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Shaco Build Guide by Eagzey

Jungle diamond


By Eagzey | Updated on October 11, 2020
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1 2 3 4
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #11 in
Jungle Role
Win 52%
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Do you guys want stats playing AP Shaco like this?

Hey guys, welcome to my Challenger Shaco guide! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Eagz and I'm a Challenger Shaco from the infamous Oceanic region (I was born in EUW so I inherently have more skill than every OCE player). I started playing Shaco in Season 6 Flex Queue which was late in the year, and hit Challenger in my first season of playing him - it was just meant to be I guess. My peak rank is 16 600LP - pretty underwhelming when I look back on it, but still an achievevment. I tilt a lot, sometimes afk/leave games because of it, and let my accounts decay because I'm uninterested. Apart from the mental fortitude of a child, I'd consider my mechanics on the Jester to be the best world (inb4ocebtw).

I'll list some of my achievements on Shaco just to enhance the credibility...
◦ 3x Challenger Shaco
◦ Rank 1 Shaco World Early Season 8
◦ Highest Shaco KDA World for 3 Successive Seasons
◦ Hit Master Season 9 with a 6KDA
◦ Hit Diamond V on KR Server with a 6KDA and a 90% Win Rate on 180+ Ping
◦ Rank 16 Peak Season 8 (600LP)
◦ Best Shaco Mechanics World

COACHING: As of recently I've started coaching full-time and made a website at the start of this week to help me organise everything. Of course, Shaco is my speciality but all roles and elos are accomodated for.


The aim of the sessions is to get you thinking like someone in Challenger, and to teach you the habits of high elo. Clients climb divisions and tiers post-coach.

On top of coaching I also stream so come check us out if you haven't already! - - I also try to upload videos to my YouTube every week! - If you want to get in contact with me/join my community then click the Discord link here! Eagz's Discord I post when I go live and answer any questions that your heads throw at me!

Remember, this is just a guide. I will go in depth to a level no other Shaco player has, but it's up to you guys to consume this information and apply it in game. I can't come round your house and play for you, it's on you Jesters!

If you guys want to see me at my best for the last couple of seasons then check out the montage below! (leave a like or reported)

This guide will hopefully teach you guys, regardless of elo, something new and give you a newfound impetus for when you play Shaco. In saying that, however, this is not a champion spotlight - I won't be going over Shaco's abilities and how to use them; I'll be focusing on each stage of the game and what you should be looking to do in each of them. Putting yourself in a position to hard-carry games is what we all want when playing League, and by the end of this guide you should have the knowledge and tools to do exactly that.

Before anyone says 'OCE', I'd just like to say that SoloQ is SoloQ. The best players from OCE have attained Rank 1 in NA, Rank 3-5 in KR a couple of times, so if you really can't read this guide because I play on a server less competitive in high elo than others then no worries, I'm still going to sleep at night. But Summoner's Rift is the same, the champions are the same, nothing changes.

Let's start with playstyle.
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Right, enough of the STREAM and YOUTUBE plugging, let's get into the guide.

This is a new chapter to my guide and I think it's the most important one. When Rito changed Shaco in 9.20, they took my AD Shaco from me. Everything I knew about Shaco dissipated. So, I had to adapt, I had to think differently. AP Shaco was something I despised to be honest, so I started playing other champions and roles and only played Shaco a couple times. But I was still playing at a higher level on the Jester than other champions. I started to figure out a new playstyle, and started to THINK differently on him...

It's not about one-shotting or power farming until 3's about COOLDOWNS and LONGEVITY. AP Shaco isn't meant to be played (in my opinion at least) like an assassin, he's meant to be played like Shaco was designed to be played - a pain in the enemy's arse. AD Shaco was about stealth and nuking enemies; AP Shaco is about micro and IQ. I'm sure you guys know who Pink Ward is - that playstyle is very similar to how I go about my business.

It's very hard to explain in words HOW to play Shaco - maybe I'll make a YouTube video specifically for it, but I uploaded a montage not long ago so watch the video below and you'll hopefully see just how different the playstyle is...

Here's one clip utilising most of what AP Shaco has to offer...

If you prefer full games...

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Quick note on Summoner Spells - run Ignite and Smite, no debate.

There's four rune pages I'm running atm, and I'd recommend this first one to all new Shaco players...

If you watched the 9.23 montage I linked in the 'Playstyle' section, you'd notice how many times I got Dark Harvest stacks from AoE (Area of Effect) damage and from my boxes spawning when my R dies, or from random boxes I placed prior to a fight. Hextech Protobelt-01 also procs Dark Harvest so if you're just out of range of the enemy this item comes in handy. Remember, because we're not one-shotting enemies Electrocute is a lot less useful - we're more about AoE damage rather than just single target damage.

Taste of Blood gives us sustain in fights so we can stay around longer and throw more two-shivs, place more boxes etc. Eyeball Collection is easier to stack in my opinion, and Ultimate Hunter is necessary tbh. When every other champion is level 6 Shaco is pretty useless without his ultimate. If a big teamfight breaks out and I don't have my R, might as well ff. Great with cloud drakes.

Absolute Focus has been one of the best runes for some time now, and it's great for AP Shaco. If we're bush-camping with boxes and an enemy face-checks, we can do serious damage. If we gank a lane at full hp, their squishies become even squishier. There's no other rune better in the Sorcery tree. Gathering Storm is a great partner to Focus. As AP Shaco we scale very well and Storm empowers our late game.

The minor runes stay the same for all pages. Attack speed lets us clear efficiently early game and duel if we have to. Without it our clear is Iron IV. Adaptive Force as the second choice, kind of obvious, and Armor/Magic Resist as the last option depending on enemy comp.

Another great option. I was slightly skeptical of the Transcendence choice at first but if you have a strong late-game team composition and the game lasts longer than 30 minutes you will be a force to be reckoned with, ha. I've had games where I've obtained around 150AP from runes because of the Transcendence and Gathering Storm combo. Any new Shaco player should run either this page or the Absolute Focus setup - both reliable and will work no matter the situation.

Domination tree stays the same.

Perfect Timing is great for AP Shaco (especially if we want to build a Zhonya's against the enemy comp). More sustain/longevity in fights, makes Zhonya's cheaper.

Cosmic Insight is essential when choosing Inspiration. Gives us the CDR to predicate our playstyle on.

Only change with this Inspiration setup is Magical Footwear. If you feel that the game is decided early and they'll be a lot of fights (so you can get boots earlier and for free) then this page is definitely an option - especially if the enemy jungler is a 2/3-camp ganker like Elise] or Jarvan IV.
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Build Paths

Right, we're almost done with the pre-game information. Boys (and girls), when I build on Shaco, and the same goes for runes, I'm only interested in the best setup. I don't really care if another item works well, or it may seem interesting to use, I'm only interested in building optimally. If I'm not running the most effective setup for Shaco in high elo, I'm already at a disadvantage because everyone knows the best builds, runes etc. for their respective champs. By all means, if your intention is to have fun when playing Shaco and experimenting with builds is one of the ways you have fun, then don't let me stop you, but if you want to win and give yourself the best chance of winning, this is where you engage that dormant organ inside your head (sorry, that was my second face).


I don't build Tiamat - I don't know if anyone does going AP Shaco - so I don't start with Rejuvenation Bead anymore, hence the Refillable Potion.

I tried starting with Hunter's Machete but I'm half health after my initial jungle clear AND THE RAPTORS + RED CLEAR DOESN'T WORK WITH MACHETE and we don't want that. Not having sustain (even with a Refill) is not going to work, Hunter's Talisman it is.


Early in the game I want to start building toward Enchantment: Runic Echoes and Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Stalker's Blade is always my first purchase unless I run it down and can only buy Boots of Speed.

Now, I want you Jesters to think for yourselves a bit too, I don't want to spoon feed you everything. If you guys back with 1100 gold, what would you buy? If your answer was Stalker's Blade and Boots of Speed congratulations! You're no longer D4! Legit though, if you back with an awkward amount of gold you have to make the most out of it - there's no point leaving 300-400 gold sitting in the bank...SPEND IT on one of the early game items.

In terms of boots, I'm not sure why you wouldn't run Ionian Boots of Lucidity - my aim is to reach 40% CDR (Cooldown Reduction) as soon as possible. They're only 900 gold, and boost our early game. Sorcerer's Shoes seem okay, but my playstyle doesn't require me to build Magic Pen early in the game. Later in the game (I've alluded to this earlier in this red hot guide) if I go over 40% CDR then I will sell Ionian Boots of Lucidity and buy Sorcerer's Shoes.


Hextech Protobelt-01 into Nashor's Tooth into Liandry's Torment is the core of the build.

◦ Health - always useful on squishy champs like Shaco
◦ AP
◦ Gap closer
Dark Harvest stacks
◦ Wave clear if we need it
◦ 300 gold cheaper than Hextech GLP-800

◦ AP
◦ Easier to take objectives (towers, drake, baron etc)
◦ Easier to clear camps
◦ Auto attack damage for us and our clone

◦ AP
◦ Health
◦ Passive (Torment) is great vs tankier compositions
◦ Passive (Madness) couples great with Nashor's Tooth and enhances our dueling power


Our choice here is dictated by the enemy team composition and their items.

◦ You're fed af
◦ Enemy comp doesn't have much magic resist and not many 100-0 threats (as in, champs that can one-shot late game like Kassadin)
◦ You're confident as hell in your Shaco abilities

◦ Enemy team has magic resist
◦ You're not that fed and enemy team doesn't have many 100-0 threats (cheaper than Rabadon's Deathcap)

◦ You chose Inspiration and Perfect Timing
◦ Enemy team has a lot of cucks and you need Hourglass active to bait them out/survivability
◦ You're new to Shaco - Hourglass will be good no matter what elo/how competent you are at Shaco, it's a great all-around item


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Pre-Game Strategy

Listen up negs, this is one of the most important part of the guide - it's rather simple but planning the early game and our initial jungle pathing is essential. If you go into your games without a plan for the first few minutes you're planning to fail HAHA. So this chapter is all about how and what we think about going into a game...


My plan for every game I play on Shaco is to be active early - we have Ignite and with good micro and IQ we can outsmart the enemy jungler in the first few minutes of a game. So that's one option we have: invade/counter-jungle/pressure.

Of course you can full clear the jungle but without pressure/activity early on Shaco I feel as if you're not in control of the game - you leave it up to your lanes to fight on their own and against ganking junglers early like Jarvan IV and Rek'Sai it is more than likely that at least one lane will fall behind - ESPECIALLY IN LOWER ELO.

WHY would you invade early game?

I tell you what, that's a cracking question. Remember those matchups that I gave you at the start of this guide? Most of them said, 'pressure early' or 'invade early', something along those lines. So, invading the enemy jungler early game is all about knowing the matchup.

Below are a list of champions you want, and arguably need to invade in the early game:

-> Amumu
-> Cho'Gath
-> Evelynn
-> Fiddlesticks
-> Gragas
-> Hecarim
-> Jax
-> Kayn
-> Kha'Zix
-> Maokai
-> Master Yi
-> Rammus
-> Sejuani
-> Shyvana
-> Skarner
-> Vi
-> Wukong
-> Yorick
-> Zac

What commonalities can you guys see in that list? I can see a few to be honest...
-> Tanks
-> Farm heavy
-> Slow clear
-> Weak 1v1

Generally, if the enemy jungler is/has at least one commonality listed above then we definitely want to be invading them early and piling on the pressure. In the 'Early Game' chapter I will talk about HOW we go about invading, but for now it's important to talk about WHERE to invade.

Most junglers start bot side of the map for an easier leash, especially in lower elo, so you guys should be licking your lips when you play against one of the champions above. Therefore, if they start bot side of the map we want to invade them in their top side at their second buff, and vice versa. Now the champions above will be on their second buff from anywhere between 2.00-3.10ish depending on if they want to hit level 3 as soon as they can or if they full clear.

We have two ways of going about invading, or I do anyway, but knowing WHERE to invade is obviously the key to pulling off a good invade. We don't want to invade the buff they've already taken now do we?

As you may have noticed, some champions are not on that list, and these include:

-> Elise
-> Ezreal
-> Graves
-> Jarvan IV
-> Kindred
-> Lee Sin
-> Nocturne
-> Rek'Sai
-> Udyr
-> Warwick
-> Xin Zhao

Again, what do these champions share in common?
-> Strong duelers
-> Fast clear

The junglers just mentioned are to be invaded with caution if you choose to do so. I invade pretty much every game regardless of which champion I'm against but I've done it so often that I'm used to it. If you guys aren't comfortable with taking on these guys earlier in the game there's nothing to be ashamed of - and trust me, when I started out playing Shaco and invading every game it wouldn't be uncommon to see me 0-3 at 5 minutes.

For champions like Elise, Lee Sin, Rek'Sai, their clear is insanely quick. Normally they will start bot side of the map, clear one other camp and finish their 2nd buff and then pressure that side of the map so we only have a small window to invade. Also, they are strong early game champions so if we get spotted by a ward or hit by a crowd control (CC) ability then we may have to ff at 15. By the way, just so you guys don't have to pull your hair out (and I haven't got much left because of it) then ban Rek'Sai every game, playing against that champion is legit aids.

So, if we are against one of those junglers mentioned in the second list, what should us Shaco players do early game? If you're not a man and don't want to invade, then GANK is the solution.

Those champions in the second list, most of them at least, will get their 2 buffs and level 3 as soon as possible and gank a lane - a bit like us but we're slightly quicker. Therefore, we can get to a lane with at least a level advantage (and I'll show you guys the best clear for Shaco in the 'Early Game' chapter if we want to gank) and pick up easy kills. This will be easier to envision in the forthcoming chapter but we need to think about WHICH LANE to gank. I'll list a few reasons why we'd want to gank a certain lane early...
-> Our laner(s) has CC
-> Enemy champion(s) has no Flash or their Flash is on cooldown (CD)
-> Enemy champion(s) will push the lane early (making them more susceptible to a gank)
-> The matchup is 'snowbally' - one kill might decide the lane
-> We anticipate that the enemy jungler will gank that lane early, so we want to counter-gank IF we win the 2v2 or we try to get there first of course
If a lane has only one reason I listed then it's still worthy of a gank early game.

Now, that may seem like a lot of information but it's really simple...

This is essentially our thought process:

If we choose to...INVADE -> WHERE? & HOW?

If we choose to...GANK -> WHERE? & HOW?

We just covered the 'WHERE' question for both (hopefully you guys are clear on that), so now let's tackle the 'HOW' question in the next chapter...the 'Early Game'.
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Early Game

Let's start with the simple clears.


There are TWO CLEARS that I use - remember, these are clears just to secure our camps and then make a play, NOT to invade early.

Sorry for the formulas but these are our two options...
1. 3 boxes at raptors > buff > buff > gromp > crab
2. 2 boxes at blue; 1 box at gromp > red > gank/pressure (enemy teams will often invade your red on blue side so this clear is often a smart idea if your team is afk at the start of a game)

If you're new to Shaco, both of these clears will help you out. Just getting used to auto attacking and clearing jungle camps is imperative if you're going to become a good Shaco player. You don't want to spend longer than you have to clearing the jungle, so practise these clears! (video below)


We've answered the 'WHERE' question, not it's time for the 'HOW'?!

Invading for blue side:
◦ 3 boxes raptors > red > enemy blue
◦ 3 boxes blue > enemy red (the reason I don't put 1 box down at gromp is because it takes too long - my aim here is to 3 buff the enemy jungler and I need to be in and out quickly)

Now then, a few things to point out...
-> We don't want the enemy team waddling into our jungle and placing a ward on our camp(s) free of charge, so PING FOR ASSISTANCE and tell your team to watch the key entrances and place a box down outisde your buff entrance (whichever one you're starting at) - trust me, in higher elo it accounts for a lot, so get into the habit of doing it in whatever elo you're in
-> It's important to also get a leash if you're starting blue so ask for one!
-> Skill Q second of course and backstab as much as possible and tank a couple of hits so your boxes can do as much damage as they can
-> You want to place your Jack In The Box in a position that it's not too close that the buff will attack it twice in a row and kill it, but also not too far away that it won't tank one hit from the monster - watch the video again if you can't visualise it here (applies to any clear, this is simple micro)

Now it's time to show you Shaco players how to gank like a Challenger...

NOTE - there are specific points to Deceive from so pay close attention in the video; I'll explain in here as well just so we're clear.

-> There's a tree in the wall and we want to get our head underneath the branch that's sticking out (we don't have to be in the exact spot but near the tree)
-> Now, I'm sure that some people want specifics on where to position your cursor to aim where you land but I really don't - I prefer to do it instinctively because lining it up in the exact spot can take time, especially in a proper game - we want to be as efficient as possible
-> I guess the best way to describe it is to aim your cursor to the top left of the wall and fling yourself over it - it's almost as if you're carrying momentum doing it this way (that may sound really gimp but once you do it you will know what I'm talking about, I hope at least)
-> This is probably as difficult as they come so practise, practise, practise! And if you got it first time then you may be the Shaco prodigy

-> This jump is similar to the first - we want to position ourselves in the bottom right of the 'U' in the wall...again, doesn't have to be exactly in the bottom right, just hug close to that part of the wall
-> Aim your cursor to the bottom right of the outer wall and we're then ready to double kill bot lane
-> Once you get the hang of these difficult ones they'll become so easy after a while so keep practising fellas!

-> Simple as but the most underrated jump of the bunch
-> Most Shaco players don't know about this soon as you're about to show from the brush hit Q and flick your cursor up to the top of the wall and you should appear practically next to the mid laner
-> If you guys didn't know, every Shaco skin apart from Masked gives away a puff of orange smoke after you Deceive which can be easily seen if the enemy is paying attention to their screen so we don't want to Deceive so close to the action, hold back a tad and away we go

-> This one is impossible to do from the brush (I think!) so we have to show just before we Q

-> Both of these are effective - use depending on enemy laner's positioning

-> This is almost as effective as the previous jump but harder so we really have to practise and remember where to point our cursor so we can add it to our arsenal (and we ain't talkin the football team)
-> See that rock/stone/boulder that's at the end of the brush? Well, we want to walk just to the end of that, hugging the wall while doing so
-> Aim your cursor over the bottom right of the rock in the middle of the waterfall and press Q and you'll be sweet
-> Did I mention to practise these?

To finish off this chapter I just want to tell you guys what NOT to do on Shaco in the early game because I see some pretty neg things (to find out what the word 'neg' means you'll have to find out on my STREAM!) when watching other Shaco players.

-> DO NOT GANK A LANE LEVEL 2 WITH BLUE BUFF - unless they're on 10 hp, don't bother, you have no kill potential with Q, W and a blue buff
-> DO NOT GANK 24/7 - it's important to balance farming and ganking. If some ganks don't produce results then the other jungler (if they're smart) will be taking your camps and you'll have nothing to farm. A good habit to get into is to clear your jungle on the side of the map that you're about to gank

Lots of people have asked me on YouTube and Twitch about playing from behind as Shaco which I'll cover at the end of the guide because there's a fair amount of information to get through.

Hopefully you're enjoying the guide and if so please upvote it and leave a comment letting me know what you think!

Now it's time for the next chapter: the Mid Game.
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Mid Game

I've been asked a lot about how to mid game as Shaco, and for me this is when a very good Shaco will start to take over the game whereas an average Shaco will do nothing to really influence the tide of battle.

For the mid game we have a few things to think about...
-> Objectives
-> Build (are they stacking MR?)
-> How we play teamfights
-> Farming when we have to

In the current patch 10.20 as a jungler your position is dictated mostly by objectives because dragon and rift herald are so important. Due to the frequency of dragon and herald spawns, there are a lot more teamfights and knowing HOW to play them is crucial - this is where micro and IQ comes into play.

Before dragon or rift or baron spawns, or before sieging a turret, we want to put down boxes and CONTROL VISION. Lots of low elo players play the game without knowing where anyone is which is why they don't climb. BUY CONTROL WARDS; BUY A SWEEPER. Clearing enemy vision and controlling the area of interest is very important not just for you but your team as well.

Most fights my aim is to damage the enemy carry and distract their backline - which is why Hextech Protobelt-01 and Zhonya's Hourglass are great. Let's say there's a standoff at dragon and both teams are dancing back and forth...a standard play would be to Deceive from a flank and AA > E > Protobelt > R onto their ADC. The great thing about AP Shaco is there are so many different ways you can play a fight. AD Shaco is very linear - stealth and try one shot. You have to REACT to the enemy's play on AP Shaco, there's never one way to play a fight which is why, once again, it's hard for me to put into words exactly how to play a fight. It depends, and it's up to you guys to figure that out in that moment. You know what your abilities do, you know what your items do, so use all of your kit efficiently. Experience is the best teacher here I guess.


In early and mid game it is imperative that we farm WELL. This doesn't mean that we farm every so often. Our jungle is free gold and their jungle is as well (for the most part) so why not take 30 seconds to a minute to clear one side of our jungle and then look to make a play.

I see a lot of low elo Shaco players standing in brushes for an inordinate amount of time - why? Mostly applies to the early game but FARM, wasting time early is the worst time to waste time xd

If you're ganking a lane or invading, that's not wasting time - you're applying pressure to the map and trying to gain information. Sitting in a brush for a minute waiting for someone to facecheck does nothing.

One of the best things about AP Shaco I've noticed is that you don't need a ridiculous amount of farm to be relevant after a couple of items. I'm averaging under 150cs per game, compared to 200cs per game when I played AD Shaco. So, if you're going to sit in a brush or look to make a play that needs a bit of patience mid-late game, no worries...just don't play with yourself too much early on.
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Late Game

Late game for Shaco is an extension of the mid game, so every point I raised in the previous chapter is relevant when the game goes late. Whether that be vision control, nuking carries etc., they are all important.

I seriously don't have much to talk about here guys because most of it has already been said but I'll touch on a couple of things.


The way I play Shaco means that I can often be the one who ends up throwing games because I'll try to make a play when it doesn't need to be made. In some instances, whether it be down to adrenaline because I'm popping off or just me not thinking, I will try too hard to make the play that wins us the game.

Sometimes, and it pains me to say it, but patience is needed. You are part of a team and though there are some games when you can 1v9, most games (especially in higher elos) depend on who makes the right play at the right time. If I die trying to make a fancy play that isn't really there on an ADC on Shaco in the late game I should always ask myself before going in, is it worth the risk? Do we lose Baron Nashor if I screw up? What objectives do we have to give up as a result of my misplay?

It's annoying some games because you won't have made a mistake for 40 minutes, and let's say you're 20-2 or something insane, but the one mistake you do make costs you the game. Keep your head down fellas and try to make the best play at any point of the game.


That is legit it for the guide fam. I think I need to lay down after typing up a storm for this long but I'm pretty sure it was worth it. There is lots of information in here that will help you guys become not only better Shaco players but better players generally.

It would mean a lot if you guys could check out my TWITCH and YOUTUBE channel. Come say hi, tell me that you read my guide and enjoyed it (or what you thought could have been improved on), but I had fun doing this and I'll definitely think about doing another in the future.

And I want to put this video in here as well because I know some of you (or most) were probably expecting me to go over Shaco's micro and mechanics but I do all of this in the video I linked earlier. So grab some Miso soup and sit back and listen to my head speak - I hope I made it clear earlier that this guide is all about helping you understand HOW to get fed on Shaco, so go and do so!

Thanks so much for reading guys, please give it an upvote or whatever it's called and let me know what you thought of it! Peace <3.
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Eagzey Shaco Guide
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