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Mordekaiser Build Guide by NikkiTT

ADC [11.24] [S12/Preseason] NikkiTT's Masters Mordekaiser ADC

ADC [11.24] [S12/Preseason] NikkiTT's Masters Mordekaiser ADC

Updated on January 5, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NikkiTT Build Guide By NikkiTT 75 18 18,487 Views 0 Comments
75 18 18,487 Views 0 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author NikkiTT Mordekaiser Build Guide By NikkiTT Updated on January 5, 2022
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Runes: Standard Runes.

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
New Standard!?!
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Ranked #46 in
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Win 51%
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Top Lane Ranked #46 in
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Win 51%
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Heyo, I'm NikkiTT a Mordekaiser enthusiast, onetrick and somewhat of a known member in the Mordekaiser community, thus some of you out there reading this might already recognize me from discord, Youtube montages or streams like my own NikkiTT_ or KaizerMorde's Mordekaiser podcasts in which I was both a speaker already preaching about the strength of Mordekaiser ADC, and here we are now.
In my league career, I've reached above 1 million mastery points on Mordekaiser, peaking Diamond 1 several times, Diamond 2 with 83% wr in S9, and S11 peaking 138LP Master tier with Mordekaiser ADC, currently being the highest ranked Mordekaiser ADC player to my knowledge. This also puts me in the top 15 Mordekaisers in the world according to LoG, with a previous ranking of 3rd globally in S9.

Here is a picture of some of the winstreaks I had in my climb from Diamond to Master tier.

I'll touch the subject of why exactly would you want to play Mordekaiser ADC and why exactly this build, but first lets talk about the general thought of why Mordekaiser in general.

So why would I want to play Mordekaiser?

Mordekaiser is a pretty simple yet a "solid" laner, his damage and sustain are pretty notable and he can match most champions in a 1v1 if built correctly, he also excels burning down those pesky tank players with your Darkness Rise and Demonic Embrace.

On top of all that Mordekaiser has one of the most interesting tools in the game that being Realm of Death. This ability has various usabilities, ulting high priority targets on the enemy team or removing champions like Kennen to prevent their Slicing Maelstrom from swiping your whole team! On top of this, you can use it to remove Smite from their jungler on important Dragon / Baron fights to secure it for your team!

But why ADC?

It comes down to very simple reasons, there is just a LOT more happening in the bottom side of the map early on, and when you're playing Mordekaiser ADC, you actually have someone to help YOU get kills, to get stronger, and to carry the game, which just is not the case in top lane.

Going on deeper about this when you're already playing with a support whose whole purpose is to play for you, now add the fact that you are playing against squishy champions who are a LOT easier to kill than the tanks and bruisers in top lane, and because of these factors you're also allowed to build much more like a full AP 'assassin' champion with items such as Sorcerer's Shoes and Hextech Rocketbelt, rather than a bruiser which at least for me is a lot more fun, just nothing beats the feeling of going 20 kills a game, tossing +1000 dmg Obliterate and oneshotting enemies. (And trust me, ADC players do not like being ulted by Mordekaiser's Realm of Death.) Essentially with this build and playstyle you just keep ulting enemy ADC/Support for the most free kills and snowball to Oblivion.

And if this didn't already sell it for you, there are many more benefits to playing Mordekaiser bot lane, such as always being on the same side of the map to Dragon so you can start utilizing your massive Darkness Rise damage to Dragon as well as ulting enemy jungler away with Realm of Death as soon as you hit level 6! Now combo this with being capable of oneshotting waves unlike many other ADC champions, meaning you'll just always tend to have lane priority for it as well.

I do want to give out a little warning here, the playstyle is quite a bit different, and the capabilities of what you can do, so don't forget to check out the gameplan section to really see how you can start applying preassure and dominating your games!

Core Items and Runes

So lets talk about the elephant in the room, I'm sure you're all wondering, why exactly I'm going Nimbus Cloak/ Celerity and building these items? Well, the answer is pretty simple actually.

Nimbus Cloak:

Nimbus Cloak is really one of the powerhouses on this build, it really enables this aggressive playstyle with its movement speed, it allows you to punish enemies and chase them down in lane and outside of it. Trust me, you really want this rune. With this rune I've just personally felt like Celerity was the best one to match it with because it can literally come online as early as level 1-2 all ins. Alternatively to this, you can experiement Transcendence, Waterwalking or maybe even Gathering Storm but I just don't think this one matches the playstyle we're looking for.


IRREPLACEABLE summoner spell, Flash is one of the few ways for us to force fights, and make plays with Obliterate Flash combo, so there just is no better alternative to this. On top of this, when you're chasing enemies early or even later on, and the enemy flashes away, due to running Nimbus Cloak there is just no way for them to get away.


Exhaust might just be your best summoner spell to pick right now due to the raw dueling potential it brings, it also comes up with some extra catch potential with the slow as well.


I talked about why Ignite works earlier already but lets just go over that one again, it gives 2x Conqueror stacks, you don't need to buy Oblivion Orb/ Bramble Vest early on, and it has shorter cooldown, so you can access Nimbus Cloak movement speed with it a lot more consistently. Sadly Exhaust seems to just help you out in most of your matchups more, but it can still be taken against the less mobile and easier matchups.

Sorcerer's Shoes:

Already mentioned how flat %mpen is really strong early on, but it's even stronger when our Realm of Death essentially reduces their Magic Resistance by 10% and Death's Grasp giving 15% Magic Penetration. So in no time you'll be lowering their Magic Resistance even MORE.
So lets take Aphelios for example who has the highest MR from all ADC champions. At level 12 their MR is 35, after ulting them it goes down to, 31.5 , and after calculating E 15% and then flat 18Mpen from Sorcerer's Shoes, their Magic Resistance goes all the way down to 9... meaning their damage taken increases by 24% where Sorcerer's Shoes account for 16%!

The big thing is our kit being capable of reducing MR a lot and the lower their Magic Resistance is, the more powerful flat Mpen from Sorcerer's Shoes becomes.

Hextech Rocketbelt:

Just like Sorcerer's Shoes, this item is going to be giving us even more Magic Penetration and I don't think I need to say anything more about that one, on top of all that you're getting a dash/movement speed which increases your catch potential immensively. The item just gives you a lot more than Riftmaker ever would early, especially against squishy champions.

Rylai's Crystal SCepter:

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the 2nd part of our Exodia over here, it has high AP amount and Rylai's Crystal Scepter actually applies the slow on Hextech Rocketbelt rockets, allowing you to dash, get movement speed AND slow enemies all at the same time making it a lot easier for you to hit your abilities, especially Death's Grasp.

Elixir of Sorcery:

Elixir of Sorcery is kind of an interesting item in the build which I feel like I use a bit differently from a lot of other people. The item obviously has really good stats for the money you're using it, 50AP on top of 25 true damage to towers and every 5 seconds to champions. So with this being said when you're playing a build that's more related to winning early game it's actually not a bad item to buy if your inventory is full and have that extra money laying around. It's going to secure you winning those 1v1 fights in your Realm of Death and helping you take down those towers making you get your money back in no time.

So what about all the other items?:

Mejai's Soulstealer: Definitely a great buy, worthy item to upgrade if you're ahead and have some stacks on it, it's just really cheap AP and on top of that it counts as a legendary thus gives you that extra 5 Mpen from Hextech Rocketbelt's mythic passive.

Morellonomicon: This one is probably my most built finisher item simply due to the massive amount of healing that is in the game right now. Sure we're running Ignite but in late game teamfights it's more beneficial to be able to spread the Grievious Wounds to everyone and even for your 1v1 fights you just don't have Ignite up at all times.

Demonic Embrace: Like I've mentioned a few times already, if the enemies are stacking a lot of HP, they're getting beefier in general or just have a few bruisers and the game is getting past 30-40minutes, this item is going to be bringing quite a bit of damage with its burn ESPECIALLY after the recent buffs it received, I think this is in my top items to build after core/last item.

Cosmic Drive: Bit of a filler item if I'm being honest, you usually prefer to buy the utility items such as Morellonomicon for the Grievious Wounds if they have a lot of healing, Void Staff if enemies are stacking a LOT of Magic Resistance. Or maybe even Demonic Embrace if the game is going late/you're behind, Cosmic Drive only really gives you damage/haste and some amount of speed. But to me it just lacks the utility and I feel like other items fit the slot better.

Void Staff: This one is an obvious one, are enemies buying a lot of Magic Resistance and you're starting to deal less and less damage? Consider picking this one up. Only down side here is, because of Mordekaisers Realm of Death and Death's Grasp already steals MR/gives Mpen, if you're fighting in Realm of Death with 5 points on Death's Grasp you're only getting 30.6% Mpen from Void Staff

Bramble Vest/ Thornmail: Bramble Vest is kind of an item you can invest into even early on if you're having a rough game and playing into matchups such as Aphelios, outside of that there shouldn't really be much use for it. Like in top lane for ex. it's generally just used in matchups such as Irelia and Fiora. You can eventually just sell the bramble and swap it into Oblivion Orb or just upgrade it into Thornmail depending on the game. Just.. don't upgrade it early on, just sit on the Bramble Vest until the game ends.

Spirit Visage: Just a really game dependant item, where you're into multiple AP champions and need both HP and Magic Resistance, just a rare buy but always an option.

Randuin's Omen: Pretty much the reverse of Spirit Visage, if you happen to be into multiple champions that use crits such as Tryndamere, Quinn, Yasuo, Yone matched with a crit ADC in the bottom lane, you might just want to pick this up either as a replacement for Zhonyas or building it afterwards.

Banshee's Veil: Banshee's is actually a pretty solid in a game where you're doing fairly good but still want to invest a bit in Magic Resistance while getting a bit more Ability Power on the side. It's also just a good utility item with its spellshield into champions who have a lot of high presence/damage abilities for ex. Veigar with their high damage and Event Horizon CC.

Nashor's Tooth: An item I'd rarely buy because we're playing more like an assassin rather than a bruiser/fighter, but this can still be a valid buy if they have a lot of AA fighters you need to match and where the DPS matters for your 1v1 fights in Realm of Death.

Riftmaker: Now this is a REALLY rare item, which I've bought only a handful of times, once while I was playing with fasting Senna support and enemies had a lot of bruisers/tanks, and the other time while playing against Irelia ADC, this item is still buildable and could be a solid answer to champions such as Kog'Maw as well which is yet to be further tested. The negatives is this really takes away your early game aggression potential with Hextech Rocketbelt/ Rylai's Crystal Scepter so your ways of making plays/engage is just really really bad. Alternatively, if the game is going really late, you might consider swapping your Hextech Rocketbelt into Riftmaker as your last purchase.

Shadowflame: TESTING

Horizon Focus: TESTING
So with Pros and Cons there are going to be some that are going to be Mordekaiser in general, where as some are specific to what are the Pros and Cons to playing Mordekaiser ADC.


+ Simplicity: Mordekaiser Himself is a relatively simple champion to pick up play and he doesn't really have any high skill mechanical combos outside of Obliterate Flash and where you're aiming your Obliterates.

+ Playing an AP Carry: Have you ever had an issue where the rest of your teammates are drafting really heavy AD composition and your team really needs some magic damage to it? Well this is where Mordekaiser ADC comes in clutch.

+ Matchups/Snowballing: So already right off the bat playing Mordekaiser ADC gives us the benefit of having twice as less champions who can dodge or get out of our Realm of Death, giving us matchups we can just straight up demolish in a 1v1 as soon as we hit lvl 6, and being able to snowball extremely hard due to having a support playing and CCing for us while having 2 possible targets to use Realm of Death on for free kills.

+ Catch Potential: With this build and lane choice you're able to rack up a lot of catchup potential to punish enemies overextending with the simple combo of Hextech Rocketbelt and Rylai's Crystal Scepter, but the speed doesn't even end here because we're also going Nimbus Cloak and Celerity which makes your Flash/ Ignite really explosive for lvl 2 aggression and Realm of Death fights making no ADC ever kite you again.

+ Dragons: You can very easily rack up a lot of Dragon s with your really high wave clear for priority, %hp dmg on Darkness Rise and being able to Realm of Death the enemy jungler to make sure you win the smite fight. On top of that you're always on the right side of the map!

+ It's EXTREMELY Fun: There is just no way of having more fun playing this champion, you just deal tons of dmg, have tons of play opportunities and have a lot of agency in your games. And I think it even might appeal more to the old Morde players out there, back at it with cracking heads. c':


- Different Playstyle: So I think the biggest issue for most people is going to be really knowing the limits of you capabilities with this build, on top of the playstyle and what your goals really are differ a bit form your usual top lane, just don't be afraid to test your limits and find those out.

- ADC Itemization: This is kind of an edge case here, surely items like Galeforce, Quicksilver Sash are items that can make landing your abilities and combos harder, but I don't consider them the end of the world because of your raw power, might just take a bit of time to play around them, which I'll be going over in the playstyle section.

- Being Punished: So obviously when you're building more like an AP assassin, you're not going to be as beefy like in top lane with items like Riftmaker, Spirit Visage or even just your usual defensive boots Plated Steelcaps/ Mercury's Treads, so if and when you're not at your strongest, you overstep or get caught you're going to be an easier target to be killed, and now your team will be missing their important carry.

- Macro and Supports: If you're planning on playing soloQ or just recently picked up, not everyone is going to be on board with you, they don't know the true potential of Mordekaiser ADC and you might be attracting a bit of dislike for your unusual pick, so you might want to tell your teammates in advance in champion select what you'll be playing, be micro managing your support and updating on your gameplan, just really be that shotcaller your team most likely needs in the first place. Or just get a premade support and have tons of fun that way.
In this section I'll be going over stuff about the general playstyle and the theory behind it along with examples what you should aim to replicate in your own games!

Pregame/Champion Select
So right off the bat like I mentioned in the rune section, you want to pay attention in your champion select, and start figuring out what's going to happen in the game and whether you need to make adjustments to your rune page, remembering to take Legend: Tenacity against heavy CC comps and specifically to matchups such as Ashe, Ezreal and Senna. And if you're happening to be playing against mage bottom lanes such as Xerath, Ziggs or any of the others, then remembering to swap out your Armor into Magic Resist.

Along with all this, you might want to let your team know you'll be playing Mordekaiser ADC to give them a little heads up, and kindly asking your support to pick engage supports/ Exhaust, personally I just my support and ask them to pick whatever support that works, and happens to already be in their roster, at the end of the day most supports work just fine, some are just better than others.

Loading Screen/Early Lane
The next thing you want to be checking out for is which runes the enemy bot lane has picked up because it's going to tell you how easy they will be to kill, if they're just casually running Ignite and Heal, you know you'll most likely be able to just kill them lvl 2, but if they're running Exhaust they can shutdown your damage and burst, which is where killing them is going to be a bit harder, but not impossible. More about Exhaust, you're just going to be more happier seeing enemy Support have it rather than ADC, because ADC is going to be your priority target with your Realm of Death, thus as long as the enemy ADC does not have Exhaust they should be a really easy target to kill post lvl 6. Just need to test the waters a little bit how the lane is going whether you can be going for early kills or just play for that level 6 spike.

For example here is a perfect example on the brute power you have as early as level 2.

Level 6/Hard Engaging
Now, surely you can't always have games be this easy as in the previous clip, where you just face roll enemies level 2 with engage supports, sometimes you get poked a bit too much or you never really find an opening, in these times when you're forced to play early lane more passive, remember to use your Indestructible to block the dmg of enemy abilities, and after you're done hitting a wave using it twice for the heals, they really do add up. This is also where you can swap your gameplan to instead wait for level 6 to get access to Realm of Death and hard engage yourself or with the assistance of your support remembering to still respect their Flashes and other mobility abilities. I'll be showing an example hard engage at level 6, where I know that enemy ADC does NOT have Exhaust making it really easy for me to just force the engage knowing he has no way of mitigating my damage.

Video to showcase hard engage at level 6.

Dealing With Mobility
Like I mentioned earlier in the guide at, there are certain things you need to account for when trying to go for these types of plays, Flash being the most common one. Generally speaking this is where you want to be active in your chat, timing out enemy Flash cooldowns and abusing them when they don't have it. Flash overall is going to make your life a bit harder but not impossible or deny the hard engage completely. A lot of times people underestimate your damage/don't know what to do and don't even use it. But safer option is to just combo a bit differently, where you would just Flash yourself into Realm of Death NOT use your Death's Grasp or Obliterate just like when trying to combo Ezreal, and just running at the enemy using your abilities later. Another issue could be Galeforce but I have never really had anyone use that item in a way to be able to dodge my combo, and if they did they'd just lose a big portion of their execute dmg.

And in other times, you can just abuse champions like Lucian when they use their mobility ability Relentless Pursuit as shown in this video. (Read threats section to get tips on all of these champions)

Video to showcase how to deal with Lucian.


Notice how I am comboing in these clips, this is THE bread and butter of Mordekaiser, THE most important combo to know and it's going to make your gameplay A LOT better no matter which lane/role you play him and it goes like this.
( Flash) > Death's Grasp > Realm of Death(Immediately) > Obliterate / ( Ignite) > Auto Attack.

Another thing I wanted to add here is, whenever you're going for Obliterate/ Flash combo, please use your Obliterate first while remembering to have your cursor high/far enough and then using Flash. Your Obliterate will always go into the directing where your cursor was at the start of the cast, if you're confused what I mean, I'd recommend testing it out in practice tool first.

At the end of the day I just want to say that there isn't always just 1 correct scenario/way of playing the game or lane, especially when everyone is not on the same page. This being said I will not be going over everything about laning and focus on a few important concepts that I feel like Mordekaiser excels at and you can abuse in your own games. Now I would like to assume that most people know what slow pushing, shoving waves and freezing are.. if not, there are TONS of videos on youtube you can look up, maybe in the future I could bundle up some more extensive youtube video about everything if people so require.

And now lets get to it..
So I generally believe, that after you've shoved your wave(s) under enemy tower, you have ABSOLUTELY 0 reasons to stay in lane, trying to hit your Obliterates at the enemies under their tower unless you're really planning on diving them, but since this is not going to be the case early lane. Instead just go ward river, tri bush or even enemy Blue Buff / Gromp , vision is REALLY important and most people really sleep on deep warding in the first place. And you can honest to god do this right after you've shoved your 2nd or even 3rd, and you might even find the enemy jungle or camps still up, if this is the case you could possibly kill the jungler right there and now or after the jungler shows up!

Here is a little list of what I'd aim to do at certain minutes
3~ minutes: Is often the time where I would've either shoved in my 2nd or 3rd wave in, and this is where I would aim to walk to enemy red side Blue Buff and drop a ward over the wall / warding blue side tri bush or just take away the Scuttle from the enemy jungler, if you find the jungler while doing his Blue Buff / Gromp , you can most likely kill them or bully them out of their clear. You can even go ward right after shoving 1st wave if the enemies give you the push.
5/10~ minutes etc: Like I've mentioned before, you REALLY like to prioritize Dragon s, you have massive damage with your Darkness Rise, so ping your jungler right before 5 minutes to tell him about your plans, and with the wave aim to slow push into hard shove the wave under enemy tower right before its spawn, just walk for it and just take it. Continue to do this on every Dragon spawn, but in the future after unlocking Realm of Death, pull the dragon from the pit/ward over the wall and just ult the jungler if he tries to steal the Dragon away. As I've already mentioned about Dragon s being a BIG part of our gameplan in abusing our strengths, I just want to addittionally say that it's even ok to just duo the Dragon with your support if your jungler for some reason refuses to play around it.
7/12~ minutes: These would be timers to once again walk deeper into the enemy jungle to check their Red Buff to Raptors or Blue Buff , remembering to drop wards along the way, you can always do these roams a bit earlier or later if you find a chance to do so and ward it up, knowing where the enemy jungler is/when their buff is spawning are timers where you want to push your waves and invade!
After killing enemies/resets: On top of the enemy jungle invades, you also want to cheese with these type of invades, dropping a ward between their Tier 1/Tier 2 turret, waiting for them to walk back to lane, and just killing them when given the chance.

Now I've made a little picture to show exactly where I would rotate after shoving waves, where I would drop wards/cheese. (You can also cheese in the bushes if you see enemy jungler walking to the jungle.)

And here is a video to show by example, how I would aim to invade really early on.

So why does it work?: Well, everything I've just explained is really just playing for lane priority, then utilizing that lane priority for objectives/invading, and if the enemy ever tries the interfere with it, they will be sacrificing CS/XP to do so, this is one of the most important macro things to know about league in general and how you can really dominate your games really early on, just need to be a bit cautious if enemy bot lane does rotate and sometimes it's just invading with the safety brought to you by your Realm of Death.

So what exactly happened in that clip??: Right off the bat I see that Vayne is coming to lane from the bottom side of the lane, meaning she did not leash for their Lee Sin allowing me to assume Blue Buff is still up, I instantly start to shove the wave by the assistance of Karma's preassure and afterwards start running towards enemy Blue Buff to drop down a ward.
I come back to lane seeing that the enemy bot lane rotated in the fear that we were taking down their Blue Buff , so I once again get the priority to attack the wave first and start pushing it, I grab the level 2 and notice Lee Sin on my ward telling my jungler we're going to be invading this, normally I would be spamming pings, but I happened to be in voice call with the Viego at the time. The invade is a success and their bottom lane couldn't even get level 2 before it. This sets the Lee Sin REALLY behind and when I return back to lane, because of the wave fighting on the enemy side of the bottom lane, enemy Vayne lost a lot of CS/XP and it has started to slow push towards me, setting up their bottom lane really behind as well.

Did I already talk about cheesing?: Cause you know, on top of all this invading/cheesing already, you also want to be cheesing MORE through the bushes in your lane and you can really just do this alternatively to invading after shoving waves. Just walk away from their vision and slither into the bottom lane bushes. This is also a great way to get engages after unlocking Realm of Death if you're having troubles engaging otherwise.
This type of really cheesy/invading playstyle is the reason you want to take Oracle Lens early on, personally I usually buy it at the same time when I buy Hextech Rocketbelt, but can be bought earlier right after unlocking Realm of Death.

Video further show how I would aim to cheese from bot lane bushes.

So what about mid/late game?
Well, just like in games where you have a normal ADC, you'd aim to swap with your mid laner after taking down bot lane tower, and now playing mid lane applying the same strategies as in bottom lane, pushing waves and going for Rift Herald / Dragon while using Realm of Death on their jungler, as well as cheesing enemy jungle for kills/taking their camps.
You also just aim to look for any type of picks(prioritizing jungler) with your Hextech Rocketbelt/ Rylai's Crystal Scepter active slow combo and Flash comboing them. So if you see those enemies overstep in lanes, just Hextech Rocketbelt at em and go for it. You can even force a Baron "50/50 flip", making it really favored to you because of your Realm of Death preasure on the jungler, but often times the games shouldn't last very long due to the immense Dragon advantage you've managed to pile up along with your general gold lead. In case it does, you can just itemize against the biggest threats on the enemy team, and remembering to buy a lot of control wards because vision control is important especially when your big goal is to play for objectives!
Just want to give a special shoutout for my friend ShadowMorde for making these banners, and thank you for everyone who made it this far and read through my guide, I know it ended up being a hefty read but I really felt like a lot of what I wrote was important and it's what allowed me to climb so high, this being said I'll aim to update the guide as the season(s) progresses/realize something is missing.
Also wanted to add a little apology for the possible overall bad quality on the guide due to this being my first guide ever, you're all more than welcome to give me feedback on it here or hit me up on discord/stream if you have any further questions. Peace✌️

Changelog [11.17]
Added more in-depth explanation to Kog'Maw, added Zilean/ Pantheon/ Brand to synergies, added more information about the importance of Dragon in the gameplan 5minute section, fixed some of the coding/grammatical mistakes.

Changelog [11.19]
Added Swain and Karthus in matchups.

Changelog [11.24]
Updated picture in the About Me section.
Demoted Kog'Maw in matchups to 4
Promoted Vayne in matchups to 5
Both with different descriptions.
Updated NEW runes, Exhaust being the new standard over Ignite.
Updated items such as Demonic Embrace as more of a better item in general, while putting down Cosmic Drive.
Added Shadowflame and Horizon Focus but have yet to do more testing with those items.
League of Legends Build Guide Author NikkiTT
NikkiTT Mordekaiser Guide
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[11.24] [S12/Preseason] NikkiTT's Masters Mordekaiser ADC

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