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Lulu Build Guide by Dotje

Support diamond

[10.21] Dotje's guide on Lulu

By Dotje | Updated on October 24, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Lulu
    Summoners rift (Support)
  • LoL Champion: Lulu
    Machinegun lulu [still testing]

Runes: Basic runepage (Click 1,2,3,4) ---->

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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[10.21] Dotje's guide on Lulu

By Dotje
˙.˙Hey fellow summoner!˙.˙

Welcome to my guide! This is my third guide and I would like to inform you that: I'm NOT a pro. Please keep in mind some of my advice is experience/opinion based!

Everybody has their own playstyle and opinion, and I try to consider that! Just keep that in mind you have to find out what works for you. And don't assume I know everything or am right about everything!

If you've seen my Nami guide you can see some resembelence, but don't worry, I looked trough it all! Some advice just applies to most enchanter supports.

˙.˙Short about me˙.˙

Hello I'm Dotje, I'm a support main and I've been playing league for several years now. I'm from the Netherlands and I'm 22 years old. Playing games for me is about having fun. I play on the EUW servers and sometimes on NA. The reason I main support is because I enjoy empowering my teammates and because I used to always have internet and fps issues. Recently I have been practising new champions and roles but support is my go to. :)

My absolute main is Nami but I am a decent Lulu player and have had a lot of practice on her recently. I hope this guide will give you the information you need because I really try my best to give the best possible information also by playing her a bit more.
Drawn by dakun87 on devianart

You can also check me out on where I will stream my gameplay sometimes. I'm not planning on growing but if you're interested or got any questions leave me a follow and drop by :)
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˙.˙Empower and peel˙.˙

If you're considering playing Lulu I will give you some insight into the pick here. Generally I think Lulu is a great way to finish off a team comp, because she has a lot of variety inside her kit. This makes her a lot of fun to play every game because every game gives you a possible different role. I do think without a frontliner getting this enchanter support is not the best idea, but especially in low elo you can let Lulu make someone a frontliner by peeling them insanely hard.


[≋] Insane lategame
[≋] Engage
[≋] Disengage
[≋] Shields
[≋] Can shutdown carry champions


Lulu is one of those champions who has a very adaptive playstyle. I tend to aim for the insane peel, but you can go argressive on her too. She has many ways to shut down engage with slows/knockups and her most powerful move "the polymorhp" when this is maxed you basically shut someone down for 4 full seconds! Her kit makes her able to make any carry a super carry, which is very statisfying to carry teamfights with. Her damage in early game laning is stronger than expected, and this can get you an early lead.

[≋] Needs one frontliner to really work
[≋] Squishy
[≋] Doesn't work well with every botlaner
[≋] Mana consuming when argressive

Even though she is a great support, I don't think she works well with every laner. I am sure you CAN make it work wit every one, but it's often best to pick another champion instead. Lulu does need a frontliner to reach her full potentional, but can be fine without it if the enemy doesn't know what they're doing. Compared to other support champions I find it harder to defend myself on Lulu than others.
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˙.˙Support item˙.˙

A support item is a must-have as support, else you will lose a lot of gold income and vision control. Because lately Relic Shield is a viable option you have to choose. I recommend Spellthief's Edge for the casual players.

Shard of true ice
You buy it as Spellthief's Edge and it upgrades into Frostfang into Shard of True Ice as you get gold. You don't have to buy the upgrades anymore but make sure to trade when you have stacks to upgrade it sooner. It's the most easy to poke turrets a little when you get the chance. When this item upgrades you are able to place up to 3 wards with this item, use them for objective control!

Bulwark of the Mountain
Consider this item vs hook matchups or matchups you prefer not trading against. This not only denies the enemy laner gold, but also keeps you healthyer to sustain. Make sure you try to use all it's charges on canon minions and melee minions for gold. When this item upgrades you are able to place up to 3 wards with this item, use them for objective control!


Always get boots! Consider getting them earlier when you're against a hook lane like Blitzcrank because you are able to dodge and position faster. There's a lot to consider for boots, but 9/10 games I get Boots of Mobility or Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

Boots of speed
Movementspeed is important for dodging abilities and getting out of a fight. Though if you are able to sustain without them, you could use that gold to finish another item faster.

Boots of mobility
These boots are always a good choice because you can roam well, position better, and get your wards down quicker. The boots also give quite some pressure and allow you to dodge better too! People tend to rush these when botlane is miserable because you roam better.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
If you choose the aery runes I recommend considering getting these boots to hit your cooldown powerspike sooner. The leftover cooldown you will get later will transfer into AP anyway. I've had great experience getting these boots for that 10% cd increase, especially now that Boots of Mobility became more expensive anyway.

Mercury's treads
These boots are a great option when you're playing against a comp with a lot of cc. Getting stunned means you're not able to do anything, or even die. It's best to position a way you won't get hit but there are some champions that are hard to avoid like Leona and Nautilus.

Ninja tabi
I've bought this item a lot of times on tanks, but on Lulu this doesn't feel worth getting. You could consider it when the enemy is full ad and you gathered some HP, but honestly you better get another kind of boots and stack some armor/hp. Unless you're getting focused by a Rengar I recently learned this item can be quite the addition to you build.

Boots of swiftness
These boots have always been my favourite, and in 10.5 they have rebuffed it to make it viable again. It's now cheaper as Boots of Mobility and has a consistant speed buff. This makes it easyer to get out of fights and reposition. You should try it out!

˙.˙Core items˙.˙

These are the items you basically want to get every game. If you're going the Guardian build you probably want to reconsider Ardent Censer. But in any other build these items give you the most power.

Ardent censer
Ardent Censer is unmissable on Lulu, because of the amount of power it gives you adc. If you have an ap champion in botlane you can rush this item later on as you probably have other champions in your team that can benefit from this. If you're taking Guardian you can also get this item enabled with the Font of Life passive. Make sure to hit your slow and boom! Your allies get Ardent Censer.

This item gives a big aoe heal that is really strong in teamfights when placed well. Combined with other healing buffs and Ardent Censer it can give a huge comeback to fights.

˙.˙Optional items˙.˙

To finish up your item build you should always consider what your team needs, the enemy has, or what you need. Your team can't kite fights, your carry gets bursted/cc'd down. Maybe you just keep getting killed, which makes you unable to help the team. Take these cicrumstances into consideration and try to use items to save these fights!

Athene's unholy grail
This item is a decent option, I don't take it often on Lulu. But if you're able to put out some damage in fights, this item is good for you. Athene's Unholy Grail gives some AP, extra heals on your shields, mana regen and cooldown reduction. A decent fit if you don't need Mikael's Crucible.

Shurelya's Reverie
This item is getting more popular with time, it helps your team kite or catch up with enemies. It's a good item after your core build or as 3rd item if you are sure it's what your team needs. It has almost the same stats as redemtpion but gives 100 more hp.

Locket of the iron solari
For the extra anti burst it not a bad choice to get this item. You're also able to pop Ardent Censer another time with this. Lately I haven't been going for this item but against an ap heavy team it's not bad to get a little more magic resist with this item.

Mikael's crucible
When your carry (doesn't have to be your 'adc') get's shut down by cc it's great to get a Mikael's Crucible this item also empowers your heals by 20% instead of 10% which should not be understimated. Just make sure not to forget using this item as it can really save a fight.

Knight's vow
This item is getting more popular with time, it helps your team kite or catch up with enemies. It's a good item after your core build or as 3rd item if you are sure it's what your team needs. It has almost the same stats as redemtpion but gives 100 more hp.

Frozen heart
If their comp based on ad like Nocturne you can consider taking this item. It gives an aoe att speed slow and making it possible to shut down an ad. Just keep in mind the passive of Frozen Heart doesn't work on a yi inside his ult. You choose this item over other armor items because of the cooldown it gives. I rarerly buy this item, but it has done it's job whenever I needed it.

Zeke's Convergence
Another option I recently found a better choice is going Zeke's Convergence this item makes you a little tankier with both armor and magic reist, it empowers the ally you bind with and keep you safer with the possible aoe slow.

˙.˙Whenever you're ahead or think it fits better˙.˙

Whenever you're ahead, or think this fits your comp even better these are some considerable items. It's important to have fun in your games, especially normal games.

Banshee's veil
Againt heavy ap based comp you can consider taking this item but as your Athene's Unholy Grail already gives magic resist you do not really need this item. It's often better to get more HP trough Redemption, get more magic resist by buying Locket of the Iron Solari or get personal anti burst with Zhonya's Hourglass.

Twin shadows
When you're ahead and have an enemy team that doesn't group and gets picked easely. You can snowball with a pick heavy team by buying this item.

When the enemy team has too much heals, and your team refuses to get an item against that get some anti healing yourself by getting this item.

Dark seal
I like getting this item when I'm ahead and in no risk of dying. If you're really far ahead and already have some core items you can upgrade this into Mejai's Soulstealer

Rabadon's Deathcap
We all know why you will build this item, lots of ability power! Try it out, your shields will become massive as your damage.
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˙.˙The basic rune page˙.˙
Summon aery
This keystone is the best go-to option on every shield/heal support. This guarantees to add more poke to your abilities. And an extra shield to also proc Ardent Censer. This ability doesn't really have a cooldown also, you just need to pick up the little aery up to proc it again.
Manaflow band
Manaflow band is unmissable on most supports. Lulu can use quite some mana if you have to shield a lot, so this is a great way to increase your mana pool while trading/poking
Cooldown reduction without having to buy items is great, the 10% cooldown reduction bonus can make a big impact. And if you pass the 40% cap you even gain an adaptive bonus for the excess cooldown reduction. This rune allows you to buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity without being punished later on.
This rune feels as the best choice for me at the moment, Lulu is great with a little lane dominance and this rune allows you to get just that bit more damage off.
Biscuit delivery
This rune makes sure you're safe losing HP while trading in lane which allows you to get more spellthief's stacks. Also when you need that little mana for the kill/safe you can eat your cookie mid-fight. I've had this happen to me a lot.
Cosmic insight
This rune inceases your cooldown reduction by 5% and adds 5% tot the cooldown reduction cap. This ensures that little bit of cooldown you sometimes need to safe the day. Works insane on Lulu because you can just spam your E Help, Pix! to permanently empower someone.
˙.˙Tanky sustain runes˙.˙
This keystone is a great option vs heavy engage, it gives movementspeed when procced. And you don't really lose much power in teamfights. Hitting your Q Glitterlance W Whimsy or R Wild Growth knockup/aura still procs your Ardent Censer because of Font of Life. You and the person you were able to shield gets a little tankier and faster.

Font of life
This rune works on slowed or immobilized enemies, which means it should be fairly easy for you to trigger this in teamfights. It gives tiny heals for any ally hitting the target and apparently it triggers Ardent Censer and Athene's Unholy Grail too!
Bone plating
This rune grants you better trades, and a tanky feeling early game. You're the strongest lategame anyway!
This rune grants more heal and shield power, even more powerful when the target is below 40% hp. A real life saver!
Biscuit delivery
This rune makes sure you're safe losing HP while trading in lane which allows you to get more spellthief's stacks. Also when you need that little mana for the kill/safe you can eat your cookie mid-fight. I've had this happen to me a lot.
Cosmic insight
This rune inceases your cooldown reduction by 5% and adds 5% tot the cooldown reduction cap. This ensures that little bit of cooldown you sometimes need to safe the day. Works insane on Lulu because you can just spam your E Help, Pix! to permanently empower someone.

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Mix it up!﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

Font of life
This rune works on slowed or immobilized enemies, which means it should be fairly easy for you to trigger this in teamfights. It gives tiny heals for any ally hitting the target and apparently it triggers Ardent Censer and Athene's Unholy Grail too! Combined with the Sorcery tree this rune and Revitalize are the strongest for scaling.
This rune grants more heal and shield power, even more powerful when the target is below 40% hp. A real life saver!
Presence of mind
This rune gives double the mana than manaflow band, It's a good alternative for it. But I haven't had as much mana issues on Lulu.
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˙.˙What are Lulu's abilities?˙.˙

It's useful to know what your abilities are, and how to use them. There are different ways to use them in different team comps. So keep in mind to think for yourself, but I wrote some utilization tips you should know to get started. (I hope they're not too obvious)
˙.˙Ability sequence˙.˙

For support maxing your E Help, Pix! is essential, it's more reliable damage than Q Glitterlance. And ofcourse the shield gets bigger, which makes it easier for your ally to survive. Because as support we don't really need damage, and the slow doesn't increase we max Q Glitterlance last. When you badly need to Polymorph someone in fights with W Whimsy you can try to put some points in this ability before maxing E Help, Pix!.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

˙.˙Pix, Faerie Companion˙.˙


Lulu is assisted by Pix, a faerie, who fires a barrage of 3 bolts to her target every time she uses a basic attack against an enemy, dealing 5 − 39 (based on level) (+ 5% AP) Magic damage bonus magic damage with each bolt for a total of 15 − 117 (based on level) (+ 15% AP) bonus magic damage per basic attack. The bolts can be blocked by units in the way of Lulu's target.

Casting Help, Pix! Help, Pix! on an ally champion transfers Pix's help to them for 6 seconds.

This passive is why Lulu's base damage is very low. It gives you a lot of poke potentional when the bolts don't get blocked by other units like minions. Shielding your ally makes Pix jump onto them empowering their attacks with your passive.



Lulu and Pix, each fire a magic bolt towards the target point, dealing magic damage to the first enemy they pass through, reduced to 70% against enemies thereafter, and slowing them by 80%, decaying over 2 seconds.

If an enemy is hit by both bolts, the second bolt will deal no damage if the first bolt dealt full damage to them, or 30% damage if the first bolt hit another unit before them. The second hit will refresh the slow.

This ability great to harass with, when you're able to hit it the slow makes it possible to get some auto attacks off. You can play around using Help, Pix! on minions or enemies to extend the range of your Q Glitterlance as this gets cast by Pix as well.

Later on you'd want to use your Q Glitterlance mostly for peel because the slow is very intense. Unless you're trying to catch an enemy then it's great to use Help, Pix! on the enemy for a secured slow.



Enemy Cast: Lulu launches a spell on the target enemy champion, polymorphing them into a harmless critter and reducing their base movement speed by 60 for a short duration.

Ally Cast: Lulu casts erratic magic upon an ally champion or herself, giving the target bonus attack speed and 30% (+ 5% per 100 AP) bonus movement speed for the next few seconds.

This ability is what makes Lulu very annoying to deal with. If there's an enemy going very deep into your backline like Jax you can simply use your W Whimsy on him to make him unable to do anything for 2.25 seconds at max rank. This is why I suggest maxing this earlier when you have trouble against a fed Jax, Master Yi or someone like Camille.

Using this on your ally increases their attack and movementspeed, so make sure you use it wisely. Because it can greatly increase an ally's damage, or greatly reduce an enemies damage output. Just keep in mind this ability has a travel time and can get blocked by Yasuo's windwall. Experienced Yasuo's will abuse this.

˙.˙Help, Pix!˙.˙


Enemy Cast: Lulu sends Pix, Faerie Companion Pix to the target enemy, dealing magic damage and revealing them for 4 seconds.

Ally Cast: Lulu sends Pix, Faerie Companion Pix to the target ally, shielding them for 2.5 seconds if they are a champion.

In lane you can decide to use this to apply more creative poke. Using this ability on minions will make you able to cast Q Glitterlance from Pix's position. The best way to poke would be using E Help, Pix! on an enemy and following up with your Q Glitterlance. In lategame I suggest using this ability rather for shielding, but if you need to catch up to someone, or revealing an invisible champion like Wukong or Vayne you can decide to cast it on the enemy champion.

˙.˙Wild growth˙.˙


Lulu enlarges the target allied Champion icon champion or herself for 7 seconds, initially knocking up enemies around the target for 0.75 seconds. Additionally, the target gains bonus health and slows nearby enemies for the duration.

When I was new to Lulu this ability was my lifesafer as Soraka's ultimate Wish. But as you get more experience this ability has way more use than just a lifesafer. The knockup and slow it has is great for a follow up on an engage. Or a disengage to interrupt Katarina or Malzahar. So keep in mind there's much more use out of this ability.

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˙.˙What is the support role?˙.˙

There are mixed opinions on what the support role is supposed to be. But as far as I know is your main objective supporting your teammates to empower them, especially the (ad)-carry. You achieve this mainly by:

[≋]Protecting your carry/teammates
[≋]Granting vision control
[≋]Engaging teamfights
[≋]Disengaging teamfights
[≋]Roaming to gank/ward or assist your jungler

Also by:
[≋]Keeping an eye on summoner cooldowns for your teammates, maybe even write them collectively down in chat for your team.
[≋]Keeping a good eye on the map and ping wherever necessary
[≋]Buying supportive items
[≋]Shotcalling for your team


I could provide in-depth information on where to ward. Instead I'll grant you some general tips which I find more important. Surerly experience will teach you the most.

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Where do you place wards?﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

I will probably add a picture with some general wards later. But what's important to remember is the objective to your vision.

[≋]Ward to get vision over the enemy, even if it's not for an objective. It's important to know by example if a fight will be in your favor, if the jungler is around for dragon or if you can go for a dive.
[≋]Ward according to the objectives, a simple ward at drake can already be gamechanging.
[≋]Do not always go for perfect vision.
[≋]Clear out wards this is very effective too.
[≋]Think of going to base for wards when an important objective is going to be up.
[≋]Keep a slot in your inventory for control wards!
[≋]Keep in mind you do not always have to ward where the enemy will be, but more likely will pass. Unless you do not pay attention these wards can be more useful.

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤When do you place wards?﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

As a role that doesn't farm you have quite the free time to place wards. Make sure you squeeze this in at the right time. Keep in mind:

[≋]Not to miss too much xp from minions in lane
[≋]Not to leave your carry vulnerable, make sure you are ready to instantly walk back to lane without warding as the enemy sees this as an oppertunity to engage.
[≋]You can assist your jungler, and he can assist you when he's around if you're going for some (deep) wards.
[≋]Ward according to objectives. Objectives like drake, baron or rift but also tower attacks, defence and just generally to see the enemy's rotations.
[≋]Keep in mind wards last a total of 150 seconds (2 minutes and 30 seconds) Rift scuttler lasts 90 seconds. Think ahead!

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Do not die while placing wards﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

Oh man.. The amount of supports that die while warding is tragic. If you know when the enemy support is warding you can often catch them off-guard. Make sure you're not that support! Here are some tips:

[≋]Make sure the enemy doesn't know your position! Some notice you leaving lane or spotted you with a ward. This is why using sweeping lens during warding is really handy.
[≋]Use an ability in a unwarded bush to be safe
[≋]Know where the enemies are! If they just backed it's the safest moment to slip in some wards.
[≋]Try not to place wards alone. Bring an ally with the assistance ping + a ping on your warding item. This is my communication method. Don't be frustrated when you go alone, teammates often have better things to do.
[≋]Do not go for risky wards. If you do, make sure you have an oppertunity to escape. It's often better to place a slightly worse ward, as long it grants vision on the enemy's position.
[≋]Not dying>vision. Keep in mind vision control is just an advantage. Just like a 4v5 is. If you're dead you might give the enemy a better advantage than vision control.

˙.˙Supporting in lane˙.˙

You're also supposed to help your adc in lane. Your role is helping you adc farm, and try to get the enemy adc to farm less. You also want to 'win' you lane. I'll cover laning tips in another chapter. But I find it important here to mention how to help your adc farm. Here are some tips to cover that and more.

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Farming under turret﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

Farming is what your adc does, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't help him doing that. It's helpful, especially when the minions are under turret, to help your adc last hit them. Keep in mind, the melee minions need 2 towers shots and one auto attack to die (so you probably don't want to touch them) and caster minions need 1 tower shot and 2 auto attacks (before your adc bought ad). When you get the hang of this you should try to predict what the wave needs to be killed as optimal as possible. Try to start practising as soon as possible, because your adc will love you.

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Freezing the wave﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

You probably do not want to attack minions at all, unless it's your intention to push, or get a level up sooner. Freezing the wave is when you try to keep the minions at 1 position. You mostly achieve this by tanking the minions on the spot you want them to crash. And also by last hitting the minions as late as possible, this is what your adc does. Freezing is best when you need to play safe, or withold the enemy from farm by zoning them while you freeze the wave at your side of the lane.

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Pushing the wave﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

Another option is pushing the wave, you most often want to try this when the enemy is backing, or not present in lane. You do this by killing the minions as soon as possible. Keep in mind your adc still want to last hit them, so you probably should stop hitting them when they're getting low, or getting a lot of aggro by your minions.
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‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Before the minions crash in lane﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

League of Legends offers a lot of variety each game, which is why you should always consider your priorities in a game. Before the game actually starts it's not bad timing to consider:
  • What do I do in this matchup botlane? You need to know how argressive you can be, and where you should spend your mana on.
  • How can the enemy jungler gank us? You need to know where to prioritize your ward and how safe you have to position when the enemy jungler is around.
  • Should I roam to the midlane? Because the enemy midlaner's mobility can be low and/or your midlaner snowballs well.
You often consider this automaticly, but to be aware of what's going on you'll have better decisionmaking.

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Early game﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

In the first waves you should always try to get level 2 before the enemy does, else back off!(level 2 happens when 3 melee and 3 caster minions have died) You can try to hit the minions to help them die faster for this advantage.
When your lane is going well, try to keep track of where the enemy jungler is, ping his starting position. And frequently look at the mini map to help your allies know when to back off.

You basically want to trade, especially if you have Spellthief's Edge. Your sustain is really great and you should use this to have some lane advantage (more HP, XP and a better position). A basic attack could already be good enough, the best moments to try and go for these cheeky auto attacks or trades are:
  • When the adc is about to last hit a minion, because then she cannot attack you (yet)
  • Especially when the enemy is going for a canon minion is a good moment to trade also because the adc will move perdictable.
  • When the melee support needs to execute a minion for their support item
  • When the enemy wasted their abilities (and should be afraid of you)
It's also great to get spellthief stacks off turret, when my adc recalls I often drop a few auto's off the turret because I recall as well. These oppertunities are also great to get a trade off, remember you don't HAVE to trade. But if you don't the enemy possibly will.

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Getting into mid-game﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

Just fighting and chasing it not (always) the way to win. You probably want to try and get some objective control. You get this by not fighting recklessly when you are planning on getting one. It's best to back before you do, get some vision control, and try to be in the right position. Especially in the lower rankings your team doesn't always want to take objectives you so nicely set up, which is fine, it's always a good practise. Place some wards, sweep the area and especially don't die while doing that. (so try to take your teammates with you with the assistance ping)

Defensive wards are important too, this way you can defend better or even turn the fight around. When you notice the enemy grouping/going for an objective like a turret. Just place some simple defensive wards to make sure your team can play around it well.
These are great wards for sieging tier 2 turrets and general vision (creator=Picklepants)

Roaming is very important. I sometimes roam at level 2/3 already when something's up in river. When you're getting used to looking at the minimap all the time your response time is a great oppertunity for some free kills and (deep)wards.
You basically want to roam when:
  • Your lane is pushed in
  • When the enemy botlane backed
  • When the enemy botlane is dead
  • Maybe even when your ad died and their botlane doesn't move
  • When you come back from base
  • Whenever you can follow your jungler
    There are more oppertunities, but it comes with experience. Just keep in mind not to miss too much XP and try to protect your ADC with a ward.

‧˙✰.‧˙﹤Finishing the game﹥˙‧.✰˙‧

It's really important to know how to finish a game, especially lower rankings don't know how to do this. which is why you probably need to take control and type/ping your team to do certain things. Especially in soloQ it's impossible to control your team, so try to point them into the right direction, but make sure to be nice.

There are an insane amount of ways to finish a game, but rule nr#1 for me is to choose inhibitors over baron. Many people just turn to baron after a fight, when an open inhibitor gives so much more pressure, and a more secure win in the end. You can consider going baron after getting an inhibitor, or back instantly to prevent the enemy from getting it.

If your team is planning on sieging/splitting for turrets, make sure to get vision inbetween the lanes. Don't force fights, especially as Nami you probably just want to wait for the enemy to engage. Sieging goes slowly, but surely with patience. If people tend to dive, make sure you live yourself, but go with the team anyhow!

If your team has control over a major objective like dragon(soul), baron or elder dragon. You probably want to get vision control too, take 2 control wards and make sure the enemy has to risk their life to contest this objective. This could also be just a bait by your team. Your vision control in these cases can be the win for the team. Make sure you position a way so you can quickly help the team if someone engages in a fight. But don't hug your team so you are safe, and thus able to help your teammates better.
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It's important to know what your role is in a teamfight. Try to find your role, compared to their champions, fed champions and carry potentional of your specific teammates. Lulu has a lot of variation when it comes to teamfighting. To keep it simple we divide this into 4 objectives engage, disengage, peel or empower.


If your team is in a great spot, or already engaging you have a decent follow up. Make sure to not overuse your abilities in case you need to peel anyone. When someone of the enemy is getting picked your Q Glitterlance can be a great way to slow them, and your W Whimsy can make sure they aren't able to use abilities. What I often see understimated is using your ultimate Wild Growth for the knockup and slow, this is great for your frontliner.


Disengaging is somewhat harder for Lulu but if you have the item Shurelya's Reverie you can use this to get your team in a better position. Make sure to shield Help, Pix! on the furthest ally to give the most effective slow with your Q Glitterlance. USe your W Whimsy on an ally who is in need for additional movementspeed.


Peel is pretty much your main role as a support. If your team/adc really needs peel from someone like Jax, Aatrox or someone like Camille I suggest saving your W Whimsy to polymorph them. This gives you a great breathing window to kill them, or get away from them. Make sure to Q Glitterlance enemies to make your team able to kite them better. As well as using your items like Redemption, Locket of the Iron Solari or Mikael's Crucible if you have them. Here you also have to choose to E Help, Pix! the person in need, or your adc to give them more damage depending on the situation.


Lulu also has great empowerment, especially when she has Ardent Censer. Make sure to know what's needed in the situation. When I'm playing with a Kog'Maw, Twitch or Vayne I tend to keep empowering them by spamming W Whimsy and E Help, Pix! on them so they can run down their enemies. It's fun, but make sure to have a backup like your R Wild Growth.
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˙.˙Play for fun!˙.˙

Lulu is a chill and reliable champion to me. Making me and my adc enjoy the game more, because who doesn't like to be pampered by a Lulu. I hope you got some useful information out of my guide, if you did, feel free to give this a like and maybe even a comment! I appreciate you reading the bottom part of this big guide.

Please remember this guide is made out of opinion and experience, be nice if you critisize, opinions are fine too! Feel free to ask any questions, because I didn't cover everything.
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