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Jhin Build Guide by Jonnypontes

ADC [10.25] "jonnylekdaora" GRANDMASTER 702LP Jhin

ADC [10.25] "jonnylekdaora" GRANDMASTER 702LP Jhin

Updated on December 19, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jonnypontes Build Guide By Jonnypontes 25 2 53,239 Views 0 Comments
25 2 53,239 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jonnypontes Jhin Build Guide By Jonnypontes Updated on December 19, 2020
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Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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ADC Role Ranked #15 in
ADC Role
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Champion Build Guide

[10.25] "jonnylekdaora" GRANDMASTER 702LP Jhin

By Jonnypontes

A Grandmaster BR player mono Jhin.

Hi! I am Jonny, "Jonny lek daora" (OP.GG) a Brazillian player, current Grandmaster and Mono Jhin. I peaked GrandMaster 702 LP (Challenger was around 870 LP) only playing with Jhin and doing these builds. I play Jhin since Season 7 and I had been on top 1 Jhin Brazil (from Lolskill) and sometimes the World. You can watch VOD's and Live stream below and follow me on twitter (But only in Portuguese).


Twitter (PT-BR)

Starting Items

Choose Doran's Shield in 3 cases:

1# Enemy bot-lane has a lot of poke or DPS (Like Ashe, Zyra, Ziggs, Cassiopeia)
2# You feel uncomfortably hitting minions
3# Your support is a roaming support ( Pantheon, Bard)

First Back

Choose item in this preference:

Pickaxe -> Long Sword -> Dagger -> Noonquiver -> Cloak of Agility

this is the build of Galeforce.

Why Pickaxe first?

• I prefer Pickaxe first (!!!) because in your second back sometimes you won't have 875g (if you die soon) to buy Pickaxe, and probably you will have Noonquiver, so you have no items to buy.
• If you start with Pickaxe, in your second back you will have gold to buy Long Sword or a Dagger. (example: if you die with 400g, you can buy a Long Sword and you will have a Pickaxe from the first back)

• Example of first back (or Second if you die soon)

(Don't forget the Control Ward!, I forgot xD)

Core Build

Always do in this order:
Galeforce -> The Collector -> Infinity Edge

• Your POWER Spike is when you finish Infinity Edge.
• You will have mobility with damage ( Galeforce), more damage ( The Collector) and a lot of damage with crit improved! ( Infinity Edge)

After finishing Galeforce, you do this path:

For The Collector:

• Build a Serrated Dirk, then go to a Pickaxe or Cloak of Agility (The most expensive one you can afford)

For Infinity Edge:

• Buy the most expensive one you can afford between B. F. Sword, Pickaxe and Cloak of Agility.

For Boots:

• See below. You must build a Mercury's Treads or Plated Steelcaps while or after finish the core build. Depend on how much you need to the stats. If there's one assassin AD in the enemy team and he gets feed, consider building Plated Steelcaps as long as you can.

Full Builds

• About Boots:

• Choose Mercury's Treads if too much CC/AP, Plated Steelcaps if Assassin or too much AD.

• I don't like Boots of Swiftness because it doesn't give any stats (Armor/Magic Resist and a good passive (Like Plated Steelcaps "Reduce Incoming Damage" and Mercury's Treads "Reduce CC Duration")) but you can use it sometimes if you need speed in order to dodge enemy's skills

• There's no much priority finishing Boots. Depend on how much you need their stats. If assassin gets feed, full AD enemy team or too much CC, finish the boots as long as you can.

• 1 or No tank

• If you are dying too much, you can take Guardian Angel (if AD enemy team) or Wit's End (if AP enemy team) instead of Rapid Firecannon. But I prefer you play safe rather than dying easily.
• Consider waiting enemy waste their abilities to take place.

• 2 Tanks

• This is the main build. I do this in 75% of cases.
Lord Dominik's Regards is OP with 25% Pen, critical chance and a beautiful passive.
• There's no secret. Have fun.

• 3 Tanks or more

• You can choose between Mortal Reminder if enemy team have too much Heal and Serpent's Fang if too much shield and not heal.
• I thought consider build Serylda's Grudge but it does not stack with Lord Dominik's Regards. So Lord Dominik's Regards is better option than Serylda's Grudge.

• Against Annoying Assassins

• Do in this order:

Guardian Angel -> Bloodthirster.

• When you finish Bloodthirster, you can make Mercurial Scimitar (if too much AP/CC) or Death's Dance while Guardian Angel is in cooldown and sell your Guardian Angel. Consider taking Wit's End in the place of Guardian Angel if there's a heavy AP Assassin or too much AP enemy (Like Evelynn or Elise)

This is the Main Runes Page.

Lets explain one by one.

• Dark Harvest: Your game revolves around this rune. This is the best rune I ever tried (I tested Fleet Footwork, Lethal Tempo and Hail of Blades but no one beats Dark Harvest in my opinion for Jhin). Your main objective is delete players who are 40% health or less. I will explain the combo later envolving this rune. • Presence of Mind: In order to use your abilities, you need mana. I think, in my opinion, Presence of Mind is the best choice between the all others runes in precision page, because it gives you mana. It's okay to consider taking Overheal or Triumph but you will feel the lack of mana. You use abilities. You need mana.

• Taste of Blood: This is a better rune than the other 2 because it heals you during the lane phase. Cheap Shot works with W but only the damage after W (And W has a lot of cooldown). Sudden Impact is useless. • Coup de Grace: You can change Presence of Mind (although I do not advise) but you can't change Coup de Grace. This rune is why I choose Precision for the secondary rune page. Coup de Grace stacks with:
Galeforce, The Collector, Infinity Edge, Whisper's 4 Hit and Dark Harvest. I will explain this combo later.
• Eyeball Collection: Jhin kills. Or do assists. So take this, because he has only 4 shots and breaking wards is difficulty to take Zombie Ward, and Ghost Poro take a lot of time to complete comparing with Eyeball Collection.
• Ravenous Hunter: Ravenous Hunter is SO MUCH BROKEN. YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS! He heals A LOT after OmniVamp rework. Jhin does not need item cooldown ( Ingenious Hunter), neither movespeed out-of-combat ( Relentless Hunter), nor Ultimate Cooldown ( Ultimate Hunter) comparing the need of healing (Due to the abscense of Fleet Footwork's heal and Legend: Bloodline's heal).

Some tips and Jhin Mechanics:

Infinity Edge applies the bonus critical damage in the fourth shot of Curtain Call, so your fourth shot is the deadliest. Don't miss it.

• You can Flash during the Deadly Flourish casting time. This can make beautiful plays. See in videos.

• You can use Galeforce + Deadly Flourish insta-combo to root enemies that are running away with low health if they are a bit far from your range.

• After patch 10.23, you can use Galeforce + Whisper's 4 Hit instead of old combo Flash + Whisper's 4 Hit to hunt targets that are running away with low health.

The Collector works with the Crest of Cinders (RED) buff damage-per-second from Red Brambleback . If you leave your target with 6% health, and the Crest of Cinders lows it down to 5%, it will instantly kill.

ATTENTION! Galeforce does not dash through walls. Use more often Galeforce offensive and Flash defensive.

Captive Audience can be targeted from your allies. Can be used to Teleport or, for example, Lee Sin's using the Safeguard.

• Pay attention on the three enemy's Caster minion in order to use your Dancing Grenade. If they are low health, use the Dancing Grenade, it will bounce the 3 low minions (killing them) and finally hit the enemy with the maximum damage.

• If you find a Control Ward, use your Captive Audience to get its location from the bush without entering in the bush. You can stay safe attacking the control ward revealing it instead of face-check.

• Get hitted by any type of enemy (minion, champion) or using your abilities, your Whisper reload time reset. So you can stay with the fourth bullet if you need it later.

The Main Combo

• The sequence is: If the target was captured in Captive Audience + Deadly Flourish combo: Galeforce -> Dancing Grenade -> Whisper.

The Collector, Infinity Edge and Dark Harvest will do a great job in this combo.

• Why not Dancing Grenade first? Because the time it takes to reach the target, it doesn't matter the order. Always Galeforce will reach first.

The Power of Galeforce

• I used the Galeforce to dodge Thresh's Death Sentence and also to damage Sivir, which is low health, and finally killing her.

The Power of The Collector

The Collector did a great job killing the target with considerably health on the first shot of Curtain Call. It stacks with Dark Harvest. It works like a charm.

• The enemy will ping a lot of Question Marks trying to understand your damage.

The Collector and Infinity Edge

• In this video, Udyr was building off-tank. You can see the power of your damage with Infinity Edge and The Collector working together (plus Dark Harvest).

Jhin's Curtain Call's fourth shot applies the bonus critical damage, so it do a LOT of damage in targets with low health.

A beautiful play

• I used the Galeforce to dodge Ezreal's Mystic Shot, do him damage and Dancing Grenade + Whisper's fourth shot to finally kill him.

Avoid Assassins #1: Rengar

• I've placed a Captive Audience below me due to Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt.

• Once he activates my trap jumping on my face, I did the following: Deadly Flourish + Flash + Dancing Grenade and finally Whisper.

• Show your mastery 7 to show them who's boss.

Avoid Assassins #2: Zed

• In this video, my Galeforce was in cooldown. Only came back when Zed was running away.

• When he ult, i did the following: Placed a Captive Audience, used Deadly Flourish + Flash ( Captive Audience will mark the enemy and root in Deadly Flourish) and stayed away from his basics attacks.

• After this combo, there's no much to say. I've used my abilities and basic attacks but he ran away.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Jonnypontes
Jonnypontes Jhin Guide
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[10.25] "jonnylekdaora" GRANDMASTER 702LP Jhin

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