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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Miss Fortune Build Guide by mrPERISH

ADC [10.4] Miss Carry Your Team

ADC [10.4] Miss Carry Your Team

Updated on March 2, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mrPERISH Build Guide By mrPERISH 11 1 45,614 Views 3 Comments
11 1 45,614 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mrPERISH Miss Fortune Build Guide By mrPERISH Updated on March 2, 2020
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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Standard ADC Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team

Why Miss Fortune?
Once I actually figured out what I was doing in this confusing, extensive game, I picked up Miss Fortune. She has been my main pretty much ever since. Approximately 200,000 mastery points later, I decided to make a guide to help out all the other young ADCs out there.

Miss Fortune is a great starting champion because she doesn't have any crazy skill shots that you have to be a little more advanced to be able to hit. Double Up and Strut are improvements on your basic attacks, Make it Rain is a nice Area of Effect (AOE) attack that can be used offensively or defensively, and Bullet Time is an incredibly rewarding ultimate.

One of the drawbacks to Miss Fortune is that she doesn't have much mobility other than Strut's movement speed. Early on this can punish young ADCs that haven't yet learned how to position in lane or teamfights. However, this can help you better understand when you were in a precarious situation and next time not be there.
Primary Runes
The Precision tree is the default rune tree for most marksmen (and markswomen) in the game. I'm going to discuss the runes in this tree and then we'll move on to secondary runes and alternatives.

Press the Attack is most effective when used in conjunction with the Best MF Build (building Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge). You can also build Press the Attack with the Bloodthirster MF Build (building Bloodthirster, Blade of the Ruined King, and Black Cleaver. Conqueror is most effective when building Lethality ( Duskblade of Draktharr and Youmuu's Ghostblade) in my opinion.

This is arguably the best rune on Miss Fortune right now. Press the Attack (PTA) allows you to do bonus damage to a champion when you auto attack them 3 consecutive times. It also causes the champion to take increased damage from you and your teammates for the next 6 seconds. There is a 6 second cooldown on PTA so you can't make multiple enemy champions vulnerable at the same time.

This is the only other rune that I feel can output damage like Press the Attack right now. So what does Conqueror do? You add stacks of Conqueror by attacking enemy champions. You gain 2 stacks for each ability you use that hits a champion. Every time you use Double Up, Make it Rain, or Bullet Time it will add 2 stacks as long as you hit an enemy champion (to my knowledge it will only add 2 stacks even if you hit multiple enemies with the same ability). Basic attacks allow you to gain 1 stack each. Activating Strut really boosts your attack speed and allows you to gain stacks quickly. Conqueror maxes out at 10 stacks, at which point it begins healing you for a percentage of the damage that you deal. However, this isn't the reason we use this at all, it's just a side benefit that you may or may not take advantage of in-game. Conqueror also grants bonus Attack Damage (AD) based on your level. For every stack of Conqueror you get 2-5 bonus AD. This can add up quickly and make a huge difference in a fight, especially an extended trade.

Overheal is a phenomenal rune for Miss Fortune because life steal is so strong on her. Overheal allows healing that would take you above your max health to be converted into a shield for 10% of your max health. If you are building the best MF build with Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge or if you have a support with heals, this is a must have rune. In the other circumstances it's good to swap Overheal with Triumph or Presence of Mind. I would recommend Triumph because the health restoration that you get from getting a takedown is better than the mana restoration you get from a takedown with Presence of Mind in my opinion.

The legend runes provide bonus stats for killing champions, monsters, and minions. You can get up to 10 or 20 legend stacks, depending on which rune you choose. You get 1 stack each for champion takedowns, baron takedowns, drake takedowns, 4 large monster kills, and 20 minion kills. I recommend taking Bloodline on Miss Fortune, especially if you take Overheal, because life steal is so good on her. With Bloodline, you can gain up to 12% life steal. If you want to go another direction with the Legend runes, I would suggest Legend: Alacrity which provides you with bonus attack speed, up to 18% when maxed out. Alacrity is the rune of choice when you are building Bloodthirster MF because more attack speed means more life steal.

Coup de Grace is my go to choice for the last slot. It provides 8% extra damage to enemy champions that are below 40% health. This allows you to come in and eliminate champions so that your team can gain the number advantage. However, either of the other two runes are viable options. Cut Down can be really advantageous if the other team has 3 or more really tanky champions because it provides 5% to 15% more damage to champions that have more max health than you. Last Stand is not as good in my opinion but I can see the possibilities. It provides extra damage when you are below a certain health; 5% increased damage when below 60% health and 11% increased damage when below 30% health.

The Sorcery tree is the next primary rune tree I'm going to discuss in the guide.

Arcane Comet is most effective when building Lethality ( Duskblade of Draktharr and Youmuu's Ghostblade) in my opinion.

The only reason I run this rune page is if I am planning on maxing out Make it Rain first. This meshes really well with champions such as Brand that can do aggressive amounts of damage, especially if the enemy champion is movement impaired. Arcane Comet sends a comet towards an enemy champion for extra damage every time you hit them with an ability. The cooldown is 20 seconds to 8 seconds, depending on your level.

Manaflow Band is the best option with this build because Make it Rain costs a lot of mana so we need as much as possible. Manaflow Band will grant you 25 extra mana every time you hit an enemy champion with an ability, up to 250 extra mana. Once you max it out at 250 extra mana, Manaflow Band restores 1% of your missing mana every 5 seconds.

This choice in rune is all about getting extra damage. I usually go Absolute Focus here for the bonus damage when above 70% health. It's also viable to change this rune out for Transcendence if you so choose. Transcendence provides 10% Cooldown Reduction (CDR) and when you reach CDR cap, any extra is converted into bonus damage.

The final rune is Gathering Storm. It provides bonus damage stats every 10 minutes the game progress. This will become increasingly important the longer the game goes.

The Domination tree is the final primary rune tree I'm going to discuss in the guide at this time.

Dark Harvest is most effective on Miss Fortune when building Lethality ( Duskblade of Draktharr and Youmuu's Ghostblade) in my opinion. This build is all about the damage. Many players don't build boots with this build or don't upgrade their boots and sell them endgame for an additional damage item. Dark Harvest Miss Fortune is all about taking enemy champions from 100% health and introducing them to the Grim Reaper.

This rune is not for you guys that are new to League or AD Carry. This build will provide tons of damage but gives you zero room for error. Dark Harvest is the only rune in this tree that rivals Press the Attack, Conqueror, or Arcane Comet on Miss Fortune. Dark Harvest allows you to do bonus damage to a champion when they are half health or below. You will do more damage the more souls you have reaped. You get souls by doing damage to a champion that is below half health or getting credit for an enemy champion killed by minions, turrets, or monsters. Stacking souls allows for you to do some massive bonus damage late game.

Taste of Blood is the next rune in the Miss Fortune Dark Harvest Build. It provides healing when you damage an enemy champion. It also provide 20% bonus AD.

Eyeball Collection gives you bonus Attack Damage per eyeball you collect. You obtain eyeballs for every champion takedown, up to 10 eyeballs. This will give you a potential of 18 bonus AD.

Ultimate Hunter is powerful on Miss Fortune because Bullet Time is such a game changing ultimate. It reduces the cooldown of your ultimate by 5% originally, and an additional 4% for each takedown of a unique enemy champion. Once you participate in killing each enemy champion you will have 25% cooldown on Bullet Time.
Secondary Runes
These are the secondary rune choices for the Miss Fortune Builds that I have provided. The standard secondary rune trees for MF are Inspiration and Sorcery.

Inspiration is the secondary rune tree used with the Best MF Build, Conqueror Lethality Build, and Arcane Comet Lethality E Max Build. It can be substituted for the Sorcery tree in the Best MF Build or Conqueror Lethality Build but you must be careful with your spell usage early game. Inspiration is mandatory for you to effectively use the Arcane Comet Lethality E Max Build though. The extra mana from Inspiration is a necessity when using Make it Rain often.

Magical Footwear is standard for most AD Carry builds. This rune provides you with Slightly Magical Boots for free no later than 12 minutes into the game. For every takedown you get before 12 minutes, 45 seconds are cut off the time you get your boots. These boots are slightly better than Boots because they provide you 10 bonus movement speed. However, you can't purchase boots until your Slightly Magical Boots are delivered.

Biscuit Delivery is phenomenal on Miss Fortune because it allows you to get three biscuits; one at each 2 minutes, 4 minutes, and 6 minutes. When you consume these biscuits, it restores 10% of your missing health and 10% of your missing mana over 5 seconds. These biscuits also increase your maximum mana by 50. This allows you to use your abilities more freely in lane.

Sorcery is the secondary rune tree used with the Bloodthirster MF Build and the Dark Harvest MF Build. It is the go to secondary rune tree for these builds because the builds are predicated on damage.

Manaflow Band is an option when using Sorcery instead of Inspiration with the Best MF Build or Conqueror Lethality Build. I wouldn't recommend using it with either of the other builds that I have provided in this guide. Manaflow Band replaces the mana missing from not having biscuits. Each time you hit an enemy champion, Manaflow Band permanently increases your maximum mana by 25, up to 250 extra mana. Once you receive the 250 bonus maximum mana, Manaflow Band restores 1% of your missing mana every 5 seconds.

Absolute Focus provides 1.8-18 bonus Attack Damage while above 70% of your maximum health. This is extremely effective with the Bloodthirster MF Build because you constantly stay above this threshold with the life steal.

Gathering Storm is the rune you always want out of the Sorcery Tree . This rune gives you bonus Attack Damage every 10 minutes. This rune becomes stronger the longer the game goes. If you are choosing the Sorcery Tree as your secondary runes then you are trying to do more damage. Gathering Storm is all about giving you more and more damage.
Summoner Spells
Flash has basically become an essential summoner spell regardless of champ selection. It is especially important on Miss Fortune because of her lack of mobility and dashes. You can use it offensively to secure a kill you otherwise wouldn't have been able to get or use it defensively to dodge an enemy ability that would likely lead to an early grave.

Heal is the standard summoner for an AD Carry. It's usefulness is two-fold. It heals you and an ally nearest your cursor (or the most wounded ally if nobody is near the cursor). It also gives both of you 30% extra movement speed for 1 second. This can be very beneficial in getting some speed to escape the fight when you are low on health and the fight has gone south.
I'm not going to go into an in-depth guide on items at this time. I plan on coming back at a later date to do that if my other commitments allow me to. Until then, I did my best to provide some guidance on when to choose each item in the notes of the "Core Items" and "Options" in the builds at the top of the guide.
Miss Fortune's passive, Love Tap, allows MF to deal bonus physical damage whenever she basic attacks a new target. This is an important part of MF's kit because she is largely built around auto-attacking. Love Tap works on anything that MF can attack. Changing targets while farming minions in the early game is made easier with the extra AD Love Tap brings if you alternate targets. When sieging a Tower, it's most effective if you alternate between hitting a minion and hitting the Tower. Never underestimate the extra damage that Love Tap brings to the table.

Miss Fortune's Q, Double Up, is treated as an improved basic attack in most respects of the game. When MF uses Double Up, she fires a bullet at an enemy, damaging them and a target behind them. Both strikes can also apply Love Tap. Double Up is essentially a 2 for 1 auto attack. You Q one enemy and it will ricochet to the enemy that is most in a straight line behind the enemy you Q-ed. Whenever the enemy that was originally hit with Double Up is killed then the ricochet will automatically critically strike the enemy. You will also notice that both hits will apply Love Tap. So, ideally you do not Q an enemy you just auto attacked. The most common use of Double Up is to get a minion low and then Q them, critically striking the enemy champion or minion behind them. This is a great poke tool whenever your lane opponent steps up to get CS.

Miss Fortune's W, Strut, is one of the most useful abilities in MF's kit and is the ability we level to max rank first in most of our builds. Strut allows MF to passively gain movement speed when not attacked in the previous 5 seconds, up to 100 additional movement speed. This ability can be activated to grant bonus attack speed for 4 seconds. While it's on cooldown, Love Taps reduce the remaining cooldown of Strut by 2 seconds each. As a side note, Strut's passive will stay active until you go below 100% health. That means if you have a shield from an allied champion, [Edge of Night], or through [Overheal], you will retain the bonus movement speed. When you activate Strut, it also instantly gives you the maximum movement speed. This is your way out when you see a gank or a bad situation approaching. To pull this off you have to be paying attention though.

Miss Fortune's E, Make it Rain, is an Area of Effect (AOE) ability. There are three key parts to this ability. The most obvious one is that it damages enemy champions inside the area. The longer they stay in the area, the more damage that they take. As a side note, this is the only ability MF has that deals magic damage. Second, this ability is the only other "mobility" that MF has. The reason I put the quotations is because it doesn't speed you up, but it slows down the enemy which is a relative speed increase. You can use this offensively or defensively. If you're running away, drop your E just in front of the enemy and they will either become slowed as they chase you or have to go around it. By that time you should have activated your max movement speed from Strut. Offensively, you can use this to slow the enemy down so that you can catch up to them. The final part of Make It Rain's usefulness is that it reveals the area where it is placed. This can be useful when you're playing against champions like Blitzcrank or Leona that can hard crowd control (CC) you or pull relocate you from the side bushes. You can pop an E in the bush you think they're in and it will reveal the area. It can also be useful when you don't have a ward and trying to get vision on an objective. The major drawback of Make It Rain is the mana cost. The cost is very high, especially in the early game. So, you have to choose when it is worth it to use this ability.

Miss Fortune's R, Bullet Time, is her most potent ability. When activated, MF channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her, dealing large amounts of damage to enemies. Each wave of Bullet Time can critically strike. MF's ultimate shoots 12 waves of bullets in a 3 second span at rank 1, 14 waves at rank 2, and 16 waves when maxed out. When positioned properly, this ability can turn a team fight drastically in your favor. This ability can be easily interrupted though, so you need to pay attention to what abilities the enemy champions have that can interrupt you and wait for them to be used, taken too low to re-engage in the fight, or can't get to you due to your positioning. The other important part of this ability is that the range on it is 1400. Compare this to your 800 auto-attack range and you can see how channeling your ultimate may allow you to secure a kill that you might not have been able to get otherwise.
Ability Combos
Due to the nature of Miss Fortune, her combos are pretty straight forward. As you will see, Make it Rain is a large part of Miss Fortune's combos because it simply allows you to get more damage onto a champion.

Auto Attack Auto Attack One of the most used combos on MF is Auto + Q + Auto. This is so effective because you auto attack the champion and it gives you the bonus damage from Love Tap. Then Q, Double Up, acts as an auto attack reset so that you can auto quicker and ideally Double Up bounces to another enemy or minion so that Love Tap is now applied to them. Finally you auto attack again and Love Tap's extra damage is once applied on top of your damage again.

The next most common combo on Miss Fortune is E + R. This combo is effective because you are slowing down the enemy with Make it Rain allowing you to hit them with more waves of Bullet Time.

The combo is E + W + auto attacks. Slow the enemy champion with Make it Rain so that you can stay in auto attack range, cast Strut and then get in as many auto attacks as you can with your increased attack speed. This combo is especially effective with either the Press the Attack Builds or the Conqueror Build. Simply attacking the same champion with PTA increases your damage on them and hitting enemy champions with Conqueror increases your attack damage.

This combo is really effective in lane but will use a ton of mana as just a poke technique. I wouldn't recommend using this very often unless you have already purchased Essence Reaver or are using the Arcane Comet E Max Lethality Build. This combo is E + Q. The idea is that when you have a caster minion low health, slow the enemy champion that is just behind the minion with Make it Rain and then Q the low health caster minion so that it dies and the Double Up bounce critically strikes the enemy champion.
Lane Phase
Your main goal in lane phase is to farm as well as you can, help secure Dragons, and not die. While farming, look for opportunities to either auto attack your lane opponent or hit enemy champions with the bounce from Double Up. If you have a health and mana advantage over your opponent, look to zone them off of the wave by standing even or behind the enemy minions. Any time you can force them to miss farm just gets you further ahead.

Miss Fortune is one of the easier champions to farm on early game because of her passive ability, Love Tap. This allows you to do more damage to a minion that you haven't recently attacked. If you are looking to push the lane, make sure you take advantage of Love Tap by alternating minions between attacks.

Part of farming is learning when to back and buy items and replenish your health and mana. Ideally you do not want to be the first to AD Carry to back but sometimes you have to be. In an ideal world, you get the enemy champion low where they have to back and replenish health, then you push the wave until it is under their tower and they lose farm. If you have not received enough gold to get a key item yet, stay and whittle the tower health down (take a turret plate or 2 if it is still before 14 minutes). Alternatively, look to place a deep ward in their jungle, up river, or on Dragon. However, if you have enough gold to purchase a B. F. Sword, Serrated Dirk (if going lethality), Vampiric Scepter (if going Bloodthirster MF), or a full item, you should back off the tower as soon as you push the wave into it and back and buy.

If you're in lane phase and get ganked or bursted down until you're low on health, don't be afraid to back and regenerate your health. If you're really low, you can't effectively farm without the enemy champion zoning you off the wave. You also open yourself up to the enemy jungler coming down bot and them diving you under turret. It's better to just back and buy. Extenuating circumstances would be if you already have some good life steal through 3 Doran's Blades or 2 Vampiric Scepters.

These are the basics of what happens during lane phase. This will continue until lane phase ends. This is usually signified by either bottom or top towers being destroyed. It also usually falls around the time most people are finishing their first/second full items. You'll recognize the end of lane phase when your team is grouping and pushing a lane or the enemy team is grouped.
Mid/Late Game
When lane phase ends, you do not want to be wandering around by yourself. You do tons of damage but your maximum health is easily zeroed out by many champions before you can do damage. The goal is to stay with the majority of your team, keep warding the areas around you as much as possible and don't walk into the jungle or chase a low health enemy without vision or knowing where the rest of the enemy champions are.

Anytime a team fight is breaking out, you should be looking for opportunities to use Bullet Time on the most enemies possible without putting yourself into harm's way. Otherwise, when a team fight is happening, and you can't ult or already have, look to drop a Make it Rain on their more vulnerable champions so they can't escape your teammates. You should always be positioning yourself away from any enemy champions that can assassinate you instantly. As the AD Carry, your job is to do damage and you can't do damage if you get picked off early in a fight. You should be keeping a safe distance and auto-attacking the nearest champion until you see enemy abilities, especially the ones that interrupt your ult or stun you, being used. Anytime you are auto attacking, you should activate Strut so that you get as many attacks in as possible. After mid-game, Double Up is not a great ability to use in a team fight. It's really only to get extra range to reach a low health champion with the bounce. This is because you will do much more damage with your auto attacks (with Strut active) than you would in the time it takes your Q to cast.
Warding as an ADC
So we all know that wards give us vision in the areas of the map where the fog of war would keep us from being able to see enemy champions moving around the map. This is important because it can allow us to see the enemy jungler or mid laner coming down to our lane to gank us and lets our mid laner know when their support is going mid to gank there. What a lot of us struggle with is knowing where to place wards and when to place them.

During lane phase, the locations that you ward are those that would allow us to stay alive and not die to ganks primarily. If you're blue side, it's a good idea to keep a ward in the tri-bush (the bush with 3 entrances just above your tower). If you have lane priority, you can keep a ward in the river bush. However, I like to walk upriver just a bit and put a ward in the jungle entrance across from the dragon pit for a little advanced warning the jungler or mid laner is coming down. If you're red side, you want to keep a ward in the river bush or keep a ward up closer to the dragon pit. If the enemy jungler has the ability to wall jump (such as Kayn, Zac, etc) you will want to ward the jungle bush just above your turret.

Still concerning lane phase, if you are playing against an enemy support with good CC or engage, it's a good idea to drop a ward in the bushes in lane so that you can keep tabs on them. If you have pushed the wave up close to the enemy turret, you have a ward available, and your support has already warded the important locations, you can drop a ward in the lane bush closest to the enemy turret. This is a ward that allows your top or mid laner to teleport down into your lane when the enemy pushes you back under your tower for a nice gank.

When possible, you should try to keep a control ward in your inventory. There are two uses for control wards: to eliminate enemy vision and to gain vision dominance over objectives. If you believe that the enemy team warded the bush on your side of lane you can drop a control ward in that bush and it will either block their vision outright or allow you to destroy their ward if you are able to. When a dragon is about to spawn, you can go drop a control ward in the dragon pit. If you weren't aware, because I wasn't for an embarassingly long amount of time, you can only have 1 control ward on the map at a time. So if you have a good ward placement and they haven't destroyed it yet, purchasing another one would just be a waste of gold. Side note: if you have a control ward and the enemy team has a regular vision ward in the same area (for example baron pit), they will not have any vision in that area. However, if you attack their ward, then their vision will return until you destroy the ward. This means if you're taking baron with a control ward in the pit and the enemy team places a ward in the pit, as long as you don't hit the ward they will still not have vision there.

Outside of lane phase, you should have farsight alteration (blue trinket or blue ward as it's commonly called). This allows you to ward areas from a safe distance. Outside of lane phase you want to assist in keeping vision on objectives (dragons and barons) and ward the jungle around you so that you can stay safe while pushing lanes or farming. The ideal positions for wards are where multiple paths cross so that you can get vision on enemies moving multiple directions. I have included an image of the map with suggested ward locations on it. These are merely locations that I have found useful. It is good to get a ward deep into their jungle when appropriate but ideally your support will do this instead of you.

I hope you have gained some knowledge about Miss Fortune in general and have fun trying out some of the builds. Season 10 Miss Fortune is really strong so this is a great time to pick her up and go carry your team to victory.

Feel free to comment anything you would like to see me add to this guide and I will do my best to keep adding to it. I do not currently stream because my internet just isn't up to par. If that ever changes I will shamelessly plug my Twitch stream here.

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