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Sett Build Guide by doozy99

Top [11.13] SEASON 11 - DOOZY99'S SETT GUIDE

Top [11.13] SEASON 11 - DOOZY99'S SETT GUIDE

Updated on June 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author doozy99 Build Guide By doozy99 4,478 Views 0 Comments
4,478 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author doozy99 Sett Build Guide By doozy99 Updated on June 26, 2021
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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide


By doozy99
Hi! I'm doozy99 and this guide will try to teach you how to play Sett or atleast learn some new tricks. I've been playing him since release, got around 100k mastery points.
Why should you play Sett?
Well, Sett is very fun and is very satifsying to play as, has alot of play potential, can turn fights very easily, is a very flexible champion, can stomp the backline using their own tank, and he's inspired by JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. Also his Japanese voice actor is the same as Dio.

Sett works excepionally well into beefy tanks, that way you can ult them into their backline to clear everyone.
Pros & Cons
+ He's a very flexible champion
+ Great sustain from his passive
+ Good in teamfights
+ Easy to play
+ Doesn't require any resources
+ Tanky
+ Great in early game
+ Can peel for his carries
+ Amazing AOE damage

- He's short ranged
- Can be kited easily
- His abilites have long cooldowns
- Can't poke
- Can be changed drastically, as he's played in the pro scene
- Has no dashes
- Has inconsistent damage
- E forces you to walk up to use it to its maximum potential
Sett's Abilities
Passive - Pit Grit
- Sett alternates his basic attacks between his left and right punch.
- Your second punch is 8 times faster than your first punch, and deals more damage.
- Sett is regenerating health based on a percentage of his missing health, so don't waste your potions.
- Taking damage will store that damage as grit.

Q - Knuckle Down
- This ability resets Sett's basic attack timer.
- The next two basic attacks will be empowered.

W - Haymaker
- Takes the grit from his passive and turns into a shield and deals damage in front of him, targets that are hit in the middle of this ability will take true damage.
- You can flash while using your W.
- Use your W to block some important spells.
- Crowd control won't stop W.

E - Facebreaker
- Sett pulls enemies towards him.
- If Sett pulls atleast two enemies on opposite sides, they'll get stunned.
- Stunning someone guarantees that you will hit W's true damage.
- Flash + E will catch people by surprise.
- If you aim it diagonally, your E will have slightly bigger range.
- You can Flash to reposition yourself to use your E.

R - The Show Stopper
- Sett grabs an enemy champion and suppresses them, jumps into the air and then slams them into the ground.
- The more HP the enemy you grab, the more damage you deal in that area.
- When chasing someone down, consider using your R as it slows for 99% for 1 seconds.
- You can ignore crowd control if you time your cast right.
- If you're fighting close to your turret, you can flash behind your opponent to throw him into your turret.
- If you're running towards your turret, you can use your R on your enemy to escape.
- I'll be listing the runes that are efficient on Sett, and the reason why they work and when should you use them.

This tree is perfect for Sett. It makes him more durable and gives him sustainability.
Sett's favorite Keystone. Gives him sustain and AD in extended trades.
Fleet Footwork
Good against ranged laners. It helps alot during laning phase because it gives you some healing and movement speed; Adding that to Doran's Shield, Second Wind, Revitalize and his passive, the enemy laner will just cry because you have so much sustain.
This rune is good, it gives you bonus gold and restores some of your hp after a takedown. It's extremely good in teamfights, where Sett excels.
Legend: Tenacity
I mostly use this rune in the precision tree because most champions have some sort of crowd control and it helps out before you get your boots.
Legend: Tenacity
I recommend using this rune against team with little to no crowd control.
Last Stand
Is one of the best runes on Sett. It gives you bonus damage when you're hp is low. Your big shields from W will maintain this rune active when you're low. Your passive also keeps you alive when you're low enough. This rune is even better with Sterak's Gage.

Every rune from this tree benefits Sett in one way or another, besides Font of Life. You can pick every rune depending on the matchup.
Grasp of the Undying
I usually prefer this rune against champions with alot of max hp and in match ups where I need short trades, such as Poppy or Malphite.
This is a good rune in match ups where you can freely proc it, such as Kayle, Nasus, Malphite.
Take this into lanes where you'll need to scale off of; where Second Wind and Bone Plating aren't useful.
Second Wind
This rune excels in match ups where you'll get poked alot or in lanes where Bone Plating won't help too much, such as Teemo or Volibear.

Bone Plating
Good into melee match ups that will deal a small rapid burst, like Jax or Renekton.
Good into match ups where you don't really have a kill potential until one point and/or you'll just farm, like Singed and Ornn.
A strong rune that will increase the power of your shields and heals, and work perfectly in match ups where you'll trade alot in early game like Darius and Fiora.
Works well along with Legend: Tenacity, makes your more slow resistant and gives you more tenacity.

You should use this tree just for Hail of Blades, otherwise is not worth to use as a primary or secondary rune.
Taste of Blood
Once in a while it'll give you a small heal.
Eyeball Collection
Gives you bonus AD for each stack.
Ravenous Hunter
Gives you some sustainability, even though this rune got nerfed twice some patches ago.

I usually use this rune as a secondary one, into easier match ups to get an even bigger advantage.
This is a nice rune to use, it gives you Ability Haste at level 5, level 8 and at level 11, you'll be refunded 20% of your basic abilities after takedowns.
Gathering Storm
This rune helps Sett be more efficient in late game. He kind of falls off, but with this rune it'll give him the bonus AD he needs to stay on line.

For my flex runes I always get Attack Speed, Adaptive Force/Armor/Magic Resist and Armor/Magic Resist.
I usually take double defensive flex runes when I'm playing against losing matchups or against champions that can deal alot of damage like Darius, Jax, Fiora, Camille.
How do I choose my mythic item?
Every game you have to choose what mythic item will benefit you the most, here afew things you should consider when choosing your mythic item.

- If your team already has enough damage and needs some peeling OR you're against a very difficult matchup you can go for Turbo Chemtank or Frostfire Gauntlet.
- If you're looking to go for a damage build and you're going to face a ranged threat in late game AND you're winning/will win your matchup you can go for Stridebreaker.
- If you're against a duelist you can go for Trinity Force.
- If the enemy team has 3 or more tanks/bruisers that your team can't deal with you'll have to go Divine Sunderer.
- If you're playing against an all squishy team comp AND you're running Hail of Blades you can go for Eclipse or Prowler's Claw, if not just go for Goredrinker.
How to play in early game
Until level 6, Sett's one of the strongest champions in game, so you'll have to get yourself a lead until then. Before the game starts, look at each team and figure out a game plan. You can get a lead pretty easily. Pushing your wave into the enemy tower to get yourself prio, that way you can help your jungler secure the scuttle crab; Cheesing the enemy laner in a bush; Denying the enemy laner CS; Trading at level 1 with the enemy laner, forcing them to get an early recall. Be sure to stay warded, Sett is very immobile which makes him very gankable. Look to E your laner for a stun if your jungler shows up. You won't get a huge powerspike at level 6, unlike other champions. Keep this in mind depending on each match up.
How to play in mid to late game
- If you already managed to get a lead, you should look to push that lead even further. You can do that by invading the enemy jungler, taking his camps and putting deep wards, grouping up for objectives, split pushing, flanking or just roam/teleport to another lane.

- If you fell behind, you should try to get as much CS as possible. Look to play around your team. Try to play around your strongest teammate and peel for them. You have great crowd control, so you can set up some plays.

- Sett has incredible teamfights, he's pretty durable and can start some fights pretty easily with his ultimate. In teamfights you should either engage with your ultimate, or peel for your carries. If you're looking to ult someone, try to ult the enemy with the most hp into the enemy team. If you're looking to peel your carries, try to ult enemy carries away from your carries and try to keep them alive as much as possible.
Thank you very much for reading this Sett guide. I hope you've learned something new, if you did, make sure to upvote the guide. Feel free to leave any feedback.
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