bonus physical damage. The same target cannot be collected more than once every few seconds. Enemy champions, large minions and large monsters that die near Senna spawn a Mist Wraith for 8 seconds. Epic monsters spawn 2 Mist Wraiths instead. Small minions and lesser monsters have a 20% chance to spawn Mist Wraiths, reduced to 5.5% chance on those that Senna kills. Senna can basic attack a Mist Wraith to destroy it, gaining Gold 3 and collecting its mist.

ABSOLUTION: Each stack of mist grants Senna 1 bonus attack damage. For every 20 stacks, Senna also gains 25 bonus range and 15% critical strike chance. Upon exceeding 100% critical strike chance, Senna converts 35% of the excess into life steal.

RELIC CANNON: Senna does not gain attack damage through growth, her basic attack wind-up is only reduced by 0.6% per 1% bonus attack speed, and her critical strikes deal only (30% + Infinity Edge 16.25%) AD bonus physical damage, but her basic attacks deal 20% AD bonus physical damage and grant her 10 / 15 / 20% of the target's movement speed as bonus movement speed for 0.5 seconds.

Piercing Darkness
COST: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 MANA
HEALING: 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+ 40% bonus AD) (+ 25% AP)
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 50% bonus AD)

ACTIVE: After a brief delay, Senna fires a spectral laser in the direction of the target unit, healing herself and allied champions in a line, and dealing physical damage to non-ward enemies hit in a thinner line. Enemy champions take on-hit effects.

Mist Wraiths struck by the beam are collected for Senna.
Basic attacks reduce Piercing Darkness cooldown by 1 second.

§ Last Embrace
COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 MANA
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 70% bonus AD)
ROOT DURATION: 1.45 / 1.65 / 1.85 / 2.05 / 2.25

ACTIVE: Senna throws a globule of Black Mist in the target direction, dealing physical damage and sticking onto the first enemy hit. After a 1 second delay or when the target dies, the Black Mist spreads out of the target, rooting them and nearby enemies for a few seconds.

Curse of the Black Mist
COOLDOWN: 26 / 24.5 / 23 / 21.5 / 20
STEALTH DURATION: 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8

ACTIVE: Senna surrounds herself with an aura of mist for a duration. The mist grants camouflage to Senna and allied champions inside, as well as a WRAITH FORM that lasts for the remaining duration. Senna's basic attacks and abilities will briefly break her out of camouflage.

WRAITH FORM: Gain 20% bonus movement speed and appear as an obscured wraith to enemies beyond 150 units. Performing a basic attack or casting an ability removes Wraith Form, which cannot be regained for 2 seconds.

Dawning Shadow
COOLDOWN: 160 / 140 / 120
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 250 / 375 / 500 (+ 100% bonus AD) (+ 40% AP)
SHIELD: 120 / 160 / 200 (+ 40% AP)(+ 1.5 per Absolution Mist Wraith collected)

ACTIVE: Senna fires a broad beam of spectral light in the target direction, granting sight of the area, dealing physical damage to enemy champions hit by the center of the beam and afflicting them with Mist.

SANCTUARY: Senna and allied champions caught in any part of the area are shielded for 3 seconds.
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Senna's early game is about dominaiting the midlane, your range should be more than enoguh to farm safely as you can also poke enemy midlaner from a far which will force them to recall at some point.
Depending on the kind of the player you're playing against you should pick 1 of 2 styles

Style I:

Enemy midlaner thinks that Senna midlane is trash and they're going to be really self confident. That's the point during the game where you mainly should focus on Auto Attacking and Piercing Darkness The **** out of them as they're going to be forced to go back under a turret and giving you ability to peacefully farm, but there are situations where you should be aware.

Situation Enemy midlaner can have a premade who is his JG, as he says to his friend through Voice chat that this Senna is op they're going to try to take you down and ultimately feed at the end. You should be aware of that

Style II:

Enemy midlaner is aware that Senna midlane can be really op and they're going to play really defensively. That's the point during the game where you mainly should focus on Auto Attacking and Piercing Darkness Farm and with a little of accuracy you're going to be able to poke them a little bit and make them go back under a turret and giving you ability to get fed with farm, but there are situations where you should be aware.

Situation Again, enemy midlaner can have a premade who is his JG, as he says to his friend through Voice chat that this Senna is op, so they're going to try to take you down and ultimately make you feed at the end. You should be really aware of that when playing very aggresively and making enemy midlaner be continuously under a turret, sometimes it's better to rotate minion wave again onto the middle of the lane instead of pushing enemy minions under their turret and making you really vunerable to enemy ganks.

Mid game and Late game

Senna's Mid game and Late game is differently taken and it depends on how you played the early game.

The early game didn't go well. You're really behind with farm and gold in comparison with enemy midlaner, what should you do???

If this situation occures I suggest you build the Support item and if you find it good, even a 2nd Support item. Stay close to your allies, focus on executing enemy champions and healing your allies to make them live longer.

Evenly Played
You're even with the enemy midlane with cs, gold and turrets. What to do now?

If this is the case you should go for a standard recommended build that I showcased you and focus on staying in the backlane, executing champions if they run away and you're winning the fight, rooting enemies during a teamfight with your Last Embrace and healing your allies with Piercing Darkness

If you played Diablo II you should know what's the name of the DLC to it... yes, exactly you're the "Lord of Destruction"

You can do whatever you want, in the most op scenario you can straight kill every single champion in enemy team with 3 - 6 AA and with Piercing Darkness and Last Embrace or if you missed your Last Embrace catch up to them with Curse of the Black Mist no one can run away from you as you always can straight out execute them with Big Bang Dawning Shadow. At this point of game you can safely play around with this build and try to change items at 5th and 6th position.
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I really do appreciate that you've read through my Guide, I hope you'll have great time with playing Midlane Senna before the Preseason comes out and maybe nerfs the living **** out of her, in the case that she does get nerfed, I'll update my guide accordingly, so everyone who likes to be a Lone Wolf can still play her effectively. <3
My Best Games so Far on Midlane Senna Back to Top
Why Heimerdinger is Op and Lee sin babysitting Annoying Back to Top
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